Do New Balance Run Small or Big | Are They True To Size? – 2023

About more than a century ago, in 1906, the company that later founded New Balance was but a small one that produced orthotic soles. Currently, they produce not only footwear but apparel and accessories along with them. These shoes that are both casual and athletic own their popularity to the comfort they provide and the high quality material they are made of. They are unisex and hence available for both men and women in various colors and styles. What makes them one of the most loved footwear in America is not only their durability but also their quality and coziness. Besides them being budget friendly they are also known for their shoe sizes. Despite all of these positive qualities what customers care about the most is “Do New Balance shoes run small or big?”

 New Balance True To Size

Do New Balance Run Small or is New Balance True To Size?

What a customer looks for after choosing a style of footwear from a particular brand is if they are available in the correct sizes. Besides taking into account other factors like price, comfort, style, etc. what is the most important is the size of any footwear. If a shoe is perfect in all such factors but is either big or small and causes pain and discomfort then it’s not worth it. New Balance shoes have been claimed to be neither small nor big and true to size by most of their customers. In the case of offline shopping, one should make sure the shoe fits their foot. In case of online purchase, after their footwear gets delivered they should try it and if its fits or else return them and get the correct size.

Do New Balance Shoes Run Wide Or Narrow?

The brand itself claims that New Balance shoes are true to their size and do not need to be broken in. The majority of their customers have also claimed the same. In case of selecting the wrong size, they suggest their customers measure their feet and try the shoes on before making a purchase. New Balance also offers different widths of their footwear. These may range from a narrow size of 2A to an XX-wide size of 6E. People come in all shapes and sizes and so do their feet. Besides keeping in mind the size of a foot, customers should also note the width.

Professional measurement is suggested to every customer before buying shoes. These shoes are also available for kids and infants. Their sizes are on the same scale as the men’s sizes with the difference being men’s shoe sizes start at 7, while theirs stop at 7. The multiple widths offered by New Balance for men are as follows:

  • 2A – Extra narrow
  • B – Narrow
  • D – Medium
  • 2E – Wide
  • 4E – Extra Wide
  • 6E – Extra Extra Wide

The multiple widths offered by New Balance for women are as follows:

  • 2A – Narrow
  • B – Medium
  • D – Wide
  • 2E – Extra Wide
  • 4E – Extra Extra Wide

Do New Balance 574 Run Small? How Do They Fit?

New Balance 574 was originally introduced back in the 80s but a few of its updated versions have been released since then in different colors. The brand became even more popular with the invention of 574 where they made their shoes accessible with a lower point of entry. They also had suede side panels beside the N logo on them. Most customer reviews have stated that New Balance 574 is true to size. If someone has feet that are wider than others then they can go for shoes that are half a size wider. But since New Balance provides shoes with multiple widths, one can also choose a shoe of their size with a wider width and these kind of shoes are best for plantar fasciitis. Once they do fit, they are one of the most comfortable shoes for everyday use. The insides are soft and cozy along with enough space to let the feet breathe without being too loose.

The midsoles made from EVA foam are enhanced with New Balance’s ENCAP technology for durability and cushioning. Despite all such features, there remains a few negative reviews regarding the incorrect shoe size. The reason for this might be choosing the wrong shoes or that particular shoes being defective. They have been around for a while now so there are bound to be some cons but what is worth knowing is thousands of positive reviews about them from people all across the globe that still keeps them trendy.

Do New Balance 530 Run Small? How Do They Fit?

New Balance 530 was launched in the early 90s and seems to be still trendy enough to be resurrected and used by social media influencers and celebrities. The simple designs of these performance running shoes are what made them so popular among sneaker lovers. Due to them being unisex they look good with a summer dress just as they do with a pair of ripped jeans. The special technologies of New balance i.e. ABZORB heel cushioning and ENCAP midsole is also added to this model. Like all other New Balance shoes, they also not only have different sizes but also different widths available for the customers. The main reason being the size and width of everyone’s feet differs and New Balance aims to provide shoes for every foot size.

Since they are true to fit they can be used just like any sneakers after they are purchased. But one of its advantages that makes it superior to other sneakers is that it doesn’t need to be broken in. They are also available in half sizes so that customers do not have to buy a size bigger or smaller than their size. Just like how its popularity brings positive reviews there are bound to be a few negative ones as well. There have been complaints regarding them being narrow or rubbing against the toes but that may simply have been a purchase made of the wrong size.

How Do New Balance 990 Fit? Its Sizing

New Balance 990 are running silhouettes that came into the market back in the early 80s. Be it the sneakerheads of fashion models, these can be found in their footwear collections. A 90s fit jeans, a dress, or shorts, whatever clothes one wears they go well with all of them. These sneakers are true to their size and are preferred to others due to their ultra soft cushiony feel. They are running sneakers that are both comfy and lightweight and have no heel slippage. Be it for wide feet or narrow feet or the Snug fit and Roomier fit, New Balance 990 fulfills all kinds of customer demands.

They are the kind of footwear preferred by people with wide feet since they provide enough room for the toes. Customers with narrow feet can opt for half size smaller shoes than their regular sneaker size. They are perfect for a roomier fit in the original sizes and those wanting a snug fit can purchase half a size smaller than their usual. The latest New balance 990v5 released in 2019 was the fifth iteration of the original.

How Do New Balance Shoes Fit?

According to majoring opinions, New Balance shoes are true to size. To avoid purchasing shoes that are too tight or loose, one should always properly measure their foot and order the correct size. The problem also arises when they are ordered online and the customer cannot try them on in person. New Balance provides their customers from all over the world with a wide range of width sizes. These range from the narrow or 2A to XX wide of 6E. The general difference between the widths 2A to 4E is about half an inch and for 4E and 6E is three-eighth of an inch. This is due to the variation in the ball of the feet. For medium sized feet, it is D for men, B for women, and M for kids. For wider feet, it is 2A or B for men and 2A or 4A for women. There are no such options available for kids.

In the case of narrower feet, it is 2E, 4E, or 6E for men, D, 2E, or 4E for women, and 4E for kids. These sizes can all be found in the shoe size chart provided by New Balance. In case they do not fit, there is always an option available for exchange both in online and offline shopping. New Balance prides itself on being able to provide for all customers irrespective of their gender, age, or foot size.

New Balance vs Nike Sizing Comparison

Whenever one decides to buy a new sneaker for daily use they think about which footwear to purchase from which brand. Nike and New balance are the brand names that are most considered as well. Instead of the brand, what actually matters is the shoe that actually fits and is comfortable. If it’s too loose it might slip off and if it’s too tight it may cause blisters, toe swelling, etc. New Balance provides its customers with a wide range of sizes while Nike provides the standard sizes. Most New Balance shoes are true to fit but one needs to research a bit before purchasing Nike footwear.

Nike provides the utmost comfort to their wearers but they do tend to be smaller than other brands in case of both width and length. The sizes provided by Nike and New balance are similar ( B, D, 2E, 4E) but New balance provides two more options for narrower feet (2A) and XX wide feet (6E). Since comfort matters more than the brand name, those with wider feet can choose New Balance and those with narrower feet can opt for Nike. Both these brands are world famous for the style and comfort they provide.

Should You Size Up or Down in New Balance?

This American brand of footwear that has been around for about a century prides itself on its dedication to meeting the needs of every customer. They provide a size chart for their footwear along with a width chart. The decision of whether to size up or size down depends on the person’s foot size (wide or narrow) and preference (snug or loose fit). These shoes are available for men, women, and kids in various sizes. The sizes they offer for women are 2A, B, D, 2E, and 4E, for men are B, D, 2E, 4E, and 6E, and for kids are M and W.

Both comfort and fit are important to this brand. One should prefer the former widths for narrower feet and the latter for wider feet. This is what makes them different from other brands that provide the standard sizes for their footwear. Those who are looking for shoes for training should choose the snug fit while those for a simple walk or run should go for a loose fit to allow wiggle space for the toes. Even after everything if there still is a customer whose feet don’t fit then New Balance recommends buying a larger size and using socks while wearing it.

Waterproof Chacos FAQ’s:

  1. Do New Balance do half sizes?

    New Balance provides their customers with half sizes so that they can find their perfect fit.

  2. Is New Balance sizing the same as Nike?

    Most of the standard sizes are similar between New Balance and Nike. But New Balance does have a 2A and 6E that is not available in Nike.

  3. How do New Balance shoes fit compared to vans?

    While New Balance shoes fit true to size, many customers claim that vans seem a bit tighter.

  4. Do Adidas and New Balance fit the same?

    As reviewed by customers who have used footwear from both the brands Adidas and New Balance, New Balance shoes are bigger than Adidas by a few millimeters.


The answer to the question “Do New Balance run small or big” would be both yes and no. New Balance has its own width chart that provides shoes for men, women, and children. Similarly, just as the famous models are available in all sizes, there might be models that are available in standard sizes. One must be careful when choosing the correct size of their shoes. Besides taking proper professional measurements they should also not compare the size chart with that of any other brand and simply decide by the exact size of the feet. These shoes are known for comfort, durability, and style and have been favored by customers globally.

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