Do Nike Air Force 1 Run Big, Small, or True To Size?

Being one of the most popular footwear brands in the world, Nike manufactures a various selection of sneakers for various purposes. One can purchase shoes from Nike be it as running shoes, basketball shoes, or simply casual shoes.

Among such numerous models, Nike Air Force 1 is one of the top selling models. Initially, they were introduced as basketball sneakers and even used by athletes but lately, it has become a fashion statement.

Since the early 2000s, Air Force 1 shoes have made a place in the music and fashion industry. To keep up with the trend it is necessary to own a Nike sneaker and AF1 is often the first choice due to their popularity. So the next question would be “Do Air Force 1 run big or small?”

Are Nike Air Force 1s Comfortable

Do Nike Air Force 1 Run Big, Small, or True To Size? 

Nike Air Force 1 shoes may fit true to size or be a bit big but they are rarely small. These usually depend on three points. Firstly, the collar height plays the most important role during fitting. Secondly, Nike Air Force 1 shoes have roomier toe boxes making them a bit bigger than others. Lastly, the foot’s width also plays a part in the fitting.

Do Nike Air Force 1 Run Big?

Nike Air Force 1 is well known to run bigger when compared to other sneakers from Nike or any other brand. They were designed to be so from the very beginning. 

When it comes to the different variations of the AF1s like the classic Air Force 1, Air Force 1 Sage, or Nike Force 1 Shadow, all of them seem to run large. The toe boxes of these shoes are designed to have additional room in them. 

So when it comes to normal or medium sized feet, if one gets the shoes according to their foot size then it would feel wide. The Air Force 1 Low tops are the timeless sneakers of all time. 

This would also result in the toes being uncomfortable due to rubbing and creasing. It applies to those who have narrow feet. So anyone with such problems should go half a size down while purchasing Nike Air Force 1 shoes.

Do Nike Air Force 1 Run Small?

According to most customer reviews, Nike Air Force 1 is slightly bigger than normal sneakers and seldom small. While people with narrow to average foot sizes do not face this issue, those with wide feet definitely do. 

Nike Air Force 1 does not offer options for shoe widths. Unlike the Air Force low, the ones with the mid or high collar fit differently. The fitting on the foot is tighter. To make the shoes have a higher collar, they might have had to compromise on the roomier toe box. 

So people with wider feet might find Nike Air Force 1 shoes with mid or high collars particularly, uncomfortable. They might have to buy the shoe half a size up than their foot size.

Do Nike Air Force 1 Run True To Size?

Nike Air Force 1 shoes tend to run relatively larger than other models from the same brand. Those with average sized feet might have to go about half or a full size smaller than their foot size.

The Nike Air Force 1 low shoe is fit to size for those who have wide feet. Besides having a roomy toe box they are also comfortable for the heels. For getting the shoe in the correct size one should follow a few steps.

One should stand on a piece of a white sheet and draw an outline of their feet. After getting the measurements they should compare them with the Nike Air Force shoe size chart for the corresponding size.

Are Nike Air Force 1s Comfortable?

Nike Air Force 1 was the first sneakers that had air pockets in their heels for extra cushioning. This provided comfort and support for basketball players including the professionals. This technology has been used ever since in numerous shoes.

But when it comes to being bought as casual footwear, they might not be suitable to be used daily. They were after all designed for basketball and are heavier than regular sneakers. 

So if they are worn for short or medium walks they can be comfortable because of their plushness. The reason is the cushioning technology in their midsole. But they should not be used as running shoes unless the person is aiming to lose weight and runs for a short distance.

They are also good for people who work standing all day. Hence they are widely popular among those who work in retail or medical establishments who have to remain on their feet lot. 


Nike is a footwear brand famous for its variety of footwear like the Air Force 1 shoes. These shoes are actually a bit pricier than regular sneakers and as long as it fits and is comfortable it’s worth it. 

Hence it is essential for one to get shoes that actually fit them and not just get a pair according to their foot size. One has to keep all the above mentioned facts in mind before purchasing them. Those who visit the store in person would find it easier since they can try on the shoes in person.

But the one ordering them online should definitely follow the guidelines to avoid any returns or exchanges in the future. The sole purpose of this article was to provide information to anyone unsure about “Do Air Force 1 run big or small?”

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