Do UGG Boots Run Big or Small or True to Size?

UGG boots have been and have remained the favourite of the masses over time. They are comfortable and pass the quality check of people of all ages and genders. If you are considering buying them, you must not hesitate to go for them.

But if you are looking for one specific answer to the question, “Do UGG boots run big or small?”, it is going to be difficult to settle on a concrete answer. UGG boots generally come true to their size, but they also flatten over time and grow bigger, leaving more room for the feet.

Do UGG Boots Run Big or Small

Do UGG Boots Run Big or Small?

The general consensus is that UGG boots are true to their size. If you are going to buy them, buy them true to your size. The boots tend to flatten a bit over time, which means that they will get a little bigger, leaving room for your feet inside the shoes.

Such a generalization does not hold for all boots, as they vary according to the type and brand of the boots you are getting. Some boots, like Cardi and rainboots, tend to be large and hence must be a size smaller, but styles like snowboots run true to size.

Are Uggs True to Size?

UGGS are considered true to their size, but it also depends widely on the width of your feet. The width of your feet determines how much your boots will flatten out over time.

UGGS are supposed to be extremely comfortable, so it is recommended that while getting UGGS, you must ensure that they are exactly of your size because they tend to shape themselves according to the dimensions of your foot over time. Hence, they will definitely loosen up a bit on their own once you start walking in them, so it is better to go for the exact size when you are purchasing them first.

Do UGG Boots Stretch?

Yes, UGGS boots are known to stretch, but not all UGGS boots stretch. According to common knowledge, UGG boots flat out or, in other words, reform themselves into the shape of your feet, which oftentimes leaves a certain extra space in the shoes.

All shoes that are made of sheepskin are known to stretch over time, and UGG boots are known to use the specific sheepskin material for almost all their boots.

Therefore, it is recommended that you buy UGGs that are exactly your size, snug and comfortable so that when they stretch, which they eventually do, they do not feel loose on your feet, but actually fit well and comfortably.

How Do UGGs Fit Wide Feet?

UGG boots for people with wide feet are a dream because they do not have to go through any kind of hassle regarding the size of their boots.

The boots are known to stretch over time, and if you have wide feet, they will naturally loosen up to your size and mould themselves into the shape of your feet.

It is advisable to go true to your size if you have wide feet. They might feel a little tight in the beginning, but that gets better over time. Eventually, they will loosen out and fit more comfortably than they did in the beginning.

How are UGGs Supposed to Fit?

UGGS are supposed to be quite snug on your feet. They are known for their comfort and thus are highly recommended and purchased overall. They provide support to your feet to an optimum level and must make your feet feel secure.

If you are going to buy UGG boots, then do not be swayed by the various size options or the lack of them, as it is advisable to buy UGG boots that are exactly the size of your feet. If they feel a little tight in the beginning, give them some time as they are known to loosen up a bit over time and will definitely fit better over time.

What Size UGG Boots Should I Get?

UGG boots are generally told to be bought according to their size. They turn out best when they are bought true to size.

But if you are looking for specifics, you can decide what size to go for based on the width of your feet.

People with wider feet should go for a boot size that is true to the size of their feet. People who have narrow feet, need to size down by 1, as the boots tend to loosen up and thus they might become a little bigger. Therefore, it is the smarter choice to size down if you have narrower feet.

If you have average foot width, then you need to size down by half a size as they will fit well eventually, in some time.

Do Ugg Shoes Run Wide Or Narrow?

UGG shoes are not known to run either wide or narrow as they depend on the foot size of the person wearing them. They are usually true to their size, and it is usually recommended to buy UGGs in exactly the size of their feet.

It is different for people as it depends on the dimensions of their feet. There are different sizes that are advised for people with narrow, average width, and wide feet.

People with wide feet are asked to go for UGGs that are exactly their size. People with average width should go half a size down, and people with narrow feet should go a whole size down; as UGGs tend to loosen up over time as well.

Do UGGs Run in Half Sizes?

No, UGGs come in only whole sizes. They do not come in half sizes. People are always advised to buy UGGs half a size down as they tend to loosen up a bit over time.

People with different foot dimensions are recommended different sizes of UGGs and are also told how much lower they should go in terms of their sizes.

Some people prefer half a size bigger because they might feel a little tight and suffocate in the beginning, but through experience, people have come to the conclusion that UGGs loosen over time and that is why they end up becoming loose, so it is better to get them exactly to your size.

How Do I Know My Size in UGGs?

Since you should always buy UGGs according to your exact size, you can measure your foot size down to the very centimetre and then get the shoes accordingly. The only way you can be certain about your size is by measuring it exactly.

If you do not have a measuring tape, you can use a scale and measure your foot size with a scale as well. Just stand on the paper and, with someone’s help, mark the top and bottom ends of your feet and then measure that distance with a scale. Make sure to get your UGGs boots closest to the measurement that you get.

What Size UGG Boots Should I Get?

UGGS boots are supposed to be the exact size, so it is always better to get them true to size. The rubber material that is used in the making of these boots and the sheepskin material, tend to stretch and loosen over time; which is not necessarily a bad thing. They make the boots more comfortable with a little extra breathing space.

Try bringing the boots exactly to your size so that when they loosen up later, they do not leave too much space between your foot and the boots that it makes walking difficult.


  1. Should I size up or down for UGGs?

    You can either size up or down depending upon the width of your feet. It is usually recommended to buy a size down when it comes to UGGs.

  2. Are UGG boots supposed to be tight?

    They can be a little tight initially, but the material used in their making stretches and they become more snug and comfortable with time.

  3. Do you have to break in UGGs?

    Yes, you have to give a little time to UGGs to break into them. They can feel a little tight, but they flatten with time and become a little loose.

  4. How much will UGGs stretch out?

    UGGs will mostly stretch out only half a size, so you can definitely buy UGGs half a size down.


UGGs are great shoes to be worn comfortably in and out of the house. They give your feet a kind of snug feeling and support that can not be easily found elsewhere. You must go for UGGs if you are looking for an extremely comfortable feeling.

If you are confused about what size to get as there are enough discussions about whether to size up or down with UGG boots, then do not worry and go through this article as it explains why and how you should size up or down with UGGs.

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