Do Yeezy Slides Run Small or Big: How Do Yeezys Fit? – 2023

How do yeezys fit?

Yeezy slides have been all the rage since they were launched. Yeezy is a luxury line created by Adidas in partnership with Kayne West. They have launched shoes before but never slides. These came right in the middle of the pandemic when people were stuck in homes due to COVID restrictions.

As with all fads, once people find out about it, they want to be part of it. This is what soared the demands and made Yeezy slides one of the hottest footwear choices in 2020. One big problem with Yeezy slides is the sizing. Many people have complained about it. That’s why in this article, I wish to clear all your doubts and answer the question do Yeezy slides run small or big? I will explain everything about the Yeezy slides product, including the sizing, by answering the following questions.

How do Yeezy Slides Fit?

Yeezy slides have an issue when it comes to sizing as they run small. People have complained about ordering their regular size and then having to size up because slides were tight. It’s crucial to test them to find a perfect size for your feet.

Do Yeezy Slides Stretch?

Yes, they do. These are made from rubber, so it’s natural for them to stretch after a certain period. The thing to note is that they don’t drastically change the size, but it’s something to keep in mind while buying one.

Are Yeezy Slides Comfortable?

Yeezy slides are extremely comfortable. They are durable, stable and provide primal support to the feet and hence are known for the extreme comfort that comes along with them.

The yeezy slides use EVA foam construction which give the slide maximum arch support along with the stability and comfort. The EVA foam gives them a pillow like texture which makes people not realize that they are wearing footwear at all, as it feels that lightweight. The insole gives great cushioning which is why people all over the world love them so much and buy them again and again.

How Do Yeezys Fit Men?

Yeezy are very difficult to get hold of so it Is potent that you get them down to the right size. They are shoes of great comfort and support and need to be of the accurate size to be worth the money being put in them. Yeezys fit differs from shoes to shoes so it would help if you know what pair of shoes you are going for.

According to the consensus, they fit small, so if you buy them true to your size your shoe might be slightly out of your shoe. It is advised to buy them half a size bigger or accordingly.

How Do Yeezys Fit Women?

Yeezys are great shoes to go for if you need them for everyday wear, to run and exercise in or to run errands in but have to be careful about the size you are going for. Like with any shoe, getting the size right is very important as otherwise you might be uncomfortable and the shoes would not offer you the kind of stability that you are looking for.

Like for men, women also need to go half a size up or a size up depending on their foot dimensions with the yeezys as they are generally made half a size down, which can be slightly tighter on the foot.

How Do Yeezys Fit Kids?

The hype around the yeezys have even reached the kids and it is not easy to get children of your back without fulfilling all their demands. The yeezys for kids comes in five sizes and all have received glowing reviews from the people who bought them for their kids.

The shoes price might be a little too high, starting from 5k but if they provide the optimum comfort that they promise to do then it is all worthwhile in the end.

Do Yeezy Slides Stretch?

Yeezy slides are known to be tighter than the normal size of the foot. If you are a definite size, you need to go half a size or sometimes even one whole size bigger, with the yeezy footwear.

Yeezy can be a little tight if you get them in your size as they tend to make them a little smaller, approximately half a size smaller. But if you buy half a size bigger than you can wear them without any further concerns as they would then fit accurately.

They are not known to stretch a lit or even need a break in period as they come true to their size and do not necessarily become loose overtime so it is better to ensure beforehand to get them accordingly.

What Size Should I Get?

Yeezy slides are a great choice of footwear as they are a perfect assortment of comfort, easy and stability. They are easy to be paired with and can be worn to all the casual places and almost every day. They are durable, flexible and stable.

When it comes to size, yeezy footwear are known to be half a size smaller than the regular size. If you end up buying yeezy footwear of your exact size, you might feel they are a little tight on your feet so it is always better to go for half a size up as they are probably the accurate size of your feet and would definitely feel better in your feet.

Are Yeezy Slides Good Quality?

Absolutely. Adidas has made sure the quality is on par with its other footwear. The use of high-quality rubber makes all the difference. You won’t see much wear and tear even after daily usage for a few years. Adidas seems to have covered the durability part extremely well.

How Do You Style Your Yeezy Slides?

Slides are basically loungewear footwear, so you can wear them with any comfortable loungewear clothes. They do have a certain fashionable appeal to them due to the insane popularity and attention they garnered. So people have been seen wearing them with all different kinds of outfits.

Are Yeezy Slides Worth The Money?

It is a good-looking and comfortable piece of footwear, but it’s not worth the price. There are certain overhyped factors attached to it. Yeezy slides are part of their collection, which is made in collaboration with Kanye West, so they are priced higher than usual.

On top of all this, when you see celebrities wearing the slides, then people want them more than anything. This has skyrocketed the prices of these slides more than the original price.

How To Clean Yeezys?

They are made 100% from rubber, so cleaning them is not a hassle. These have a smooth surface, so you can clean with water and air dry afterward. You can also buy any of the cleaning kits available online to keep them clean.

How Do Yeezy Slides Run?

They run small. Most people have had to size up to get them to fit properly. You have to test them out to find out the perfect size for your feet. Being rubber, they do tend to stretch a little bit so keep that in consideration too.

Yeezy Slides Sizing Review

Generally, Yeezy slides run a bit small. This is true for most of the footwear under the Yeezy brand. People have been known to order at least a size up when it comes to ordering Yeezy slides.

The toe area of the Yeezy slides is a bit small. People with regular feet will find them tight, and people with wide feet will find them too tight for their feet.

There are few people who might find sizing down, and those are the ones with narrow feet. People with narrower feet would be more comfortable with a smaller size than they usually go.

The Distance between the strap and the footbed changes with every size and the strap height is designed to accommodate a regular foot shape. That’s why people with a wide or narrow foot might have to adjust accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

  1. Should I size up for Yeezy 500?

    They are not true to size. Half a size up is the perfect way to go for most people. Size might change drastically if you have wide or narrow feet.

  2. What is my Yeezy size?

    Almost all the Yeezy footwear runs small. So you might have to size up depending on your feet. It's better to test and find the right size for your feet.

  3. What size would I be in Yeezy slides?

    Most people have had to size up for Yeezy slides. Yeezy slides are only in the increment of full size up. So people might have to get at least a full size up than their regular size for these to fit comfortably.

  4. Why is Yeezy so expensive?

    It's a luxury collection from Adidas launched in partnership with Kanye West. So it's natural for Adidas to price them higher, plus it's a limited collection, so that boosts the prices even higher.

  5. Is Yeezy azael true to size?

    For most people, they do. Some might have to go a half size up for proper fit. Yeezy azael has a snug fit which is why a size up might be needed for some people.

  6. What size do I wear in slides?

    Yeezy slides run a bit small, so going a size up, initially, might not be a wrong choice. They have a protruded lip around the edges to keep the feet in place, and this can make it hard as they can be uncomfortable if they are small for your feet.

  7. How are slides supposed to fit?

    Slides run small, so they will fit a bit tight. People with wide feet might have to go up more than a full size for the slides to be comfortable. Size up is the way to go with Yeezy slides.


I think by now, you should have a pretty good idea about what size is better for you. All the shoes and slides under the Yeezy brand are popular amongst the shoe-loving community. Most of the new launches get immediately sold out, so it’s not a surprise that people want to have all the information beforehand so they can order right.

I have tried to answer the question “do Yeezy slides run small or big?” elaborately in this article. I have packed a lot of information that should help you find the perfect size for your feet.

The general consensus is that Yeezy slides run small, so it’s better to order the larger size for most people. Ultimately there is also a factor of personal preference that will come into play while ordering.

It’s always better to test things yourself, and I think my article should be the first step in your quest to find the perfect fitting Yeezy slides. I sincerely hope all this information helps you get those slides as soon as possible. After all, they are so comfortable that you shouldn’t have to wait any longer.

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