Does Goat Sell Fake Shoes in 2022?

With sneakers being so expensive and yet irresistible, it is important to know what sites are genuine and what is not. One such site is GOAT, which has been surrounded by a heavy discussion regarding its ingenuity.

People have been constantly asking “Does GOAT sell fake shoes?” which is a loaded allegation against a harmless site. GOAT has a very strongly moderated marketing policy that stops doubtful sellers from establishing their business online.

GOAT has a decent collection available on its online platform and has a great many options to choose from. They have a secure procedure that people have to undergo before they start their business online, so it is safe to say that it can be trusted.

Is GOAT Legit Website for Shoes?

Do Goat Sell Fake Shoes?

GOAT is a highly trustworthy site and would never sell fake shoes. All the shoes sold on their website have to pass an authentication process that legitimizes the originality of the product. It is hard to put your trust in any site when you have to spend so much money on its products, but GOAT is one such site that has shown time and again why it can be trusted.

They have an AI team that looks after the quality and authenticity of the products being sold on their site, making it highly impossible for people to involve themselves in some illegal activity online.

Their policies are extremely strict when it comes to fake shoes making it more difficult for any shady business to take place under them.

It is known that once they detect any fake shoes being sold on their platform, they immediately put a permanent ban on the seller thus saving their site from a bad reputation which is required to run such a huge business.

Is GOAT Legit Website/App for Shoes?

GOAT is 100% a legit website for shoes. Buying shoes online has been made so much easier with the now available options on GOAT. The reason behind their growing popularity is that people could trust the authenticity of their sneakers being bought and sold online.

It is always easier to trust sites with explicit return and exchange policies as that shows the confidence they have in their products and that is what you get with GOAT. Unlike many online sites, GOAT has a clear return and refund policy ensuring its buyer’s immense satisfaction.

GOAT’s authentication process is so transparent and thorough that it leaves no doubt in the end. Their AI interface is technically accurate that it detects the primary level defects and discards the shoes and buyer in the initial stage only.

If some sneakers do pass the AI test, they further have physical examination lined up by shoe specialists who can clearly see the difference between a real and a fake. The fact that despite such a lengthy process they do offer a return and refund policy is proof of their confidence in their products.

How Long Does It Take for Goat to Ship?

GOAT, to perform as the optimum seller site that is, might take a little while longer to ship and deliver your products as it has a lengthy authentication process.

Standard Shipping To Us Citizens:

  1. Before shipping it to the buyer, they are sent to the headquarters of GOAT.
  2. They are authenticated for the buyer.
  3. This process itself might take 3-4 days.
  4. It is then authenticated and further processed to be shipped to the buyer
  5. In total, that should amount to 7-10 days.

Instant Shipping To Us Citizens:

  1. Instant shipping is only applicable to Insta ship orders.
  2. This will deliver the products within 2-3 days considering it is in the states.

GOAT also works like other online sites wherein, shipping depends on the current situations that might affect the shipping of products or other emergencies. Additionally, international items might take longer because of the customs.

What Happens If Ordered Items from Goat Are Found to Be Fake?

It is highly unlikely that something like this would happen as GOAT has proved itself time and again to be the most trustworthy site available online for sneakers.

But despite their strict checking, if someone does manage to sell fake shoes, GOAT has a full refund policy to not disappoint you. If you are dissatisfied with the product received and want to return it, GOAT offers you the chance to get your full money back.

Their authentication process is so extensive that there are very few chances of something like this happening. You might be dissatisfied with the product, but it is almost improbable that you will get fake shoes from the site.

Regardless, GOAT has a 100% refund policy, so you can feel free and order any and all sorts of sneakers you find to your liking on their site.

How Does GOAT Authenticate Sneakers?

The reason why GOAT is highly trustworthy is because of its lucid authenticity check process. They have a two-step verification process that all the shoes shipped from their site have to go through.

Ai Check:

This is an automated process wherein the shoes have to pass an online test, where the AI detects any sorts of physical deformities that can be found on the shoes.

Their technology is so advanced that fake shoes can hardly pass this test. All the buyers who are found selling fake shoes are put under a permanent ban which guarantees the blockage of such sellers completely.

Physical Check:

Next, GOAT has a team of shoe specialists with years of experience, who receive the AI approved products and then scrutinize them further. So, even if some shoes end up deceiving the AI, they cannot go through the physical check as the panellists consist of people with years of experience who can detect the authenticity of the product.

How Long Does Goat Take to Verify?

It might take approximately 2-5 working days to verify the authenticity of the products. Since people are so wary of spending such heft money online on sneakers, online sites like GOAT have to be extra cautious regarding the products they are marketing and delivering. One wrong product can ruin their reputation and take away the trust they took years to gain.

So before shipping any of the products, all their shoes are sent to the GOAT headquarters wherein they go under the two-step verification process to qualify as original.

Only when they pass both the AI and physical check are they approved for the buyers. Thus, it can be seen that GOAT is genuinely working for consumer satisfaction, so 2-3 extra days are worth it.

Is it illegal to Sell Fake Shoes on Goat?

Yes, it is illegal to sell fake shoes on GOAT. Like any other online site, the business only works with the trust of consumers on the product and the site selling those products. GOAT is only considered a trustworthy site because they have managed to eliminate all fake sellers from selling shoes on their website.

They have an extensive process that all their sneakers have to go through. If in the checking process, any seller is found involved in illegal activity is immediately and actively banned from the site.

The fact that GOAT ensures to take such strict action against people involved in such fraud activities shows their dedication towards working for consumer satisfaction. Thus, GOAT has emerged as an authentic site with highly trustworthy products that can always be trusted about their originality.

How Is Goat Able To Spot A Fake?

GOAT is able to spot fakes on their sites because of the thorough authentication process that all their shoes undergo before being shipped to their buyers. After every finalized order, the products are first shipped to the headquarters of GOAT where they are made to undergo the AI and physical checks.

Their technology is so advanced that most of their fake shoes get detected and eliminated in the first check only. The second step is a little more uptight with a panel of shoe specialists, with years of experience who can easily tell the fake from the original.

After having passed such tests, GOAT further processes the order. GOAT can easily spot the fake one and the fake sellers because they take their two-step authentication process so easily thus keeping their site afloat and original and trustworthy. To find such a site in today’s time, is difficult but not with GOAT.

How to Sell Shoes On GOAT?  

Buying and selling tings online can be a risky business but then there are online sites that have established themselves as reliable sources of import and export like GOAT. It is easy to sell shoes on GOAT in the following steps

Selling Process:

GOAT has made the selling process so much easier. You can become an authorized seller on their website by applying and then start selling shoes online. Then once someone purchases your shoes, you ship them to GOAT headquarters for authentication. Once that is finished, and it passes the test, money will be deposited to you.

Payment Process:

The payment process is really easy and direct. After the sneakers get authenticated, the money is directly sent to your GOAT account which is very easy to cash out.

The process is easy and direct and does not create a lot of hassle. The money is easily transferred and then cashed out as well as easily. The only problem one might face is while creating an account as such sites have to be extra cautious regarding their sellers.

Does GOAT Accept Returns and Exchanges?

Like most online sites, GOAT does offer returns and exchanges considering the product fulfils their demands of being in the same condition as when it was received.

They provide a three-day window to file a return or exchange request after which you cannot file any sort of return request. After the pickup of the item, it is checked by the people in headquarters and if found in the same condition, the refund money is processed.

One drawback of this could be that GOAT asks the buyer to pay for the return shipping which is then deducted from the refund amount after it has passed the quality check.

There are certain items that GOAT specifies before selling that it would not take back, so customers should be wary of those products.

GOAT also does not return the shipping charges which vary depending on the place it was shipped to.

  1. Are shoes from GOAT real?

    Yes, shoes from GOAT are real and authentic. They have built a name for themselves after years of true and dedicated service and an extensive verification process.

  2. Can you get scammed on GOAT?

    There are very low chances of this happening as GOAT takes its verification process very seriously banning any seller who seems to be indulging in any sort of illegal activity.

  3. Where does GOAT authenticate shoes?

    GOAT gets its shoes authenticated in their headquarters by their AI technology and then further by a group of shoe specialists with years of knowledge in the specified field.

  4. Where Does Goat Ship from?

    GOAT ships from New York USA. And only ships to Canada under international export.


If you find yourself wondering whether “GOAT sells fake shoes”, you have found yourself at the right place, as this article has spoken about the verification process and the originality of the products sold by GOAT, at length.

GOAT has made a name for itself in the sneaker world only after years of delivering authenticity at people’s doorstep and that cannot be discarded easily.

They have become a high marketing name and have gained the trust of everyone because of their transparent and extensive process that all their shoes are put through before being delivered to the buyers, thus ensuring customer satisfaction and happiness.

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