Dr Martens 8053 vs 1461 – Comparison

Dr Martens are known to stand out in all their varied styles and designs. They are durable, flexible, and stylish—the three things people are looking for in shoes. They are everlasting in their appearance and have awed people for a very long time now, leading to questions about their quality.

Many of the Doc Martens end up resembling the other ones to a great extent. They become so similar that it is hard to tell the difference at all, so one has to look at very specific characteristics to decide which one to go for. Dr Martens8053 and Dr Martens 1461 are two such shoes that resemble each other but have minute differences, which will be looked into below.

Dr Martens 8053 vs 1461

Dr Martens 1461 vs 8053 (Main Differences):

Dr Martens and Dr Martens might look exactly similar, but there are certain minute differences that you may come to notice over time. Doc Martens 8053 lies on the costlier side because of their limited availability and does not have variety in their styles and design as well whereas Doc Martens 1461 is not as costly and is easily available in the market.

They also differ in the availability of padded ankles, lace pattern, size, and soles. Doc Martens 1461 are true to their size and have thin soles, but Doc Martens 8053 run a little bigger, are chunkier and have harder soles as compared to the 1461 model.


The difference in design is more evidently visible as the Doc Martens 8053 has more eyelets holes than the Doc Martens 1461. This is one of the major differences between the two, as some people might like the three eyelet holes that are present on top of the Doc Martens 1461, while others might like the five eyelet holes present on top of the Doc Martens 8053.

The signature yellow stitching of the Doc Martens is present on both shoes.


The material used in both Doc Martens 1461 and Doc Martens 8053 is leather only, but only the kind differs, Doc Martens 1461 uses the smooth, traditional, and durable leather more common to Doc Martens that can be polished time and again to give them a glossy look.

But Doc Martens 8053 uses a natural type of oil-finished leather that gives the shoes a distressed appearance. In 8053, the upper part and lower part are sewn together, which is considered great for durability and comfort and the best part in both the leathers is they make these shoes waterproof.


When it comes to sizing, you will have to be extra careful with the two Doc Martens. People say that you can get it right with the trial and error method, after trying and buying, which is always the best option.

Finding the true size is really important as the comfort of the shoes solely depends on the size. If you accidentally buy a size smaller, it will definitely cut into your skin and will not be comfortable at all. But if you buy a bigger size, then your feet will keep moving back and forth again, hurting the back and front of your feet.

Usually, Doc Martens are known for running big but Doc Martens 1461, not so much. In most cases, they turn out to be of the exact size but Doc Martens 8053 runs slightly bigger and it is better if you size down. You will not need to size down if you have wide feet and the shoes will definitely fit better.


Both Doc Martens 1461 and Doc Martens 8053 are extremely durable. Durability is a characteristic of Doc Martens themselves, so it is no wonder that both these shoes are also durable.

The durability of 1461 comes to them because of the leather that they use and Doc Martens 8053 are made extra durable because of their extensive stitching of the upper and lower part.


Soles can be something that you might base your preference on. They differ widely when it comes to their soles.

As mentioned, Doc Martens 8053 have oversized soles with a chunkier and edgier vibe. They make you stand taller and give platform-style boots, which are not to many people’s liking. The Doc Martens 1461 has a thinner sole, which will not give you any extra height and non slip in nature.

The huge soles of the shoes mean that the break-in period is as extensive and harder as well. Since the soles are chunkier they are stiff, to begin with, and are thus not easy to break in. The chunkier soles also mean that they are not as flexible and will not let you bend as well.

Compared to these, the thinner soles of Doc Martens 1461 are much more comfortable, flexible, and soft. Even if they are thinner, they easily bend and are thus easier to walk in.

Padded Ankles:

Padded ankles can stand for another major difference between the two shoes, which is subject to a person’s preference. The Doc Martens 8053 have padded ankles, which are completely absent from the Doc Martens 1461.

The padded ankles do not add much to the shoes, which is what has been the review for them. They did not make the 8053 any more comfortable, as the heaviness that comes from chunkier soles could not be easily compensated for by the padded ankles.

Therefore, Doc Martens 1461 are considered more comfortable despite the absence of padded ankles because of their thinner soles and less weight.


Doc Martens 1461 are much cheaper in comparison to the Doc Martens 8053. Doc Martens are limited in their availability and options come at a very high price, with almost a hundred dollar difference between the two shoes.

For the quality they offer, Doc Martens are significantly cheaper and are thus more widely sought after.

Is Dr Martens 1461 better than 8053?

The Doc Martens 8053 has a great appearance with its five eyelets holes and polished and distressed look, but their heavy and chunky sole overshadows all the other good parts.

They are so stiff and inflexible that they are not as comfortable to walk in as the Doc Martens 1461.When looking at the two shoes like this, Doc Martens 1461 is better than the 8053.

Dr Martens 8053 vs 1460-What to Prefer the Most?

Between Doc Martens 1461 and Doc Martens 8053, it is better to prefer 1461 as they offer comfort, durability, and ease at a much lower price. People have said that Doc Martens 1461 is being sold at a lower price than its value.

The break-in period of Doc Martens 1461 is also shorter and easier, unlike Doc Martens 8053 which has thick and stiff soles and thus does not allow ease while walking as they do not bend.


  1. Are Doc Martens 1461 comfortable?

    Yes, Doc Martens 1461 are very comfortable as they have soft leather and thin soles to accentuate their comfort.

  2. Should you size down in Dr. Martens 8053?

    Yes, Doc Martens 8053 run slightly bigger, so it is advised to size down with them.

  3. Are Doc Martens Unisex 1461?

    Yes, the Doc Martens 1461 are unisex.

Dr Martens 8053 vs 1461 Conclusion:

In conclusion, the Doc Martens 1461 and Doc Martens 8053 are both great shoes, but for the price, it is better to go for the 1461 as they offer more comfort and the same durability at a much lower price.  

In the end, it all comes down to the preferences of the specific person buying them but otherwise, Doc Martens 1461 is definitely worth going for.

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