Dr Martens Jadon Vs 1460 Select Your New Fighter

Dr. Martens are the coolest shoes that are timeless and chic. They came around the 1940s and since then have only grown in popularity. They are comfortable, durable, sturdy, and easy to pair with clothes. They can be worn on an everyday basis as well as while traveling or running errands. They have their own charisma that is hard to downplay.

Dr. Martens Jadon and Dr. Martens 1460 are both extremely popular shoes, and their popularity is for a reason. They are both exquisitely beautiful, durable, and comfortable. There are certain differences that are present between the two and thus they can be hard to choose between. It all then comes down to simply what your preference is about the minutest of details and those details are discussed below.

Doc Martens Jadon Vs 1460

Dr Martens Jadon and Dr. Martens 1460 are vaguely different and hard to choose between. They are both made with hard leather, but there is a slight height difference as Dr Martens has a platform that will raise the height of the person wearing by a few centimeters whereas Dr Martens 1460 would not do any such thing. Both the shoes are water and slip-resistant.

Dr. Martens, Jadon 8-Eye Leather Platform Boot for Men and Women
  • The platform: A fierce adaptation of the 8-eye boot with chunky platform soles and rugged tread for extra empowerment; Made with original grooved edges, yellow stitching and heel-loop
  • Air-cushioned: Dr. Martens famous “bouncing” AirWair soles are comfortable, oil and fat resistant and provide good abrasion and slip resistance
  • Made like no other: Boots built to pound the pavement; The leather upper and sole are heat-sealed together for exceptional durability

While Dr. Martens Jadon runs a little big and is hard to break in, on the contrary, Dr Martens 1460 are true to their size and are comparatively easier to break in. Both of them are heavy shoes because of the use of hard leather in their making.

●     Design

The design of both shoes is more or less similar only. They are both comfortable to wear and have the distinct yellow stitching unique to Doc Martens. They are easy to pair.

The leather used at the bottom of the soles makes the shoes heavier and sturdier. The Doc Martens Jadons have leather at the bottom and thus add a little extra height to the shoes.

●     Material

The material used in the making of these shoes, leather, is quite hard and affects the entire functioning of the shoes. The hard leather makes it difficult to walk in at times because they are not as flexible.

Since the hard leather is used in the base, the break-in process becomes a little hard. The break-in process is harder for Dr Martens Jadon as they have a thicker leather sole at the bottom.

●     Sizing

Both the shoes are true to their size. They are both said to be exactly the same size, but that can differ from person to person. Some people with wide feet have said that the shoes fit them accurately, so other people might need to size down a bit with them.

Sizing issues do not in any way affect how the shoes feel on your feet. You simply have to buy shoes that are your size. If the shoes are too big, they will leave space and make the gap too uncomfortable, and if the shoes are too small, then they will be tight and not adequate for walking for long.

Dr Jadons run true to their size but are still hard to break in because of the hard leather material used in their design.

Dr. Martens 1460 Originals 8-Eye, Unisex, Black, Soft Toe, Slip...
  • Original 1460 design, with heritage Docs DNA like yellow welt stitching, 8 eyes, grooved air-cushioned soles and a scripted heel-loop
  • DM's iconic air-cushioned sole, re-engineered with an enhanced grip for next-level slip resistance: PVC fused with the central rubber pods of GRIP-TRAX, our unique outsole lug formation
  • Serves up enhanced ergonomic comfort via breathable, moisture-wicking SoftWair sockliners, with strategically placed memory foam pods

●     Waterproof

Dr. Martens are known for being water resistant and slip resistant. They were made for people who had to work all day in all weather and on rough slopes and lanes. Keeping this in mind, they were made in a way that they are extremely resistant to watery and greasy surfaces.

Dr Martens 1460 is 100% water resistant, so you can trust them on a rainy day. They are great to be worn on a rainy day and stay out all day without the risk of slipping and falling, but Dr. Martens Jadons are not water-resistant to that extent. They can be made. more waterproofing by using a waterproofing spray. They do, however, have a slip-resistant sole.

Both shoes are thus somewhat water-resistant, if not completely, and can be worn outside without the risk of falling.

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Doc Martens Jadon Vs Doc Martens 1460 Conclusion

Dr Martens shoes are great, to begin with, and with shoes like Dr. Martens 1460 AND Dr. Martens Jadon, it sometimes becomes hard to decide what to go for as both the shoes are equally good. They are durable and sturdy and have differences but that does not affect their overall quality.

Their major difference comes in choosing when you care about the extra height that comes with Dr Martens Jadons or how water resistant the shoes are, in which case, Dr Martens 1460 must be the preferred choice.

They both have their own unique characteristic features, which can be overlooked and have to be kept in mind while making a decision. 

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