Dr Martens Molly vs Jadon

Anyone who grew up during the 90s would remember the popularity of Doc Martens during that time. For those people, Doc Martens carry a certain nostalgia while Gen Z simply thinks them to be cool despite having a retro vibe. 

Not only do they still remain popular but they have actually seen a rise in their total revenue. They are favored among trendsetters and celebrities like Gigi Hadid or Hailey Baldwin. The current generation loves classic boots with a hint of newness in them. This article explains in detail about two such boots by Doc Martens and draws up a comparison between “Dr. Martens Molly vs Jadon” to help anyone who is looking forward to buying a new pair.

Above is the Doc Marten Jaden

Dr. Martens Molly vs Jadon (Major Differences)

The two types of Doc Martens, Molly and Jadon can be distinguished by the comparison of the following features.


There are various styles available when it comes to Doc Martens Jadon boots. They might seem similar due to their shapes being the same but having different eyelets and colors. Jadon boots are made with authentic Doc Martens leather. This leather not only last years but also has a smooth finish and a shiny polished appearance. The upper and the sole in these shoes are sealed with heat and not simply glued on like other boots.

There are not many options available for Doc Martens Molly boots. With their limited number of options in stock, their designs are quite similar to each other. Molly boots are made of leather that has a classic patent effect as claimed by Doc Martens. 


Doc Martens claims all of their boots to be true to size but customers claim they are a bit bigger than regular boots. This makes them one of the most preferred boots by those with wide feet size. When it comes to the Molly or Jadon boots, both of these lineups are available in various sizes. Doc Martens put in a lot of effort to satisfy the needs of their customers. But one should be careful while choosing a pair since they might not be in stock at that time. This is mostly the case for popular models that are high in demand all the time. Based on the model, the sizing for women might be between 5 and 12, and for men be in the range from 6 to 14.


When it comes to Doc Martens, one should remember the fact that they were first created for the purpose of comfort and not fashion. Molly boots have black satin ribbon laces and are exclusively made for women. This gives them a different first class feel. Jadon boots might resemble the classic Doc Martens from the front, but they are designed with a zipper on the side. This inner ankle zipper makes the process of putting on and off very easy. They keep the feet secure and the air cushioned soles are responsible for the cushy and comfy feeling. While the Jadon is a unisex boot, Molly is made for women. The oversized eyelets along with the laces or ribbons compensate for the lack of zipper in the Molly boots.


Doc Martens shoes can last up to a decade or more as claimed by their loyal customers. Back in the day, when they were not quite fashionable, they were sold due to their guaranteed durability despite daily rough use. Even though the price was higher than other boots, people would rather choose a pricier boot that lasts longer than a cheap one that gets worn out within a couple of years. They were designed initially for working class men who worked long hours and needed a boot comfortable enough to be used daily. Even if Doc Martens are currently popular for being fashionable and trendy, it is their durability that first brought them into the spotlight.


The prices of Doc Marten boots are somewhat a bit more than other boots. But that does not affect their demand or popularity. The Doc Martens Jaden collection has more variety than the Doc Martens Molly. For this simple reason the former end up with a more price range in comparison to the latter. The prices of Molly boots do not vary very much as they are about $180 and above. Sometimes they are also cheaper in comparison to Jadon boots. The price of a pair of Jadon boots ranges from $190 to $240. This can be a problem for those with a budget that does not go over $190.

This is the Doc Marten Molly

Doc Martens Jadon vs Molly – What to Prefer the most? 

When it comes to making a choice between Jadon and Molly boots it is only relevant for female consumers. While the Jaden boots are unisex, Mooly boots are made for women. So male customers hardly buy Molly boots, and even if they do it is for a female friend or relative. Jadon boots are made with a retro look with a zipper on the side that makes them more desirable than regular old boots. Due to the zipper, one needs to tie the laces only once before the first use, and then they can wear it using the zipper. Molly boots have satin ribbon laces that give them a feminine feel with oversized soles. So anyone looking for a bit of flair can go for the ribbons instead of regular laces.


When it comes to choosing between Jadon or Molly boots, their availability should also be kept in mind. Jadon boots are easily available but the common sizes may be out of stock. Molly boots are made with female customers in mind so even if they are available, some models might be out of stock. The budget for the boots should also be considered.

While a customer might wish for a pair of Doc Martens, he might have a budget that doesn’t exceed the starting price of Jadon boots. There is also the factor of the Molly boots being made for female customers. This article is for solving any problems regarding the choice between “Dr. Martens Molly vs Jadon” for guiding the readers in making the decision that is most suitable for them.

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