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Even though Doc Martens were initially created as corrective shoes for people with foot problems, later on, they were marketed as working boots. They might look tough but they are actually comfortable enough even after being worn all day. 

The shoes have been worn by several youth groups like skinheads during the 60s, the LGBTQ community during the 70s, the punks and goths during the 80s, and the grunge lifestyle during the 90s. With the nearing of the new millennium, Doc Martens became a fashion statement for celebrities and the masses alike.

This article is “all about Doc Martens” which is widely known as a footwear brand that continues to have its influence over the rebellious and free-thinking youth.

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What Are Doc Martens? 

Doc Martens is known by different names like Dr. Martens, Docs, or DMs. They are named after their maker Klaus Martens, who was an army doctor during the Second World War. 

Ever since the 60s, people have been associating Doc Martens with self-expression and rebellious spirit. Both the boots and the shoes of this brand provide their wearers with not only comfort but individualistic style and empowerment as well.

Doc Martens is a British footwear brand that produces shoes as well as clothing, bags, and shoe care products. Their headquarters is in Wollaston, in the Wellingborough district of Northamptonshire in England.

Even if Doc Martens are designed in Camel Town of London, they are manufactured not only in the UK but also overseas in China and Thailand. 

History of Doc Martens

The German army doctor named Klaus Marten was the one who created the Doc Martens. After getting an injury on his ankle, he found it difficult to use army shoes. Hence he came up with the wonderful design of the Doc Martens during his recovery.

He made use of soft leather and air-padded soles which he then added to the army boots. He customized regular army boots with the help of tires. As soon as the war ended, he got even more leather for making shoes but was not very successful in setting those boots. 

With the help of his friend, Herbert Funck, he finally got into the shoemaking business. In the next decade, they opened a factory in Munich and by the next, they entered the international market.

Eventually, R. Briggs Group Ltd bought the rights to these shoes. They improved on the original design, labeled the soles as AirWair, and named them Dr. Martens.

What Materials Do Doc Martens Use? 

Doc Martens make use of different materials for different shoes. They use about eight different types of leather in making their shoes and boots. They also provide a leather guide for their customers to choose the leather that suits their needs and style.

They use Smooth leather, Vegan leather, Nappa and Virginia leather, Gaucho or Crazy Horse leather, or Patent leather. Smooth leather and Nappa and Virginia leather are collected from Argentina, Patent leather from China, and Crazy Horse leather from Thailand. 

Catering to the customer demands, they have been using Vegan leather or synthetic fiber for making their boots and shoes. They are an environmentally conscious brand and use non-mulesed sheep’s leather and wool instead of endangering exotic animals.

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Type Of Footwear Made By Doc Martens 

There are numerous styles of Doc Martens available in the market for customers to choose from. Here are some details on the types of doc Martens to make their purchase easier.

Ankle Boots

Doc Marten has two types of ankle boots that are Lace-up boots and Chelsea boots. As the name suggests, the Lace-up boots have laces, unlike the Chelsea boots. Some of the options available under the lace-up boots are Jadon Pisa Leather Platform Boots, 1460 Pascal Bex Leather Lace Up Boots, Jadon Smooth Leather Platform Boots, and Audrik Nappa Leather Platform Ankle Boots. 

Doc Marten offers different options of Chelsea boots like Rometty Faux Fur Leather Chelsea Boots, 2976 Warmwair Leather Chelsea Boots, and 2976 Faux Fur Line Platform Boots.

Canvas Shoes And Boots

Doc Marten has Canvas Shoes and Boots such as the Cairo Canvas Chukka Boots and the Rozarya Women’s Canvas Casual Boots. There are both the air-cushioned soles and the brand’s signature yellow stitching present in the Cairo Canvas Chukka Boots. But they are also lightweight and durable.

Rozarya Women’s Canvas Casual Boots are both comfy and fashionable as street-style boots. These classic Doc Martens have yellow stitching and are available in maroon and yellow. The rubber sole along with the padded collar adds to its comfort.


When it comes to shoes, women have a preference for those with heels. Doc Marten has also made shoes such as Rometty Women’s Leather Platform Chelsea Boots or Leona Women’s Vintage Smooth Leather Heeled Boots for satisfying the demands of female customers. 

The Rometty Women’s Leather Platform Chelsea Boots are manufactured with a special leather called Burnished Wyoming that has an oily and grainy texture. They have an excellent balance due to the commando tread patterns and are comfy due to the platform soles. 

The Leona Women’s Vintage Smooth Leather Heeled Boots are lace-up boots with a combination of vintage and heels. They were designed for celebrating femininity and empowerment. They are made to look tough with rugged features and chunky heels.

Chelsea Boots

The Chelsea boots manufactured by Doc Marten are available for both men and women with some being unisex as well. Some options available are 2976 Women’s Faux Fur Lined Chelsea Boots, 2976 Yellow Stitch Smooth Leather Chelsea Boots, and 2976 Crazy Horse Leather Chelsea Boots.

2976 Women’s Faux Fur Lined Chelsea Boots are perfect winter boots with their fur linings. Despite being a bit heavy, they are warm and go well with any winter outfit. 

The 2976 Yellow Stitch Smooth Leather Chelsea Boots are unisex boots with a secure fit with an elastic ankle gusset making them easy to be taken on and off. They are very durable and available in black and white.

The last one is a version of the 2976 Chelsea Boots made with Crazy Horse Leather. They are slip resistant and suitable for harsh environments.

Patent Leather Boots and Shoes

Some of the options available under Patent Leather Boot and Shoes by Doc Martens are 1460 Women’s Patent Leather Lace Up Boots and 1461 Women’s Patent Leather Oxford Shoes. 

The Oxford Shoes are comfy shoes that can easily be slipped on. They have cushioned soles and are less bulky than others. One of the most sold Doc Martens is the 1461 Women’s Patent Leather Oxford Shoes.

The 1460 Women’s Patent Leather Lace Up Boots are ideal to be worn during the summer. The color options they are available in are white, purple, pale pink and black with a gloss on their upper portion. They can be worn with jeans and dresses.

Utility Boots

The two options under Utility Boots by Doc Martens are Chelsea Boots and Lace Up Boots. Two such examples are the Tempesta Men’s Canvas Casual Chelsea Boots and Tarik Utility Boots. 

The Tempesta Men’s Canvas Casual Chelsea Boots were created as a lightweight version of the originals. They are made from a tough and durable material. The canvas on them is finely woven and makes it easier to walk. 

The Tarik Utility Boots have laces that were inspired by hiking. They are also made from super strong nylon and 50% recycled plastic. They owe their popularity to the SoftWair insoles and are available in black and gunmetal colors. 

Zip-Up Boots and Shoes

Some of the Zip Up Boots and Shoes that Doc Marten manufactures are 1460 Women’s Pascal Nappa Zipper Boots and Olson Zipper Leather Strap Sandals. The former was inspired by the classic Doc Martens. Hence it has air-cushioned soles with grooved edges, a heel loop, 8-eye, and signature yellow stitching. But they have an additional zipper.

Individuals looking for a unique style under Doc Martens can go for the Olson Zipped Leather Strap Sandals. They are designed to have a front zip and a gladiator-style top. 

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Doc Martens are a popular choice of footwear all around the world. They have various types of footwear in various styles. Every individual can choose a pair of their liking among so many options.

Doc Martens are worth it despite them being a bit costly. This article provides the “complete details about Doc Martens Brand” as well as some of their models

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. 1. When Was Doc Martens First Popular?

    Doc Martens became famous among the general public back in the 90s when grunge dominated mainstream music.

  2. 2. Are Doc Martens Vegan?

    Doc Martens provides an option for vegan leather for some of their footwear. These shoes are mostly made from synthetic materials such as plastic.

  3. 3. Are Doc Martens Real Leather?

    Doc Martens are usually made from real leather be it boots or shoes. The footwear brand is known for using leather and wool from non-mulesed sheep but never from fur or skin from exotic animals.

  4. 4. Are Doc Martens Unisex?

    The British footwear brand, Doc Martens, is well known for its beliefs in gender equality and they make all its footwear unisex. But they do provide a different size chart for men's and women's foot sizes.

  5. 5. Why Is Doc Martens So Expensive?

    A regular Doc Martens would have a price ranging from $100 to $200. Since they are made with high-quality materials and are known to last for a long time, they can be a bit pricey.

  6. 6. Are Doc Martens Comfortable?

    Doc Martens were created for providing comfort to their wearers. They are extremely comfortable and have high endurance.

  7. 7. Are Doc Martens Worth Buy?

    Doc Martens are ideal for people who are a fan of classics and prefer boots that would last decades. After the initial break-in period, they get extremely comfortable and can be worn all day. So given all the pros, they are worth it.

  8. 8. Are Doc Martens Slip Resistant?

    Doc Martens has their own GripTax soles which they use in its footwear. This makes the chunky soles slip-resistant and the shoes an excellent choice for being worn on slippery surfaces.

  9. 9. Are Dr. Martens Lightweight?

    Doc Martens are designed to have thick soles and heavy-duty high-quality leather which adds to their weight. So they can be a bit heavier than other shoes.

  10. 10. Are Dr. Martens Waterproof?

    Doc Martens are moisture-resistant but not completely waterproof. They are breathable boots which help in keeping them fresh. With Doc Martens, one can prevent the feet from sweating even after being worn all day.

  11. 11. What Size Should I buy In Dr. Martens?

    Even though Doc Martens look big, most of them are true to size. But there are exceptions like the Jadons or Chelseas for which one has to go down a size.


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