Fake Yeezy Slides Vs Real – How To Spot Them?

Yeezy slides are becoming immensely popular everywhere, and so are their fakes. It is getting harder and harder to distinguish between the two, as they are both made to look so identically similar. The original Yeezy slides are extremely comfortable with their soft cushioning, which can not be imitated by the best of fakes out there.

But the cushioned sole would not be enough to tell the difference between the real and fake by itself. There are certain ways of accomplishing such a strenuous task, and not all of them are difficult.

How To Spot Fake Yeezy Slides?

How To Spot Fake Yeezy Slides?

There are various ways to spot the fake Yeezy slides, as not all copies can be exactly imitated. In fact, no matter how hard you try, the fake ones are never going to come close to the originals. There are so many distinct features of the Yeezy slides, and it is absolutely impossible to make the fake ones with that much precision.

There are so many things to take into consideration, like the sharp teeth at the bottom, or the front opening, the interior, the sticker, and the logo itself, and there is always more than one thing that gives it away.

To verify Yeezy slides, first examine the model’s general appearance, paying attention to the quality, dimensions, and overall shape. Then, starting at the top, examine the heels and slides. Examine the footbed, interior, typefaces, and size tag after that. Finally, click the checkbox to complete the login procedure.

How To Legit Check Yeezy Slides : By Interior

The inside of the straps are meant to say Yeezy, thus the first step would be to just check whether or not the strap reads Yeezy. The phoney pair in this case is missing even the brand information on the inside, which is a significant omission.

Date of Shoe Manufacted:

The manufacturing date indicates the actual month and year that the Yeezy slides were produced.

If you compare the actual and fake Yeezy slides side by side, you will see that the production date on the real ones is incredibly thin and lean, unlike the fake ones, which have thick writing. The lettering might be similar, yet the thickness always varies by a little margin.

The “MADE IN CHINA” text:

The “YEEZY” text that is reportedly inscribed on the inside of the phony pair is too thick, as is the “MADE IN CHINA” language. The inscriptions on the imitation shoes were put too deeply inside the rubber, resulting in an abnormally font-weighted look.

The text on the actual Yeezy Slides, on the other hand, is thinner since it fits less deeply into the rubber.

When it came to the “Made in China” inscription, they failed to give the letters the 3D, bubbly appearance, instead opting to clumsily engrave the characters using the same process as before.

Simultaneously, the false pair’s letter “C” in the word “CHINA” is lower than the other letters, although the true pair’s letters are all at the same level; such an error should not occur in the real pairings.

In the image above, observe how the real pair’s “MADE IN CHINA” inscription has the same font weight and placement for all of its letters.

The “US UK FR JP CHN” text:

Additionally, the “US” inscription on the counterfeit pair seems too thin next to the number “5”, but the authentic “US” writing is stronger and is generally found in the same font as the font used to write the number 12.

The authentic shoes have the text thinner and quite uniform.

The Hashtag On The Second Last Line Of Text:

Each genuine Yeezy slide includes a hashtag and a unique number that can be found in the second to the final line of the text inscribed on the inside of the sneakers.

The phoney shoes also feature a hashtag and a text, but they suffer from the same issue as the other imprinted inscriptions on the inside. The font size is noticeably different from what was written in the original.

The Line Of Text Should Be The Size Of Your Yeezy Slides:

Not surprisingly, the text indicating the size of the Yeezy slides as mentioned on the inside of the slides is again too thick on the fake slides than they are on the real ones.

One might overlook such small flaws, but if kept alongside, the thickness would be very evidently visible.

Overall Look Method:

The overall look method tells you whether the Yeezy slides that you have are real or not based on the overall look of the shoes. It takes specific features into account, like the footbed, the heel, or the top of the shoes, to show whether or not the shoes one has are real or not.

Yeezy Slides, Real Vs. Fake: By Footbed:

The actual slides have a shorter outline than the counterfeit pair. This may not appear to be a problem, but it reveals the reality. Look for the Adidas insignia on the footbed once you’ve double-checked the slide design. In the final design, this logo will be thoroughly embossed into the EVA foam and will be sharply contrasted while being the same color.

While the Adidas insignia is tastefully etched in the footbed of the genuine Yeezy slides, the clone factory opted to leave the design exceedingly pale and asymmetrical. This soon shows the forgery. The same emblem will be used by imposter brands, but it will be shallower and less apparent. Some manufacturers may add it asymmetrically in order to mass-produce as many as feasible.

Yeezy Slides Real Vs Fake: By Heel

The original Yeezy slides’ heel features lines on the surface that create some type of separate portion, but it’s not that noticeable. But this region on the imitation heel is far too accentuated and defined, giving it a cheap look. Additionally, the lines aren’t meant to be exactly straight, they should be a bit curved.

Yeezy Slides, Real Vs. Fake: By The Top

The top of the shoes makes it abundantly and clearly visible how the imitation shoes fail miserably to achieve the lookalike.

The genuine Yeezy slides have carefully carved out rounded cutouts. Unlike phoney ones, the space between the top and bottom curves is smooth. The phoney slides are more rounded than flat.

How to Tell If Yeezy Slides Are Fake: By Sizing Sticker

The sticker may clearly distinguish the imitation from the real. The fake Yeezy slides do not put much effort into their job since they must offer them for a much lower price. Their scaling tag does not shrink the fonts effectively.

When we look at the numbers, we can see how bold and big they are on the actual model compared to how small and asymmetrical they are on the right image.

The “Adidas” wording on the imitation sticker is light and small when it should be bold, thick, and readable.

As aforementioned, the thickness of the text that indicates the size of the two slides is also very thick, unlike the text in the original Yeezy slides.

Real Vs Fake Yeezy Slides: By Box Method

The box is the first thing you notice when you receive any footwear, right? The box may not appear to be significant, yet it appears to be. The box in which the Yeezy slides are packaged is also an essential indicator of whether the slides are authentic or not.

The box of the authentic Yeezy Slide is smooth, but the imitation box is grainy and rough. The typeface used in the two boxes is also different.

Like the letters and numbers on the inside of the slides, the letters and numbers on the exterior of the box of the original are less prominent, but the false ones lose the aesthetic that the original shows.

Legit Check Yeezy Slides: By Font

No matter how spectacular the replica manufacturers are, they will never be able to correctly and precisely copy the typeface. It is nearly impossible to do it perfectly, no matter how hard one tries. The typefaces are never precisely copied by the replica companies.

Surprisingly, they were able to replicate the forms, but in very bold letters that are thicker than the ones in the original ones. As a result, they ended up appearing considerably different from the genuine ones.

Spotting Fake Yeezy Slides Vs Real – By Barcode Scanning

When in doubt about the legitimacy of your Yeezy slides, it is always the simplest approach to verify the barcode that is available under the box. The outsole of the white Yeezy sandals occasionally has something on it.

If you’re wondering how to verify the authenticity of Yeezy shoes. It is quite simple since you can download an app on your phone that will check the authenticity of the items for you without you having to do anything.

The software will scan the barcode and return findings in a matter of seconds. They will validate the barcode with real Yeezy sneakers and provide you with a satisfactory answer.


It is not very difficult to authenticate the Yeezy slides that you have. If you are in doubt about your Yeezy Slides, you can follow a few very simple methods to know the difference between the fake and the real Yeezy Slides. There are methods that are extremely simple and out there for you to immediately find out whether the shoes you have are real or not.

Methods like the barcode method and the box method will easily tell you with one look whether the shoes you have are fake or not. The others might not be so out there, but you do not have to intensely analyse them to know whether or not the shoes are real or not.

Even if your shoes are real it is always better to test them to see just for your own satisfaction and happiness.

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