Gravity Defyer Shoes Review: Gdefy Pros and Cons – 2023

We all suffer from a certain kind of medical issue especially related to the leg. And with the advancement in technology thankfully we have several shoes that are manufactured to lower the pain or to provide the support needed for the legs to feel comfortable. Furthermore, Gravity Defyer is a shoe brand that is built for the purpose to aid the comfort of your medical conditions such as injuries or pain related to leg, knee, foot or ankle. In addition, just like any specific manufacturer has pros and cons to it. The Gravity Defyer pros and cons are also part of these shoes. In this piece of article, we have tried our best to list the details regarding the Gravity Defyer shoes and give insights into their pros and cons.

GDefy pros and cons

GDefy Shoes Review:

We know until now that Gravity Defyer shoes were created with a mission to offer support and comfort during times of pain and discomfort. In the name itself, there is a word gravity which claims that these shoes will decrease the pressure of gravity to the lowest possible. The shoes were created with an agenda behind them on the very first production. And till now it is honestly serving it with the agenda of providing the appropriate support and comfort needed for the disorders like Plantar Fasciitis. As the properties of these Gravity Defyer suggests that it is extremely lightweight and you feel very light when wearing these shoes on. This means there is less pressure in the ankle and heel areas, plus it does reduce the weight and pain in the leg or foot region.

Best Gravity Defyer(GDefy) Shoes:

  1. Gravity Defyer Women’s G-Defy Energiya
  2. Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief Women’s G-Defy Mighty Walk
  3. Gravity Defyer Men’s G-Defy Energiya – Hybrid VersoShock
  4. GDEFY Men’s MATeeM Cross-Trainer – Hybrid VersoShock Performance Proven Pain Relief Shoes with Support
  5. Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief Men’s G-Defy Mighty Walk Athletic Sneakers
  6. GDEFY Women’s MATeeM Cross-Trainer
  7. Gravity Defyer Women’s G-Defy XLR8 Run
  8. Gravity Defyer Men’s G-Defy XLR8 Run
  9. Gravity Defyer Men’s G-Defy Orion Athletic Shoes
  10. Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief Women’s G-Defy Ion Athletic Shoes for Knee Pain

Benefits Of Gravity Defyer:

  • The shoes offer a comfort level more than any other shoes in the market.
  • They have a tremendous collection of shoes for women, men and children as well. Plus there is a wide range of styles available in all of them.
  • The Gravity Defyer shoes will make you feel like the less weighted person ever with any shoes. It is extremely lightweight which is the prime reason for the reduction of pain during walking.
  • Built-in technologies of the Gravity Defyer shoes makes it more in demand by the people who are suffering and finding the best shoes to relieve their pain.

Gravity Defyer has a lot of benefits plus it adds an extra style quotient to your look wherever you will wear them. The price of the shoes is expensive but if the shoes are worth it then it is good to go ahead and have these shoes for your pain relief walk.

You can even wear these Gravity Defyer shoes for your workout even with any injury comfortably. The shoe contains a unique sole which is a shock absorber from the body while you walk or perform some activity. It has a sole called VersoShock trampoline sole which also offers a spring mechanism. Some of the useful features that Gravity Defyer consist of is a smart memory master spring, twin stabilizers, plus there is unique molding on the midsole to have that grip and tremendous outcome while walking. Gravity Defyer shoes will be uncomfortable when you will first wear them, it will take a time to adjust according to your walking style. Some of the negative reviews about the shoes are this complaint only. However,  the brand has a free 30-day return policy so you can return it.

Who are Gravity Defyer Shoes For?

Gravity Defyer shoes are shoes built specially to offer pain relief and manage the ankle, foot, back or knee pain when the person wears these Gravity Defyer shoes. The unique part about these shoes is the three special technologies that are installed to aid the absolute support and comfort all the time when you wear the Gravity Defyer shoes. Furthermore, Gravity Defyer is the best shoe for diabetics as if diabetic friendly. It is also one of its kind like many other brands that don’t offer these qualities in the same range of prices.

In addition, the Gravity Defyer shoes include incredible notable  features likeVersoShock is a shock-absorbing sole. It is there to decrease the percentage of the pressure which comes on the heel when you walk with these shoes. Plus, it also has amazing seamless inner designs which are there to ensure your skin is protected from any kind of rash or injury when you wear these Gravity Defyer shoes. The notable points regarding these Gravity Defyer shoes are they are not for casual wear and these are shoes for the people who are looking for support or comfort for their injury and paint related to legs, back, ankle or foot.

Why Consider/Choose Shoes From Gravity Defyer

Here add some points like

  • Comfort: Gravity Defyer has a comfort level so high that it can make you work out 20% more than your regular workout time. Extreme support and comfort are obtained due to the padded collar plus tongue when you will wear them to run or perform any activity.
  • Style: There is a style for everyone available in this brand. It offers numerous style options even though it is a shoe not built for fashion but it serves that area so well. It will make you look good while you put them on your feet. 
  • Quality: The quality of leather material of these Gravity Defyer shoes is amazing and all the options have good quality. However, sneakers have more top quality in terms of other styles of Gravity Defyer.
  • Lightweight: It is one of the most lightweight shoes available for reducing pain and having absolute comfort while walking. Due to the technology built in the shoes, the pressure is almost negligible when you walk, that is why we feel very light with Gravity Defyer shoes.
  • Ground Grip: The ground grip of Gravity Defyer shoes is non-slip resistant due to the presence of a unique rubber outsole. This outsole has a thread to aid the maximum grip on any surface. Perfect grip to hold the feet in place on any kind of surface.
  • Insole Cushioning: Gravity Defyer shoes are manufactured with Versoshock technology which offers a kind of insole which absorbs the was of shock and reduces the pain and relieves the injury to breathe.  Plus it helps the disorder to recover in the fastest possible ways.
  • Arch Support: Gravity Defyer shoes have an adequate amount of arch support needed during the discomfort of knee, foot, ankle or back pain. These Gravity Defyer shoes are specifically manufactured biomechanically which are designed to lend the anatomical arch support during the walk while putting these Gravity Defyer shoes.
  • Pricing: Although, Gravity Defyer shoes are a bit more expensive than any other casual shoes. However, the shoes are purchased for a purpose and the price serves for every penny you spend on them. The shoes also offer a free trial for 30 days, so you have the option to try and review yourself.

Pros And Cons Of The Gravity Defyer Shoes:

Gravity Defyer Shoes Pros:

  1. The internal design of these Gravity Defyer shoes is very unique as it gives the skin protection from any kind of redness, rash or injury. Plus it offers a wide toe box to ensure comfort while you walk.
  2. In addition, it offers the sole which is a shock absorber. VersoShock soles are used to reduce the pressure or weight felt while you walk with these shoes.
  3. It gives the spacious space for people who have Arthritis to have them the most comfortable shoe to help with these diseases and pain.
  4. Next, Gravity Defyer shoes can aid the comfort for long-lasting hours like for example they can provide support for 8 hours. Fabulous shoes for joint pain relief.
  5. Another advantage is diabetic patients can wear these pairs of shoes. It is a diabetic comfort shoe.
  6. Plus, the shoes are free from laces which makes a convenient way to wear these shoes. Also, a winner shows for lending support in a variety of situations with any disorder.
  7. Gravity Defyer shoes contain three technologies for providing all the required support or comfort for medical disorders related to leg and back pain.
  8. Gravity Defyer shoes can also be used by pregnant ladies and it is quite helpful for them.

Gravity Defyer Shoes Cons:

  1. According to some buyers, it does not have great quality.
  2. Less durable

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. What are Gravity Defyer shoes?

    Gravity Defyer shoes are comfortable shoes that are built to aid the relief of pain in legs, knee, ankle or back pain. An absolute great choice for having the greatest comfort and support.

  2. Who makes gravity defyer shoes?

    The first Gravity Defyer shoes were made by Impact Research Technology Group in the year 2004. Then Alexander Elnekave found the shoes very beneficial to the people suffering from pain. So he started to manufacture the shoes in the year 2008, he is the founder of Gravity Defyer shoes.

  3. Where Are Gravity Defyer Shoes Made?

    The Gravity Defyer Shoes are mostly made in the United States. It was started in the year 2008 and then, these were the sole manufacturer of the Gravity defyer Shoes.

  4. Are Gdefy shoes only for athletics?

    Gravity Defyer shoes have a variety of style options for athletics but it's not only shoes for them. However, these Gravity Defyer shoes are the best shoes for people with plantar fasciitis or any disorder of the legs.

  5. Do Gravity Defyer shoes work?

    Yes, Gravity Defyer shoes do work for the people who are facing issues with discomfort while with the disorders such as knee pain, back pain, old people difficulty in walking, pregnant ladies, etc. These shoes are built only to relieve pain only so yes it works for the people who are in pain.

  6. Do Gravity Defyer shoes run true to size?

    For most of the buyers of Gravity Defyer shoes, they are true to their size, only a few people stated that it doesn't run true to ordered size. Always prefer ordering the shoes before you measure your feet size properly.

  7. Are Gravity Defyer shoes slip-resistant or nonslip?

    Gravity Defyer shoes are slip-resistant due to the rubber outsole material. This outsole offers the maximum grip on any rough surface or oily surface. Absolute great shoes at the firmness and even prevent slipping.

  8. Are Gravity Defyer shoes good for Plantar Fasciitis?

    Yes, it is one of the finest shoes to use when you are suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. Gravity Defyer has built-in technology that is great at providing support and comfort.


Well, now you must have known about the details of the GDefy Shoes Review with pros and cons” and you can make your purchase of these shoes more conveniently.

Gravity Defyer is one of the best findings in terms of providing relief for people who find difficulty walking with normal shoes. Also, the shoes have a wide range of variety in terms of genders plus colour and style.

You can try these Gravity Defyer shoes and make your disorder better, plus have a comfortable walk. It is the brand that is considered the best one among the other brand shoes and even athletes consider wearing these Gravity Defyer shoes while they get any injury.

Gravity Defyer has all the notable features that you are looking for in shoes with your plantar fasciitis and trying to make it improve while you walk or perform any activity.

Even pregnant women can consider these Gravity Defyer shoes when they face problems walking properly. It will be beneficial for them as well.

The pricing may bother you but the free trial is the relief to save your bucks if you don’t like the shoes.  However, every new thing takes time to adjust so do these shoes, do not judge the shoes within a few days. Have patience and then examine the shoes fit.

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