Hey Dudes Vs Sanuk – Differences | Pros & Cons

Hey Dudes and Sanuk shoes are both equally popular in the market. Where on one hand, Hey Dudes is an Italian brand that was founded in 2007 but gained a massive following and popularity after it launched its store in the USA, Sanuk, on the other hand, is a USA based brand that was founded in 1997. Hey Dudes vs Sanuk debate is not very different as both footwear are equally stylish, high end and offer comfort and style. Sanuk is a high-end brand that promises to spread happiness and comfort through its footwear. They make extremely comfortable and high-end flip-flops that accommodate the needs of the person wearing them. Their flip-flops are designed after assimilating the features of both a sandal and shoes thus providing protection and support.  

Differences between hey dudes and sanuk

Hey Dude footwear has been an active hit in the market since day 1. Their comfort is unmatchable and the support and ease come as naturally as they can with this footwear.

Hey Dude vs Sanuk Shoe

Both, Hey Dude and Sanuk are extremely stylistic and trendy footwear brands that have wooed the people and the market with their exceptional design and stylistic appearance. They are both surf-inspired slip-on shoes available in a spectrum of colours. The design of Hey dude is known to be more detailed and intrinsic when compared to Sanuk’s which can be one major factor determining why people can choose Hey Dude over Sanuk. Both Sanuk and Hey Dude have yet not started making shoes suitable for people with weak ankles and thus must be avoided by people who are sensitive in that area.

On the one hand, Sanuk shoes do not have an ankle strap at the back end leading to the shoes constantly rubbing off on the back of the ankle, and on the other hand, Hey Dude dig inside the ankle which can be highly troublesome in the long run.

Hey Dudes Vs Sanuk Durability:

Hey Dude and Sanuk are both durable shoes but Sanuk’s shoes have been observed to be slightly more durable than Hey Dude’s. The material used by Sanuk is primarily rubber which makes the shoes more durable than Hey Dude which uses EVA as its main production material. Where rubber makes the shoes made by Sanuk more durable EVA gives a soft touch to the footwear of Hey Dude. The point to be noted is that the rubber sole still does not make Sanuk extremely durable, they are slightly more durable when compared to Hey Dude but otherwise, the rubber material is as durable as it gets. The durability of Sanuk’s footwear will also appear much less if compared to the other more prominent brands that actually promise durability under their brand name.

Hey Dudes Vs Sanuk Material:

Hey Dude and Sanuk differ greatly in the use of the material. Where Sanuk uses hemp material which is equivalent to cotton in its quality whereas Hey Dude uses recycled junk and plastic. Hey Dude thus gains an edge over other brands by being overtly eco-friendly by using discarded materials like plastic, cloth and other junk materials. They are thus the vegan shoes, biodegradable, natural and cruelty-free. Hey Dude owes the softness of its footwear to the plastic they use to make their shoes.

Since the materials used by Sanuk and Hey Dude are pretty much everyday materials, they can be washed with cold water by hand or in a washing machine. You must avoid using a washing machine if you have customised your shoes with added material like leather or suede etcetera.


Sanuk and Hey Dude differ greatly in the stitching aspect of their making. Shoes by the brand Sanuk are made stronger and sturdier with their double-reinforced stitching around the upper end. They have received quite a few complaints regarding the dissatisfaction of the customers about the unkemptness of the stitching which makes Hey Dude better as they do not have stitching of any kind, thus giving their shoes a neater look.The double-reinforced stitching helps in making the Sanuk shoes more durable than Hey Dude’s. Hey Dude comes in half sizes whereas Sanuk’s does not. Sanuk is true to their size but you should size up with Hey Dude as their brand design is made in a way to make their shoes a little free and loose.

Which is Better in Design? Hey Dudes or Sanuk?

The two shoes differ greatly in terms of their design. The major evident difference is the use of elastic and laces. Sanuk chooses to use elastic to keep the foot of people wearing them in place whereas Hey Dude has decided to use laces. This can be seen as a matter of personal choice. The elastic Sanuk uses gives them the appearance of Sketchers and the laces of Hey Dude give them the appearance of basic sneakers. But their laces are elasticated and have only two eyelets.

Hey Dudes Pros & Cons

  • Offers more colour options
  • Laces are adjustable and cannot be too tight on your feet
  • Uses eco-friendly materials
  • Stylish and trendy in appearance
  • They are free and slightly loose thus being the more breathable option
  • Less durable
  • Have to size up with them

Sanuk Pros & Cons 

  • Eco-friendly in the usage of their materials
  • More Durable
  • Water-resistant
  • Customizable with materials like suede and leather that will give them a chic look.
  • True to their fit
  • Can appear plain in appearance as they are only available in earthly colours.
  • The stitching gives them a very unkempt look

Are Sanuks Good Shoes Brand?

Sanuk is a great brand with comfortable footwear at your service. They make footwear that can be worn outside as well as inside and give your outfit a cute overall appearance. They are like crocs but lie on the reasonable side of the price range. Their main focus is on comfort and creativity and hence they try to make all their shoes with biodegradable materials hence working for the environment and people at the same time. Sanuk has come and redefined the idea of flip-flops by making them as pretty and appealing to people that they can easily wear them outside as well. They are durable, comfortable and pretty to look at thus making them a perfect brand for footwear.

Hey Dude vs Sanuk, Which is Better?  

Both shoes are equally good ad comfortable and the only comparison that can be made is on the basis of personal choices. Sanuk gives longevity but Hey Dude gives softness. Sanuk has fewer colour options and only comes in plain colours but with the customizable ideas alongside suede and leather whereas Hey Dude has a variety of colour options to offer which can be a deciding factor for many people.

Why would you choose Hey dude over Sanuk?  

Sanuk despite being the more durable footwear brand, people are looking for a variety of things when it comes to footwear and it all does not come down to durability. Hey Dude has colour options, softness, comfort, support and ease thus making them the obvious better choice to buy. Their footwear has a look very similar to that of sneakers with midsole and insole extremely comfortable.

Why would you choose Sanuk over Hey dude?  

Sanuk has an upper hand over Hey Dude because of their long life. Another factor that gives them an edge over Hey Dude is that they are true to their size. With Hey Dude, you always have to consider the bigger option but Sanuk comes true to the size and fit and thus is easy to buy. They also do not need breaking in as much as the Hey Dude shoes.


  1. Should you size up or down in Sanuks?

    Sanuks are true to their size so you do not have to either size up or down with them.

  2. How long do Sanuk sandals last?

    Since Sanuk sandals are made to be worn every day, outdoor as well as indoor, their average life is known to be 3-5 years which is considered nice.

  3. Are Hey Dude shoes suitable for everyday wear?

    Yes, Hey Dude footwear can be easily worn every day. They are made to provide you comfort even if you wear them all day long.

  4. Do Hey Dudes come in different colours and designs?

    Yes, Hey Dude’s main popularity factor is based on the fact that they are available in a variety of colours and design templates giving people an ample number of options to choose from.


Hey Dude and Sanuk both are great brands that are available to you easily in the market and provide comfort, ease and support equally. The Hey Dude vs Sanuk debate gets people down to their very basic preferences in terms of footwear whether they want softness or durability or more colour options or earthly and plain colours which have all been discussed above. Both brands are otherwise equally popular and eco-friendly to be bought and worn comfortably all day every day.

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