How Do Air Force 1 Fit? 2023

The Air Force 1 has come to be known as a timeless classic in the shoe industry. Everyone seems to own a pair, and they never seem to go out of style. These shoes are great for wearing casually and are super flexible, making them easy to pair with everything. They can be worn around on an everyday basis and can be used to accentuate the attire. Before buying, you might be concerned with the size that you are going to buy. It is not easy to know which size will fit, as some shoes are true to their size, while others either run small or big.

Air Force 1s are known to be true to their size. They give a roomy fit and are very comfortable because of that. If you would prefer a snugger feeling, then you can go half a size down with the shoes. They will be comfortable either way. You just have to decide according to your preferences.

How Do I know My Size In The Air Force 1


How Do Air Force 1 Fit?

Air Force 1 is known to fit true to its size. They provide very roomy and breathable space for your feet to be in. But there are certain factors that might change this fact.

There are various types of Air Force 1, like collar variations, high, medium, and low. The sizing might differ depending on this. There are certain Air Force models whose toe boxes are bigger, while there are others, whose toe boxes are narrower, so the size varies according to this as well.

Low Air Force 1:

The low Air Force 1 has bigger toe boxes. Bigger toe boxes mean that there is more space in the front, which would not be as comfortable for people with narrow feet, as there might be a lot of extra space in the front for them.

So for low Air Force 1, it is recommended that you go half a size down for the most comfortable fit.

Mid Or High Air Force 1:

With mid or high Air Force 1, the general consensus has shown that they are a little tighter on the feet. They are more snug than the low ones, despite the only difference being a higher collar.

With mid or high Air Force 1, you can definitely go half a size up.

How Do I know My Size In The Air Force 1?

The size charts available on the Nike official site are always true to their telling. Checking that will give you a definite idea. But with Air Force 1, for people with narrow feet, it is recommended that they go half a size down as the Air Force is a roomier shoe.

People with wider feet can either stick to their exact size or go half a size up, depending solely on the size of their feet.

The size also varies according to the collar of the shoe. With the low collar, you need not worry a lot and go for your exact size, but the mid or high collar Air Force 1 is known to be a little tight on the feet. So you will have to try and find out for sure.

How Comfortable are Air Force 1s?

Air Force 1s are very comfortable shoes. They have been enhanced and upgraded over the last few years, and people have loved them more and more everywhere. They are known to be a little heavier, but that is manageable and people still adore these shoes a lot.

The comfort of the shoes also depends on whether or not they are the right size. If you buy a shoe that is too big or too small, you are bound to feel discomfort. To know the exact size, it would be great if you could go to a local store nearby and check for yourself.

Otherwise, the Air Force 1s are roomier shoes and have bigger toe boxes. While Some people might find comfort in the extra space. Some people might not like the extra space as that would mean creases and their toes constantly sliding to and fro.

To get the optimal comfort, you must go for shoes that are your exact size.

So How Does Air Force 1 Fit For A MID Or HIGH Top?

The Air Force 1’s size varies according to the collar of the shoe. The fact that it has a high or low collar should not make a difference, but apparently, it does, as a slight difference in the size can be evidently seen and felt.

The mid and high-top Air Force 1s are known to be a little tighter or more snug on the feet. So people are advised to go a size down. But since, the Air Force 1 are a little roomy, to begin with, the mid and high Air Force 1 might be the perfect fit for people with a narrow fit as they had to go half a size down with the low Air Force 1.


The question regarding the fit of Air Force 1 has been a troubling one for many years. These shoes are extremely popular and people always want to know the exact size that they can go for beforehand. It is very difficult to come up with one definite predicament for all foot sizes, as all foot sizes vary.

One cannot be completely sure of what shoe size to get as it differs from brand to brand. In Nike itself, the size varies among the different variations of shoes that they have available.

With the Air Force 1, keeping their roomier fit in mind, they are recommended to be bought a size down as they will not be very comfortable for people with narrow feet or people who like the snug feeling.

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