How Much Do Doc Martens Weigh? | Are They Heavy To Wear? 2023

Doc Martens is a British footwear and clothing brand. Not only footwear products, they make a range of accessories like shoe care products, bags and clothing. These boots have been separated  by their upper shape, welted construction, yellow stitching and air cushioned sole. But the question revolves only around the weight of Doc Martens. If you wanna own a pair of iconic boots like Doc Martens, we will have many doubts and want to know how much do Doc Martens weigh? Potential buyers have many questions in mind like are they comfortable to wear or will they feel heavy on wearing? You will get to know about the weight of Doc boots and its models in this article.

How Much Do Doc Martens Weigh?

Classic Doc Martens weigh about 1.60 lbs(726 g) per men’s average boot(UK 10, US Men’s 11) and 1.30 lbs (592 g) per women’s average boot (UK 6, US women’s 8). This weight is noted down without any extra insoles or accessories kept inside the boots.

We all know weight varies with size, in the same way keep in mind that the boots weight vary slightly depending on the size. Imagine your Docs get wet, their weight will increase as cowhide may be an absorbent material which will become waterlogged.

There are many cases where weight varies. Assuming your shoes are damp and have assimilated water, at that point the shoes will be more heavy. If your boots are soggy then the weight increases and weight also enhances when it absorbs water.

Doc Martens are absolutely waterproof, being a vegetarian variety. The thick and top quality sole basically improves the heaviness of Doc Martens. They are manufactured without compromising quality calfskin that adds to the usual weight.

Top quality materials make the boots more heavier and end up being heavier work boots. And also note that these doc martens do not have steel toe covers like some other work boots.

My Doc Martens weigh 1 lb 4.8 oz(592 g) each. I have had them for 10 years, they feel heavier when I get caught in rain. Different Doc Martens have different weights. Docs(592 g) will feel heavier first when compared to a lighter pair of shoes like Converse shoes(254 g).

Let’s look at a few more weights of different styles of Doc Martens..

How much do Dr Martens 1461 weigh?

Dr Martens 1461 pairs of shoes are highly popular and each shoe weighs about 1 lb 3 oz (540 g). These boots feature a thick sole that depicts most of their weight measuring approximately one inch. A 1.5 inch heel is also included in the shoe that contributes to their weight.

Doc Martens 1461 boots are lighter than the classic original boots (540 g vs 726 g), but the sole of Doc Martens 1461 is thicker. They are very stylish shoes and have a polished and attractive look.

How Much Do Jadon Doc Martens Weigh?

Jadon Doc Martens weigh about 2 lbs 8 oz (1.1kg) per each boot and size – UK 11, US men’s 12. The platform base of these jadon Dr marten boots adds to their weight. It measures approximately 1 ½ inches and a super tall 8 inch shaft.

These shoes are heavier than the classic doc martens (1.1 kg versus 726 g). Keep this in mind while purchasing these shoes and if you already have Doc Martens and are aware of the weight and how they feel, their heaviness won’t surprise you much.

How Much Do Platforms Dr Martens Weigh?

Platform Dr Martens weighs about 2 lbs 8 oz (1.1 kg) per shoe ( UK 11, US men’s 12). The super thick platform base adds to the most weight of the shoes and this platform measures approximately 1 ½ inches and 8 inch shaft. These platform Docs are heavier than the classic Doc Martens (1.1 kg vs 726 g) . Remember all these features and your requirements in mind during shopping for these Doc Marten boots.

How much do Doc Marten Sinclairs Weigh?

Doc Marten Sinclairs has Pisa of a medium weight milled Nappa leather with a soft tumbled handle and richly pigmented waxy finish. The platform height is 1 ⅞ inches and heel height is 2 ¼ inches. They are crafted with soft Pisa leather and quad retro Max towering 10 eye boots are knotted out with an easy on or off with a removable jungle zip piece.

Are Doc Martens Heavy To Wear?

Based on my experience, I say that you do not feel uncomfortable to wear Doc Martens. They are especially designed for providing maximum comfort and to wear for longer hours, all throughout the day. The comfort of the shoe adds to their weight.

The raw materials will weigh much more than a general pair of boots because they are manufactured for durability. Doc Martens are heavier on your feet rather than a classic thin pair of boots which is due to the fact that doc martens are made up of such high quality materials.

They feature a thick non-slip sole that is air cushioned in order to offer comfort, top quality leather and the inner features of the boots are made perfect. Docs are anyways heavier than the cheaper pair of shoes.

The original weight is comfortable when Doc Martens are worn on your feet. I personally feel Doc Martens are the most comfortable pair I own. I was actually tense when purchasing my pair of Doc Martens because my ankles are quite weak and these Doc Martens may be too heavy for me.

After using them, my ankles and arches feel well supported but the weight isn’t too heavy. The sole is stitched into the chunky seams of the Doc Martens boots and they are sturdy on your feet but too heavy.

The weight of these Doc Martens made my feet feel supported but never gave me any trouble. They are comfortable on long work shifts and are not too heavy. Doc Martens boots are same like a pair of hiking boots that are sturdy.


Doc Martens are popularly known world wide. They are pretty famous and also expensive. Doc Martens are worth the price and will run for long. I wanted to share a full Doc Marten review, so I did a thorough research and discussed it in the article.

After reading this article, you are certainly not wondering about the weight of different styles of Doc Martens like Doc Martens 1461, Jadon Dr Martens, Platform Dr Martens, Doc Marten Sinclairs. If you are looking for convenience and shoes of weight according to your needs, you can try out these options.

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