How Much Height Do Nike Air Max Add?

Back in the 80s, the revolutionary cushioning technology known as Air Max was introduced to the footwear industry by Nike. Few people remember the fact that the idea was actually first proposed by an aeronautical engineer from NASA to the footwear brand Nike.

The Air Max series has a rich history full of collaborations and innovation along with innumerable fans all over the world. Nike Air Max 1 was also the very first sneaker in history with a visible Air window on its sole.

Nike Air Max is one of the top most popular footwear among others. So one might get curious if their unique sole alters one’s height. This article is to provide a solution to all queries regarding the question “how much height does Nike Air Max add?”

Does Nike Air Max Really Make You Taller?

Does Nike Air Max Really Make You Taller?

When Nike first launched the Air Max collection, the transparent pouches that were in the midsoles were an instant hit among the sneakerheads. Nike designed for these pouches to have compressed gas in them with their new tech.

This compressed gas not only gave a cushiony feel but also helped distribute the body weight uniformly. When the body weight is distributed unevenly, it can lead to problems in the bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, discs, etc., and cause pain and fatigue.

This cushioning provided by the air unit leads to an increase in the individual’s height. As a result, one might appear to be a bit taller when they wear Nike Air Max in comparison to any other sneaker.

How Much Height Does Nike Air Max Add?

People concerned about having average or lower than average height often buy shoes that make them look taller. While there are always options of wearing shoes with heels, not all those shoes are comfortable or good for the feet.

However, Nike Air Max shoes not only help absorb any shock but also takes off any pressure from the feet. They are known to increase one’s height by about an inch or two.

Among them, the sneaker that adds the most height is the Nike Aix Max 97 about 1.6 inches. The least height is given by the Nike Air Max 90 at about 1.2 inches. 

Every Nike Air Max sneaker is designed to appear taller than other shoes. They are made taller by cushioning inside them, as a result, increasing the overall height of the wearer. 

How Much Height Do Air Max 270 Add?

Nike created the Aix Max 270 by drawing inspiration from its two models, Air max 93 and Air Max 180. While it borrows the sock-like fitting from the older Air Max 98, its entire shape and the pink heel cup are similar to the Air Max 180.

It is not only known for its comfort but for style as well. One can use it for daily purposes like going for a jog or run. This shoe is designed with an air unit and cushioning technology. The heels are made to provide comfort to the feet throughout the day.

But they are also known to increase a person’s height by 32 millimeters and make them appear taller than usual. The heels in them give an additional height of more than 1.25 inches.

How Much Taller Do Nike Air Max 95 Make You?

The design of the Air Max 95 was inspired by earth and human anatomy. It was also the first shoe in which Nike used the runner cushioning that showed the visible Air unit in the forefoot as well.

The dual air cushioning, unique color, and the Swoosh placement on the Air Max 95 slowly made their way into the youth culture with time.

As the name suggests the Nike Air Max 95 was launched back in 1995 and its unique style, good quality materials, and color made them stand out from the other footwear. 

They increase a person’s height by about 3.4 cm. So one would draw attention to themselves through not only the increased height but also the unique colorway of the Nike Air Max 95.

How Many Inches Do Air Max 97 Add?

It has been about 25 years since the retro styled Air max 97 was launched. It first came out in the classic ‘silver bullet’ colorway in 1997. Back then the design was unique and groundbreaking when Nike combined the reflective overlays with their shiny mesh in the Air Max 97.

The shoe is said to have been created by drawing inspiration from Japan’s bullet trains. The colors of the shoe were most probably taken after the creator’s interest in mountain biking. Silver and titanium accessories and equipment were trendy back in the 90s making these shoes a perfect fit.

Along with breathable uppers, cushion effect due to air units, and rubber soles the Nike Air Max 97 is a pretty comfortable sneaker. They would increase the wearer’s height by about 1.6 inches.

How Much Height Do Air Max 90 Add?

One of the most significant shoes ever since the birth of the brand is the Nike Air Max 90. Similar to its name, it was launched back in 1990 and has become one of the most iconic shoes in the sneaker culture.

After the Air Max 1, the Air Max 90 was the next flagship sneaker. According to the designer’s original imagination, the shoes came out in the ‘Infrared’ colorway. With over 30 years of history, they have gained so many dedicated followers.

Their original style is a timeless design that remains in demand at all times. Air Max 90 are excellent running shoes and is suitable for daily use. The sole makes one appear 3 cm or about an inch taller than their original height.

How Much Taller Do Nike Air Max 720 Height?   

Nike introduced the Air Max 720 only a few years ago. Back in 2019, it was available in only two types of ‘Northern Lights’ hues. This model was the latest addition to the long running shoe line called Air Max.

This shoe is designed to provide the utmost comfort through its underfoot cushioning. The modules contribute to making the Air Max 720 comfortable. According to Nike, their air bag is made from recycled manufacturing waste.

The Air Max 72 is made with the latest tech and is popular not only in high-fashion circles but among the common people as well. Despite the cost, they are a worthy purchase.

The Air Max 720 increases about 1.6 inches which are more than most Air Max models. It adds about 3.4 cm to the customer’s height making them seem taller than usual.

Nike Air Max 2090 Height Increase:

Nike released the Air Max 2090 on the 30th anniversary of their popular classic model Air Max 90. This bold looking shoe standouts from the others due to its future inspired design. 

It might have taken inspiration from the Air Max 90 regarding the visible Air bubble or the silhouette but it is unique in its own way. The shoe has bold graphics, translucent mesh, and detailed stitching. 

The Air Max 2090 is said to have grooves underfoot that make them very much flexible. This model that was launched in the year 2020 is a rainbow themed shoe and is designed for action.

According to customer reviews, they provide the ultimate comfort due to their Air cushioning system. The shoes can make a person look taller besides adding individuality to their look. They increase one’s height by about 4.1 cm.


Nike Air Max shoes can be distinguished from others easily by their airtight unit in their cushiony platform. They come in so many styles and color combinations that they can be used both for comfort and fashion.

This article provides information regarding the different shoes under the Air Max line over the years along with their heel heights. The sole reason is to help people choose the best option among the Nike Air Max shoes. 

So anyone curious about “How Much Height Do Nike Air Max Add?” should go ahead and measure their height and feet size first, before purchasing a pair of Nike Air Max shoes based on their personality and preferences.

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