How To Break In Doc Martens Fast? – 2023

Doc Marten is a very fashionable pair of shoes. They are stylish yet comfortable. It suits all types of weather and outfits too. The only con of having Doc Martens shoes is they are a bit uncomfortable at the heel area. Otherwise, you won’t find any complaints about these shoes. In addition, everybody suffers to break in Doc Martens shoes.

It takes a lot of time and patience to get that perfect fit around your feet size. To break in any new Doc Martens you should know the appropriate steps. And “How To Break In Doc Martens Fast” is explained with full detailed steps below:

How To Break in Doc Martens Fast/Overnight?

There is no magic to break in Doc Martens fast or overnight. You need to wait and have a good amount of patience to finally break in your Docs. Yet there are methods you can try to speed up your process to break in Docs.

  • Take a pair of thick socks and wear them with your Docs. You can also wear double socks.
  • Next, pull on your Docs and wear them properly.
  • Take a hairdryer and start heating the boots. Heat every region of the boots with the hairdryer by keeping it away from the boots at least 15cm away.
  • Wear your boots till the time they completely cool down.
  • While you wear your Docs try to flex your feet and toes often and flex them as much as you can in this process.
  • As the heat can mold your shoes with the shape of your feet. So it will be easy to break in with your Docs martens.
  • Although this process cannot make your Docs break-in overnight it can make your Docs break in rapidly.

Best Way To Break In Your Dr Martens:

Doc martens can stretch over the time you wear or use them. It is considered better that you wear them often in a day for several times. It speeds up your process of breaking in your Docs. Although, you need to have a lot of patience to completely break-in your Docs. It takes a lot of time plus effort to make your Docs mold into the shape of your feet.

However, you can use the thickest pair of socks to break in your Docs. This can be done using two pairs of socks. Wear socks and your Docs and walk around your home for a while. Increase your time each day by wearing the Docs 3 to 4 times a day. You can speed up your process with a hairdryer. Or else you can use some insoles or pads to make your Docs stretch more easily and rapidly into your feet. Socks are the best way to break in your Docs and it is painless too.

What Size of Doc Martens Should I Buy?

Usually, Doc Martens brands don’t offer half-size in their range of styles. So whoever has a size that contains a half size then they should select the one size down of their original size. Suppose if you have a size 8.5 then take a Doc martens that is size 38 or 8 sizes. If you fail to get the perfect pair of shoes then you will end up having wrong size shoes. 

In addition, Doc Martens shoes are most of the time true to their size. Always make sure that you choose the Doc Martens that are very comfortable and a snug fit to your feet. Plus try the Doc Martens with your favorite pair of socks. Trying these shoes with socks will be beneficial for the future as you can wear Doc martens with any type of socks. Be it thick or extra thick socks.

Make sure to try Doc Martens shoes before you buy them. Also, the other thing to look for in your Doc Martens is the width of the shoes. If the shoes are extremely tight from the width part then it will be very uncomfortable to wear and walk in them. And this tightness can be the barrier to breaking your Doc Martens easily.

How To Soften Doc Martens?

There are many ways in which you can soften your Doc Martens. Various ways to soften Doc Martens are as follows:

  • You can use shoe spray. This is the most convenient and quick way to soften your Doc Martens. It also saves your time from wasting too much time in stretching the Docs.
  • You can also go for a boot shoe stretcher along with shoe stretching spray. These two combinations can give the best result possible. You can stretch the width of your Doc martens boots too.
  • There are two-way stretchers available too and they are flexible to use with any kind of shoes.
  • The other thing you can try is thick socks. Thick socks can stretch your Doc martens boots very easily. 
  • Also, socks aid your feet to protect them from blisters. Plus the thick is one of the finest options as they can acquire your feet shape like it’s your second skin of feet.
  • Socks can stretch your Doc Martens without pain. Using thick socks along with stretching out the process of Doc Martens is a good option to try on.

Steps To Break In Your Dr Martens Quickly?

Sometimes you want to quickly stretch your Docs Martens boots so that you can wear this chic boot to your coming function or event. So there are few steps available that can break in your Docs rapidly.

  • Start with losing up the laces of your Docs martens. Don’t remove them, just lose the laces.
  • Then using the shoe spray the inside parts of the Doc Martens boots. Spray the shoes until they turn light-saturated. Do not forget to pay attention to the seamed areas of the Doc Martens shoes. For eg spray on the back seam plus the connection centre between the sole and the boot.
  • After this, take a washcloth and cut it into half pieces. Then using stretching spray makes the cloth wet with it. Make the cloth wet, not soaked. Start wrapping the washcloth halves on the wooden shoe stretcher. Next place the shoe stretcher inside the boots. This can help you to break in your Docs. Also, if you have petite feet use the largest settings on the stretcher and your process will speed up.
  • Take a newspaper and roll it then uses it to pack your legs inside the boot. Then tie the shoelaces tightly.
  • Keep the boots in this position for approximately 24 hours or 48 hours max.
  • Once the given time is over then remove the stretcher from the boots. Then try them on your feet. If the shoes are still tight on your feet then repeat the process.

How To Break In Your Doc Martens With Household Things?

Using household things to break in your Docs can be a little tough and take your time. Plus it can take a lot of effort.

Start with wearing the thickest socks of your own or else wear two socks. Then put your fit into the Docs martens and if it fits perfectly.

Then try this method about 3 to 4 times a day for about 10 to 20 minutes. Plus you can also walk with your Docs around your house. Walk until you feel comfortable and remove them once they ache. Practice this session each day by increasing your time. It can take a lot of time to break in your Docs.

You can try a hairdryer and heat your Docs while they are still on your feet. In this way, you can speed up your process. Also, set your hair dryer from medium to high heat and keep it 6 inches away from your Docs. Then start blowing your shoes with an interval of 30 sec. Every region of shoes should be heated up for only 30 seconds. Once you finish up the healing process then walk in your Docs around your home to cool down the Docs. Never remove the Docs Martens till the time they are cooled down. Since they are warm or hot it acquires the shape of your feet.

How Do I Break in Dr Martens Sandals?

You can break in Dr Martens sandals very conveniently. You just have to follow similar steps or guidelines as the regular boots. But breaking in Dr Martens, Sandals are way easier and faster than usual Docs boots.

Below are the steps to break in Dr Martens Sandals:

  • Wear thick socks before wearing the Dr Marten sandals. These sandals can cause blisters to your feet before they are completely broken in.
  • Then start walking into your house with your sandals. Walk for a while to make it more comfortable on your feet.
  • Or else you can go with a blow dryer to speed up your process a little bit.
  • Once the sandals break in your feet try wearing them for an outside area or any short outings. Don’t forget to have one extra pair of shoes.
  • To make your sandals more protected add some blister or moleskin pads to prevent rubbing.
  • Repeat wearing the sandals with socks each day with an increment of time.
  • Follow the process until you finally break in your Dr Martens sandals.

How Long Does It Take To Fully Break-in Doc Martens?

Doc Martens are the most classic pair of shoes. And it makes your style statement go up within seconds. But sometimes due to some wrong size or not available size can make your Doc fit a bit tight or loose. Plus it takes time to fully break in your Docs Martens boots. Usually, the Docs Marten shoes take 3 to 6 weeks to entirely break in your feet. Also, it depends on the process you are following or the heat techniques you are using for your Docs to break in.

Whatever method you use, whether wearing socks or heating your boots while you walk. Docs mostly take around 3 weeks to get comfortable in your feet shape. Before that, you can’t entirely break in your Docs.

How To Wear Doc Martens In A Feminine Style?

Many Docs Martens such as lace-up Docs go very well with perfect feminine style dresses. You can wear Doc martens in many styles of dresses, jeans or suits to make style classy. You can also wear your Docs with your favorite slip dress that is very trendy and girly too. Both these complement each other very well. Add on a baggy jacket to this look or crop jacket. Whichever you prefer and it will make you look quite sexy.

In addition, you can wear your Docs with your go-to white t-shirt along with some flair jeans. This can make you look very stylish. You can wear your Docs with a girly dress like a jumpsuit. A jumpsuit goes well with edgy Docs Martens. You can try wearing your Docs with any of your girly dresses. And the Docs will always make sure that you look stylish yet sexy.

What Are The Best Socks To Wear With Doc Martens?

Socks are useful to wear when you break in your Docs. But it is important to wear the appropriate socks to break in your Docs. Wearing the wrong pair of socks can make your feet blister. You can wear the heavy-duty work boot socks with the Docs as it has a guard design.

Plus you can also wear some hiking or military socks. These socks are beneficial in preventing the rubbing from Docs. You can also try socks from brands such as Ortis, Fox River or Dr Scholl’s. These socks are great when wearing the style of Docs. Some of the other options in socks that you can wear with Docs are:

Do Doc Martens Stretch?

Yes, the Doc Martens stretch. The more often you wear your Doc Martens shoes the easier it gets to stretch them. Over time they acquire the shape of your feet conveniently. In addition, if you want your Doc Martens boots to stretch quickly then start wearing your boots with a thick pair of socks. Plus wear them at least 2-3 times a day for about 10 minutes.

How To Stretch Out Doc Martens That Are Too Small?

There are many ways to stretch out Doc Martens when they run small. You can use the newspaper and stuff your boots with it. Tie your boots tightly and wait for 24 to 48 hours. The other way you can make Doc Martens fit your size is by shoe stretch spray. Just spray these on your boots and it can make your fit perfect.

How Do I Apply The Wonder Balsam To My Docs?

First, remove the sponge from the wonder balsam. And take out the wax to use on your Doc Martens boots. Make sure you apply wonder balsam properly on entire Docs. Plus apply the wax on creases, the tongue or the inside leather. Furthermore, coating the seams of the boots appropriately. Once you finish coating, leave it to dry for at least 10 minutes.

Can I Use The Wonder Balsam On Patent Leather Doc Martens?

The Wonder Balsam is not great for patent leather. The wonder Balsam provides the matte finish to patent leather boots. And it is not much ideal with patent leather Docs. Plus wonder balsam is also not good for shiny boots. Mostly wonder balsam are manufactured to nourish the leather of the Docs Martens.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. Does Vaseline soften Doc Martens?

    Sometimes vaseline can work on doc martens to soften them. Plus it can make the leather soft but it can happen on very few occasions.

  2. How do you keep Doc Martens from giving you blisters?

    You can wear double Docs socks that are helpful to break in. Plus it can give protection to your feet from blisters and aids extra arch support.

  3. Are Dr Martens easy to break?

    Yes, Dr Martens are very easy to break in as the company itself claims this. Plus these shoes are made with zero traces of animal byproducts.

  4. Do Doc Martens get more comfortable?

    Doc Martens are very comfortable once they completely break at your feet. They acquire the feet 'shape and molds according to it. This applies to the style of Docs Martens.

  5. Do Doc Martens hurt to break in?

    When you buy a very small size of Doc Martens then it can hurt a little when you are in the process of breaking them. Docs get soft and stretch too over time and it doesn't hurt your feet.

Conclusion :

I hope now you know How To Break In Doc Martens”. Doc martens are one classic pair of shoes and they should be worn correctly. Otherwise, your style will be on point but the comfort will disappear.

And without comfort, style is just a waste. You should follow the above guideline and steps to break in your Docs. Be it the platform Docs, chunky loafer Doc or boots. Each style needs to be broken in properly to avoid blisters or aches while you wear your Docs. Always go with the right steps to break in your Docs and avoid the blood or pain in your feet. Docs are style statements. And to make style and comfort go hand in hand you need to correctly break them.

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