How To Clean Crocs? – White & Fuzzy Crocs 2023

The latest sensation in footwear, crocs have become the most popular and extremely stylish footwear brand irrespective of age and background. Crocs are a versatile pair of shoes, both indoor and outdoor use. I wear them everywhere, while walking around my house, working in the garden, and striding across wet or dry lawns, strolling through my garden. Crocs are one of the most divisive shoes out there in the market. As crocs are all terrain shoes, used everywhere, they get really dirty. The most important thing is to keep your Crocs clean without damaging them. I have followed many methods to clean my crocs, I am now able to let you know the best one you can and do not do to get your crocs squeaky clean again.

You have landed at the right place to know how to clean your crocs even white or fuzzy. In this article, you will walk through the things you need to know to clean your crocs and keep them clean for long periods of time. 

washing white crocs shoes

Things You Need For Cleaning Your Crocs?

I guess crocs are the easiest footwear when it comes to cleaning. The whole credit goes to the design and material they are manufactured from. Crocs can be washed by hand or spot cleaned or put in the washing machine. While many of the crocs cannot be cleaned through the washing machine as a few may get damaged. This is the best factor and advantage for crocs sale and benefit of owning crocs. They are in fact user friendly. The products that you need for cleaning your dirty crocs are wholly dependent on the method which you choose for cleaning. A few of them would be laundry detergent, a soft scrub brush and a dishcloth or a towel. A toothbrush might also be replaced instead of a soft scrub, the rest of the products are available readily at your home itself. 

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How To Clean Crocs By Hand?

Hand wash in soapy water is recommended by the crocs website itself. There are a few steps to be followed while cleaning your crocs by handwashing:

  • Step 1: Firstly, you need to wet your crocs under cool running water. Fill a bucket or a large bowl with warm water, not hot. Add your laundry detergent or detergent of your choice to the water and mix to dilute it.
  • Step 2: Scrub each croc gently under the water holding them with an old toothbrush or a soft scrub brush. While washing inside the crocs, you could use a bottle brush, especially in the toe area. A cloth is sufficient enough if your crocs don’t need deep cleaning. 
  • Step 3: cover crocs in a layer of suds 
  • Step 4: keep in mind the inner and outer sole of your crocs where most dirt accumulates. 
  • Step 5: scrub each croc in a circular motion gently. If you encounter a stubborn stain, you can apply a drop of detergent directly on the stain and leave it for a bit until you wash the other croc. 
  • Step 6: Rinse crocs thoroughly in cool running tap water. 
  • Step 7: Let the crocs air dry in a cool area.

Can You Put/wash Crocs In The Washing Machine?

The answer for this doubt is yes, you can put or wash crocs in the washing machine. But it is safe to use a washing machine for crocs when you run it for 20 to 30 degrees, gentle cycle. Firstly, know that crocs are made up of croslite polymer, which varies from rubber and plastic. As it is porous and filled with natural resin, it changes negatively when the polymer is exposed to high temperatures. Therefore temperature is the most significant factor while using the washing machine to clean your crocs.

Make sure that temperature does not cross 30 degree celsius. The spin and the drying functions must be disabled most importantly because they deform into different shapes during this period. You can add a little bit of vanish to remove the stubborn stains on white crocs. And you need to remember that you must protect the machine too while cleaning crocs. Check the machine before throwing crocs for any objects that damage the drum. If any exists, clean the dirt effectively. 

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How To Clean Lined Crocs?

For lined crocs, there are two ways to clean them. Light(hand washing) and deep(washing machine). Run the crocs under cool running tap water to hand wash the crocs until they become completely wet. I have explained the hand wash procedure already above in the article. For deep cleaning, throw your crocs in the washing machine on its gentle cycle and add liquid laundry detergent. I have even discussed the deep cleansing process using a washing machine for cleaning lined crocs in the article. 

How To Clean White Crocs With Bleach?

White crocs are stunning to look at. This method of using bleach must be used only on white crocs that have already been washed with soapy water. In case your crocs are dirty, stained or yellowing then soaking in bleach would be required to clean your crocs totally. Here is a suggestion from my end that make sure that you have a good amount of ventilation in the place or you are outdoors when using bleach to clean your crocs. Here are the steps to be followed while using bleach to clean your crocs:

  • Step 1: Firstly, take a large bowl full of lukewarm water and add one small lid full of bleach.
  • Step 2: whilst wearing rubber gloves insert your crocs into the solution and allow them for two hours or more to soak.
  • Step 3: Remove the crocs from the solution and wash them thoroughly with cold running water.

The dirt, yellowing and the stains must have lifted from your crocs leaving a white and clean colour. In case you want to avoid using bleach you can try formula 409 spray for extreme dirt and stains, and rub the crocs with a soft cloth. 

Crocs Cleaning Facts – You Don’t Know

Here is an array of facts that you do not know about cleaning your crocs:

  • First comes the fact that you can easily remove the lining present inside of the fur lined crocs. Amazed? But it is true. Look for the two croc circles on each side of the shoe. The fur holds on due to the croc circles as they actually act as buttons. Hence you can remove the fur lining easily.
  • Second is the fact that you can wash your fur lined crocs. You will definitely have doubts about washing fur lined crocs whether you can wash them or not. You can wash them with a mild soap and wash the fur by hand and leave them to dry. Do not put the liners in the wash, they may deform their shape and stretch.
  • Your crocs can shrink, crocs can actually shrink when heated extremely at high temperatures. But do not leave them out in the sun in high heat conditions. Do not put them in a dryer. 
  • You can disinfect them, your crocs may not have foot odor as they are made up of antibacterial material. But you can remove the smell from your crocs in different ways. 
  • Never use hot water to clean your crocs, use only lukewarm water or cold water to rinse your crocs but not the hot water. Extreme heat while using hot water may shrink the crocs at most. 

How To Remove Bad Smells From Crocs?

Usually, people don’t like their shoes stinking, it irritates the nose and may lead to infections. The materials that are used in the manufacturing process of crocs are resistant to odor and eliminate bacterial growth. The unpleasant odor or the smell can be eliminated by following a few methods. You will want a zip top bag and baking soda. These are two products that you can use to deodorize your crocs and make them smell fresh. Here are a few steps to remove bad smell from your crocs:

  1. Lay a zip to bag flat on a surface.
  2. Pour baking soda sufficiently in to create a base for your crocs.
  3. Keep the shoes in a bag and seal them
  4. Leave the crocs for 24 hours and allow the baking soda to remove odors from the crocs.
  5. Remove crocs and shake additional baking soda into the garbage.
  6. Remove the bag and baking soda 

Now, there are your clean and great, fresh smelling crocs. 


  1. Can you put Crocs in the dishwasher?

    Yes, absolutely! You can use the dishwasher to clean the crocs. You need to just pour the detergent in the dispenser, add the crocs, and set the dishwasher on a normal wash. 

  2. Can you put Crocs in the dryer?

    Yes, you can put crocs in the dryer. But you need to be cautious about the high temperatures because they can distort the crocs' shape. As crocs are made up of stretchable polymer material, damage occurs when exposed to high temperatures.
    I recommend air drying your crocs without using a dryer. Prolonged exposure to hot temperatures may cause Crocs to shrink or become misshapen, as Crocs are made with a closed cell resin material/ EVA foam that should not be exposed to high heat.

  3. How to clean your Crocs jibbitz?

    You can clean crocs jibbitz by removing them from your crocs and soak them in lukewarm water for 5 to 10 minutes. Later, gently scrub taking an old toothbrush away dirt and debris. Then rinse them thoroughly and allow them to dry. 

  4. How do I keep my Crocs smelling fresh?

    You need to store your crocs in a bright, well ventilated area. Keep a weekly routine of cleaning the crocs, do not wear the same pair of socks every day, keep the crocs out for a day to air out. 

  5. How Can I Make My Crocs White Again?

    You can make your crocs white again by cleaning them by hand wash, using a mild detergent and cool water. There are several ways to clean the white crocs to retain their colour. 

  6. Do white crocs turn yellow?

    Yes, it is obvious that white crocs turn yellow because this is mostly due to dirt, absorbance of sweat, and air. Overuse of crocs may also lead to yellow colouring. Oxidation also might be another cause. 

  7. Can you bleach white crocs?

    If your white crocs become extremely dirty and turn yellow. The stains may be stubborn at times, so you can use bleach to soak. Add a small amount of bleach to the water, as the crocs soak in the cleach water, scrub the crocs with a soft brush and then rinse them thoroughly. 

  8. How do you get stains out of Crocs?

    There are many ways to get stains out of crocs, you can use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to wipe them away. If the stains are really soiled, then add a small amount of bleach to clean them.

  9. Can you use baking soda to clean Crocs?

    Yes, you can use baking soda to clean crocs because baking soda does not react with croslite, the material used to make crocs. Baking soda method is one of the easiest and cheapest method of cleaning crocs. 

  10. How often should you clean Crocs?

    You must have a daily or weekly routine to clean your crocs otherwise your crocs may deform and get damaged unnecessarily. I recommend you to clean your crocs as often as possible. 


To sum the things up! Here is my article- How to Clean Crocs with all the information needed to clean all types of Crocs. It is best to properly clean your crocs in a way that does not damage them, which I have researched thoroughly and created this article and FAQ guide to cleaning crocs as a long term customer of the brand. I have been wearing crocs since ages and have tried and tested many cleaning methods, the best of which I have shared with you. I guess you can easily implement them in cleaning your crocs happily. 

I hope you found this guide of mine helpful in cleaning your crocs and you now feel confident and happy to clean your own pair of Crocs. Personally, as per my usage, I find baking soda, soap water to be the most effective methods of cleaning my own Crocs. But there are many such methods discussed in this article, you can choose the best cleansing method that best suits your crocs. I have shared about cleaning with soap water, how to clean lined crocs, fur crocs, white crocs and also how to remove the smell. Hope this guide helps you and you love it. 

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