How to Clean Hey Dude Shoes ? – 2023

Hey Dude Shoes set out to produce a casual shoe that was more than a slipper, lighter and also more breathable compared to a standard shoe when they first launched in 2008. The Hey Dude Lifestyle is a comfy slip-on sneaker with elastic laces that allows you to get out there and explore.

If you are looking for a guide on “how to wash Hey Dudes shoes?” This  article would help you learn everything you need to know. Washing your Hey Dude shoes is not only feasible, but also simple and practical. So, to wash Hey Dudes, we gathered brief information. Taking care of your shoes is vital since it would not only make them appear new, but it would also help them last longer, which is a wonderful incentive.

Wash Hey Dude Shoes By Yourself With Hand


What are the Materials Used by Hey Dude Shoes?

Let’s look at the materials Hey Dude uses to make their shoes.


Hey Dude recently created Flexwood, a new material manufactured from genuine wood. It’s made from repurposed flexwood and hand-selected veneer, giving it a one-of-a-kind feel. Furthermore, a percentage of the proceeds benefit Kiwi’s for Kiwi, an organization that funds kiwi conservation efforts.


Coco Soul is a substance used for insoles. It’s used primarily in the ones that come with their flexwood shoes. They’re made of real cork and sealed with coconut oil to keep them fresh. There are no animal byproducts used.

Knitted Eco-Friendly

Their Eco-Knit line is manufactured from recycled “environmental debris.” In other words, they’re composed entirely of recycled fibers. In doing so, they are helping to counteract the plastic scourge. It’s not only soft, but it’s also long-lasting, much like the rest of their shoes.

How To Wash Hey Dude Shoes By Yourself With Hand?

If your white Hey Dudes sneakers are soiled, unclean, or any color other than white, here’s a quick and easy technique to clean them so they appear brand new again.

Washing your HEY DUDE shoes by yourself is an excellent alternative if you’re afraid about destroying them by putting them in the washing machine.

  1. Get rid of any excess dirt and examine the whole shoe with a flashlight, checking for mud and dust doused onto the leather.
  2. Using a clean rag or soft cloth soaked in warm water with soap, wipe away the filth. While doing this, be careful not to damage the leather.
  3. Polish and buff the surface. Coat the entire shoe, top to bottom, with shoe polish.
  4. Eliminate extra oil from the surface using a dry rag or soft cloth after five minutes. This would give it a new lease on life. In addition, this would help you save money on cleaning products for your shoes.
  5. Use caution when polishing. Finally, use a clean cloth bathed in soapy water to polish all of the outer surfaces of your shoes. This would give them a unique luster and appearance! When polishing regions that are more difficult to reach, use caution. The shoe and toe area, for example, would require more effort than the majority of the other parts.
  6. Clean the mesh interior. If you do have the leisure, use a sponge and warm water on a soft cloth to cleanse the interior of the shoe. Even when it’s scorching outside, this would keep your feet cool and comfy.
  7. Store them appropriately so they don’t move about too much while they’re in storage. Place shoe trees in each shoe and, if possible, return them to their original box to keep them in proper shape till you need them again.

Can You Wash Hey Dudes In The Washer?

It is critical to care for your shoes since it would not only make them seem as beautiful as new, but it would also help to extend the lifespan of your shoes, which is a major boost!

People nowadays look for “Can you machine wash hey dudes?” Yes, you can do so and it is indeed a very simple process. So, take certain precautions when washing your shoes. To keep your shoes from scuffing up the walls of the washing machine, use a cloth or cushion. You may also do this with a shoe wash bag.

How To Wash Hey Dude Shoes In Washing Machine?

So, if you are wondering, are hey dudes machine washable? Yes, many of these shoes can be machine washed! All of their canvas and fabric shoes may be washed in the washing machine for a quick refresh. Please keep in mind that putting leather or suede shoes in the washing machine will result in a poor outcome.

  1. First, you must understand how to detach insoles from shoes. They usually come out without a hitch. Put your fingers under the insoles, bring the insoles to the front of the shoe, and gently pull them up. Remove the laces as well.
  2. The laces could become tangled in the washing machine, and the insoles would deteriorate. Detach both before washing in the machine.
  3. Fill your washing machine halfway with cold water.
  4. Place the Hey dudes in the washing machine. Add some liquid detergent since powder detergent particles can get caught in your shoes, which is not ideal.
  5. Run the washer on a gentle cycle with only cold water. Shrinkage or warping can occur as a result of using hot water.

How To Dry Hey Dude Shoes?

There are numerous methods for drying HEY DUDE shoes.

  1. The best way to dry them is in the sunlight, though not in direct sunlight. This prevents the shoes from being ripped in the dryer and allows sunshine to eliminate the bacteria found in footwear.
  2. Inserting a piece of absorbent paper into each shoe when drying in the air is a great way to get rid of any lingering odors.
  3. If you wish to use the dryer, make sure it is set to delicate or no heating.

Can You Put Hey Dudes In The Dryer?

HEYDUDE shoes can be machine washed in a cool, gentle mode. Wash in a half-full machine and allow it to dry in a warm, shady location. It is not advised to dry your shoes in the dryer.

You can dry them outside or inside, but keep them out of direct sunshine to avoid bleaching or ruining the fabric. If you want to use the dryer, set it on a light or no heating setting.

How To Clean White Hey Dudes?

Although it takes longer than simply throwing your Hey Dude shoes in the washing machine, this hand cleaning procedure produces the greatest results. To keep your white sneakers clean, we recommend repeating this method weekly or once a month, depending on how frequently you wear them.

To discover how to clean white Hey Dude shoes, follow these steps:

  1. Take 1 gallon of water and 1 cup of baking soda in a bucket or container
  2. For added cleaning power, add a splash of laundry detergent.
  3. Take out your shoelaces and soak both the shoes and the laces in warm water for one hour.
  4. Scrub away stains with a cleaning brush
  5. To get rid of odors, scrub the inside of your shoes along with the insole.
  6. Before lacing the shoes again, carefully rinse them and allow them to air dry.

Or if you want to wash your sneaker in a washer, to minimize tangling in your washer, we highly advise soaking your laces in a water-baking soda solution, similar to the hand-washing procedures above.

  1. Put the shoes in the washing machine with a modest dose of gentle laundry detergent.
  2. Laces should not be washed in the washing machine owing to the risk of tangling.
  3. To avoid discoloration or deterioration of the glue, put the washing machine on a low setting with cold water.
  4. Allow your shoes to dry before replacing the laces.

How to Wash Hey Dude Slip-On Shoes

You may wash and clean your Hey Dude slip on shoes in a variety of methods.

  1. The first is the simplest and requires the least amount of effort.
  2. Simply place your white slip-on vans in a mesh bag and wash them on a mild cycle in the washing machine.
  3. Also, place your slip-on Hey Dudes in the washing machine by themselves.
  4. Do not mix it with anything else. Use a light detergent and be careful not to use too much detergent.
  5. The technique simply allows the slip-on to dry completely.
  6. Next, take some toothpaste and a toothbrush and gently rub your shoes in a circular motion, paying special attention to the stains.
  7. Then wait 15 to 20 minutes for the paste to dry fully. Then, using a cloth or a wet sponge, wipe away the paste, and you’re finished. You can also repeat the process if you don’t observe any results the first time.
  8. Another option for cleaning your slip-on shoes is to use bleach. The only hitch is that you must use bleach that has been diluted in water. Undiluted bleach is dangerous and can turn white shoes yellow.
  9. Scrub the spots on the shoes with a scrubber or a brush and a bleach solution.
  10. The white slip-on shoes should then be gently rinsed with water.
  11. You can also repeat all of the steps if necessary or until the stain is removed. Stains can be difficult to remove and may need to be cleaned three or four times.

What Is The Best Way To Wash Hey Dudes?

Even though it takes longer than simply dumping your Hey Dude sneakers in the washing machine, this method yields the best results. We recommend repeating this approach weekly or once a month to maintain your white sneakers clean, depending on how frequently you wear them. If you’re concerned of ruining your HEY DUDE sneakers by putting them in the washing machine, hand-cleaning them is a fantastic option.

Alternatively, if you don’t have time, you may also wash these shoes in the washing machine. Many of these shoes are machine-washable! For a quick refresh, all of their canvas and fabric shoes may be laundered in the washing machine. Please keep in mind that putting leather or suede shoes in the washing machine will yield bad results.

How to Wash Hey Dude Insoles?

While inside the shoes, insoles play an important function in giving comfort and warmth to the feet. So, in this regard, safety and sanitation are critical considerations. Hey dude insoles are composed entirely of recycled fiber. As a result, it may necessitate vigorous cleaning. To clean your insoles, follow these methods:

Method 1: Using Rubbing Alcohol to Disinfect Insoles

  1. In a tiny spray bottle, combine the alcohol and water. Pour in an equal amount of each liquid and thoroughly shake to ensure even distribution.
  2. The alcohol mixture should be sprayed on the insoles. Place the insoles on a dry, level surface. Mist both sides of each one liberally. Use only as much alcohol as you require. It dries rapidly, so you don’t have to worry about getting the insoles wet.
  3. Set aside the insoles to dry. Move them outside or somewhere else where there will be plenty of breeze. The alcohol will quickly evaporate, taking the water with it, leaving your insoles disinfected, and clean.

Method 2: Baking Soda Deodorizing Insoles

  1. Baking soda should be placed in a big container.
  2. Make certain that the container you select has a lid or another method of closing and sealing.
  3. Soak the insoles in the baking soda until completely saturated.
  4. Seal the jar and store it somewhere out of the way.
  5. Remove the baking soda from the jar. Shake off any remaining powder from the insoles and set them aside for a few minutes before replacing them in your shoes. You would no longer be able to detect any unpleasant odors after that.

Method 3: Using Soap and Water, Scrub the Insoles

  1. Take out your shoes’ insoles. Remove any loose dirt, dust, lint, or other debris using a brush.
  2. In a big container, combine soap and boiling water.
  3. Soap the bristles of a stiff-bristled brush. Shake off the excess solution after wetting the bristles.
  4. Soapy water should be used to clean the entire insole.
  5. After you’ve washed the insoles, ensure they’ve dried completely before wearing them again.

Hey Dudes Washing Instructions

Follow these easy and straightforward steps to clean your Hey Dude shoes:

  1. Sprinkle 3 tablespoons of baking soda into each shoe the night before and let it overnight. Take out in the morning.
  2. To keep the laces from becoming twisted, place them inside a pillowcase or wash bag. Place it in the washing machine. Wipe up as much muck and debris as you can using a brush cleaner or an old toothbrush.
  3. After that, put your shoes and some towels into the laundry. We propose a range of 4 to 6. The towels would help to balance the load and keep your shoes from smashing loudly against the body of the washer.
  4. Put the washer on a cold delicate cycle with liquid detergent. The wash duration varies from 30 to 40 minutes depending on the model of your washer.
  5. Allow the sneakers to air dry after removing them from the washing. NEVER put your shoes in the dryer since the heat will deform them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I wash my Hey Dude insoles?

    Because Hey Dude insoles are usually made of foam and fabric, you could always wash them.

  2. Can Hey Dudes be dried?

    There are numerous methods for drying HEY DUDE shoes. The most recommended method is to dry them in the sunlight, but not directly in the sun.

  3. Are Hey Dudes waterproof?

    Hey Dudes are not waterproof due to their canvas construction. Their lightweight fabric, on the other hand, dries quickly.

  4. Can Hey Dude shoes get wet?

    Yes, the Hey dude shoes are not waterproof, hence they can get wet.

  5. Can I bleach white Hey Dudes?

    No, do not bleach your white Hey Dudes. Bleach has the potential to damage the canvas fabric.

  6. Can my white Hey Dudes get wet?

    Yes, your white Hey Dude sneakers can get wet, but they would dry quickly.

  7. Will my shoes get ruined in the washing machine?

    Except for Suede, Leather, and Wool materials, these shoes can be washed safely in a washing machine.

  8. Can I dry my shoes with a hair dryer?

    You can use a blow dryer to dry your shoes, but don't put them too close to the heat source or fan.


Hey Dude shoe insoles are the main part that will keep your feet dry and comfortable. The antimicrobial coating on the insole is meant to prevent the growth of odor-causing germs, so you won’t have to worry about foul odors caused by perspiration or fungus. To keep this amazing feature, we recommend washing them once a week with dish soap, baking soda, and water for optimum results. You’re ready to live the Hey Dude Lifestyle now that you know how to wash/clean Hey Dude shoes. Whether you’re sitting by the lake or running errands, you’ll appreciate the Hey Dude Shoes’ simple yet comfy style. Hey Dude shoes are ideal if you want a shoe that has a great grip and is attractive enough to wear all day. These slip-ons have the look of high-end designer shoes without the high price tag. 

The problem with these shoes is that they get dirty quickly, necessitating frequent washing. So, if you want to keep your Hey Dudes in excellent shape, we’ve included some suggestions and directions on how to clean hey dude sneakers at home.

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