How To Lace Shoes So They Slip-On?

Who hasn’t at least once in life wondered, “How to lace shoes so they slip on?”. Lace shoes are great and unique and stylish, but they also feel like a lot of work when you are in a rush or when you spontaneously have to do something. Lace-up shoes are well-known for their superiority. They have become the norm. The shoes’ lace-ups provide the shoes with a distinct and eye-catching appearance. They are necessary to customize the shoes, and you may try on many designs of the same shoe.

Despite the obvious advantages of lace-up shoes, some people continue to avoid them. Nobody likes having to re-tie their shoes. For that reason alone, they turned their backs on the stunning shoes. They believe it is a demanding procedure that necessitates a stress-free solution. Lace shoes are in high demand still despite the availability of slip-on and people want to try and convert lace-ups into a slip-on, which is, frankly speaking, not very hard to do.

how to lace shoes

Different Ways to Lace Shoes So They Slip-on:

1. Bunny Ears:

Another interesting way of tying shoes is to make “bunny ear” loops with each lace and then tie them together in the center. This method is a little more complex, but it is still quite basic. It’s complicated in the sense that you might need to watch a YouTube video to make one, but once you’ve mastered it, it’s easy and elegant.

Make two little loops (one for each lace) and cross them in the centre before tying them together. This will make your shoes look shiny and jocund.

2. Loop Pattern:

The most elementary and commonly used way of lacing shoes is to make a loop with the laces on one side of the shoe and then tie it together with a loop on the other. Simply wrap the laces around each other once or twice before trying them in a knot using this approach.

This method not only simplifies your shoes, but also your life. When kept simple and casual, this knot has been shown to last longer and not come undone.

3. Large Loop:

Another uncommon approach to tying slip-on shoes is to make a large loop with both laces and then insert your foot through it like a boot. With this method, you just tie the loops together in a knot.

This makes the shoes slightly more breathable than before, as well as much easier to slip your feet into.

4. X Pattern:

Lace shoes so that they slip on by putting an “X” pattern across the top of the shoe to make it seem odder. Although this method is more difficult, it is still highly effective. It is difficult in the sense that it requires following directions and constructing an X. It may take a bit longer, but it is effective in the sense that once created, they are snug enough that you can be relaxed all day while wearing them.

To begin, make a small loop with one lace and then crisscross both laces over each other. For better understanding, you can always refer to a YouTube tutorial.

5. Elastic Shoelaces:

Last but not least, elastic shoelaces are the most effective method of lacing shoes to allow them to slide on. This is the easiest method; simply thread the laces through the eyelets and tie them together in a knot. Getting elastic shoelaces will work best in most cases. They are both simple and elegant, yet it is hard to tell one from the other.

It is not essential to reattach the shoes/boots and continue the procedure. Elastic shoelaces are used to link one eyelet to the next and can be locked. You may adjust the flexibility of the shoes after wearing them.

You may use those laces to apply any style, including cross style, straight style, similar styles, gladiator style, and many others, without having to learn how to lace with a single lace. You may buy a variety of matching shoelaces and use them without worrying about how to tie the shoes.

Out of all the methods mentioned above, not one method is on the level of extreme difficulty to complicate things for you. The different methods fulfill different purposes, though. The elastic shoelaces method is the easiest method that is available out there. It wouldn’t even take much time and would be slightly more convenient than the others because there is not much thinking and designing to do.

The conventional methods are the bunny and loop methods, which have been here for ages now and are still very popular among people. If you want to go for more secure options, then the X and big loop methods are the ways to go. They are going to keep the laces tight and secure.

Get the stunning lace-up shoes and make them slip-on:

As discussed above, there are many ways to make your stunning lace-up shoes, slightly more exciting and unconventional by turning them into a slip-on. There are more ways, like the straight lace method or the parallel lacing style.

Straight Lace Method:

The straight lace runs directly towards the opposite lace. This is the most basic knotting technique, and it gives the most grip as you slide your shoes on.

Insert both sides of the lace into the eyelets on the left and right. Drag the lace from the inside to the top right eyelet and connect it to the last eyelet on the left.

The lace enters the lace from the inside of the left drag and is inserted in the opposite hole, which is the right-side third from the bottom. Repeat until you reach the seventh eyelet, then slip the lace ends from the inside and tie them beneath the pad.

The Parallel Lacing Method:

The parallel lacing method is going to give your shoes a unique charm and elegance. It will make your stunning lace shoes into stylish slip-ons further enhancing your look.

For this pattern, enter the lace from the first and second left eyelets and put it in the opposite direction right eyelets. Now, insert the first end of the lace into the third eyelet, followed by the second end of the lace from the second right eyelet into the fourth left eyelet.

Drag both ends of the lace to the opposite side, the right side of the third and fourth eyelets, and thread it through them. Rep the Parallel technique, but this time put the third right eyelet in the fifth left eyelet and the fourth right eyelet in the sixth right eyelet. Finally, drag the eyelets from the sixth and seventh holes and tie them beneath the pad.


We all know how stunning lace-up shoes are but there are days we want to change things, make them more interesting or days, when everything takes a little while longer and tying shoelaces, is the last thing you want to get worried about. So it is only understandable to know ways in which you can tie your laces so that they become exactly like slips-on.

There are only so many ways that tell you how you can make your lace shoes slip on and still keep them interesting and all have been listed above.

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