How to Lace/Tie Nike Air Force 1?

Nike Air Force One was made by a team of podiatrists, biochemists, designers, and aerospace engineers and was launched in 1982. It was named after the plane Air Force One that the President of the US uses. 

Air Force 1 brought about a revolution in the sport and sneaker-loving community. Air technology was used to make the soles more flexible and durable. 

Nike Air Force

Not only are they popular among all age groups but their classic design still keeps being the trend among celebrities and influencers. So anyone planning to buy a pair or has already made the purchase might be curious about the different ways of “How to Lace/Tie Nile Air Force 1” will find this article useful.

Nike Air Force 1 Criss Cross Lacing:

The Criss Cross Lacing technique is a quite common technique that is used by most people. 

  1. Pass the two ends through the hole from the opposite ends.
  2. Both sides of the lace should be of equal height.
  3. Pass the right lace through the hole on the left side.
  4. Pass the left lace through the hole on the right side.
  5. This is to be repeated all the way to the end.
  6. A bow should be tied with the remaining ends of the lace.

Nike Air Force 1 No Tie Lacing:

The type of lacing that does not require the laces to be tied in the end continues to be the trend.

  • Method 1 – The Bar Lacing technique does not require the laces to be tied since both ends of the lace can simply be tucked inside the shoes.
  • Method 2 – Any method of lacing can be used with only the last step altered. Instead of tying the end of the laces in the usual way, they should be tied under the tongue.
  • Method 3 – Use the preferred technique of lacing for the shoes but stop before tying the ends. Loosed the laces so that only a bit of the lace stays hanging from the last two eyelets. But be careful the shoes are not too loose since they might slip off the feet.

How to Tie Loose Lace Nike Air Force 1?

The Loose Lace technique ensures that the laces are not dragged or get tucked in the shoes by keeping them untied but knotted at the ends.

  • To thread the lace behind the tag it should be passed through the deubre tag.
  • Use one end of the lace to thread through the bottom eyelet and repeat the same with the other end to form a horizontal bar. 
  • Ensure the length of both the lace ends is even.
  • The middle lace should be threaded through the top of the lateral side hole corresponding to it.
  • The lace on the outside should be similarly threaded through the top of the second inside hole. 
  • This pattern is to be made till the wearer wishes to keep the laces flat while doing so.
  • Instead of threading the lace over the last top hole, it should be done from under.
  • As the lacing is being done, the tightened pattern should also be loosened enough for being worn.
  • The last step would be to make a loose bow on the top besides tightening the ankle strap.

How to Factory Lace Nike Air Force 1?

The Factory Lace is the technique where the already laced new shoe is customized through a few steps.

  • The right end of the lace should be loosened by pulling the middle of the lace.
  • The left end of the lace should be loosened by pulling the middle of the lace.
  • About an inch should be left on both sides.
  • Further, loosen the second eyelets on both sides and continue till the end.
  • Keep adjusting the tongue during loosening the lace.
  • Keep the shoes untied or tie a bow according to preference but the shoe should fit.

How to Diamond Lace?

Diamond Lace is the technique that is usually used for curing the feet in the shoes.

  • The two ends of the lace should go through the second row of the eyelets.
  • Then both ends should go under and through the first eyelets.
  • The process is to be repeated by going through the eyelets and coming back from under the row of eyelets before it till the end.
  • The process takes a bit more time than others but is efficient and with practice can be easily mastered.

How to Bar Lace?

The Bar Lacing or the Straight Bars is a technique that is literally what the name suggests

  • The two ends of the lace are to go through the first two eyelets.
  • Take the left end of the lace and weave through the first row of eyelets.
  • Take the right end of the lace and weave through the second row of the eyelets.
  • Similarly weave the right end of the lace through the odd numbers such as the first, third, and fifth rows of eyelets.
  • Weave the left end of the lace through the even numbers such as the second, fourth, and sixth rows of eyelets.


There have been very few changes in the original design of Nike Air Force One over the years. Currently, the shoes are available in five styles i.e. super low, low, mid, high, and super high in various colors. Despite the color options the classic full white and full black keeps being the most popular.

Initially, they might have been introduced as basketball shoes now they are being used as lifestyle shoes. They go well with different types of clothes such as summer dresses, shorts, denim, suits, etc.

The different lacing techniques used for Air Force One depend on factors like comfort, aesthetics, or performance. This article is to guide those who are looking for different options regarding “How to Lace/Tie Nike Air Force 1”.

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