How To Lace Vans High Tops, Authentic, Old Skool e.t.c – 2023

Vans are a popular shoe brand and it has got immense fame due to the Hollywood personality wearing them often. We always have this question: How to Lace Vans Authentic, Oldskool vans shoes. And we have covered the methods to lace up the vans in a convenient manner. People choose the Vans shoes according to their taste. And with the lacing methods also they can make their choice and the method accordingly. There is a bar lacing method which is considered one of the most convenient methods and it requires less hustle. The other one is the Cross lacing Van’s method. It is also a nice way to lace your vans.

Methods To Lace Vans Shoe Models

methods to lace vans shoes

How to Lace Vans Authentic?

Although there are many methods to lace Vans Authentic, it is always about what suits your styling the best. So you have to be choosy when lacing up your Vans authentic with any method so that it goes with your outfit.

Method 1: Bar lacing system

  1. Start with counting the number of eyelets on your shoes. If the eyelets are in even numbers then this method will be the appropriate one to lace your Vans authentic shoes.
  2. Start putting the end of the laces down through the two eyelets opening at the bottom.
  3. Then make the right lace go beneath the vans shoes to coat the inner lacing and make it look extraordinary looking.
  4. Next put the left lace beneath the shoes plus shift the right lace to the left side by putting the lace down by the second eyelet. Till this point, you will get the two bars with your lace and both will be on the left side of the shoes.
  5. Lastly, make the lace cross from the third eye opening towards the right side.
  6. Furthermore, you have to repeat the above pattern till your shoes get a proper lacing system in shape.

Method 2: Cross-Lacing Vans

  1. This method is also very common in lacing up your Vans shoes after the bar lacing system. Plus it is very simple to follow and puts a great style to your look.
  2. Start lacing by putting each end of the shoelace downside through the eyelet which is at the bottom.
  3. Then cross the right side of the lace to the left side of the shoe.
  4. Prefer doing this lacing while you have your vans shoes facing towards you.
  5. You just have to cross the shoelace of the right side to the left side.
  6. Just make sure you don’t miss any eyelet and cross each eyelet.
  7. Furthermore, you have made an intersection of the shoelaces crossing each other.
  8. And follow the whole crossing pattern till the last eyelet.
  9. And you will achieve the cross lacing system.

How to tie/lace up Vans Old Skool?

Old Skool vans are laced up usually using the methods given below: you can choose the methods you want to lace your Old Skool vans.

Method 1:

To lace up the Vans Old Skool you have to tie the Vans Old Skool from the outside and take the laces inside of the shoes. This makes the van Old skool shoes appear more classy than before.

  1. Like you need to take the lace of the old Skool vans to the left side and tie it across to the right side of the shoes.
  2. The lace should cover the appropriate right side of the right ribbon.
  3. Then start lacing up the old skool vans shoes.
  4. If you follow this method you will lace the old school vans perfectly.

Method 2:

  1. Start putting both the ends of the laces down from the hole located at the bottom.
  2. Both sides should have an equal amount of laces.
  3. From the downside, if the shoe put the left side lace via the next right-hand hole that its end should be towards the ceiling.
  4. Next, you have to insert the right lace up via the third eyelet, leaving the second eyelet empty.
  5. Now hold the right side lace and make it cross downward and put in the second empty left eyelet.
  6. It will be like a straight bar.
  7. Repeat the same process with the left side of the place and make three bars at the end.
  8. Continue the lacing system till you complete the lace till the top.

How to tie/lace Vans High Tops?

To lace up the Vans High Tops is very simple and it has to be the right method to lace up the Vans High Tops. One can get different looks by styling the Vans High Tops. You can make your look more stylish by using the appropriate lacing system for your Vans High tops.

  1. First, you have to take the Vans High top without the lace and put the shoes on a flat surface and the toe part should be facing towards you.
  2. Clear the shoelace from the knots and then put the one side of the lace and make it pass through the bottom-right eyelet, so it goes from outside to inside.
  3. Furthermore, put the other side of the shoelace and make the lace pass through the eyelet which is bottom-left to make the lace go from outside to inside.
  4. Next, you have to take the ends of both the shoelace and pull the lace through the eyelets. Do this until you achieve an equal amount of lace on both sides.
  5. Then again put the lace to the right side of the and make it cross over the second eyelet from outside on the left side.
  6. Next, make the lace pass back from the eyelet which goes from outside to the inside.
  7. Then bring the lace from the left side to cross the lace from the outside of the right side of the second eyelet.
  8. Lastly, make the lace pass back from the eyelet which goes live from outside to inside.

In addition, you need to repeat all the steps mentioned above for the rest of the eyelets and lace up your Vans High Tops.

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How to lace Vans Sk8 Hi?

To lace the Vans Sk8 hi shoes you need to be very perfect with any method otherwise it will spoil the style of the shoes and affect your overall look.

There are two methods to lace the Vans Sk8 hi shoes that are:

Method 1:

  1. First, start attaching the ends of all laces from the downside to the two gaps located at the bottom.
  2. Just be careful to keep the width at both rights and left side laces equally.
  3. Then next by looking down on the Sk8 hi vans shoes, put the left side of the lace-up inside and then the downside of the next right-hand crack which should be pointing towards the ceiling located in the middle.

Method 2:

This method involves a lacing system which is known as round laces. It can be made from several different kinds of lace material such as cotton, nylon, leather, polyester and much more. The Van’s laces are constructed with two-toned nylon material at Benjo’s. It has colorful laces and is made very strong which usually don’t break easily. It is 36 inches in length, bigger than the usual shoelaces which come with Vans shoes. These round laces are appropriate for the 5 or 6 Vans eyelet shoes, however, they have a variety of options for other pairs of shoes also which have more eyelets. These round laces made from two-toned nylon material fit perfectly when lacing up the Sk8-Hi’s vans shoes. It makes the lacing convenient with its length and material tops the style perfectly.

How to Lace Vans Ultrarange?

To lace your Vans Ultra Range shoes you can choose to lace with the bar lacing method, cross lacing method or you can choose to lace with a zipper lacing system. Plus you can try the lacing method given below for lacing your Vans Ultrarange.

Method 1: To interlock the laces

This interlocking of the laces is just a spin-off for a cross lacing method.

  1. You have to take the ends of both sides of the shoelaces and make them cross in between before putting the laces via a new eyelet.
  2. It makes your shoes look funkier and can help make your vans ultra range a snug fit.

Method 2: Using Two different colour laces

When you lace your Vans Ultra Range using two different colour shoelaces it will make a unique style statement.

Also, you can go with flat shoelaces of different colours as it makes you lace your shoe firmly through every eyelet and make a great lacing of your vans shoes.

Choose the lacing method which your Vans Ultra Range shoes suit best and enhance your style.

How to Lace/ Tie Vans Ultra Range Exo?

For lacing the Vans ultra range Exo you can either go with the bar lacing system or even go with the cross lacing system. Both will go well with the Vans ultra Range Exo. Furthermore, you can also opt for a Zipper lacing method. For lacing the ultra range Exo with a zipper lacing system you have to follow below steps:

  1. Start with tying a knot of the lace from one end. The knot should be bigger than the eyelet and the knot should not be able to pass through the eyelet.
  2. Now next put the unknotted part of the shoelace via the right eyelet from the bottom.
  3. In addition, go with the same end throughout the whole eyelet and start tying the laces down via the left eyelet from the bottom.
  4. Next, take the shoelace from underneath and throughout tie the lace in an upward direction via the right eyelet of the second last bottom. 
  5. Continue doing the whole process till you lace your shoe and cover all the eyelets.

For lacing up your Vans ultra range Exo zipper lacing system will be an apt choice otherwise it entirely depends on what you choose to do with your pair of shoes.

How to Lace Vans With 4 Holes?

Vans with 4 holes are a bit difficult to lace up, although you can lace vans with 4 holes in a primary classic lacing system. The steps are:

  1. Start putting both sides of the lace at the downside via the two holes located at the bottom. The amount of lace on both sides should be equal.
  2. Now from the downside, insert the left side via the top of the next hole on the right side. And now lace should be crossing above the tongue.
  3. Furthermore, repeat the same procedure on the opposite side.
  4. Continue the lacing pattern in the same manner but one lacing at a time only and put the lace down via the hole top.

You can either lace your vans with four holes by lacing them up till the last eyelet. Or else you can prefer lacing them till 3 eyelets and leaving one eyelet open for the convenient wearing of your vans shoes.


  1. Should you lose lace vans?

    Yes, you should lose your Vans shoes. When you tighten the shoelace it will have a very uneven look with laces plus your shoes will succumb and your overall look will be affected. So it is always better to prefer tying the lace a bit loose than usual but not much loose.

  2. How do you lace Vans normally?

    Vans shoes are normally laced using the bar lacing system. It is the most basic method to tie your vans shoes. Also, some like to use this method and tie the vans till the last eyelet while some people prefer tying the vans shoes with a snug fit.

  3. How do you factory lace your shoes?

    To factory lace the shoes you have to take an equal amount of shoelace from the last eyelet. Then stretch them and wrap the laces around your two fingers. Next, make the lace cross the knot and keep the end under the thumb. Then make a loop and fold the extra loop, put that fold in a loop. Lastly, make the primary loop tight near the fold and adjust the loops accordingly.

  4. How do you lace your shoes without tying them?

    Snatch the laces of the shoe downward towards the toe side of the shoes. Hold the shoelaces loosely, then start crossing the right side of the lace crossing above the left side of the lace at the toe side of the shoes. Next, take the end of the lace and bring it to the place where the laces make the twist. Make the laces pull not too tight and keep it that way towards the toe side of the shoes.

Conclusion :

The article sums up all the methods for “How To Lace-up Vans shoe models” and I hope it brings a new method for you to tie your vans shoes. Every style of van can be laced up with different methods. But always be careful with the lacing system as it can add on to your or completely make it worse. Lacing style enhances your vans shoes and also a perfect lacing will be ideal vans shoes to wear as it will be very comfortable and convenient to wear. Vans shoes are a popular brand and it is an excellent pair of shoes to make your style statement more classy. And lacing them up is also a task.

As you can’t just place them in any random method of the lacing system. Vans authentic or Old school vans should be laced up using a bar lacing system or across the lacing method. Plus old school Vans look good with round laces and it suits the style of shoes very well. Plus the normal classic way of lacing can go well with any style of the van. Also, the other methods of lacing the vans shoes are great and it adds to your style and overall looks. Plus you can always play around with different lacing methods and make your shoes look new every time.

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