How to Make Loafers Fit Better? – 2023

Loafers are stylish pairs of shoes that are like slip-on shoes with different styles. However, everyone suffers on How to make Loafers fit better? To get the answers straight we need to try two approaches one will be the tongue pads and another one will be the insoles.

The tongue pads help make your feet back in the heel cup of the loafers. It will be beneficial in making your loafer fit better and make your walk comfortable.

Plus if you opt to have insoles for your Loafers to fit better then it can work too. The insoles can decrease the whole size of the loafer and make it fit conveniently. However, one can also try other ways to make the Loafer fit better.


How Should Penny Loafers Fit?

The penny loafers are meant to be extremely loose in comparison to the toe shoes. As all the penny loafers easily slip on and off from your feet and hence slipping from the heel is a compulsion.

  1. You can use the heel gripper for better heel fitting on the penny Loafers. Plus the insoles and tongue pads are beneficial too to make the penny loafers fit better and make your walk convenient with these loafers.
  2. Stretchers are convenient if your penny loafers are tight and you can try from both stretches to make it fit perfectly according to your size.
  3. Also, you can wear socks with your penny loafers for a better fit.

How To Make Loafers Fit Better?

Loafers can be fitted perfectly with the help of a tongue pad plus the insoles. They both work well in making the Loafers fit better. However, you can also try stretchers to make your loafer fit better.

There are two stretchers available one is for stretching the width and the other one stretches the vamp upwards. Stretchers are beneficial when your loafers are too tight of your size.

The other option you can try is the Heel grippers. These are used when your Loafers fit well but slip from the heel area. The heel grippers are useful in preventing you from slipping plus it adds that extra space to make loafers fit perfectly.

Do Loafers Run Big Or Small?

Loafers are slip-on style shoes and they are meant to be stretchable plus it makes your close fit. In addition, they have no laces to make the perfect fit. Furthermore, Loafers are usually running big due to their narrow shape and closer fit.

And we need to go one size down to get the perfect fit according to our size. Or else ½ size down will also work for some sizes. As the loafers don’t have laces so that you can make the loafers lose or tight accordingly. Also, it is in the least cases that loafers will run small otherwise it mostly runs big only.

Are You Supposed To Wear Socks With Loafers?

No, you are not supposed to wear socks with loafers. Loafers are supposed to be worn without socks in general. Some men prefer wearing without socks as they think it looks more stylish and sober. While others wear loafers with socks to avoid smelly feet or injured ankles.

Furthermore, you can also opt for socks that cannot be seen outside the loafer. This will make you look stylish as well as your feet will be protected. Plus, wearing socks with loafers can make you a great fit loafer. In addition, happy socks are considered to be the best option to wear with Loafers.

How Do You Shrink Loafers?

Well, we all end up getting shoes that are not a great fit for our feet. And then we have to think of ways to make it shrink to our size. One way can be done with a spray bottle filled with water and a blow dryer.

You just have to spray the water from the spray bottle on your Loafers. The water should not over limit that the loafers would start soaking them.

Then, you have to use the blow dryer to make the Loafers dry. The blow dryer should be at medium heat. It will make your loafers shrink according to your size.

How To Wear Penny Loafers For Womens?

Penny loafers are one of the fashionable pairs of Loafers for women. The penny loafers can be considered versatile loafers also. As it can be worn with any kind of clothing.

Plus you can wear your penny loafers on casual days or any professional meetups. Penny Loafers can be worn with a blouse along with a pencil skirt.

Or you can wear ripped jeans with a leather jacket for a more stylish look. In addition, if you are going for a coat or jacket you can choose the penny loafers with more tussle or extra work. It will enhance the look as a whole.

How To Wear Suede Loafers?

Suede Loafers are pretty flexible when it comes to wearing any suit as they can be dressed up or dressed down also. However, the suede Loafers are not meant to be in everyone’s shoe collection but it is a stylish pair with some difficulty in pairing and wearing.

You can wear the suede loafers with jeans, preferably denim with a sports coat. Plus you can style your suit with shades of the Suede loafers.

For example, if it is light in colour then go for lighter shades of denim and shirts. And if it is on the darker side then go for a brighter colour with denim and your coats.

Conclusion :

I hope that now you know how to make the loafers fit better? It is not a difficult task to make it fit perfectly.

You just need to consider some points before buying a loafer plus you need some adjustments to be made if loafers don’t fit you perfectly. Furthermore, with your loafers being used several times it will automatically make your fit better.

In addition, you seek help through tongue pads, socks, insoles, stretchers or heel grippers to get the perfect fit with your loafers. Loafers are meant to be not perfect with size but with the right trick applied you can get the perfect fit or better fit.

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