How to Put Jibbitz on Fuzzy Crocs?

It is not difficult to comprehend the fact that crocs have become so prominent in the market that every person can be seen in one. Crocs are durable, comfortable, and come in various styles and designs, providing people with ample choice for the kind of crocs they would like to invest in.

It is only understandable that people would want to give their crocs an extra flair by adding things like Jibbitz to them. Crocs cannot get any more comfortable than they are, but they can always be made more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The addition of jibbitz would also make the shoes one of a kind, as the unique setting in which we put jibbitz on them is customizable.

Putting Jibbitz on crocs can be easy, and the only tricky part can be putting them on fuzzy crocs. Fuzzy Crocs have that inner lining that covers the holes. Regardless, there is enough space for the jibbitz to show their charm, and here we will tell you how.

How to Put Jibbitz on Fuzzy Crocs?

There is not much difference between normal crocs and fuzzy crocs, so it is not going to be a task to put Jibbitz on them. In fact, the holes in Fuzzy Crocs can all be covered with the Jibbitz as any other normal croc. Jibbitz is as customizable as crocs themselves. They can come in any character form to cater to the needs of people of all ages.

Now, to the main question, how to add jibbitz on fuzzy crocs? It is not very difficult. There are a  few very easy steps that you will have to follow to have a unique pair of crocs ready to go. There are three methods that can be put to use for this

  1. Tying method
  2. Placing them
  3. Clipping them

Can You Put Jibbitz on Fuzzy Crocs?

You can easily put jibbitz on fuzzy crocs. Fuzzy Crocs do not mean that they become unavailable for customization like this. The process might be a little lengthier, but otherwise, it is as easy as it can get.

Unlike normal crocs, wherein you can simply push the jibbitz into the crocs and give them the desired direction, fuzzy crocs might need a little more. Jibbitz has to be put on fuzzy crocs through devised methods like tying or clipping for additional security as they have higher chances of coming off otherwise.

How Do You Put Jibbitz on Fuzzy Crocs?

As aforementioned, there are three methods you can put jibbitz on fuzzy crocs, and the three methods are discussed at length below.

Jibbitz Original:

The Jibbitz charms themselves come in different versions. The first and original version of the Jibbitz, which was also known as the Jibbitz snaps charm, was extremely easy to install on fuzzy crocs.

  1. Put the fuzzy crocs on a hard surface.
  2. Tilt the crocs to a 45-degree angle by placing your hand inside the crocs.
  3. With your other hand, pop the charm into the hole.
  4. Press the charm down further inside.
  5. Check if it is properly attached.

Ensure that the Jibbitz are properly attached; otherwise, they will come off very easily.

Jibbitz with Clipping Function:

The clipping function makes the entire process extremely easy. Here, the jibbitz come with a clip attached to them.

  1. Press the clip and put it in the hole.
  2. Install them properly in the hole and then leave them.

With the clipping function, it becomes easy to put them anywhere on the crocs at any time. You can choose to change the design at any given point with ease. The clip holds on to the crocs pretty tightly, without the danger of coming off or falling off the crocs time and again.

Jibbitz with tying function:

The tying of jibbitz to the crocs is also easy.

  1. Place the jibbitz in the hole of the crocs.
  2. Tilt the crocs at a similar 45-degree angle as you did in the original version.
  3. Take the ends of the charm and tie them together.
  4. Push the tied ends back inside the crocs.

The fact that fuzzy crocs are more spacious than normal crocs is what allows this tying method to hold.

How to Remove Jibbitz from Fuzzy Crocs?

With the constant upgrade in the designs of the Jibbitz charms, it is only understandable that people would want to keep changing the design to keep up with the trends. As easy as it was to install the jibbitz charm, it is equally easy to remove them from the crocs.

Jibbitz Charm Original:

  1. Like the process of putting the jibbitz on crocs, put the crocs on a hard surface.
  2. Put your hand inside the shoe.
  3. Put pressure on the jibbitz charm from the inside of the shoe to push the charm outwards.
  4. Pull the charm out from the outside with the help of your other hand.

Jibbitz charm with tying function:

  1. To bring the tied knot outside, rotate the jibbitz charm and place it on the fuzzy crocs.
  2. The knot tied is supposedly very small, so you will need a keen eye.
  3. Once you untie the knot, pluck out the charm.

Jibbitz with Clipping Function:

  1. Press the clip on the jibbitz charm.
  2. Pull out gently.
  3. Sometimes the clip might get stuck in the hole. Do not panic and gently wiggle them a little to get them off.


  1. Can you put Jibbitz in lined Crocs?

    Yes, you can easily put jibbitz on lined crocs. There are certain processes to undertake after which is only gets easier to insert them with a stronghold.

  2. Can I put Jibbitz on all 26 holes of fuzzy crocs?

    Yes, you can put jibbitz on all 26 holes of the crocs. Because the fuzzy crocs are sturdier than the normal ones, they will not be torn apart by this.

  3. Do I have to use glue to stick the Jibbitz on the fuzzy crocs?

    No, you do not need to use glue to stick the jibbitz charm on the fuzzy crocs. There are far simpler methods available, like clipping and tying, that can easily hold the charm on the crocs.

  4. Can you remove Jibbitz from fuzzy crocs?

    Yes, as easy as it is to tie jibbitz to the fuzzy crocs, it is equally easy to remove them from the crocs.

  5. How do you put Jibbitz on fuzzy crocs for toddlers?

    The holes in the fuzzy crocs for toddlers might be a little smaller, making it a little more challenging to insert the jibbitz in the crocs. Nonetheless, it is not impossible. You simply have to push it a little harder.


It is not very difficult to insert the jibbitz charm into your fuzzy crocs, as demonstrated above. Crocs are great but can be quite plain and dingy, and the addition of these charms is going to give them a unique design, making them one of a kind in the entire world.

Adding jibbitz to your crocs is the easiest way to get your crocs to stand out, and the process is not that difficult to accomplish as well.

To all the people who were wondering “how to put jibbitz on fuzzy crocs?”, here is the solution and it is as easy as it gets.

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