How To Remove Creases Out Of AF1?

You might wonder how fast your AF1 creases. None of us want to walk around with creased trainers. Here I am to solve your issue with creases through my article- “How to remove creases out of AF1’s”. A crease on any sneaker is totally normal, even if you do not like the way it looks. Allow me to explore a few hacks which you can employ to enhance the quality of your AF1s.

Whether they are old or new, these tips will definitely help you to remove, restore and revitalize the trainers making sure of their longevity. It is bound to happen if you wear your AF1s frequently enough. Shoes that are too wide crease more because there is additional room between the foot and the shoe. 

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How To Remove Uncrease Air Force 1?

How To Remove Creases Out Of Air Force 1 With Iron?

Removing creases out of Air Force 1 with Iron is by far the most popular method to remove a crease out of a shoe. The hack to using an iron is to stuff the shoe allowing it to maintain its shape, from the heel to the toe box. Stuffing the shoes as tight as possible helps your shoes to straighten out the creases. Old paper like newspaper works best for packing but a few of your socks or cardboard are valuable backups as well. Follow the steps mentioned below to remove creases using an iron:

  1. Firstly, take a washcloth and dampen that cloth.
  2. Keep it directly over the crease( it is ok if you fold it over)
  3. Switch on your iron to a temperature ranging between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  4. Iron over the towel in 10-second increments
  5. Check the crease while ironing in between to avoid damage to the shoe.
  6. Stop ironing when the crease is gone but keep the shoe stuffed and leave it until it cools.

Ironing a crease to remove it on the shoe works out well due to the combination of heat and water. This heat softens the material of the shoe to stretch out the crease. The towel defuses the heat from the iron to allow the materials of your shoe to be safe from unfortunately causing scorch marks.

This hack works out best in leather shoes. You can even use this iron trick on suede shoes but wrong out the towel as much as possible first. Water and suede are not a good combination. 

How To Remove Creases Out Of Air Force 1 Without Iron?

  1. You can try out blow drying to remove creases without using an iron. A blow dryer can work better specifically for leather shoes. Use cedar shoe trees in order to maintain the shape of the shoe when you are working. They do not allow heat inside the shoe. Here are an array of steps to be followed to use a blow dryer.
  2. Switch it on at the low heat setting.
  3. Hold it 8 to 10 inches away from the shoe.
  4. Set it down after passing the dryer over the shoe a few times.
  5. Rub the warm leather up against the shoe tree with your finger.
  6. Repeat as many times as needed until the crease is removed.

When the sneaker cools, you will want to keep the shoe tree in place while trying the blow-drying method. You would definitely want to follow up with the shoe polish or conditioner because you are applying direct heat to the shoe leather. The heat can dry out the leather of the shoe while a conditioning treatment ensures that your shoes look their best now as the wrinkle or crease is gone. 

  • Not only blow dryer but steaming your shoes is also another method to remove creases on your shoes. Steam on your shoes works well on leather shoes and you will require only a cloth like a washcloth or a towel and a microwave. 
  • Firstly, wet the towel and rinse it out so that it is just damp
  • Keep the towel in a heat-resistant dish such as Pyrex
  • Then heat it in the microwave on high temperature for about 30 seconds
  • Heat up the leather by rubbing the warm, steamy towel over the crease on the shoes
  • Place a shoe tree to maintain your shoe’s shape while it cools.

You will have to heat up the towel repeatedly to remove the crease and get the job done.

With Leather Oil:

With the help of leather oil, you can remove creases from leather shoes. Apply the leather oil on the crease to soften the part of the sneaker it is applied to, hence allowing the creases to loosen up and disappear. 

Using Foam Inserts

You can remove sneakers’ creases with the help of foam inserts. They are shaped in such a way that the front part of your shoe is inserted inside the shoe. This helps to maintain the shoe in shape including stretching the material in order to stretch out existing creases and avoid new ones from forming.

Can I Put My Air Forces In The Washing Machine to Remove Creases?

You can put your air forces in the washing machine to clean them. I will explain step by step here in the article:

1. Keep your shoes in a laundry along with your shoelaces 

Remove shoelaces and put shoe trees in the sneakers. Use a laundry bag designed for delicate clothing and stuff all your shoes into it. Take out your shoelaces and keep them inside the bag. The shoe trees shall avoid the shoes from shrinking or wrinkling in the water. And also causes the shoe tree to rust. 

2. Set the washing machine to a delicate cycle and clean your shoes with old white clothing 

Put a load of white towels or rags into the machine along with the shoes. Add detergent and close the lid on the washing machine. Set the machine to a delicate or low power and switch it on. Washing your shoes with other laundry stuff protects you from getting banged. Older, worn-down towels are especially preferable since they do not absorb dirt. A capful is plenty of detergents but you can use more detergent if you load the washing machine heavily.

3. Dry out your shoes by leaving them in a well-ventilated area for 24 hours 

Your air forces shall be damp at the end of the wash cycle. Set the sneakers on a clean cloth taking the shoe trees out near an open window. Give the shoes at least 24 hours time to dry out. Do not leave your shoes in a humid environment so they may get moldy. Never keep your shoes in a dryer because heat will damage the leather and make shoes shrink. 

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The only issue that makes your shoes not look good is encountering creases when actually wearing your trainers. Cleaning your shoes regularly and addressing creases gives them a new look and makes them appear cool. Hope this article on- How to remove creases from air force 1 helped you to remove creases on your shoes.

After going through the entire article, you will definitely find a perfect method to remove creases on your shoes. That fresh box look is what all potential buyers want, especially when you’re Rockin’ that special pair. You will keep them looking like new for longer. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. 1. Can You Uncrease AF1?

    You can surely increase af1 by following specific methods and procedures like using an iron, using a blow dryer, without an iron using steam over shoes, using foam inserts, using leather oil, etc. 

  2. 2. What Do You Clean Air Force 1 With?

    You can clean air force 1 by:
    1. Scrubbing your sneakers by hand
    2. Machine washing your sneakers
    3. Dealing with stains and odors

  3. 3. Why Do Air Force Ones Turn Yellow?

    Air force ones turn yellow due to oxidation. The process of oxidation depicts a chemical change that occurs during the simple combination of substance and oxygen. 

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