How to Spot Fake Doc Martens?

The footwear brand Doc Martens gained popularity back in the 60s mostly due to being a symbol of individuality and rebellion. While they were initially designed as work boots for the working middle class, over the years being associated with different movements and subcultures they entered the fashion world. Just like any other footwear of a popular brand, many manufacturers have also tried to sell fake Doc Martens and continue to do so to date. Even though the shoes of this brand are a bit costly, one chooses to buy them due to their unique characteristics such as durability and comfort.

So this makes people think about “How to Spot Fake Doc Martens?” in order to not get cheated.

How To Tell if Doc Martens are Real or Fake?

Doc Martens are being currently produced in England and Asia with only 2% of them being manufactured in the former. Before the 21st century, they were being manufactured in the United Kingdoms exclusively but later due to a decline in sales, they decided to move abroad. Being one of the most classy shoes in the world Doc Martens have their knockoffs being made all over the world. Some manufacturers even make an extra effort in making their shoes look like authentic Doc Martens by even mimicking the brand’s logo.

Most people love the brand due to their comfy and lost lasting shoes. Even if a pair of boots manufactured by Doc Martens are more expensive than any other regular pair of boots, they are worth the investment. They also give the wearer a rebellious but fashionable image that other brands fail to. So to identify any imposters and buy authentic Doc Martens, there are a few things an individual has to make sure to check before making the final purchase. Such things are the outsoles, stitching, shoebox, inside logo, etc. only found in authentic Doc Martens.

Doc Martens Packaging Box

While buying a pair of Doc Martens they always come in a nice packaging box. Their shoes are packed inside a cardboard-type box. The imprints of the official logo and name of Doc Martens can be found both on the lid and the side of the shoe box.

Manufacturers who make knockoffs of Doc Martens sometimes try to imitate the packaging box as well. But they can be differentiated from the original since their logo might look similar but it’s not the same. Customers are advised to carefully check the fonts, color, and design of the logo. There is also a white label on any one side of the shoe box that contains details such as the shoe color, size, number, style, barcode, etc.

Buy From Genuine Sources

The surest way of ensuring the authenticity of a pair of shoes from a particular brand is to get them from the original retailer. One can be sure about a pair of Doc Martens being real if they make their purchase from a genuine source. 

Customers are advised to get their Doc Martens by using the store locator available on the brand’s official website. One has to simply put in their location to find the nearest shop and get a pair by visiting the store in person. They can also get them delivered if the online shopping option is available. They would no longer have to worry about getting fakes from unauthorized sources in this way.

Inner Logo

To make sure customers purchase an authentic pair of Doc Martens they should also check inside them. Doc Martens has a polished imprint of their brand name and logo on their insoles. These insoles are usually air cushioned for enhancing comfort. But the brand has made some changes over the years in its shoe designs. The older Doc Martens used to have “Original” and “Made in England” written on the insoles beside their logo. However, new technologies and their decision to manufacture abroad have caused the text “Bouncing Soles” or “Air Cushioned sole” to be imprinted on the newer versions.


Doc Martens designed their shoes with several unique features that set them apart from other brands. One such feature is how distinctively they design their outsole. There are several factors to be noticed in the outsoles. The brand is proud of its outsoles that have extraordinary designs embossed on them. The brand name, Doc Martens is also embossed in them as well. These are all made by professionals with expert techniques.

The outsoles have OIL, FAT, ACID, PETROL, ALKALI, and RESISTANT printed line by line beside the brand name. The most obvious factor to determine the authenticity of the shoes by their outsoles is the imprint “ORIGINAL” on them. Even if fakes have all the above features they can be distinguished with careful observation. Correct spellings and bulging or the letters and logos instead of receding can be found in real Doc Martens.

Upper Inside and Body of the Shoe

The first thing customers usually check is inside the shoes after unboxing them. They should check the tongue or the upper inside for identifying if they are real or fake. Certain descriptions of the shoe such as the size, place of manufacture, model number, brand name, etc. are printed on them. Even if they might not state everything like the label on the box, the necessary details are printed. The upper backside of Doc Martens shoes has a loop. This loop has the text “With Sole Bouncing” on it. The surest way of recognizing the real ones is by their excellent quality leather body, unlike the fakes that use inferior and thin leather.

Stitching and Lace Holes

The stitching on Doc Martens is done by professionals and made perfect due to their expertise. If one observes the stitching on these shoes carefully they would notice how they are not only made tight and straight but well finished as well. Every segment of the stitching is made perfectly uniform. Since yellow stitching is the trademark of the brand, they use it in most of their footwear. 

While the stitching on original Doc Martens is made perfectly, imitators would have anomalies in them. The real ones would also have perfect lace holes and be without any ripples or wrinkles.

Back Heel Stripe

Real Doc Martens also differ from fakes when it comes to their back heel stripe. The brand makes the back heels of their footwear have an airway loop. The words “WITH”, “SOLES”, and “Bouncing are stitched on the heel stripe in yellow. They also have additional side stitching in order to prevent disintegration. Customers can recognize fake Doc Martens with careful observation even if they have all three words in the heel stripe. The dimensions, spelling, and fonts would probably be different in case of knockoffs.

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Anyone who has bought a pair of shoes from any famous brand would know the basic points that set them apart from fakes. Counterfeits usually have different spellings, bad quality material, and imperfect stitching.

This article is for those who wish to avoid spending unnecessarily and facing the disappointment of buying shoes that are mere imitations of Doc Martens. It explains “How to Spot Fake Doc Martens?” with different distinguishable features that can only be found in the original Doc Martens.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do all Dr. Martens have yellow stitching?

The yellow stitching in Doc Martens is their special kind of trademark which sets them apart from other brands. This also helps the customers recognize them among counterfeits and other brands.

Are Doc Martens real or fake leather?

The footwear brand Doc Martens use high quality leather in the manufacturing and production processes of their boots, shoes, and other footwear. But they also have vegan options available for a few styles.

Are Doc Martens made in China?

In the past, Doc Martens were exclusively made in England. But to cut production costs they decided to manufacture most of their footwear overseas in China and Thailand.

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