How To Stretch Cowboy Boots? 2023

Did you ever felt that you can’t wear any cowboy boots because your foot has a high insteps and they are too tight for you. If you are one of them you will wonder that you can stretch your cowboy boots. Stretching the cowboy boots might help you to get a perfect fit for you. So, if you want to know how to stretch a cowboy boots this article is perfect for you. In this article you will find many ways and helpful tips for stretching the cowboy boots.  So you can choose any option whichever looks easier for you.

How To Stretch Cowboy Boots – 8 Methods

Dont worry if you are wondering if your boots cam be stretched or not because here is the solution. If you need to stretch your cowboy boots then there are several methods to do it.

Some of it may take time while the other may take lesser than the prior one. But when it comes to taking care and stretching of your boots you will require great patience and understanding.

The favorite cowboy boots of yours can definitely be stretched by many ways and there are eight of them specified below in the list with each of them explained quite properly so make sure that you follow the instructions pretty well and once you manage to stretch you cowboy boots you are perfectly and comfortably good to go.

Method 1: Wearing Pair of Socks with your boots

  • The easiest thing you can do to fit your cowboy boots in your feet is wearing a pair of socks. The best thing is that this method is completely free for you.
  • If you wear a pair of socks before wearing the cowboy boots it will reduce the friction and you will be able to put your foot in easily. The sheer volume of the socks helps the leather of cowboy boots to gradually stretch and after a while they will become perfect for you.
  • The advice you should take Is that you should wear thick socks and after walking for a few minutes the leather will gradually stretch and it will become perfect for you. Maximum you should wear two socks for stretching because if you will wear more than two socks will cram your toe together and it will become painful for you.
  • You should try this method at daylight when the temperature is warm so the leather of cowboy boot is bit more pliant. We were because before you try this you should be warned about your feet and wearing battle socks with your feet might heat up your feet and you will be highly likely to sweat more than usual.
  • The fact that two pair of socks can harm your feet on a different level if you are wearing leather on the outside in the sun can be very dangerous.
  • If you work on some industry which requires to have eat or work with temperature then you are done for so you can not always choose to wear two socks inside of the same leather boot. Wearing two socks can get suffocating and frustrating as well so you should carefully proceed with all the things in your mind.
  • You can definitely wear two pair of socks in the winter but do not try this on the summers.

Method 2: Use Hair Dryer For Stretching

  • Most of the cowboy boots are made of cowhide leather and some of the cowboy boots are made of alligator, snake or even ostrich skins. As you already know the leather is not resistant to heat, so when you use hair dryer on them, due to the heat they will definitely stretch.
  •  So if you want to stretch your cowboy boots you can use hair dryer on them. You can stretch the upper part of the shoe easily using a hair dryer.
  • However, there might a problem in finding the best fit for you as you can overstretch them or you might have to do this many times because you didn’t stretch them enough to get the perfect fit for you.
  •  This method is so easy to use and if you have a hair dryer in home you can try this method to stretch your cowboy boots.
  •  But you need to be careful while using this method as you can overheat the leather which will not be good for the shoe.

Method 3: Use Steam Inside To Stretch the Cowboy Boots

  • Using steam on your cowboy boots before wearing them is also a good idea to stretch the cowboy boots. You can use steam to  speed up the process of stretching the cowboy boots.
  •  First you need to boil some water in kettle and then you should use the steam for stretching the boots. This method is also very easy to implement and it will cost you nothing more than water.
  • All you need is a pot of boiling water and you can use this method to stretch your boots.
  • You can also make a funnel for more controlled steam. When you apply steam in your cowboy boots the steam makes your boots soft which makes them stretchable.
  •  But, hold for a while after this process before wearing the cowboy boots because they gets hot after this process. So, don’t rush and wait for a while till they cool down and after then, you can wear them and check if they fit perfectly or not.
  • You can repeat the process till you find the perfect fit for you. But once you do this process you should wear the boots for a while so they get in shape of your feet.
  • But, Doing this process repeatedly can cause damage to your boots.

       you are using steam you should definitely be cautious about the steam as you know that this team is more hot than hot water itself this happens because of the latent heat property and you know that if you get burned of steam it’ll be quite hell of a pain.

  • So please make sure to be careful with this team and not burn your hand or legs while operating this team because it is OK to wear one size tight leather boots than to burn yourself in trying to expand the size of your shoes.
  • So make sure that you are totally comfortable with using steam and you will not get hard because of it. Steam can be very dangerous if you are not operating it carefully so do this with great caution and you can easily expand your cowboy boots with that then.

Method 4: Using Alcohol & Vaseline to Soften Boots

  • Another easy way to stretch your cowboy boots is rubbing alcohol and Vaseline on your boots.
  • If you apply alcohol on leather it makes the leather soft. Same thing happens with Vaseline.
  • So when the leather is soft you can give it any shape as you want. If you wear it after applying the alcohol or Vaseline it’ll hold the shape even after the solution dries.
  • This method takes much more time than the other methods to stretch up your cowboy boots, but you will definitely find great results after applying alcohol or Vaseline in your boots
  •  After applying alcohol, the solution let the leather relax and when it dries your boots will hold that position.
  • You need to do this process gently so that you would not damage your cowboy boots. After applying alcohol you should take a walk for a while. Alcohol and the heat of your foot will stretch your boots out.

Method 5: Use Warm Water To Stretch

  • Hot water bags are also an option to stretch the cowboy boots.
  • If you place the hot water bags inside of the cowboy boots, it will soften the leather of cowboy boots and will help in stretching them. If you’re going out somewhere tomorrow, you can put the warm water bags inside of the shoe for the night and next morning you will find out that the boots are stretched.
  • You can also do this method before you go out wearing cowboy boots. But, give your cowboy boots enough time to cool down because it might hurt you if you wear them just after doing this process.
  • You need to keep some things in mind before doing this method. Make sure the water is not too hot, as it will damage the leather of cowboy boots and affect the quality. Don’t let the hot water touch your cowboy boots because it will damage the boots. If you are using any thermal method, don’t overheat your cowboy boots.
  • You can always use warm water to stretch your boots because it will totally stretch the to box and shaft off your shoe it can even stretch the instep of your shoe.
  • The fact that water can damage the quality of your leather if it’s not expensive enough or if it is not a quality leather can be very risky so please make sure that you’re good quality before applying any kind of operation into it because if the hot water touches your cowboy boots it is totally likely to damage your cowboy boots.
  •  So please early and all make sure that you are totally cautious and not harming the shoe at the same time.

Method 6: Using Ice

  • Using ice is also an option to stretch your cowboy boots.
  • You need a Ziploc bag filled with water.
  •  Then you have to put that bag inside your cowboy boots and put the shoe in freezer.
  •  After some time, when the water will convert into ice, your cowboy boots will stretch itself and it will change it’s shape.
  • The ice will change the shape of the cowboy boots and will make it more relaxed and more comfortable from inside.  
  • Overall, this method is easy to use any apply, but you need to take care of some things in doing this process.
  •  First, make sure that you won’t fill Ziploc bag with too much water as if you will fill it with excess water, it will come out and wet your cowboy boots.
  • Also, the water bags should be big enough so it covers all the inner part of the cowboy boots and you can put it inside tightly. After taking care of all these things, you can do this method easily.
  • Using ice can definitely help in expanding the shoe by opening up the fibers of your leather. the leather is bound to loosen up the leather is bound to loosen up it’s fibers when it is wet or when it is brought into the contact of ice.
  •  If it stretches to even half or one size from the to box or shaft area it will definitely get more comfortable and good to wear than before and you will be normally and easily be able to wear your new stretched and expanded boots.

Method 7: Use Cowboy Boot Stretcher

  • You can also use Boot Stretcher to stretch your cowboy boots. There are many kind of boot stretcher available in market. Some are made of metal whereas some are made of wood.
  •  Boot stretcher made of metal are quite expensive in comparison to the boot stretcher made of wood.
  •  To stretch your cowboy boots using a Boot Stretcher is really a very simple process.
  •  You have to put the boot stretcher inside your cowboy boots and find the perfect fit for you by adjusting the level of stretching according to what you want.
  • Different types of boot stretcher can be used to stretch different parts of the cowboy boots. Some boot stretcher are used to stretch the width of cowboy boots whereas some boot stretcher are used to stretch the instep of cowboy boots. Some boot  can also be used to stretch the leather of cowboy boots around the calf.
  • So, if you find this method suitable for you, you can use this to stretch your cowboy boots .The best option could not damage your leather boots and to stretch it at the same time is to invest in a good quality boot stretcher which will enhance the size of your boots by up to half or one totally in just some nights. The only cons of this process is that you will have to handle your cowboy boots with total patience and you will have to plan at least two to three nights prior if you are going to wear it at some occasion.
  • The boot stretcher will help you to stretch the size of your leather boots around the toe box area. It will also help you stretch the boots around the shaft and the  instep area also.

Method 8: Using Boot Stretch Spray

  • There are many boot stretch spray available in the market which you can use to stretch your cowboy boots. Some of them are costly and some of them are not that expensive.
  • Using the boot stretch spray is so easy. You just need to spray a little of the solution in your cowboy boots before putting them out and your boots will stretch out as you want.
  • Also, if you want to get a perfect fit for you, you can wear them after you spray the solution and take a walk for a while. It’ll help the cowboy boots to get the size of your foot.
  • You can also use a boot stretcher along the boot stretch spray to get a desirable stretch. Just spray some solution on your cowboy boots and then use the cowboy stretcher to adjust the stretch level and to get the perfect fit.
  • Then leave it for overnight and in the morning you will find your cowboy boots stretched. This is a very effective solution to stretch your cowboy boots but it’ll coat you much more than the other provided solutions.
  •  This is one of the best things which you will like to invest in if you are facing the problem of quiet lower size of a boot and if you are facing the itching with the leather and all.
  •  The boot stretches pray with definitely stretch your boots without damaging the quality of your leather and without having to undergo any risk of getting yourself burned with the steam or blow drying it to make the fibers loosen up.
  • Applying in the best boot stretcher spray will definitely maximize the probability of stretching your boots inside the toolbox area and instep as well. It will also stretch the size of your shaft of the cowboy leather boots you own and you can definitely wear it with perfect comfort and great fit once you have stretched the boots with boot stretchers spray. 
  • It is so easy to use that you will just have to spray it and leave it for some time and your boots will be just ready to go and you can enjoy your boots every time and all day long in a great  Fit As well. 
  • The stretching spray once has taken its toll on the shoe and given the required time to stretch and loosen up the boots fiber it will work wonders on your shoes and you will get to wear the perfectly comfortable and fit boots.

How to Stretch Cowboy Boots Around the Instep –

There are various ways to stretch cowboy boots around the instep. It can obviously cause problem if the boot is too tight around the instep.

As we know leather as the property to stretch properly so we can make use of that pretty well and use it to our benefit there are many ways in which you can stretch it as for example you can stretch it with the help of the best boot stretcher out there for instep.

There are obviously many boot stretchers specially wild for the instep two stretch it properly and comfortably if you use it then probably in two 2-3 nights you can definitely stretch it according to your perfect fit.

Definitely will need patience for that now there are other homemade ways too you can stretch your cowboy boots around the instant with the help of a baseball bat or basketball as well. Yes it might sound funny but it can definitely help you in stretching your cowboy boots.

By basketball – have a inflated basketball. Then take the inflated basketball and shove it inside with the help of a stick or your hands to the instep where it is tight in the boots then you will have to pump the air inside the basketball while it’s inside the instep.

Allow it to be there for as long as you can then you will notice that when you inflat the basketball again and push it out then it will it loosened up and your shoe will get fit pretty perfectly.

By baseball bat- Two stretch your leather instep with the help of baseball bat you will have to take a leather material and wrap it in a way that it makes a circular or instep shaped look.

Shove the leather material inside the in step with the help of the baseball bat and allow it to rest for as many times as you want inside their. You will notice that with time it will stretch and start fitting perfectly to your feet.

Will rubbing alcohol stretch leather boots?

Yes, Rubbing alcohol over your leather boots can definitely stretch it to maximum one or half size depending on the boots.  The fact that alcohol has the capacity to loosen up the fibers of your cowboy boots which is made up of leather again which is very helpful and you must know that alcohol is a good oxidizing agent.

So it is likely to stretch when you apply alcohol over the tightened end up areas of your leather boots.  This is one of the best homemade process to stretch your leather boots and to make them fit perfectly and comfortably to best size.

Rubbing alcohol can definitely stretch your boots but at the same time is it that good for your leather boots.

Alcohol can definitely damage your leather goods because alcohol will be great the quality of your leather overtime and soon your boot can face different bad consequences due to the rubbing of alcohol over it.

So you should be careful before applying too much alcohol over it besides the fact alcohol is also a great cleaning material for cowboy boots.

Does Leather Stretch When Wet?

Yes leather definitely stretches when it’s wet. Water is bound to stretch your leather boots when you soak it inside it is definitely highly recommended by the professionals to wear slightly wet socks that is if you can handle it over your leather boots.

If you wear wet leather boots your feet can get itchy and uncomfortable but the leather will adjust according to the size of your feet and it will definitely get comfortable by sometime. Leather expands when it’s wet because the fibers in it gets loosened up.

But it is bound to decorate the quality of your leather with time. You can always stretch the toolbox and shaft of your shoes by a size or two by the very famous homemade process of stretching the cowboy boots by wetting it or soaking it in water.

But on the other hand it will degrade the quality of your shoe so you need to be aware of the fact that if you are using too much water then you should not be doing it. You should also be careful about the fact that if you so the leather in water and dry it up it will get tightened up so be careful about that too.

Do Boot Stretchers Really Work?

Boot stretchers definitely work.  But there are so many points at which you might need a lot of patience while using boot stretchers the first step to stretch your leather boots with the boot stretcher is to set the boot stretcher with Your perfect shoe size so that it fits you perfectly and comfortably.

Boot stretcher definitely will take two to three nights to stretch your boots and you might need a little bit patience and preplanning if you are going to wear your boots on some special occasions.

 There is no as such damage to your leather with boot stretcher as they will not do anything to the quality of your expensive leather boots so you do not need to worry about your boots and they will definitely increase the size half or one by the toe box and shaft.

Do Boots Stretch Over Time?

Yes boots do stretch overtime as they expand according to your feet size to hug the feet perfectly and comfortably but this process requires a great patience and if you are wearing it generally on a daily basis or quite often then your boots are bound to get stressed and it will get easily molded around the shape of your feet.

Leather has the property to expand and loosen its fibers overtime around whatever the material it is wrapped in two. So this feature is highly likely to give us a benefit if you want to stretch your boots overtime your goods will definitely stretch overtime depending on the quality of your leather also.

 If the quality of your leather is quite higher than usual then it will take more time than the usual leather to expand according to the shape of your feet. New boots can definitely be tighter but when it gets old it expands to the usual shape of your feet normally.

Things To Keep In Mind When Stretching Cowboy Boots

  • Your cowboy boots must be clean before performing anything on it.
  • You can always use mink oil to boost the condition of the boots and to keep them new.
  • To stretch you can use blow dryer carefully too.
  •  Make sure that you only maximize the size upto your perfect shoe size.
  • Do not apply anything irrational that makes your cowboy boots damaged.
  • Use proper guidelines and follow them carefully.
  • Dry them well.
  • Leather is not resistant to heat.
  • Do not raise the temperature or go too far as that will end up damaging the cowboy leather boots of yours.


  1. Do cowboy boots stretch?

    Yes, you can stretch cowboy boots using stretch spray, cowboy boot stretcher, warm water, hair dryer. You can even stretch it with ice either.

  2. How Much Do My Boots Need To Be Stretched?

    Your boots can be stretched up to maximum one size larger than the original one. You can always use many methods like blow-dryers and ice for that.

  3. How Long Will It Take To Stretch My Boots?

    They can always be stretched in two to three nights. Don’t worry and be patient with the leather boots checking the progress by each morning as well.

  4. What Happens If I Got Water Inside My Boots?

    If you are boots are leather than their might not be a problem and there are many waterproof boots available in the market you can always go for if you are working in water on a daily basis.

  5. Is It Possible To Stretch The Boots Too Much?

    No, in general it is not possible to stretch the boot up to many numbers but you can always try to stretch them by a size or two.


So All in all, if your cowboy leather boots are small or giving you trouble because they don’t fit anymore or they have gotten tighter then the above solutions are the best to try on.

The fact that new leather boots or cowboy boots can get itchy or lack to boxes is very common among many cowboy boots but you can always use these methods to improve the compatibility in the shoe and if nothing works you do not have to worry because once your cowboy boots gets old enough it’ll start to get comfortable and their legs sing more than before.

So you do not need to throw away your expensive cowboy boots just because they don’t fit anymore by a size or two. Hope you enjoyed the suggestions and they will be of great use full stroke.

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