How to Style Vans? – High Top | Checkered | Slip-on 2023

Vans are skate shoes built especially for skaters. But people have started wearing vans for otherwise. Although the craze and demand which vans shoes have built plus the variety of styles and options available in vans make people think about” how to style vans shoes of different models?”. An increase in the number of choices for anything creates confusion on choosing the best and well-suited one. Just like that Vans have several models which have a variety in styles also. So choosing them with the best-suited outfit and pairing vans well is a bit tricky. Hence, I have tried to cover most of the Vans models and give tips or insights on styling them with appropriate outfits to make them look stylish.

outfits to wear with vans

What Outfits To Wear With Vans Shoes

How To Style High Top Vans? – Outfits With High Top Vans

The Vans high top has a very spunky appearance, hence these Vans shoes are mostly styled with casual outfits plus it looks best with it. In addition, for styling the outfit with your high top vans, you prefer pants that are above your ankle and your vans can be visible conveniently. Also, the styling of high top vans differs for black high top vans and white high top Vans.

What To Wear With High Top Vans?

  • Firstly, consider the colour of the Vans high top and then choose your outfit to match it.
  • Outfits to Wear with white high top vans have numerous choices as these white vans go very well with any kind of outfit.
  • You can pair them with shorts preferably denim along with a stylish crop top, plus add that saddle bag or mini bag to complete the look.
  • Then, with the same crop top, you can just add the pants to make it a formal outfit. And white vans will just perfectly fit the look.
  • For the Black high top, vans consider wearing the white shirt with a nice denim jacket along with great flared pants of black colour. You can make it better by tucking in the shirt plus with cuffed sleeves.
  • Black vans high top is pretty decent with different coloured pants also. So you can give that a try as well.
  • For men, they can pair their black High top Vans with any outfits which they wear casually. They are suited well with casual outfits.
  • And with white high top vans, they can pair them with pants especially denim with of course the white shirt. The look will make you have a stylish appearance.

How To Style White Vans? – Outfits With White Vans

White vans are evergreen like they can be paired with any color and it can never go wrong. White is the color that makes any outfit color beautiful yet stylish. With Vans white shoes you just need to select the outfit which can make your vans visible like prefer wearing some skirts or shorts.

What To Wear With White Vans?

  • White vans are the shoes that give a more polished outlook so choosing an outfit is easier. Wear your jeans and shirt with these white vans and you’re ready to go.
  • Next up, pick a long cotton or crepe skirt along with a sweatshirt of mixed colors or go for a plain one. Plus if you add the white vans with it then it will bring the best look for your meetings with friends or any casual meetups.
  • Furthermore, pastel or neutral colors can go extremely well with white vans. So opting for a dress such as a pastel coloured flowy shirt can go well with these white vans.
  • Also, men can go for ripped or denim jeans with plain coloured shirts with leather canvas jackets to complete the whole with white vans. It will have the pinch of a formal look plus mixed casual settings.
  • In addition, a navy blue shirt with nude shade pants with white vans can give a classy yet trendy look. Plus both men and women can pick this up for their meetings or formal meetups.
  • Women can always prefer their old school skirts or shorts along with a nice top or sweatshirt, with these white vans. It will make them feel confident about their look plus the vans will be perfect toppings to the look.

How To Style Checkered Vans? – Outfits With Checkered Vans

Checkered Vans in itself have so much detailing on the shoes. So styling outfits with more work or detailing will make your style dull. Always prefer

Wearing simple clothes with your checkered vans.

What To Wear With Checkered Vans?

  • Go for the normal options that most men prefer wearing when they are in doubt. A nice plain white shirt with ripped or plain blue jeans. It will pair well with your checkered vans.
  • For girls wanting to pair their checkered pants with some shoes, then you can go with checkered vans along with striped line tops or some coloured tops. The outcome will be worth trying.
  • A black off-shoulder top with nude or peach shade shorts can be a top-notch style statement along with the checkered vans for your summer outfit.
  • Both men and women can go with the option of wearing the whole outfit of denim with light tones. This outfit can be blockbuster in some ways by pairing them with checkered vans.
  • Or you can also go for your style of pairing it with one of the casual shorts with a baggy sweatshirt. Plus pair them with checkered vans to put that extra enhanced look.
  • Wearing black pants along with a top of neutral colors can be well paired with these checkered vans.
  • Men can opt for a well-suited grey coat and formal pants to pair with these checkered pants. Although it might not look so go to look it will wear something out of the box.

How To Style Slip On Vans? – Outfits With Slip-on

Vans slip-on is versatile in making their style with any kind of outfit plus it goes well with any occasion. Slip-on Vans go well with casual outfits and to some extent, it goes well with formal outfits also. You can maintain your comfort in styling your outfit with a Vans slip-on. As it is pretty smooth to compliment outfits.

What To Wear With Vans Slip On?

  • You can wear an outfit including chinos with an oxford shirt plus coating it with a blazer, lastly, pair a great slip on vans which goes perfect with this sizzling look.
  • Next up you can pair your slip-on vans with a jogger with a nice shirt or t-shirt with a cool jacket, it will have the effect of a cool girl or your look will be cooler.
  • Also, you pair your slip-on preferably white ones with the whole white outfit. Pick white denim jeans with a nice t-shirt of white color. It will make you look fancy yet stylish. You can pick this loof for any casual outing as it is very convenient to put together.
  • Wearing a shirt that is flowy and not much long along with a slip in vans, can make you put a whole nice comfortable look for casual outings or you wanna just go out to pick something up. A perfect sunny day outfit.
  •  Men can wear slip-on vans with a pair of socks for ordination with vans. And then wear a nice suit which compliments the van, this will look so you can go for this even for your office or workplace meetings.
  • Plus, choose ripped or denim jeans with a t-shirt for these slip-on vans. Or else opt for pants that are above ankle length or shorter in length to show off your vans completely.

How To Style Black Vans – Outfits With Black Vans

Black is the top favourite color in shoes for almost everyone. And it goes well with every occasion plus several outfits paired with it. Most of the time blue skinny jeans with blue jackets go well with black vans.

What To Wear With Black Vans?

  • Black vans can be paired with most of the colors be it lighter shades or darker shades. Try going for blue or black or grey denim of lighter shade. Add a shirt with a plain color.
  • In addition, you can opt for a formal grey suit to suit them with your choice of black vans. It will give a complete office meetup look and you will rock the meeting.
  • A formal pair of trousers with a rolled hem for completing the loom adds the desired suited black bands and finishes it off.
  • Even for your casual outing or dinners, you can wear a black van with a black jogger by making them look more classy and add a full sleeve sweatshirt or hoodie.
  • The plain black vans with a pastel color dress or coat with meetings or skinny jeans are the trendiest look for your stylish outing.
  • Even black vans are a bomb idea with wearing the whole outfit in black. You can go for snug fit jeans with a t-shirt and top it off with a stylish jacket.
  • A cropped trouser black or dark blue with a black tee or another color tee, match these with black vans to have that perfect look.

How To Style Vans Sk8 Hi – Outfits With Sk8 Hi

Sk8-Hi is the most iconic stylish pair of vans. The shoes have the perfect blend of both casual and fashion settings. It will be the best choice to pick it up for your casual dinings or outings. These are meant to be an excellent choice for casual outfits. Still, it can take a lot of time to match your outfit with these Sk8-Hi vans.

 What To Wear With Vans Sk8-hi?

  • Always stick to the basic ones like go for the outfits which you usually wear casually and match them with your preferred style of Sk8-Hi vans. It can make you never go wrong with it.
  • Plus, opt for an outfit that provides an urban street vibe. Like choosing jogger pants to include a hem that is classic. This will just make your look give a great vibe with red vans. Also, with this outfit, your red vans will be more visible and it will make you look attractive.
  • In addition, you can also select a T-shirt with full sleeves along with a camo jacket with nice pants to complete the coolest casual look along with an sk8-Hi van.
  • Women can go with a nice flared palazzo or pants with a full sleeve tee of mixed zebra print or complete black white outfits. To pair the look with Sk8-Hi vans adds the socks to make it more street styled vibe settings.
  • Next, you can wear baggy cargo jeans or pants of sea green color and top it off with a taper or tee with a flowy jacket then add your sk8-hi vans to finish it off.
  • Furthermore, one can also try their style at wearing some techwear kind of outfit with these sk8-hi vans. This might give out the technical street style vibe and make a perfect stylish unique look.

How To Style Old Skool Vans – Outfits With Old Skool Vans

These old skool vans are one of the classic pairs of shoes. It has a kind of spunky design and contains leather or suede styles mostly. These old skool vans mostly suit the jazz or rapper style to most. So choosing the outfits in that era will make you pair them well with the right chord of styling. The best part about these vans is that they can work well with casual plus smart or cool casual looks and outfits.

What To Wear With Vans Old Skool?

  • These Old Skool vans are available in a variety of colours but most of the time white and black are preferred to pair them with any outfit for any occasion.
  • If you want to have a cool look and street-savvy style go for a chinos pair complementing it with a bright subtle coloured sweater. Plus you can also put on a slim silhouette. Lastly, add your Vans old skool shoes to end your polished look.
  • For a bright summer day, you can wear your old skool vans by pairing them up with a short which is light blue along with a half sleeve shirt or top. It can be a striped shirt or tee. Also, in summers we like to dress minimally so vans old skool without the socks can act well, as well.
  • vans old skool gives the best look with an outfit of leather or suede material. So rooting for leather jackets along with skinny jeans will have a whole retro style look. Plus it is one of the best styles you can have with these old skool vans in comparison to others.
  • Skinny jeans are the ideal wear for both men and women with these Old Skool Vans. You can go for several options in the color of jeans and pair them well with your favorite old skool is the best look for any party or casual or workplace you are going for. A classic pair of vans old skool can barely make your style game down.

How To Style Red Vans – Outfits With Red Vans

Red is the hottest color of all seasons. And with red shoes, we have to be careful with pairing them with any outfit. Plus red is a bright color so going for lighter shade outfits will make the look more stylish yet cooler. In addition, using red Vans for your formal settings demand a lot of hard work to make the look go in the right direction.

What To Wear With Red Vans?

  • Well, vans are meant to be paired with casual outfits. Red vans make the best looks with almost many outfits.
  • Go for khaki pants along with a shirt which is bright in pattern, to sum up, the look and add the red vans. You will be happy with the outcome of this look.
  • Furthermore, go for jeans in a shade of blue plus pair them up with tees of pastel colors. The gathered tee and pants will look great with red vans.
  • The denim jeans with a shirt of light tones will make a great ensemble including red vans. Or else opting for gray pants is not a bad choice at all.
  • Women can wear black jeans with a red tee or another neutral color tee to pair with the red vans. You go to look for outings and a must-have look for any weekends or weekdays.
  • Also, skinny jeans or stylish shorts with an off-shoulder top or crop top with it gives out a stylish ensemble by pairing it up with red vans.
  • Casual jeans with a top and topping it up with a nice coat or blazer and then lastly adding the red vans with it makes a trendy look in today’s times.

How To Style Yacht Club Vans – Outfits With Yacht Club Vans

Yacht club Vans are the low top vans and it is the most stylish pair of shoes in this brand. It gives out the bright light colour vibe when wearing this yacht club van.

What To Wear With Yacht Club Vans?

  • It’s a shoe where there’s a Rainbow of color so it is pretty convenient to match them with several kinds of outfits.
  • One can take joggers of gray or black colors pairing them with a large sweatshirt of your size. Then wearing a Yacht club van with it, the loon will be similar to a streetwear one.
  • In addition, you go for that evergreen blue jeans along with a multicolored tie. Adding a denim shirt plus hoodie. Then ensemble the look by wearing Yacht Club vans. You will take a chill pill vibe with this one.
  • Plus, jeans that are ripped in extreme with a crop top or high waist top can be a brilliant match with yacht club vans.
  • A White t-shirt with a minimal print along with pants of lighter shade or black pants is one the easiest look to pair them up with yacht club vans. This one is the most basic.
  • A striped t-shirt with ripped jeans along with a plain jacket can be a possibly good choice for yacht club vans. This one you can wear for your casual office meetings or outings also.
  • You can also try, Black pants with a mixed colour hoodie will make a nice ensemble when wearing it with yacht club vans.

How To Style Yellow Vans – Outfits With Yellow Vans

Styling yellow vans can be a mix of both like it can be a complete disaster or the best look in the town. The color is a bit tricky in itself and outfits with it can match appropriately only if we make an effort to do so.

What To Wear With Yellow Vans?

  • One can wear nice yellow casual shorts with a Navy blue shirt or a black shirt with a preferred style yellow van. Mostly, a low top yellow van will look best.
  • Then, you can take beige coloured chinos with a checkered shirt of light shade and complete this exceptional look with a great style of yellow vans. To add on wear glasses transparent to have the fashionable professor vibe.
  • Furthermore, a military printed jacket with checkered grey or green shorts with a yellow van is a winning look. Add a pair of socks that complement well with the look and it will complete the look.
  • Women can wear black half sleeve t-shirts with grey pants. And top the look by adding yellow vans and you’re good to go.
  • Next, they can go with a simpler look yet stylish. It will have minimal clothes but add a lot of style to it. Choose a nice white shirt and top it off with an olive green or seas green jacket. Lastly, wear your yellow vans with them.
  • Go for the linen shorts with a thin blouse or shirt. Choose between light blue or light pink shades. Then pair it with a nice yellow van.

What To Wear With Vans Womens – Outfits For Women

  • Forgoing to the office or at the workplace, a plain simple skirt with a shirt preferably white or some light blue or green along with the vans, maybe a low top van is the perfect look for the day.
  • Camo tees are loved by women and pairing them with ripped jeans along with vans shoes is the classy look you are looking for. Add on that extra finishing with rings or handcuffs.
  • Furthermore, you can achieve the old age look by wearing a long skirt with a large woollen shrug or sweater by pairing them with the vans. Choose the metallic slip-on with this look. This will make the look more stylish.
  • Printed vans are just stylish on their level and pair them with any of your casual clothes such as casual jeans with a t-shirt. Top it off with a coat or leave it away. The choice is yours and has fun with it.
  • For college going girls, they can select a good looking mini black turtle dress and pair them with your white vans.
  • To make your Glittery vans shine in your look go for simple outfits like jeans with fur tops. It will give a party vibe to your look.

What To Wear With Vans Men – Outfits For Men

  • Wear the checkered vans with pants that are not white or black. Try going for blue or brown pants and pair them with a plain sweatshirt. It will look ravishing in the whole look.
  • Next, you can try wearing your vans for the workplace. Choose the vans of your choice and pair them with whole black or grey or navy blue suits.
  • Wear the blue vans with khaki pants with a polo or light blue color t-shirt. It will look smart.
  • With High top vans then go for the options in shorts and pair them up with a long shrug or jacket. A cool look for your gym session or play outing.
  • For any casual party or outing, try skinny jeans which suits you the best along with a nice t-shirt, the good part about this ensemble is it matches any kind of vans variety and gives out the hottest look.
  • For having a smart casual look then wear high top vans with stylish yet trendy jackets with black jeans. It’s a stylish appearance for any gatherings or meetups.
  • In addition, a checkered shirt along with your casual shorts, pair them up with a van without socks. Perfect look for those hot summer days.


  1. Do girls wear high top Vans?

    Yes, girls wear the high top vans ever since the vans have been launched. Girls like to wear these high top vans with skinny or tight fit jeans and pair them with a nice top to complete the look. Girls are even wearing these high top vans to pair them with everything they wear casually or for going out.

  2. Can you wear Vans with jeans?

    Vans can be paired with jeans.Denim especially suits well with the Vans shoes. Plus you can style your vans with jeans for both formal or even informal events. Only you have to be selective on what style of jeans you are picking plus the style of vans you are pairing with it.

  3. Do black Vans go with everything?

    Yes, almost everything works best with black vans. The colour is the highlight of this vans shoes which just goes extremely well with any coloured outfit. Furthermore, talking about the best colour with black vans is the denim in a lighter shade of blue or grey or even black. Plus a whole black outfit with black vans is just the perfect outfit you need for your outings or even for formal gatherings.

  4. How do girls wear high top Vans?

    Girls usually wear high top vans with jeans, especially slim jeans and snug fit. Also, denim jeans are preferred with high top vans. Furthermore, girls wear high top vans with a nice skirt or pair them with classy shorts with a beautiful top. High waisted jeans are also worn by some girls with high top vans.

Conclusion :

While styling is the personal choice that people make and change from time to time but having some advice around for how to style or what outfits to wear with vans shoes” is although not a bad deal. Plus you have to be concerned with the style of the shoes and dress. You have to be selective with what style of Vans you are selecting and on which suit or dress, you are pairing with it. The above suggestions are the best suggestions among all but everyone has their taste in style and comfort. Always consider the color of Vans and then go to the next step which is styling an outfit with it. Furthermore, go for the style of vans that are best for your outfit and make sure that it is complementing the overall look. In addition, Vans ski-8 can be worn mostly with the casual setting while other vans shoes such as Slip Old Skool, Era or even authentic vans are pretty much can be worn at both mixed casual or formal settings. Talking about the pairing of a sock with your vans is completely up to your personal choice. If you want to wear the hidden socks then go ahead or even if you want to show your socks then pair well your vans to complement your ravishing look.

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