How To Lace/Tie Converse High Tops – 2023

Converse high tops often come with laces which are too short to be laces freely, comfortably and stylishly. You will not have any problem lacing and tying your high tops with the perfect laces. The manufacturing patterns and decisions have changed a lot through the years.

  • Firstly, count the number of eyelets on your pair of shoes. High tops may either have eight, nine or twelve pairs.
  • Selection of right laces for your high tops.
  • Put on one of your shoes without laces.
  • The tongue must be centered and flattened out any ceases to avoid discomfort.
  • You must thread your shoelace through the top eyelets so that lace is perpendicular to the shoe, outside of the eyelets.
  • Lace on the right and cross it over to the first eyelet on the left.
  • The Laces on the left must cross it over to the first free eyelet on the right.
  • Repeat the above last two steps until your shoe is laced up all the way.
Lacing Converse High Top Shoes

When Do You Wear High Top Shoes?

Originally the high top shoes were the choice of athletes. From jocks to counter culture anarchists, the high top shoes are the classic and cool ones. You can wear them when you wear jeans, chinos, shorts, formals, activewear etc,. Its versatile and goes with any outfit.

How to Tie Converse High Tops?

The standard type of lacing pattern that most people know about us called converse cross lacing. This method involves tying the high top portion of the shoe together using the intertwining laces. Let’s start discussing the standard lacing system now. This criss cross lacing is the most common method that you will see and is an easy method to learn and is a convenient way to tie your converse high tops. The intertwining laces are dense so that once you get to the top, there is no need of concluding with a knot.

Step 1: Initially, take the aglets(plastic tube around the lace) and you need to push the aglets thorough the eyelets. Ensure that the laces are straight and even. Now, you need to take one side of the lace aglet and go over to the eyelet which is three up on the opposite side.

Step 2: The lace should be pushed up and into the eyelet right above it and pulled through. Then go over and to the eyelet on the opposite side, down one and lace should be pulled through. Later, same like the above procedure, push the lace up and into the eyelet lying above it.

Step 3: One of the laces must be taken and pushed down through the eyelet present below it, and repeat the same for the opposite lace. A large X should be formed when done after repeating the same for the opposite lace.

Step 4: keep holding the laces and pushing the laces down the opposite holes, if your laces are not flat and get twisted,simply untie the twists as you go.

Step 5: To sum up the lacing pattern, one eyelet is to be left at the top, later push the ends behind them. You can also push the tongue of the converse out a bit.

How To Diamond Lace Converse Step By Step

It is called diamond lace because it has diamond shapes in the lace tie up system. Here, I am gonna explain how to diamond lace Converse high tops step by step clearly.

Step 1: Firstly, you have to take and start with laces and shoes separately.

Step 2: Put the laces through the bottom eyelets inserting both from inside and pull them out through the eyelets.

Step 3: Take one of the sides of the shoelace from one eyelet and put it in the eyelet which is on the opposite side and skip one eyelet, 2 eyelets up. Pull through the third eyelet from the bottom.

Step 4: keep the lace into the eyelet exactly above that one going out of the shoe.

Step 5: Keep the lace back down into the eyelet exactly above the eyelet which you have started going into the shoe.

Step 6: Put the lace into the eyelet which is exactly above the one that is going out of the shoe.

Step 7: Then put the shoelace up into the eyelet on the opposite side of the shoe which is the next one up going into the shoe.

Step 8: Insert the lace into the eyelet above the one which is going out of the shoe.

Step 9: Later, go down to where you have ended on the other side of eyelets running into the shoe.

Step 10: Now you have to move on to the other side, so keep the lace in the eyelet whi h is on the opposite side and two eyelets up(running into the shoe). Ensure that you go across the first lace and under the second. Then put the lace into the eyelet above the one which is running out of the shoe.

Step 11: Pull the lace to the other side of the shoe and keep in the eyelet which we left off with running into the shoe.

Step 12: Insert the lace into the eyelet above the one that is going out of the shoe.

Step 13: Put the lace and keep it one the opposite side ensuring to go over, under and into the eyelet.

Step 14: Repeat step 12 as mentioned above.

Step 15: Keep the lace diagonally down to run under and over and also into the third eyelet counting from the top running into the shoe.

Step 16: Slip in your foot, put the laces tight.

How To Military Lace Your High Top Shoes

An old saying says that if one of the soldier trips over his not properly tied shoelaces and falls, the other soldier must come to hold him, irrespective of his duties, and compromising the whole unit. This saying finally portrays that everyone should be properly trained, applying to the case of shoelaces. All the members of the army must know how to lace military boots, whether he might be a soldier or not. This type of lacing style is significantly used for military shoes by army people.

This is due to the rigid inflexible leather of the soldier shoes, hence tight lacing patterns such as the diamond lacing or criss cross lacing will make the shoes uncomfortable to wear. The uniqueness and the beauty of this type of lacing is that it leaves parts of the shoe exposed, which allows the foot to move around naturally and freely. If you wanna try it, you can when you go for a long walk, it keeps your feet as flexible as possible. Here I have discussed the procedure of tying the lace in military pattern.

Step 1: Start by tying the lace straight across and now go under but not over. Put the laces up on either side of the shoe by feeding lace running into the second eyelets.

Step 2: One lace must be cross backed under another and out of the second eyelet. Put the laces up on either side and feed them though the next one up eyelet(the third one-eyelet).

Step 3: Get to the top of the converse high tops and then simply hide the laces behind the tongue of the shoe.

Lightning Bolt Shoe Laces

In the lightning bolt shoelace pattern, the laces of the shoe go diagonally on the outside, while vertically on the inside. There are two variations and patterns of tying lightning bolt shoes.

Step 1: First, start straight across on the inner side( the grey part) and out through the bottom eyelets.

Step 2: The left end of the lace goes diagonally all the way till the top of the shoes and in through the top eyelet on the right side.

Step 3: The right end of the lace goes diagonally up and across on the outside of the shoe and on through the next eyelet above it, then inside and out through the next top eyelet above straight up.

Step 4: The left end runs down diagonally and across on the outside and into the next eyelet down, then straight up on the inside and out from the next higher eyelet.

Step 5: Repeat the procedure of running alternately up and across or down and across till the lacing I completed.

The significant difference here between the two variations is mentioned as follows:

  • The first variation starts horizontally from the bottom left eyelet(shoes with eyelets pairs of even numbers)
  • The second variation starts vertically from the bottom left eyelet( shoes with eyelets pairs of odd numbers)

Pros of lightning bolt shoelace pattern:

  • Unusual look
  • Lightning fast

Cons of lightning bolt shoelace pattern:

  • End lengths shift
  • 19% longer ends

How To Bar Lace Converse High Tops

Step 1: Take the shoelace on the left side of the shoe and cross it over through the left eyelet from up and the later one from the bottom.

Step 2: The shoelace must be pulled over the front of your shoe and into the right hole that is lying directly opposite the hole you pulled it through. Then, see a horizontal bar across the front of your shoe. Later, the end of this side must be tucked under the side of your converse again.

Step 3: Pull the right side lace of the shoe skipping one set of eyelets keeping the second hole from the bottom occupied by the left lace of the shoe.

If the laces that you have chosen are especially flat laces, then keep in mind that you do not curl the lace. In case if the lace gets curled instantaneously, then work on with your hands on the lace continuously till it gets flat again.

Step 4: Thread the right lace of the shoe across. The shoelace end across the front is the shoe should be pulled and lace it into the left eyelet third through the bottom, opposite directly the eyelet through which you pulled it.

This process should create the other horizontal bar across the front of your high top shoe, therefore the end must remain hidden from the front.

Step 5: Lace alternate eyelets in this pattern

Left lace of the shoe through the eyelet pairs second, fourth and sixth when counting from the bottom. This pattern would leave you with a column of horizontal bars without any diagonal underlying. But remember to keep the laces flat always.

Step 6: Pull through and tie the ends together

Pull the left lace of the shoe through the right eyelet and the right lace of the shoe through the left eyelet at the top pair. Later you need to tie them with a rigid shoelace bow to complete the pattern and look stylish. You can even tuck the laces below the cushion of your shoe so that you need not have laces hanging out of the top.

Ladder Lacing Converse

The ladder Lacing is a new lacing technique and has its name because it looks a little bit like the runga of a ladder. The other name for ladder Lacing is train track lacing. It is a relatively easy lacing method to follow and the final look of this lacing pattern would be great,neat and attractive. This is the best and most common method as an everyday lacing technique, but if in case you need more ankle support, you can go for the standard or criss cross lacing method.

Step 1: Begin with going right through the eyelets from the bottom and not over the top.

Step 2: Run the lace straight up now on either side and then across. Repeat the similar thing for the lace on the other side.

Step 3: Put the aglet through the next eyelet up and across. Do the same procedure for the other lace and keep on doing this till you reach the top and then you will be done finally.

How Do You Tie High Tops Without Laces Showing?

Hiding shoelaces is an interesting fashion number that you can try with your shoe. Huge number of people do not want their laces showing out as they think that it gives them a more clean and minimal look. There are a couple of ways to tie high tops without laces showing. It can help you in the case you do not like the colour of the laces.

The Smart Tie

First stretch the cord behind the lowest pair of eyelets. Then cross both the ends in the middle and stretch them through the holes mentioned above, from the outside inwards. Keep on repeating these processes until you come to the last pair of eyelets and enjoy the final attractive look.

The Hidden Knot lacing

Same, first stretch the cord above the holes of the lowest pair of eyelets. Pull both the ends perpendicularly up so that one of the sides of the lace is situated in the hole one eyelet up, and the other, two eyelets up. Each of the two ends, stretch it parallel across the neighbouring hole. Restretch both the ends perpendicularly upwards, every two eyelets, and then parallel with the neighbouring hole. When you reach the final but before eyelet, stretch up only one of the ends of the cord. Take it parallel through the first pair of eyelets. From the inside of the tie make a knot and split the excess cords.

  • Using normal criss cross lacing with an invisible bow
  1. Start threading your laces at the end closest to your toe.
  2. Make criss cross lacing by crossing the right lace over the left lace
  3. Have the laces going into the shoe at the top
  4. Cross right over left, then left over right to tie a square knot in the laces
  5. Tuck the knot all the way inside your shoe

How To Star Lace Converse High Tops

The star lacing pattern forms a decorative pentagram or five pointed star that appears everywhere ranging from converse shoes to the flags of different countries.

Step 1: Start straight upon the outside and in through the middle holes. You need to adjust the lace so that the left end is a bit longer than the right end.

Step 2: Now the left end of the lace forms the bottom cross as follows: diagonally up on the outside, straight down the inside,straight up on the inside, and out through the top right hole.

Step 3: The left end later continues to form the upper rung as follows: Straight up on the inside, straight across on the outside, straight up on the inside and out through the top right hole.

Step 4: The right end depicts the middle point as follows: straight down on the inside, diagonally up on the outside to roam around the middle of the top rung, diagonally down on the outside.

Step 5: Finally, the left end later goes all the way up the inside to come out through the top left eyelet.

The variation star lacing patterns are:

  • Forming an upright pentagram is the variation one
  • Forming an inverted pentagram that shall appear upright when looking down at your foot with shoes.
  • Attractive look
  • Easy to tighten
  • Loose fit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. Is ladder lacing better?

    The ladder lacing pattern actually allows my shoes to break better and also fits the shoe more snugly and comfortably to my foot and ankle. Converse high tops with ladder lacing because it strengthened the sides and now they're not as flimsy.

  2. How do you tie laces without it showing?

    Some do not like to expose shoelaces due to the attractive and minimal look it has. You can tie laces without showing by smart tying, hidden knot, using criss cross lacing with an invisible bow and many more methods.

  3. What are the extra holes on Converse for?

    The extra eyelets are basically present for ventilation. A few other shoe products have the two holes on the side of the shoe. Also many converse shoes are made to be worn without socks.

  4. Why are there eyelets on the side of Converse?

    The Two holes make it possible for bar lacing, an alternative way of lacing your shoes. Another purpose of having them is albeit somewhat predictable, is to offer ventilation to your feet. Initially made for playing basketball, the holes allow fresh air to get into the shoe – much like the breathable material and keep your feet dry by stopping foot getting sweaty

  5. Do you lace high top Converse All the way up?

    You can lace high top Converse in all the ways you want as discussed above in the article, different kinds of lacing patterns. You can choose how high you want them to be but the concept of lacing is the same.

  6. How do you know if Converse are real or fake?

    Authentic means real Converse high tops shall have a serial number on the label on the inside of the tongue and each and every shoe will bear this number. If you have two different numbers then something is off. This number should also be on the box they came in as well.

  7. How long are Converse high top laces?

    The lace lengths of the converse high tops range from 68 cm to 137 cm for kids low tops, kids high tops, juniors low tops, juniors high tops, adult low tops, adult high tops and more.


One of the above lacing patterns to lace your converse high tops will be your go to lacing pattern. At the end, lace your converse high tops based on your profession, style, look, clothing style, work purpose and many more. 

If you want an exact and unique style of lacing pattern, refer to my article as a guide where I have discussed various lacing patterns clearly step by step. To make your lacing more attractive, try different patterns of lacing and change lacing pattern weekly or monthly.

Try various coloured laces. I hope you have understood clearly step by step how to tie or lace Converse high tops after going through the entire article and I am sure it helps you a lot.

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