How to Tighten Hey Dude Shoes? – 2023

Made to take you anyplace, Hey Dude shoes praise the unquenchable craving for experience without forfeiting solace, style, or moderateness. Hey Dude shoes show that solace doesn’t need to be exhausting with an assortment of plans that fit whatever your advantages are, each Hey Dude guarantees another experience.

At the point when you take a stab at a couple of Hey Dudes, they will immediately turn into a characteristic piece of your life as you investigate the world every single day.

If you have ever asked yourself “How to Tighten Hey Dude Shoes?” You can fix the laces on your Hey Dude shoes by pulling the laces outward.

There’s a plug to keep the lace set up so it won’t get out of your new shoes. From shines to plaid to plans inside the shoe that mane you know are there, you’re certain to observe the best Hey Dude shoes for your preferences.

Each style of Hey Dude shoes guarantees another experience, and when you take a stab at a couple of Hey Dudes, they will immediately turn into a characteristic piece of your life as you investigate the world every single day.

How to lace hey dude shoes

How To Lace/Tie Hey Dude Shoes?

Customers adore the fact that they don’t have to tie laces every day in the Men’s Wally, Paul, Jack, and Walsh and Women’s Wendy and Polly. There are no laces to worry about because the easy-on lace fit allows you to slide them on while still being the optimum fit.

Those with thin feet or who prefer a snug fit may wonder, How to lace hey dude shoes? Some have attempted to tighten their shoes by tying a bow or wrapping the lace in and out of the eyelets.

No more tying bows or weaving creative patterns into your laces. Untie the knots on both sides of the shoe, draw the lace to the proper tension, and tie a knot to keep it from loosening.

Pull the laces together tightly. Follow these instructions to tighten the double laces:

  1. Take one lace end in each hand in the first step.
  2. extend both lace ends and open them up.
  3. Make a loop by tucking one end under the other and wrapping it around it like you tie your shoelaces.
  4. To make a knot, double back on itself one more.
  5. For each lacing, repeat four times.
  6. It’s important not to pull too hard because this can ruin the stitches. 
  7. Follow Step 3 and skip Steps 1 and 2 if you’re wearing single-laced shoes. 

How Do Hey Dude Shoes Fit?

Hello Dude is to a great extent perceived for its agreeable, lightweight, a la mode, but then reasonable all around made shoes.

The brand was set up in Italy to rival the most famous footwear brands on the planet. The absolute most well-known plans in the Hey Dude footwear line incorporate loafer and brag shoes. Indeed, even with the price range, Hey Dude shoes are created with great quality.

All things considered, a few inquiries have been raised with respect to the brand’s measuring: How do Hey Dude Shoes fit? Do they run big or little? Indeed, Hey Dude offers an enormous determination of shoes for all kinds of people and even youth.

Hey Dude Youth Shoes: There is no unambiguous response concerning whether Hey Dude shoes under this classification run big or little in contrast with other famous brands like Nike. Sizes differ from one model to another. You should check through the Hey Dude shoe size transformation diagram for a more educated choice.

Hey Dude Women Shoes: In many cases, Hey Dude shoes for ladies run enormous in contrast with Nike. Be that as it may, you may go over situations where there’s no distinction among Nike and Hey Dude shoe size. This makes it somewhat difficult to offer a decisive response.

Hey Dude Men Shoes: Similar to ladies’ variants, Hey Dude shoes for men generally run big contrasted with Nike shoes.

Be that as it may, we tracked down situations where these shoes run little. So once more, there’s no a yes or no reply concerning whether Hey Dude shoes run large or little, particularly when contrasted with other outstanding brands like Nike.

How To Shrink Hey Dude Shoes?

Tightening your Hey Dude shoes is a significant piece of the shoe-tying process. A free shoe will make you excursion and fall, which could prompt a bent lower leg or more awful. Hey Dude shoes shrink in case you wash them. This is a direct result of the salt and chlorine content in water, which can likewise make the shading blur.

Fortunately as long as you deal with them from drying – out and remaining at room temperature for a couple of hours subsequent to washing they should remain consistent with size. All things considered, it’s consistently a smart thought to purchase something greater than whatever you would regularly wear so they don’t feel like shoes when you put them on. Nothing more regrettable than not is having the option to walk appropriately since your shoes are too enormous or tight so avoid potential risk.

How To Keep Hey Dude Shoes Tight?

  1. Use one hand to grip the laces at where they connect at the top of your foot to tighten the shoes. 
  2. Grab the loops on each side that are closest to it with the other hand and draw them tight together. 
  3. Take both loops in one hand and tie them together in a knot, making sure there is no slack in either loop.

Method 01: 

By placing your sneakers on a hot stove and allowing them to heat up for about 2 minutes, you are recrystallizing the fiber molecules, which could cause them to dissolve back into a more solid form, making them stiffer and tighter. 

However, because most materials have a melting temperature over which they may burn if heated too much, this approach should be used with caution.

For instance, with rubber shoes like these, use a low temperature that won’t harm the shoe — but it’s enough to shrink it without melting down any of its components, such as rubber molecules.

Method 02:

 If you have a considerable someone who could assist you, having them tug the strings on your shoes is the ideal way to tighten Hey Dudes. If you don’t have access to a sewing machine, you might be able to tighten them with a needle and thread.

To do so, pinch one side of the string tightly between your index and thumb while looping the needle around the same location and pulling the thread through.

Repeat the technique on each loop of string until it is properly tightened and the required length is reached. Make sure to keep any toe-cleaning instruments out of reach of children.

Do Hey Dudes Run True To Size?

In order to stretch into new footwear, Hey Dude shoes should be ordered a half-size larger than your usual size.

Because these shoes aren’t designed for all-day wear, we recommend getting a half-size larger than your regular shoe to allow them to flex and mold to your foot more comfortably.

We recommend going one size larger than your typical shoe size for folks who desire genuine good looks and an equally comfy shoe.

The shoe would be custom-made, and it would most likely be taller with more arch support.  You’ll be able to enjoy it for hours on end without feeling uncomfortable or irritated. 

If you usually buy wide widths from other manufacturers, keep in mind that Hey Dude shoes are more true to size in both width and length compared to most other brands.

Because these shoes are generally made for outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, camping, and so on, they are not meant to be worn indoors or as daily walking shoes, however Hey Dudes might work wonderfully as everyday party shoes if you intend on being active while wearing them! If not, we recommend going up a size in any case.

Hey Dude Sizing Review

Hey Dude is one of the top footwear companies which emphasizes comfort, style and fit. Focus on adventures, outdoor geeks. They ensure to keep up your expectations. Stay here as this hey dude sizing reviews takes you closer to the brand, its products, customer reviews and ratings, promotions and helps you to understand and check out whether they are worthy.

This brand offers a wide range of designs for women, men and children carrying slip-ons and lace-ups. They emphasize sustainability and the runners are made up of cork insoles, organic cotton and recycled materials.

By reading this you can come to a conclusion on customer reviews about hey dude shoes. Many customers applaud this footwear brand due to their most comfortable designs. A few love their unique styles and patterns that are fashionable and functional at the same time.

Hey Dude Youth Size Chart

Do Hey Dudes Run Big Or Small?

Based on the brand’s description, a few hey dude models may run smaller or larger than others. The brand offers only full sizes of their products. There is no clear answer for the question whether hey dude shoes run Big or small. Let’s talk about some factors that decide whether they run big or small.

Hey Dude Size

Hey Dude Women Shoes: Usually, hey dude shoes run larger when compared with Nike. By the way, at times you will not be able to differentiate Nike and Hey Dude size.  This makes it a difficult task to conclude an answer.

Hey Dude Youth shoes: These shoes cannot be defined whether they run big or small clearly when compared to the other popular brands. You can go through the size chart for better understanding.

Hey Dude Men shoes: Same like women’s shoes they too generally run larger in comparison to shoes like Nike. But in a few exceptional cases, they even run small.

Do Hey Dudes Stretch Out?

You are probably tired of wearing snug shoes and want to try out some different shoes like Hey Dude. But you are not sure whether they stretch out. You will understand after reading this article. Yes, Hey dude shoes stretch out but not all the models stretch.

They employ different materials for the manufacture of their uppers, those materials include sox, canvas or stretchy materials. Shoes made with sox and the stretchy materials stretch out a lot. Hey dude shoes with sox style are made up of dual layer elasticated fabric.

This material is flexible, adapts to your foot but still retains its form. Wally sox classic shoe is the perfect example for the hey dude shoes made from sox materials. Adjustable laces and a rigid traction outsole are its features. Also goes well with wide toes.

The stretchy style of hey dude shoes are made from elasticated fabric and another model that stretches out. It adapts to the size of your feet. Wally stretch shoes are an ideal example for stretchy material shoes. Due to the incorporation of flex and fold technology, you can walk an extra mile with these shoes as it provides additional support and comfort.

Pros of stretch out shoes:

  • Goes well with wide toes
  • Adapts to your foot size
  • Sox hey dude shoes can be cleaned easily in a washing machine

Cons of being stretchy:

  • You cannot wear sox shoes in a snowstorm
  • They require more care to prevent them from washing off

Do Hey Dude Shoes Come In Wide Width Sizes?

Hey Dude Wide Fitting :

Hey Dude manufactures wide fitting models that includes the ultra wide fit. It claims the ultra wide fit to be the most comfortable shoes on the market. This style features a removable memory foam insole with leather lining.

These features make it one of the best shoes to wear without socks. They do not have any odor. It is lightweight and very easy to clean even using a washing machine. If you have a wide foot, you will want proper fit and better fit from choosing the ideal shoe in a wide fit instead of choosing the next bigger size.

What Size Hey Dudes Should I Get?

The common question for customers is what size hey dudes should I get? My suggestion based on my experience is to get the next size up for the best fit if you generally wear half sizes. If you enjoy a more comfortable and snug feel, you can get Wally and wendy hey dude models that are made up of woven cotton and may stretch out.

Where To Buy Hey Dude Shoes?

You can buy hey dude shoes by surfing through their website You can also get them from retailers such as:

  • Amazon
  • Desert cart
  • Buckle
  • Journeys
  • Dillards
  • Rackroomshoes


  1. Should I size up or down in Hey dude shoes?

    The general consensus is to size up rather than down. They're a touch long in the front, but it doesn't make a difference in how they fit.

  2. Do Wendy Hey Dudes run big?

    It's really lovely and cozy! They run a little big, so if you're in between sizes, go down.

  3. Will Hey Dudes stretch?

    Only the sox and stretch types of Hey Dude shoes stretch readily. These versions are made of an elasticized material that adapts to the contour of your feet with ease.

  4. Do hey dude shoes run true to size?

    When it comes to sizing, though, some of their models fit true to size, while others don't. On the plus side, every product page on the company's web stores offers sizing guidelines to help you out.

  5. Are Hey Dudes Supposed to Fit Loose?

    Hey Dude shoes are made to be loose-fitting, ostensibly for comfort, but you could still always tighten them to your feet by tightening the shoelaces firmly.

  6. Are Hey Dude Shoes Good for Your Feet?

    Yes! Plantar fasciitis sufferers and those with weak arch support will benefit from these shoes.


Tightening your Hey Dude shoes is a crucial step in the shoe-tying procedure. A sloppy shoe might cause you to trip and fall, potentially resulting in a twisted ankle or worse.

Although Hey Dude shoes are built to last, they do have the potential to loosen over time. If you’ve found that your Hey Dudes have loosened in recent weeks or months and would want some advice on “how to tighten hey dudes shoes fit?” then hopefully it did its job quite well.

First, look for evidence of wear or damage on the shoe that could be causing it to stretch out too quickly.

If the shoe itself is in good condition, measure both feet and use a ruler to ensure that they fit tightly around your ankle.

They should be comfortable around your ankle once you’ve tightened them enough, but never so tight that they cut down circulation or lead to pain. To loosen them, simply reverse the process.

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