How to Unshrink Crocs That Are Small

Crocs are the greatest pair of sandals available on the market online these days. In a world where everything is fast-paced, crocs are really handy to wear everywhere as they are so lightweight, durable, and versatile. They are absolutely adorable and so easy to wear. Not to forget, the comfort that they bring is a bonus that cannot be found everywhere.

Crocs derive their greatest qualities from the material that is used to make them, namely, Croslite. The Croslite material makes them soft, comfortable, lightweight and durable. This is extremely flexible, which gives them the elastic property to stretch and shrink. So they can shrink upon circumstances that are unsuitable for crocs. You might often find yourself wondering “How to unshrink crocs?” in such scenarios.

unshrink crocs shoes

Crocs can either be smaller in size from before or they can shrink because of unforeseeable circumstances like being left in the heat for too long or putting them in the dryer. If any of this has happened to you, do not stress yourself out as there is always a way out of these situations.

Do Crocs Stretch?

To answer the question as simply as possible, the answer is yes. Crocs do stretch. One might look at crocs and be assured that they would never change their size, but they do. It might be a size bigger or a size smaller, but it does stretch.

Additionally, they not only stretch but can also shrink, which might be news to some people.

The material used to make crocs, Croslite, is a special resin-like material that provides the plastic-like property to the sandals that allows them space to stretch or shrink. Because of this very property, it is also easy to get them back to their original shape.

How To Unshrink Crocs?

There are a few methods that can be followed to unshrink crocs. They are not very difficult methods, quite easy to follow, actually. You do not need adult supervision for this and can perform these methods at home.

Method 1: Unshrink Crocs By Dipping in Hot Water

If you want immediate results, this method is the right choice for you. This method does wonders in no time at all. This method is effective but has to be performed effectively and with precision.

  1. Take a large pan and put enough water in it to soak shoes in it completely.
  2. Boil the water in the pan.
  3. Dip the crocs in the boiling water.
  4. Make sure that you do not keep your crocs dripped in. Take them out in or before one minute is up.
  5. Take the crocs out to cool them.
  6. Do not cool them down completely, though.
  7. When they have cooled down slightly, put them at your feet.
  8. You must decide the right temperature for yourself to wear them. You can also wear a pair of socks to put them on, or you can simply wait for them to cool down.
  9. Walk around in them for about five to ten minutes.

This is an effective method for your crocs to stretch for you to walk in them comfortably for a few days. This is a temporary method but shows results immediately.

Method 2: Use a hair dryer to heat the Crocs

As easy as the dipping in hot water method is, it is also quite dangerous. The crocs have a slight chance of losing their colour or texture when soaked in hot water for too long. To avoid such problems, there are other methods that can be employed, like using a hair dryer to heat the crocs.

  1. You will need a hair dryer, a thin towel, and your Crocs.
  2. Wrap the towel around your crocs. The wrapping of the towel is necessary to distribute the heat throughout the crocs. If you do not wrap the towel properly, there are high chances of a single spot getting more heat than the other areas.
  3. Focus on putting the heat on the inside of the crocs. The process might need repetition, but you can start by heating the shoes for approximately three minutes.
  4. While doing so, keep an eye on the crocs and the material, whether or not the excessive heat is damaging the shoes/
  5. When the shoes are hot enough, wear them. Do make sure that you are wearing shoes with thick socks, otherwise, there are high chances of burning your feet,
  6. Walk around in those shoes for about five to ten minutes.
  7. This should show enough difference, but the process can be repeated multiple times for desired results.

Method 3: By Wearing Thick Socks with Crocs

Heat can be a little dangerous element to mess with, so it is understandable that people do not want to apply any heat application on or around their crocs. The heat helps mould the shape of the crocs quite easily and quickly, but if you do not want to do that, there is another way that might take a little time but is known to be effective.

You can try wearing thick socks around with your crocs. You will have to give time to your crocs in this method. It might take days but it will definitely loosen the crocs at the end of the day.

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  1. Do Crocs stretch out after wearing them?

    Yes, Crocs do stretch out after being worn. Especially if you are wearing them with thick socks every day.

  2. Do Crocs Really Unshrink?

    Yes, there are many certain ways to unshrink your crocs with and without heat application. Applying heat will unshrink them faster, while the other method might take slightly more time.

  3. Why do Crocs shrink?

    Sometimes crocs might be smaller in size than other times. It could also be a result of having left them in the heat for too long or in the dryer.

  4. Can crocs get stretched out?

    Yes, crocs can stretch out. This happens because of the material from which they are made, which is quite flexible and might stretch out or shrink.


Crocs have become very dear to people who wear them for everyday casual events. They are comfortable and easy to wear. Crocs have become a huge hit in the market and are a favourite in every person’s wardrobe.

They might shrink or stretch out a little here and there, but there are always ways available to get them back to their original size, so this should never be a reason to worry.

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