Is Ariat A Good Brand Of Boots? 2023 Review

Out of the numerous brands of boots available, Ariat is claimed to be worth the investment by those who purchased it. Not only do they have the perfect cowboy boots but can also be used for work boots, casual wear, and outdoor adventures like hunting, trekking, horse riding, or trekking. They have been excelling in the technology and style of their boots for the last two decades. Ariat boots are available for both men and women and are made according to the different foot types. Their designs are made keeping in mind all types of features like heels, toes, plateaus, midsoles, etc. This article clears the doubts of those wondering “Is Ariat a good brand of boots?”.

Is Ariat A Good Brand Of Boots 2022 Review

How did Ariat Get its Name?

Ariat, the brand name was inspired by an actual racehorse named Secretariat. The name ‘Ariat” is derived from the latter half of the name ‘Secretariat’. He was nicknamed the Big Red and was the first one to win the Triple Crown in 25 years.

But that wasn’t all, since he won it a total of three times. What was special about the horse was its abnormally large heart which was two times bigger than a regular racehorse. The fast speed at which he ran was also due to his stride being about 20% longer than other thoroughbreds.

This contributed to its winning the Triple Crown in 1973 and being known as one of the greatest of all time. Co-founder and CEO Beth Ross named her footwear brand as Ariat to show a similar kind of fighting spirit and be “The New Breed of Boot”. In an interview, Beth Ross claimed to have watched Secretariat win the race on her television and was awed by the fact that the records he set back in 1973 are still standing.

What Is The Ariat Brand Known For?

Ariat was the first ever company that used the technology for athletic shoes on their boots. Initially, when Beth Ross and Pam Parker made a proposal and submitted it to Reebok, they were declined.

But that did not stop them from assembling a team of shoe designers, engineers for footwear, and podiatrists after drawing up a business plan. Ariat is known for its apparel, footwear, and accessories for outdoor riding or working.

These boots are pretty durable and they last for a minimum of 5 years. The fashion and comfort of these boots are not only for the equestrian athletes all over the world but for the general public as well. They believed horse riding to be a tough spot for athletes and that every horse rider was one.

Their goal was to treat every rider equally both in the case of body and wardrobe. Ariat may be well known for its premium quality leather but what comes as a surprise to first time users is the insole. Such a recognizable trademark is only felt once the boots are on. The insole is so cushiony that it will give the feel of a sneaker in a boot.

Where Are Ariat Boots Made Of?

Despite being an American brand with its headquarters situated in California, most Ariat boots are made overseas in Mexico, Italy, and China. Few lace-up boots and loafers that fall in the Two24 range are the exception.

They might be produced overseas but all products of Ariat are designed in Union City, California. To outsource the majority of the production is made keeping in mind all the risks that come with it. But in the current economy with such a competitive global market, it is a risk worth taking.

Cowhide is mostly used as leather for making boots where they need to be tanned and processed into leather. Just like how the United States is the largest exporter of cowhide, China is the largest buyer of cowhide as well as the largest producer of leather before Italy.

They supply about 80% of the leather throughout the world. Leather tanning is an essential process involving a number of steps. Italy is known worldwide as the most skilled in processing leather.

These factors can be the reason Ariat decided to produce boots overseas that will not only have the highest quality leather and also bring in profits since boots made in America tend to be much more costly.

Are Ariat Brand Boots Good Quality?

Ariat may produce different types of boots but all of them offer maximum protection and comfort throughout. The features that make Ariat different from other boots are comfort, waterproof, high quality, leather, insulation, sizing, and safety.

Just because a boot is stylish and catches the eye does not guarantee the fact that its quality is good. But in the case of this brand of boots, they are both.

 These long-lasting comfortable cowboy boots have:

  • Uppers made of high quality leather
  • Insoles are rubberized
  • Mid-calf shafts
  • Soles with dura threads
  • Square toe designs

Besides being made with premium quality leather they are made in a way that helps keep them stable and in shape for many years. They are well known for its 150 step construction process while being crafted.

This is what gives such comfort, makes them durable, and is a perfect fit. As a result of such an intensive process, Ariat hardly ever receives complaints regarding the quality of their boots.

They come with that guarantee that one can wear them for long hours but won’t have any issues with the soles or seams. They are preferred by athletes, equestrian organizations as well as celebrities, and public figures.

Are Ariat Boots Comfortable?

Ariat might have a rugged outer appearance but the interior is equipped with soft cushioned soles along with the guarantee of shock absorption. In case the boots are a bit tight even after breaking in them, one can stretch them to fit. They provide the same amount of comfort even when the boots for men and women are different. Some such boots found comfortable are as follows:

Ariat Boots for Women:

  • Ariat Dixon Western Boots
  • Ariat Paddick Boots
  • Ariat Fatbaby Boots

Ariat Boots for Men:

  • Ariat Workhog Boots
  • Ariat Spitfire Boots
  • Ariat Groundbreaker Boots

Just like any other cowboy boot, Ariat boots provide excellent foot support. They can give one optimal comfort as long as they fit perfectly and can even be better than tennis shoes.

On top of all that they innovate to level up the various functions of their products. For excellent production, they even work together with certain testing labs and biometric research groups. So no matter how muddy or wet the place is, Ariat boots would keep the feet clean, dry, and warm.

Are Ariat Boots Real Leather?

Ariat boots are designed and produced by experienced professionals with good quality raw materials so that they can last for a long time and withstand tough conditions. These leather boots are handcrafted that give a classic cowboy look without looking old-fashioned.

The leather used in these boots is mostly from cowhides but there are a few styles that use buffalo leather. Customers are advised to purchase Ariat boots directly from sellers to avoid being cheated into buying knock offs.

The authenticity is clear from the porous surface and the smell of the leather. If one by chance finds the surface of the boots not smooth or if they smell like plastic there is a high chance of them being fake. Since Ariat produces a wide variety of footwear, they may not necessarily be made of leather.

But when it comes to their boots, they are 100% genuine leather. The reason behind their production overseas also is due to this reason to some extent. Not only is China the largest producer of leather followed by Italy, but Italy is also the best at processing leather.

Are Ariat Boots Worth the Money?

Ariat has received very few complaints and most of the positive reviews are filled with praises. Their products come in a range of prices and one can simply buy according to their budget.

Most people who have used Ariat boots for a while have claimed them to be worth every penny due to their durability.

These boots last for years that come with EVA soles and cushiony padding in a range of styles making them one of the most desired boots on the global market. Some of such prices of the most popular boots from Ariat are:

  • Ariat Fatbaby Boots – $100 (women)
  • Ariat WorkHog Boots – $210 (men)
  • Ariat Dixon Western Boots – $185 (women)
  • Ariat Spitfire Boots – $110 (men)
  • Ariat Paddock Boots – $ 140 (women)
  • Ariat Groundbreaker Boots – $130 (men)

Ariat is a brand that offers a wide variety of footwear especially the boots that are specifically designed for the benefit of the riders whether they be competing, working, or simply in a regular setting. Ariat has been an expert in the industry for more than a couple of decades and that certainly says a lot about the brand.

Are Ariat Boots Waterproof?

Ariat boots are low maintenance since the high quality boot leather is treated with oils and waxes to make it waterproof. To clean dust and debris, one can simply wipe it off with a wet rag.

These boots can keep one’s feet dry even in wet conditions and ensures zero water stains on the leather. Unlike most classic cowboy boots that are unable to withstand water and need an application of waterproofing spray after being bought, Ariat boots differ a lot.

Most of the boots this brand produces are waterproof, and others are atleast water resistant. It is the porosity of the leather that makes the water seep in but the waterproofing coats it Ariat boots do not.

Do Ariat Boots Stretch?

In case the boots are a bit tight, one can also stretch them. The areas that usually need to be stretched are the width, shaft, and the instep. The different ways of stretching Ariat boots are as follows:

  1. Steaming – Boil a pot of water and let the steam rise. Hold the boots upside down so that the steam enters through its shaft. Maintain the position for atleast 5 to 10 minutes until the steam relaxes the leather. One should then try on them once they cool for a minimum of 30 minutes. This would loosen them and adjust to the form of the feet. Another way would be to put a fist inside and twist instead of the foot before steaming again. After repeating this process a couple of times more they will fit.
  2. Commercial Stretch Spray – One can simply follow the instructions are spray it over and inside the boots before wearing them.
  3. Boot Stretcher – This is mostly used to stretch the portions of the boot that gives discomfort.

Are Ariat Boots True To Size?

Ariat boots are usually bigger than other boots, so customers are advised to purchase boots that are half size smaller than their usual shoe size. Due to them being bigger in comparison to other brands people are recommended to buy smaller boots.

Ariat’s size chart is also reviewed as appropriate by their customers. Later on, after the purchase is made, one just needs to break in them properly to fit. Initially, the boots might have a stiffer sole but as one gradually wears them they will get more comfortable. And in case the boots are bought online and too big or too small then one can simply contact Ariat and ask for the correct size.

How To Break in Ariat Boots?

The simplest method of breaking into Ariat boots is to spend enough time wearing them so they loosen and fit the foot size. The time it takes ranges from half an hour to a few hours. The few common ways used by Ariat boot lovers are as follows:

  • Regular Use – This is the easiest way where one wears the boots regularly. It may take them days or weeks even to break in. One should initially start by wearing the boots for shorter periods of time and start increasing them gradually.
  • Socks – One can wear two pairs of socks at once and try on the boots. The extra padding provided would help stretch them from the inside if used regularly and they will soon fit perfectly.
  • Heating – One can also use low heat, perhaps by their hairdryer, on the boots. But the heat should be controlled and instead of overheating they should be applied at intervals. Stretch once they are warm and then leave to cool.

Who Makes Ariat Boots?

Ariat boots are made by an American footwear brand known as Ariat International Inc. Ariat was founded in Union City, California by Beth Cross and Pam Parker back in 1993 when they were students of Stanford Business School.

It might simply have started as an equestrian and horse riding footwear company but now along with the large variety of footwear they also sell apparel and accessories.

Even though the boots are designed in the US, they are actually produced outside of the US, mostly in China, Italy, and Mexico. Although the designs are completely American, the manpower is from mostly other countries like China, Mexico, and Italy.


When it comes to traditional American footwear, especially cowboy boots, Ariat can be said to be one of the best choices available. Besides high quality leather, durability, and style, these boots can be said to be a lasting investment.

One can get their money’s worth with such premium quality footwear that would last a decade or more. Besides prioritizing the production of footwear, Ariat also donates a part of its profit to various charitable organizations.

So the answer to “Is Ariat a Good Brand would be yes. Not only does one get to have a high quality boot but also part of our money goes to the national charities that Ariat contributes to.

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