11 Best Barefoot Dress Shoes For Men 2022

Which are the best barefoot dress shoes for men? If you want to know the answer, you have landed on the right page. Barefoot dress shoes are professional-looking shoes without heels. These barefoot shoes are also termed “zero-drop” or minimalist shoes.

Barefoot Dress Shoes for Men are one of those comfortable pair which makes the wearer rave about their great experience in them. Hikers and runners wear barefoot shoes to have the feel of running with bare foot still maintaining the comfort and versatility.

These barefoot dress shoes for men are the perfect companion for work and black-tie affairs. They have a flexible outsole, are lightweight and are flawlessly perfect for your feet. Barefoot dress shoes are usually termed as formal, dress, or office barefoot shoes and are designed to make you feel like you are wearing nothing on your feet.

What Exactly are Barefoot Shoes?

Barefoot shoes are those that provide a natural moment of the foot with a very minimum restriction to the foot’s movement. It provides the feeling of running barefoot while wearing the shoe for a healthy lifestyle. There are different aspects of barefoot shoes that make them great to use, such as zero drop, thin-soles, lightweight, flexibility, wide-toe box, and zero cushioning.

What are the Minimalist Zero Drop Dress Shoes Men’s 2022

According to The Journal of Foot and Ankle Research, Minimalistic Zero Drop Shoes are defined as “Footwear providing minimal interference with the natural movement of the foot due to its high flexibility, low heel-to-toe drop, weight and stack height, and the absence of motion control and stability devices.

Minimalistic Zero Drop Shoes suggest that we should stay that way we were born- Barefoot. And that is where the importance of minimalistic shoes finds light. Don’t rush into them, take a breath.

Let your feet break into them, and then you can have the full experience of being barefoot with minimalistic zero-drop shoes. And those pair made for your black tie events is the minimalistic zero drop dress shoe. 

Xero Shoes Men's Alston Leather Dress ShoeXero Shoes Men's Alston Leather Dress Shoe
Vivobarefoot Men's RA II Classic OxfordVivobarefoot Men's RA II Classic Oxford
  • Light, flexible and breathable, with an ultra-thin sole
  • Wild Hide Leather - naturally scarred and durable
  • Men's Everyday Shoes
  • Dri-Lex treated lining
Vivobarefoot Women's GOBI II ClassicVivobarefoot Women's GOBI II Classic
  • 100% Leather
  • Leather sole
  • Non-Marking TPU Outsole
  • Women's Everyday Shoes
GROUNDIES Palermo Men Barefoot Sneaker BlackGROUNDIES Palermo Men Barefoot Sneaker Black
  • Zero drop and neutral footbed
  • Wide toe box and anatomical shape
  • Flexible, non-slip, abrasion resistant
  • 3 years warranty against wearing through of sole

1. Cole Haan Mens Zerogrand Stitchlite Wingtio Oxford

An elite looking pair of Zerogrand Stitchlite Wingtio oxford for men from Cole Hans works as one of the best bare-foot dress shoes. The functional brogue detailing is made to decrease weight and provide breathability.

barefoot leather shoes

The Grand OS technology outsole provides an immaculate comfortable fit. The upper of the shoe is made with ripstop nylon which are bonded with each other using high frequency wielding to reduce number of components and thereby reducing the weight of the shoe.

barefoot dress shoe

The shaft measures approximately low-top from arch and the EVA midsole gives the ideal bare-foot experience. The knit material makes it hard for the heel in terms of support. Cole Hans suggests ordering ½ a size less for these particular pair as the knit upper of this style tends to have more space or a bit loose fit.

  • Light-weight
  • Breathability
  • Knit-material
  • Bigger size

2. Cole Haan Mens Original Grand Shortwing Oxford Shoe – Minimalist Dress Shoes For Men

Original Grand short wing from cole haan is one of the most popular shoes made under the mens barefoot dress shoes category with superior comfort at a great price.

minimalist casual shoes mens

These zero-drop dress shoes are built-in with 100% wingtip oxford leather, making the shoes look extremely stylish. They are layered with an Eva mid-sole and an exterior rubber outsole. The shoe provides extreme comfort and grip for the wearer. The nubuck upper enhances the style quotient.

This minimalistic pair has a unique mix of formal and sport that allows you to wear them to go to work or even attend a casual meeting. If you’re looking for an oxford/wingtip that offers comfort, style and quality, these are a perfect buy. 

barefoot dress shoe

With all the features mentioned above, They can be used for a longer period without feeling any fatigue or discomfort. That’s why they are one of the best mens leather barefoot shoes.

  • Light-weight
  • Stylish
  • Rubber outsole’
  • Grand OS technology comfort
  • Nubuck upper
  • Wingtop oxford leather
  • Insole issue
  • Bigger size

3. VivoBarefoot Gobi II – Vivo Barefoot Dress Shoes

This vibrantly stylish-looking pair of Gobi II Men’s Classic Desert Boots from Vivobarefoot are in perfect balance with fashion and function. These minimalistic shoes would always be ready for your journey, looking good, feeling great and letting your feet do their thing.

mens minimalist dress shoes

The Gobi II pair would sure attract the eyes with their raw and sturdy look. Their minimal lacing, soft leather, and simple clean lines make these barefoot minimal pairs the best pick as your dress shoes. The wide-toe box makes your toes spread and makes your feet happier.

These Vivobarefoot Gobi II Men’s Classic Deseret Boot gets the work done as the perfect pair of barefoot dress shoes for men.

They are one of the best men’s minimalist casual shoes. They have the same Active sole as RAII, which helps your feet immensely. You feel planted and nimble-footed.

zero drop casual shoes mens

They have a classy look, thin and puncture-resistant sole, and perfect barefoot experience. You can wear the shoes for daily work or throw them on and go to the party. They won’t look out of place.

For people who occasionally wear shoes and want that barefoot experience, Gobi II shoes are a perfect choice.

As long as you take proper care of these shoes, they will last you for a while.

These shoes are even more expensive than the RA II. Finding barefoot shoes that are this stylish and premium is a hard thing. If you are willing to pay a high price for that something extra then these are perfect for you.

  • 100% barefoot feel
  • Soft, pliable leather upper
  • Zero rise/no heels
  • Sole wears easily

4. Merrell Men’s Vapor Glove 3 Luna Leather Sneaker – Zero Drop Dress Shoes For Men

The Vapor Golve 3 Luna Leather pair from Merrell is an elegant, classic look that’ll fit right into most formal occasions where you need to dress the shoes up a bit with a clean yet stylish look.

zero heel drop casual shoes

This barefoot shoe is made for minimal look and maximum protection. The soft full grain leather upper with vibram sole gives a sock-like feel for a locked-down fit with nearly zero ground-to-foot experience.

zero drop casual shoes

The shaft measurement is low-top from arch with a trail protect pad that offers underfoot protection while being comfortable enough to wear every day. Those are perfect shoes for traveling as they take very little space in luggage and light lightweight which makes them great barefoot formal dress shoes for men.

These shoes will cost around $100, with the price going up to $269 for some of the limited edition shoes.

  • Light-weight
  • Soft grain leather upper
  • Vibram sole
  • Not water-proof

5. Jousen Men’s Retro Derby Oxford formal men’s shoes – Best Zero Drop Dress Shoes

Some people don’t like the way barefoot dress shoes look and prefer the look of modern stylish dress shoes. Well, look no further. Jousen Mens Retro shoe is your answer for such people.

They are very stylish and have a longer length so they become narrow after your toe ends. That’s why they look like normal shoes while giving all the benefits of barefoot shoes.

This dress shoes from Jousen runs true to their name as formal shoes. It is imperative that dress shoes needs to be comfy at the same time durable and these minimalistic dress shoes pair works to this concept.

This dress shoe pair is built in with premium 100% cow leather retro upper enhanced with waxed laces. The memory foam soft insoles with breathable lining make a comfier place for your feet.

These minimalistic shoes are flexible and the wear-resistant rubber-sole makes them a perfect pick for any occasion from formal to party. The shoes may feel a little snug at the first wear but it gives its way for comfort when once you break in.

You can wear them on a long day of work without getting tired. They don’t look like zero drop shoes, but they are one. The company has used high-end technology to make perfect barefoot dress shoes that everyone will like to wear.

These shoes are on the expensive side but definitely worth it for people who are willing to spend a few extra bucks for barefoot shoes that look good.

  • Light-weight
  • Stylish
  • Comfy insoles
  • Non-water proof

6. CLARKS Men’s Raharto Plain Oxford shoes – Mens Leather Barefoot Shoes

The Clarks Raharto Plain Men’s Shoes from the Clarks collection are a perfect mix of casual and dress shoes. It is built with versatile oxford leather, with a men’s lace-up and a contrasting rubber outsole that exudes good traction.

barefoot dress shoes men

The removable ortho-lite footbed enhanced with cushion soft technology provides full length purposeful padding and softness, which guarantees comfort at every step. The soft uppers are made for full flexibility and easy movement. The full-length cushioning gives complete underfoot comfort, with a footbed for moisture management.

The lightweight Eva outsole enhances the traction. These minimalistic clarks pair are technically not a zero-drop shoe, but the lift is minimal and the heel actually sits below the arch so any drop is imperceptible. Plus, the toe box is wide enough so that toes do not get cinched in any way. Those with foot issues can find comfort in the awesomeness of these best barefoot dress shoes.

barefoot dress shoes men

As much as I like them, I would like to mention that they are a bit pricier than usual men’s minimalist casual shoes. They offer a couple of different finishes and looks for you to select.

  • Lightweight
  • Ortholite foot-bed
  • Soft cushion technology
  • Insole design

7. Camper Men’s Peu Cami Sneaker – Men’s Minimalist Casual Shoes

The Peu Cami sneaker from Campers is one of the best zero-drop minimalistic shoes that one can choose. The shoe is built around the shape of the foot for better comfort and momentum.

These zero drop minimalistic pair can be worn for business environment and look great on khakis or jean. The minimal arch support and the wide-toe box make it easier for your feet to blend in into comfort zone.

The shoe has a very minimalistic design with a thin sole, you can feel the ground underneath. For those who want to go for the barefoot experience in a great style these camper men’s peu sneaker dress shoes works as the best option.

They have zero-drop soles, so no problem with your posture and no pain in the heels and are surely one of the best barefoot formal shoes for men.

  • Lightweight
  • Wide toe box
  • Minimalistic
  • No arch support

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8. Vivo barefoot Men’s RA II Classic Oxford – Barefoot Dress Shoes Mens

These Vivo barefoot Men’s RA II Classic Oxford dress shoes are light, flexible, and breathable. The oxford lace-up and the leather upper do a perfect job of keeping up the appearance and maintaining the barefoot experience. The wild hide leather used in the making of the pair makes them naturally comfortable and durable.

barefoot dress shoes men

The string upper with the ultra-thin sole gives total flexibility, at the same time allowing your feet to engage with the ground. The upper made into the shape of th foot gives you the feeling of putting on a soft leather glove and the foot-bed insert keeps your feet dry and odor less.

barefoot shoes for office

The sole of the Vivo lether barefoot shoe is the special feature with RA II and made out of V-sense TPU. The soles are incredibly pliable which lets your feet find their own natural position with a barefoot experience.

  • 100% barefoot feel
  • Soft, pliable leather upper
  • Zero rise/no heels
  • Sole wears easily

9. Vivobarefoot Men’s Gobi II M leather Walking Shoes – Barefoot Formal Shoes For Men

These Gobi II M leather Walking pair from Vivobarefoot is the original barefoot desert boot designed sturdily for you natural movement and to make your feet explore freedom.

The wild hide leather material with a soft leather lining makes it an absolute rogue pair. The removable thermal insoles with 3mm foam topped with antibacterial cork make your feet comfortable, breathable and dry all day long.

The lifestyle outsole gives you a total barefoot experience with a sensory feedback to make it the perfect packable travel companion for every day wear to your office.

  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Thermal insoles
  • Antibacterial cork

10. Xero Shoes Men’s Melbourne Casual Chelsea Boots – Minimalist Shoes For The Office

These pairs of Melbourne casual Chelsea boots from Xero make your feet bend, flex and feel the world. The wide-toe box in the shoe lets your toes spread and relax without any pressure. The flexible sole lets your feet do their natural best and the non-elevated zero-drop heel enhances your posture while providing balance and agility.

wide toe box dress shoes mens

The rubber sole provides you with just the right amount of protection while being minimalistic enough. The removable insole lets you have the complete barefoot experience if you remove it. The shoes are durable with a vegan-friendly material and run true to size. Also, the product has a 5000 mile sole warranty.

formal barefoot shoes

This classically designed Melbourne casual pair is a blend of comfort and fashion with supple grain leather, wide toe box, non-elevated flexible soles and removable insoles. The lightweight construction and the barefoot feeling make you feel it’s barely there.

  • Lightweight
  • Non-elevated flexible soles
  • Removable insole
  • Wide-to box

11. Xero Shoes Mens Alston Leather Dress Shoe – Mens Minimalist Dress Shoes

The classic-made Alston leather dress shoes from Xero are a perfect blend made to fit your regular and formal look, providing performance and comfort, and can be considered as the best men’s leather barefoot shoes.

The feeltrue rubber sole gives you the perfect barefoot experience, and at the same time, the shoe is very light-weight. The oxford style lace-up is an added attraction. The zero-drop sole is built-in to provide a non-elevated heel for proper posture, agility, and balance. The rubber sole is also equipped with a dual-chevron tread for traction.

The wide toe box and the 2mm insole give you the perfect barefoot movement with comfort. The outer flexible sole lets you bend and move as your feet are supposed to do. The full-grain buffalo leather gives lasting comfort to the barefoot pair.

  • Lightweight
  • Non-elevated flexible soles
  • Removable insole
  • Wide-to box

There are different aspects of barefoot shoes that make them great to use


The height difference between the area at the front of the shoe and the area under the heel of the foot is zero, and so we call these barefoot shoes “zero drop shoes.” The shoe is built-in without heel-drop, so there wouldn’t be any elevated platform. The whole sole is flat against the ground.

Thin soles:

The soles of these shoes are so thin that you could actually feel the ground beneath the feet, so that sensory feedback on the feet influences the sense of balance and spatial orientation.

Lightweight and flexible:

The upper material of the shoe should be lightweight and flexible.

Wide-toe box:

Barefoot shoe provides wide-toe box, so that the toes are allowed to have grip on the ground and naturally spread out while walking.

No Extra Support:

The barefoot shoes do not have any kind of cushioning, padding, or inlay with the intention of making things easier for the foot.

  • The conventional shoes we use make our feet lazier. If the foot doesn’t have any work to do, it grows weaker over time and remains in sleep mode even when it’s in motion. Barefoot shoes are built-in to make your feet work by deliberately leaving any kind of support. Using barefoot shoes makes the foot learn to support itself and grow stronger day-by-day.


The above mentioned barefoot dress shoes for men are the best options from one can pick for making their feet comfortable. These barefoot dress shoe option can make your feet healthy as well making your back, hips, knees and posture fit.

Transitioning to barefoot shoes can take time until you break into them.

These minimalistic shoes offer a modern and comfortable appeal with freedom for natural walking. The best barefoot dress shoes for men can be worn to different occasions as they will easily go with your formal and party attires.

The right shoes bring you a sense of balance and stability all day long while at the same time promoting health. The barefoot/zero-drop/minimalist/low-drop dress shoes, whatever you may name them as, are made to improve your posture and gait, thereby promoting overall health.

Always choose quality when choosing the men’s zero drop dress shoes. They should have the features of ultra-thin soles, canvas uppers, wide toe boxes, and antibacterial insoles. Don’t get yourself confused; the aforementioned barefoot shoes would clear all your doubts.

The barefoot shoe industry is growing more than ever. More and more people are realizing the importance of barefoot shoes and how harmful are the shoes that we wear in our daily routine. Barefoot shoes allow us to take care of our feet more healthily and naturally.

Compromising the foot’s health for the sake of fashion is definitely the wrong way to go. There is nothing wrong with having cool, stylish shoes while also tending to your feet. Barefoot dress shoes do just that. Zero-drop and thin soles plus the use of natural and high-quality material make these shoes perfect for your everyday and occasional use.

Barefoot shoes also come with the distinct advantage of having a wide toe-box which is completely lacking in modern shoes. I have mentioned above 11 barefoot dress shoes for men, and they all check the boxes in terms of quality and comfort with few minor issues here and there.

You won’t go wrong with buying any of them. A lot of these shoes offer a 30-day return/refund policy so there is no harm in trying out which shoes fit you the best. I have mentioned shoes that start from a lower price range to a very high end.

So there is a choice for everyone. If you had any doubts before, then I hope this article has tackled most of them.

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