Mink Oil Ruined My Boots, How to Fix it?

Mink Oil is a great product often used on suede and leather shoes to make them more durable and make them resistant to certain chemicals. It is recommended to use mink oil as soon as you get your boots/shoes and then you must ensure to apply it periodically on your shoes for their longevity. The problem arises when you are not aware of the fact that mink oil changes the colour of the leather slightly, but it does not necessarily ruin your boots. Mink oil might make the leather of your boots a shade or two darker, but you can always turn it back to the original.

How to Remove Mink Oil from Leather Boots?

How to Remove Mink Oil from Leather Boots?

There are certain steps that you must take to carefully remove mink oil from your boots without damaging your leather boots any further.

With The Help Of Talcum Powder And Hair Spray:

  1. As soon as you realize you have put extra mink oil on your boots, blot them.
  2. Do not rub the cloth on your boots, but pat the leather of your boots where you can see the extra oil to prevent excess absorption.
  3. Sprinkle talcum powder or baking soda on the area where you can see the oil.
  4. Let the powder stay on the boots for at least 8 hours, or preferably overnight.
  5. Have a leather or suede brush ready to dust off the powder the next day.
  6. Spray boots with hair spray.
  7. Do not leave the hair spray on the boots for more than 30 seconds, and make sure to wipe them off immediately.
  8. If you see the colour is not back to the original shade, you can repeat the steps once again.

With Bristle Brush And Dish Soap:

  1. Dish soap, specifically, is recommended to remove excess mink oil.
  2. Take lukewarm water and make a mixture with dish soap.
  3. Dip the bristle brush in the mixture.
  4. When the bristle brush is entirely soaked, scrub the surface of the boots.
  5. Make sure to scrub with very light hands.
  6. Excessive pressure might damage the leather of the shoes.
  7. Leave the boots to dry.
  8. Let them sit with the mixture overnight.
  9. Use a suede eraser to rub the boots the next day.

How To Apply Mink Oil To Leather Boots?

Using mink oil in boots is a common practice. Mink oil is known for its instant transformative actions on leather boots, as it can make the boots more durable and make them water-resistant. It is very easy to apply them on boots, and you must use them on all your leather boots.

  1. Clean your boots.
  2. Wipe your boots to remove any extra dirt or dust particles that might be present.
  3. Warm your boots a little using a hairdryer.
  4. Mink oil is thick in consistency, so you can heat that up as well to make it a little thinner for use.
  5. Take a cloth to apply mink oil on the boots.
  6. Take the cloth with mink oil and gently rub it on your leather boots.
  7. Make sure to apply evenly on the entire surface and do not leave any spots out.

What is Mink Oil?

Mink oil is a kind of oil that is obtained by the fur industry. Its exclusive properties make it aptly suitable for medical and cosmetic purposes. It is used in treating and preserving materials like leather or suede. It helps preserve leather boots and shoes and makes them shinier and water-resistant. They often change the colour of the leather to a shade or two darker, but it can be reversed easily, which is why it is widely used on leather. Leather can be pretty hard to keep intact otherwise, and it is not easy to find substitutes for mink oil easily. Therefore, despite the consequences of using mink oil, it is still widely in use.

How Is Mink Oil Made?

Minks are carnivore animals commonly found near water bodies. Mink oil is extracted from minks. Minks are killed and pelts are made using them. They are used to make high-end coats. These coats leave a layer of fat out before they are finalized, which is how oil is extracted in the end. Cosmetic companies who are endeavoring to make animal cruelty free products have devised a way to extract oil from live minks without harming or killing them. A needle is used to extract the oil from their abdomens as that is where most fat can be found.

What Is Mink Oil Used For?

Mink oil is known to be useful in various fields. It is famous for the various properties that it imbibes. As already established, mink oil is made of fat that is mostly unsaturated and is stripped off the skin of the mink. The oil thus has oxidizing power to great intensity. Because of this major contributing factor, it is used quite excessively and prevalently as a leather conditioner. Leather can get torn easily or lose its lustre, which is where mink oil comes into use as it restores the natural oils of leather and also makes it more durable. It also works as a lubricant and makes the leather more flexible.

Another major benefit of using mink oil on leather boots is that it makes the boots water-resistant, so you get the benefits of durability, flexibility, and waterproofing all with one product.

Is Mink Oil Good For Leather Boots?

As aforementioned above, mink oil is great, if not simply the best product to use on leather boots. The properties of mink oil render it absolutely suitable for use on leather boots, which otherwise is uncommon. Not all products or polishes or cleaners can be used on leather as it can be quite stubborn to clean. But with mink oil, you can be reassured about them preserving and providing the leather with only benefits. They make the leather more flexible and durable and also waterproof the material. With prolonged use or sometimes they become like that in the manufacturing process itself, but this can also be retained with the help of mink oil which gives back all the lustre and the shine the leather boots might have lost.

Is Mink Oil Leather Conditioner An Alternative?

Yes, you can say that mink oil is an alternative to leather conditioners. Leather conditioners are specifically made for this purpose, whereas mink oil is a product that just gets the job done. But try to avoid excess mink oil on your leather boots, as they are not made for this purpose and might cause your leather boots to rot.

What Is The Best Oil For Leather Boots?

Oils like mink oil, coconut oil, and Jujuba oil can be used on leather boots. But these oils are in no way interchangeable with other oils. You must not use oil like olive oil, as the thickness of olive oil is not incompatible with the leather’s porous properties. It would end up settling in the pores, further ruining your leather boots.

Boot Oil vs Mink Oil:

Leather boots need regular and careful attention. You must make sure to look after them to keep them in their proper shape and colour. The one guaranteed way to ensure that is by using leather conditioners, but if you do not want to invest in those, there are always other alternatives like oils. Boot oil is incredible because of the assimilation of materials like neatsfoot, beeswax, pine pitch, and mink oil as well. With all the right materials in the right constituency, boot oil makes for one of the finest alternatives for leather conditioner. 

Mink oil is a great oil to use as an alternative. It acts as a great conditioner and makes the leather boots better than before. One slight disadvantage, mink oil works wonders for leather boots. 

Neatsfoot Oil Vs Mink Oil:

Neatsfoot oil, unlike mink oil, is extracted from the bones of cattle. It acts as a great conditioner and is perfect for leather-based boots and shoes. 

  1. Mink oil and neatsfoot oil both waterproof the leather boots. 
  2. Mink oil and neatsfoot oil are both natural and vegan oils, so you can be assured of them being cruelty-free. 
  3. Both mink oil and neatsfoot oil make the leather softer and condition it pretty well.

Mink Oil vs Leather Conditioner Which Is Better For Boots?

Leather conditioners are known to treat the minor issues you see on leather boots. They are used to clean when dust accumulates and to soften the leather of the boots. 

  1. Leather conditioners are made of materials that are especially beneficial for leather, like beeswax, tallow, and oils, whereas mink oil is extracted from mink pelts and is used as an alternative to leather conditioners. 
  2. Leather conditioners are used for minor damage to the leather, but mink oil is used for long term effects and on heavily damaged leather. 
  3. The leather conditioner has less staying power, whereas mink oil has much longer staying power. 
  4. Leather conditioners do not have waterproofing properties, unlike mink oil. 
  5. Leather conditioners offer a lustrous effect, whereas mink oil does not provide any such effects.

Saddle Soap vs. Mink Oil

Saddle soap is a cleaning agent and can help nourish leather boots. It is generally used to clean and preserve leather from dust and dirt particles. Additionally, it moisturizes the leather.

  1. Saddle soap is a compound naturally found, whereas mink oil is extracted from mink pelts.
  2. They constitute different materials, as mink oil is basically oil with a few additives, whereas saddle soap has cleaning agents, mild soap, softening particles, and some oils as well.
  3. The most basic difference between the two is that mink oil conditions the leather, whereas saddle soap simply cleans the leather.
  4. They are both recommended to be used on hard leather and are not made to be used on soft leather.
  5. They both darken the leather.


  1. Does mink oil darken leather?

    Mink oil does darken leather a little, but it is not a very concerning issue as the shade can very easily be lightened as well.

  2. What does mink oil do for leather?    

    Mink oil makes the leather durable, flexible, and water-resistant.

  3. How long to leave mink oil on boots

    It is advisable to leave mink oil on boots for no longer than eight hours, or simply overnight. It might have other adverse effects if left for much longer.


If you used Mink oil on your leather boots and have been since convoluted by the darkened shade of your boot, assuming that mink oil has forever ruined your leather boots, you must now rest assured as this article tells you how to get your leather boots back to their original shade. It is not difficult and also very temporary. Leather absorbs mink oil, but it lets go of the absorbed oil easily. Do not worry, as you can get the leather shoes back to their authentic and original shade in no time.

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