New Balance 990 vs 992 – Differences | Pros & Cons 2023

New Balance came in the early 1900s and has stayed popular in the market because of its incessant delivery of quality in form of durability and style. They are timeless in their appearance and offer a number of choices to the people designed in accordance to their liking. People going for the New Balance shoes are often seen to be engaging in a debate regarding which is better and a number of pros and cons of New Balance 990 vs 993.

Major Differences Between New Balance 990 and 992

There are not many notable differences between the two New Balance shoes but a true sneaker head would know that that is hardly true. The major difference between the two shoes show that the New Balance 992 are roomier than the 990 ones. The New Balance 990 are snug to the very core and you can get in the 992 by getting half a size smaller but they do provide extra space for your feet to breathe in which is often missing from certain shoes. Another major diverging point between the two shoes is that the New Balance 992 is available in multicolour whereas the New Balance 990 only comes in true colours. So, people who are bored of the two same colours can opt for the New Balance 992.

New Balance 990 vs 992 Insole:

The insole of a shoe is veritably important as that is where you get the arch support and the comfort from. The New Balance 990 vs New Balance 992 differ in their insole design by a margin. The new Balance 990 is harder and provides maximum support which is in contrast to the soft memory foam of the New Balance 992. The material used in the new Balance 992 is Ortholite which provides soft foam-like support.

Ortholite takes the shape of the foot which is why its support is considered primal. In New Balance 992, this is what gives it the best supporting characteristic that redefines the kind of comfort otherwise offered by shoes. New Balance 9990 vs 992 debate can be made easier on the grounds of the insole itself, whether one wants supreme support like the New Balance 992, or a little sturdy insole as offered by New Balance 990. Both shoes do offer the same kind of comfort though, so there Is no compromise there.

New Balance 990 vs 992 Mid & Outsole:

There are two technologies that can be used to design the midsole of the shoes, namely, ABZROB and ABZORN SBS and the ENCAP technology. The ABZROB technology designs the foam in a way that gives the foam of the midsole the feature of shock absorption. The ABZORN SBS technology uses a deformable thermoplastic material which can endure impact for a longer duration whereas the ENCAP design uses an EVA foam to make its insoles like those of memory foams.

The New Balance 990 shoes use ENCAP technology that gives it an upper hand to be used in working spaces and for longer hours as the extra supportive cushion is known to provide the arch support that will help people resist fatigue. The memory foam feature of his design enables people to stand and work in these shoes for more time. The New Balance 992 uses a mixture of ABZROB and ABZORN technology. These shoes might not be as soft as the ENCAP design promises their shoes to be, but they are soft and shock resistant for much longer than the New Balance 990.

New Balance 990 vs 992 Sizing:

The New Balance 990 and 992 do not have many differences but sizing can be the determining factor between the two. Their sizing as told is more or less similar but is conducive to further research. The New Balance 992 is known to be much more roomies than the New Balance 990. The New Balance 992 provides more space for the feet to breathe in and is that way more comfortable for people who like their shoes a certain way.

The New Balance 990 are not too tight or loose but they give the snug feeling that is otherwise not too prominent in other shoes. People who like their shoes fit to the last bit should go for these as that is what these shoes promise and deliver. Having said this, it must be made clear that the New Balance 992 shoes are not loose per se. You would not have any cases of heel slippage in them, considering you know your size well. You should not compromise on the sizing anywhere as that would make all the difference.

New Balance 990 vs 992 Arch Support:

The New Balance 990 vs 992 arch support does not considerably favor one over the other as the brand itself is known for the optimum delivery of arch support and midsole cushioning that provides comfort to the maximum. The New Balance 990 lie more on the softer side with its extensive memory foam design that is loved and adored by people all around. The memory foam design is what gives it an extra edge over the New Balance 992 as those lie on the sturdier side.

Here, the choice becomes very subjective as some people like really soft foam that would help them with standing or walking comfortably whereas some people go for soles that are a little harder for the extra support that those soles extend. This would help them with work and long hours of idle standing in one place. Both shoes, at the end of the, do come with comfort and support and the debate between New Balance 990 vs 992 becomes more of a personal choice.

New Balance 990 Pros & Cons:


  1. The New Balance provide are roomier
  2. They can be used for casual walking as well as while running.
  3. They are as lightweight as it gets.
  4. They are flexible and will provide the right amount of arch support.
  5. The comfort is complementary to all the other features.
  6. They are extremely durable.
  7. More inclusive in terms of sizes.


  1. The outsole can tear down faster than the other New Balance shoes.
  2. The material used is not water-resistant.
  3. These shoes are extremely lightweight so the material can come across as thin as compared to other shoes.
  4. Limited colour options.

New Balance 992 Pros & Cons:


  1. The New Balance 992 come with a snug feeling.
  2. They can be used for workspaces as well as extensive standing.
  3. They provide optimum comfort with their insole technology.
  4. The comfort is of the maximum capacity.
  5. They are extremely durable.
  6. They come with multiple colour options.


  1. They lie in the expensive range.
  2. The finishing of these shoes often turns out to be disappointing.


  1. Why is New Balance 992 so popular?

    The New Balance 992 is so popular because of the comfort that they offer and the extra room they provide in the shoes.

  2. Is New Balance 992 worth it?

    The New Balance 992 are expensive but are definitely worth it as they are durable and timeless so it is basically an investment.

  3. Does 992 fit true to size?

    The New Balance 992 are roomies but that does not mean that they are loose, they are still true to the sizes.

  4. When did the 992 New Balance come out?

    The New Balance 992 came out pretty recently in the year 2021.

  5. Are New Balance 992 wide?

    They are definitely wider than the other New Balance shoes.

  6. Are New Balance 990 Expensive?

    The New Balance brand lies on the expensive side but considering the fact that their shoes last that long, the price is something one can overlook.


The New Balance 990 vs 992 debate is being looked at a lot these days because of the recent release of the New Balance 992, people do want to make the best choice. Shoes are a great investment, especially when you are buying from a brand like New Balance, which promises quality and comfort with all its products. Similarly, with the New Balance 990 and 992, you have to make a certain personal choice and then go for the shoes as overall the support, ease and comfort are the same for tall the shoes of this specific brand.

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