New Balance 990 vs 993 – Differences, Pros & Cons

New Balance has made a huge name for itself since the 1900s. The comfort and durability they offer and assure with their shoes have kept them in the business for so long and the future still looks very promising. Their 990 and 993 are widely popular and are massively sought after. The New Balance 990 vs 993 debate has gained a lot of attention in recent times but both the shoes do not come with myriad differences and are more or less similar. We will be looking into them in this article.

Major Differences Between New Balance 990 and 993 

The New Balance 990 and 993 are extremely popular and if you are in a dilemma over the two shoes then the following are certain characteristics compared for the two shoes to make the decision easier for you.

New Balance 990 vs 993 Durability:

Theyare durable and their material is of the optimum quality. The New Balance 990 peaks all the other models of their footwear by bringing in the zenith of the combination of performance and style. These shoes can be worn for running as well as in a casual gathering outside and are not simply limited to athletic wear. The New Balance 993 combines the classic style with comfort. It brings to your feet the ultimate comfort and elegance.

New Balance 990 vs 993 Material:

New Balance 990 and 993 see their major differences in the materials that have been used in the making of these shoes. The New Balance 990 comes in the perfect mix of synthetic pigskin and mesh, with both the material contributing 50-50. The pigskin provides the softness and the spongy quality that you feel when you wear the shoes. These shoes are designed in a way that they give you the feeling of them being exactly snug and still breathable at the same time.

New Balance 993 is made of premium quality suede and mesh. The pigskin finish of 990 is provided to these shoes by suede that gives them the classy look. The suede material also gives them the dual look where they can look at two different colours upon wiping.

New Balance 990 vs 993 Arch Support:

The arch support offered by both 990 and 993 is the standard arch support. They are cushioned and are thick, to begin with for the ideal kind of comfort that can be offered. The arch support offered by both the shoes, the 990 and 993, is ideal for exercising and running them. They are extremely lightweight and are made in a way to provide support with comfort.

New Balance 990 vs 993 Sizing:

The major difference between the New balance 990 and 993 is regarding their size and weight. The New Balance 993 is comparatively bigger and heavier than the New Balance 990. Even the sizes in New Balance 990 start from relatively smaller sizes than the New Balance 993. The New Balance 990 for men come in the size of 7- 16 but New Balance 993 for men start from the size of 9.5 and goes up to the size of 16.

New Balance 990 vs New Balance 993 Midsole:

The New Balance 990 and 993 differ in the technologies they use to make the midsole of the two shoes. The New Balance 990 uses the ENCAP midsole technology which is also a characteristic feature of New Balance. This ensure optimum durability and comfort and support. The New Balance 993 makes use of the ABZORB midsole technology. This is what provides the extra cushion that these 993 are famous for. The extra cushioning provides the maximum support while running and exercising.

New Balance 990 vs 993 Comfort:

The New Balance brand itself is famous for the comfort they provide with their shoes but they outdid themselves with these 9990 and 993. The New Balance 990 uses the trademark technologies of New Balance and provides the comfort that their shoes are so popular with but the New Balance 993 with its extra cushioning can be called more comfortable as they have the compressive resistance properties that will keep you from tiring out easily and because of the shoes during training or working out.

New Balance 990 Pros & Cons:


  1. The New Balance 990 have the primal material used making the shoes extremely breathable and of a great fit.
  2. They can be used for casual walking as well as while running.
  3. They are as lightweight as it gets.
  4. They are flexible and will provide the right amount of arch support.
  5. The comfort is complementary to all the other features.
  6. They are extremely durable.
  7. More inclusive in terms of sizes


  1. The outsole can tear down faster than the other New Balance shoes.
  2. The material used is not water-resistant.
  3. These shoes are extremely lightweight so the material can come across as thin as compared to other shoes.
  4. Limited colour options.

New Balance 993 Pros & Cons:


  1. Their cushioning is as best as it gets.
  2. They are perfect shoes for running.
  3. They are very lightweight
  4. Their outsole is durable.
  5. They are water-resistant.
  6. Their midsole uses the compression-resistant material


  1. They can be a little expensive comparatively.
  2. Upon intense workout, the top part of the shoes might sway slightly.
  3. Since they use suede, more effort is required to clean them.
  4. Limited size options.

Which Is Better in New Balance 990 and 993 shoes?

It is very difficult to choose one shoe of the two of the best products of New Balance. The aforementioned features must help you decide according to your demands and expectations from the shoes. The material, durability, and midsole technologies employed differ by a margin but both the shoes have their own pros and cons so there is no distinct winner. The final decision lies with the buyer who must make a choice based on what they are looking for.


  1. Is New Balance 993 a stability shoe?

    The New Balance 993 shoes are the best stabilizing shoes with their optimum comfort and arch support and midsole technologies. They are perfect to use while walking and running.

  2. Does New Balance still make the 990?

    The New Balance 990 are the top line of the New Balance branch so one can expect them to be not discontinued any time soon. They are still in function and continuing to be manufactured in the USA.

  3. When did the New Balance 993 come out?

    The New Balance 993 were first introduced to the world in 2008. These were made by combining the best features of the New Balance 991 and 992 and also adding to them the modern-day style.

  4. Why is the New Balance 993 so expensive?

    The New Balance are the USA manufactured, unlike the other products that are manufactured in Asia where the labour is cheap. Additionally, the premium materials used in the making contribute to the higher prices.

  5. Are 990v5 good for running?

    Yes, the New Balance 990v5 is perfect for running because of its material and durability.

  6. Why are 990v5 so expensive?

    As the New Balance 993, these shoes are also manufactured in the USA and the shipping and manufacturing process contributes greatly to the higher prices of these shoes.


Both the New balance 990 vs 993 are equally comfortable and durable with great characteristic features making it difficult to pick any one of them. Both the shoes come with their respective list of pros and cons which can help the buyer pick them depending on which quality they want to prioritize. But both the shoes are of great quality and getting any one of them would be a great deal.

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