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What can make New Balance more American that the fact that ‘USA’ is stitched on the heels of their footwear? In 2006, New Balance released M992 as a special release for their 100th anniversary celebration. The squishy rubber or non-cellular elastomer was also used instead of foamed rubber for the cushioning of these shoes. The MR993 was launched a couple of years after that including features from both 991 and 992. Everyone who wants a new pair of shoes is often confused about which brand to choose. After they do decide on the brand, the next question is which model to buy. This article is to help all those who are debating the difference between New Balance 992 vs 993.

Differences Between New Balance 992 and 993

Major differences Between New Balance 992 and 993

The major differences between New Balance 992 and New Balance 993 are regarding the material, cushioning and support, comfort, and fitting.

New Balance 992 vs 993 Material:

What has always set New Balance above many other footwear brands is the high quality material and durability of the shoes. This is what ensures the shoes provide proper comfort and last for years. Both the models 992 and 993 of New Balance belong to its 99x series sneakers. The ABZORB Stability Instock Technology was first introduced in 992. Despite being discontinued in 2010, it was again released in April of 2020. The durability and the sporty outlook in 992 are due to the pigskin and mesh upper.

The paneling over the shoes in both 992 and 993 is different. For the 993 there is a double leather strip for the laces but in the 992 the leather strip is not continuous. The design of the 992 is a heritage inspired one while 993 may look similar but has a ‘993’ stamp on the heel instead of 992.

New Balance 992 vs 993 Cushioning & Support:

New Balance 992 was equipped with squishy rubber instead of foam rubber so that they could bounce back. This new technology of ABZORB SBS was provided under the forefoot and the heel to provide a cushiony effect to the entire foot. Along with the features of 991 and 992, the 993 was launched. It also had the ABZORB cushioning but instead of SBS technology, it combined with DTS i.e. Dynamic Transitioning System in them. This was a cushioning form that combined ABSORB SBS with ABSORB foam for providing stability and support.

Besides flexibility, the DTS in the rear foot ensures a softer heel strike. While 993 provides both the ABZORB technologies provide cushioning effect and flexibility for the forefoot, the 992 provides just one. The combination of these two technologies in the 993 makes them perfect for those with flat feet and has even been recommended by podiatrists as well.

New Balance 992 vs 993 Fitting:

New Balance prides itself on having shoes of different sizes and widths since its goal is to please all kinds of customers with all kinds of foot sizes. The internal padding of both 992 and 993 are of equal thickness, due to 993 being inspired from 992. There have been a few reviews according to which customers have claimed that the toe box of the 993 shoes seems to be narrower in comparison with 992. Those who wish to purchase a 992 they can buy true to size with enough wiggle room. Customers who prefer a snug fit can choose half a size smaller than their true size for 992. In the case of 993, if one goes true to size they would get a snug fit. The availability also matters when one chooses between these two models. 993 is available online in sizes normal, wide, and extra wide, while 992 is only available in standard size.

New Balance 992 vs 993 Comfort:

Comfort is the most important factor for anyone who is going to purchase a new pair of shoes. No matter how fashionable or durable a shoe is unless they are comfortable most customers would avoid buying it for regular use. New Balance has been selling shoes for over a century and is one of the biggest footwear brands in the US. Their priority is always to meet all the customer demands due to which they even provide a width chart beside a size chart. While 992 is good for customers with high arches, 993 is perfect for those with flat feet. Since 993 has the DTS technology in them they seem to be stiffer than 992. The foot cushioning of 992 is absent in the case of 993. Hence people with high arches should opt for 992 instead of 993 which is instead suitable for flat feet. Anyone with a high arch requires soft cushioning for the front side of their feet and 992 is perfect for them.

New Balance 992 Pros & Cons

  • New Balance 992 is a classic that was even adored by Steve Jobs back in 2006 when it was released.
  • 992 is made of leather, suede, and mesh and is well known as the ‘Dad’ shoe.
  • It may look kind of bulky from its outer appearance but is actually sharp and comfy inside. These shoes are perfect for those with high arches due to their cushioning function.
  • It is equipped with the New Balance’s ABSORB technology.
  • Regarding its sizing, customers with narrow feet are advised to go half a size down and those with normal feet will fit to size.
  • They can be used for long hours daily as long as they fit on the wearer’s feet.
  • They are 100% American shoes that may look heavy but are quite lightweight.


  • They are pretty durable and would not flatten easily.
  • It might have lots of advantages but there have been a few negative reviews as well.
  • Some customers have claimed their laces to be too long and the shoes to have glue stains on them.
  • They were re-released in 2020. They are produced in smaller amounts and hence get sold out pretty quickly.

New Balance 993 Pros & Cons


  • New Balance 993 are excellent running shoes made with the inspiration from 991 and 992 back in 2008.
  • They owe their durability to the N-Durance rubber used to make their sole and outsole.
  • Despite having a heavy outsole New Balance 993 is quite flexible which is essential for avoiding incorrect posture and pain.
  • The 993 has its upper made of mesh and pigskin suede.
  • Unlike leather that forms wrinkles, pigskin suede lasts a long time.
  • The mesh prevents the feet from being stuffy that in turn eliminates sweat and odor.


  • There is also a negative effect in New Balance 993 that is when these shoes get wet it can emit a musty smell.
  • The tongue of 993 does not stay in one place while running which causes discomfort.
  • The solution to such a problem would be to wear thicker socks with them.
  • They are good for people with flat feet but not for those who have high arches.
  • They can be used for walking or running on level ground but are not suitable for rough terrain.

Similarities between New Balance 992 vs 993

Not only do 992 and 993 belong to the same brand i.e. New Balance but also in the same series i.e. 99x. They were launched in the 21st century with only a couple of years gap between them. They also look very similar but that may have been due to the fact that 993 was inspired by 991 and 992. They are both available in multiple sizes and widths. They are also both produced in the US making them a 100% American brand with ‘USA’ stitched on them. Both 992 and 993 have the New Balance’s ABSORB cushioning in them to provide the utmost comfort to their customers. They are both available in the color grey and white. They both have the ‘N’ logo stitched on them.

Which is better in New Balance 992 and 993 shoes?

There is no correct answer to this question as different people have different preferences, opinions, and foot sizes. Both models 992 and 993 have their own sets of pros and cons. Though they might be similar in many aspects they are not the same. People with flat feet would choose 993 while people with high arch opt for 992. Those who prefer a classic look would go for the 992 over 993. Since 993 is available in more colors it might be favored by those favoring style. Those who wish for a snug fit can choose 993 while those wanting enough space in the toe box can buy 992, where both would fit to size. The 993 is a bit heavier than the 992 so again customers who wish for a heavy or light sneaker can choose between them.


  1. Is New Balance 993 good for running?

    New Balance 993 is definitely a running shoe better than the 991 or 992. They may not be the best but is alright for daily walking or running as long as it is not on uneven terrain.

  2. Should I size down with New Balance 992?

    Since New Balance 992 provides lots of wiggle room it’s alright to get true to size but customers who wish for a snug fit can go for half a size smaller.

  3. Are New Balance 992 wide?

    New Balance 992 is available in different width sizes for different feet. They also provide enough space in the toe box.

  4. How do you clean New Balance 993?

    The things required for cleaning New Balance 993 are water mild detergent or dishwashing liquid, a soft bristled brush, and a damp cloth. Scrub the shoes with a brush and a solution of water and detergent. Wipe with a damp cloth and leave for a day to dry.

  5. When did the New Balance 993 come out?

    The New Balance 993 was launched back in 2008, two years after the 100th anniversary celebration.


From the external appearance, there is very little one can see to distinguish between the two models of New Balance 992 and 993. This article provides all possible information about those two from their differences and similarities to their pros and cons. The customer is after all the one who makes the final decision according to their preferences. The comparison of New Balance 992 vs 993 is hence mostly to act as a guide to those unable to choose between the two. It does not state which model is the better one and instead offers all the features for both of them leaving it to the people to judge.

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