Nike Court Vision vs Air Force 1 – Differences

Every sneaker lover around the world owns at least a pair of Nike sneakers. But it is impossible to be satisfied with just one pair. Despite Nike being the most famous footwear brand and their sneakers being so costly does not reduce their demand at all. This luxury brand is loved by people of all age groups all around the world. Nike Air Force 1 is the classic styled best selling shoe of all time by the brand. But they seem to be similar to the Nike Court Vision in case of external appearance.

Differences between Nike Air Force 1 and Court Vision

Both of them do have some subtle differences but they also seem to be excellent summer sneakers. This article is to point out such similarities and differences between “Nike Court Vision vs Air Force 1”

Differences Between Nike Air Force 1 and Court Vision:

Nike Air Force 1 came out back in 1982 as a basketball shoe, the Nike Court Vision was released in 2014 as tennis shoes and was even known as Nike Tennis initially. They might look somewhat similar but they differ in certain factors such as material, comfort, arch support, sizing, and waterproofing.

Nike Court Vision vs Air Force 1 – Sizing:

When it comes to buying new footwear, sizing is the most important thing to worry about. No matter how comfortable or stylish a shoe is, unless they fit properly they are not worth it. 

To satisfy their customers Nike has different types of sizes available for their shoes. But when compared to Nike Court Vision, Nike Air Force 1 has more sizes available for both men and women. Nike Air Force 1 is available in sizes ranging from 5 to 16.5 for women and 3.5 to 18 for men. Nike Court Vision is available in sizes that range from 5 to 12 for women and 6 to 15 for men. But customers are advised to first enquire about the shoes available by their foot size since not all variations of Court Vision and Air Force 1 shoes are available in all the sizes mentioned above.

People who have feet that are wider in size should also have to try the shoes on before deciding. They might even have to get a size bigger. This is chiefly due to the reason that Nike does not have wide sizing options for their shoes. These customers are advised to purchase the shoes in person rather than online to ensure they get the correct size.

Air Force 1 vs Court Vision – Comfort:

Besides being stylish, Nike also gained so many fans worldwide due to the comfort their shoes provide. But when it comes to comfort, Nike Air force 1 triumphs over Nike Court Vision. The Air Force 1 shoes are designed with genuine leather along with a cushiony feel. The Nike air cushion makes the shoes soft and springy so provide the ultimate comfort to their customers.

Another characteristic of Nike Air Force 1 is that they are also designed to have a thick midsole. The purpose behind this extra addition is to make the shoes more comfy. They provide their customers with the ultimate experience of wearing such comfortable shoes daily. However, the midsole is not that much thick in Nike Court Vision. They are usually thin and fixed midsole due to cost cutting reasons. They are comfortable as well but not as much as the Air Force 1. The air cushioning feature might get lost for some customers over time.

Sometimes, people also refer to Nike Court Visions as the smaller version of Air Force 1. The best way to find the comfortable shoe out of these two would be after the customer has tried on both the shoes. So when comparing the comfort of the two models people should try them on in person instead of relying on the online shopping method.

Nike Court Vision vs Air Force 1 – Materials Used:

The type and quality of material used for making shoes also can be a factor that differs in different models of the same footwear brand. The Nike Court Vision is made of a perfect blend of leather and synthetic leather. The Nike Air Force 1 is manufactured using genuine high quality leather. The upper of these shoes are made with stretched leather material which is then paired with matte suede. The deep texture in them can be quite well noticed due to the exposed stitching. To increase the comfort and cushiony effect they have velvet sock liner.

Nike Court Vision is chiefly made of leather, synthetic leather, and rubber unlike Air Force 1 made from genuine leather. Their aesthetics are slightly slimmed down along with them being a little lower around the ankles when compared to Air Force 1s. The upper of Court Vision is inspired by old school basketball and classic styled rubber cup sole. But the tongue in them is smaller than Air Force 1s. Air Force 1 also seems to have more layers on the upper than the Court Vision when observed carefully.

Nike Court Vision vs Air Force 1 – Waterproof:

The waterproof nature or water resistance of a shoe depends on the materials used to make them. While a simple pair of leather shoes might get wet a pair of rubber shoes would not. Nike Air Force 1 shoes are made of good quality leather and just like any other leather shoe would get wet when in contact with moisture. Synthetic leather is usually more water resistant than real leather. 

For this reason, Nike Court Vision might be a bit more water resistant than Nike Air Force 1. Customers are advised to use neither of the two in a wet environment like when it’s raining. But in case they do get wet they can be simply dried off following a few steps. Once dry then can be used again. But wearing wet shoes can be uncomfortable so one should use a waterproof shoe like the Nike Gore-Tex. It has small holes that not only ensure the feet remain dry but also be able to breathe. Both shoes were designed keeping in mind basketball and tennis. They were not meant to be worn on a rainy day in the first place.

Air Force 1 vs Court Vision – Arch Support:

Just like how people look for the correct size and width of shoes before buying, they should also take note of the arch support. People with flat feet have low or no arch. To ensure if one has a high arch they can wet their feet and then stand on a piece of paper. If only the toes and heel come in contact they are high arches. Both types of feet need shoes that match them. 

The Nike Air Force 1 has Air technology along with the ingrained logo of Air on the side of the shoe’s midsole. Since the midsoles are wider and taller they might be good for those with high arches. The Nike Court Visions comparatively have a generic sole and might be better for those with low arches.

Similarities Between Nike Court Vision and Air Force 1:

While Air Force 1 has been around for a while, Nike Court Vision is more recent. But they look very similar and customers often are not able to differentiate between them. 

One needs to look closely to understand the different features of Air Force 1s and Court visions. It is best understood when they a customer tries on both of them on each foot. Court Vision was also designed after taking inspiration from Air Force 1s. Nike wished to produce a less pricey version of their classic shoes but with a similar design.  Both the shoes need a break in period to feel comfortable and are both heavier than usual sneakers. Despite the difference in width of the midsoles, they are both comfortable as reviewed by customers who own both types.

They also both run big and one might need to size down by half size of their foot size. This would be an issue when either is purchased online. But if brought from the store in person, the customer would have fewer problems to deal with like returning or exchanging.

Which Nike is Better To Buy :Court Vision / Air Force 1?

The sole reason for this article is to note down all the differences and similarities between the Nike Air Force 1 and Court Vision. This would help people to decide on their choice of footwear among the two according to their preferences.

According to customer reviews, the classic Air Force 1 is preferred. Not only have they been around for decades now but they have a more premium build. Over the years Nike has been worn by top NBA players, and celebrities and had other collaborations. They are also the most sold out of all others shoes by Nike.

While people may love Nike Air Force 1, they also have to keep in mind the cost. Some might simply be looking for an inexpensive pair of shoes for daily use. Court Vision would be the best option for them since they are not only cheaper than AF1s but also similar to them.

Nike Court Borough Low vs Air Force 1:

The design of the Nike Court Borough Low is quite similar if not identical to that of the Nike Air Force 1s. The Court Borough Low was created by drawing inspiration from the classic AF1s. 

According to customer reviews, the Court Borough Lows do pale in comparison to the most sold shoes i.e. Air Force 1 by Nike to date. If observed carefully, one can differentiate between the two due to the Air Force 1 having the Air logo. In certain situations, the Court Borough lows can be more advantageous over the Air force 1s due to their tough and durable nature. Not only are they cheaper but also were created for being used as both sports and casual footwear.

The upper of the Court Borough Lows are breathable and they have a midrise design that provides ankle support. They have good quality rubber soles that are not only durable but provide excellent traction. They are available in various sizes for kids and are very popular among younger children and teenagers. The Air Force 1s are premium footwear loved by folks for the last four decades. When it comes to comfort both of them have been reviewed as super comfortable by customers.


When it comes down to choosing a pair of shoes, it all comes down to individual preferences. While the Air Force 1s has a glorious history, the Court Vision is modeled after them but cheaper.

The purpose of this in depth guide on the differences and similarities between the Nike Court Vision vs Air force 1 is for providing the customers with their details, who are planning on buying either one of them but are unable to choose. If you are interested in Air Force 1s but dont really want to purchase them, you can go in for an alternative to it too.

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