Oofos vs Crocs: Which is Better?

Back in the day, despite several foot problems people had to use uncomfortable shoes. But in the 21st century, they have so many brands and options available to choose from like Oofos or Crocs.

While Oofos was founded by an athlete Lou Panaccione in 2011, Crocs was invented by Lyndon Duke Hanson and George Boedecker Jr. in 2002. Crocs not only has a unique style but also focuses on comfort making them a favorite of the Gen Z. 

On the other hand, Oofos are made to help people from using them on a daily run or walk as well as for those suffering from foot problems. So this article focuses on the similarities and differences between “Oofos vs Crocs”.


Major Differences Between Oofos and Crocs:

Oofos and Crocs are both footwear brands loved by their customers but they have certain aspects that set them apart.


While many podiatrists recommend using Oofos as recovery footwear, Crocs can be a bit rigid in comparison.


According to customers who have used both brands, Oofos has more aesthetic value than Crocs. 


The foam called OOfoam is used in Oofos which gives its bounciness while running. Crocs use Croslite and when compared to Oofos are not that bouncy.


The Oofoam in Oofos does not contain any harmful and poisonous substances. Crocs are made with a non-slip tread design along with waterproof quality. 


Crocs provide therapeutic benefits such as supporting in treatment of diabetes, and injuries, alleviating the pressure on the foot, and reducing plantar pain. Oofos is known to help reduce aches and help is flexible foot movement and avoids putting pressure on the joints.

Crocs vs Oofos – Comfort

The foam material used in Crocs makes the shoe shock resistant besides providing comfort. They are designed to allow flexible movements of the foot and prevent cramps and sprains. They are so lightweight that it gives one the feeling of walking on a sponge barefoot.

Clogs have a unique but original design of multiple perforations on the cover clogs making them extremely breathable and ideal to be worn in wet environments. Even if the shoes are wet from sweat and moisture they will soon get dry due to their airiness.

When it comes to people who spend long hours on their feet, Oofos is an ideal choice. Oofos was made after extensive research and made perfect after numerous tests with the assistance of professional runners as well as those with foot ailments.

The shoes ensure the feet are protected from sudden jolts or intense movements. The cover upper in Oofos has a thin line that runs horizontally at the midfoot along with three side perforations. These holes ensure breathability and maintain air ventilation.

Eating healthy or sleeping properly is important for those who need time to rest and recover. But the type of footwear they choose is equally important and Oofos is made just for that.

Oofos vs Crocs – Arch Support

Just as people look for shoes to be comfortable, they also look for a brand that has good arch support. Oofos is designed to improve the posture and fit to every foot shape.

The arches in them can be pulled up which would enable the toes to freely move or rise. This ensures that much pressure is not exerted on the toes and distributes the weight evenly.

Crocs are also known to have good arch support but they are not as good as Oofos when it comes to arch support. They help in relieving soreness of the feet and have excellent insoles which make them a good choice for people recovering from foot injuries.

Unlike most shoes that are used by those with foot injuries or problems, Oofos has a stylish but elegant design. Along with good arch support, they also make the feet more stable.

Crocs are usually true to size but there can be some styles that are a bit loose. So customers are advised to follow the Shoe Size Chart and Fit Guide from the official website of crocs before making the purchase.

In the case of Oofos shoes, they are most of the time true to size. But when it comes to wide feet they are not the best option. Some styles like flip-flops can be worn by those with wide feet. All Oofos footwear comes in medium unisex widths and this definitely makes Crocs a better option for people with wide feet.

Crocs vs Oofos – Material

Crocs have their personal closed cell resin that is neither rubber nor plastic as the material that is used in making their footwear. It is known as Croslite which has several benefits like cushiony, lightweight, water resistant, odor resistant, and are known to mold to the feet. 

Crocs are currently trendy enough to be used in any season or occasion with any attire. The material used is made from a composition of polymers that is extracted from crude oil. This makes them an environmental friendly footwear brand. They are UV resistant as well as recyclable.

Despite being a recovery footwear brand in the last few years, Oofos has started manufacturing casual shoes, boots, clogs, and slippers. But all kinds of shoes are made with the same Oofoam technology that belongs to the brand. 

Oofoam was created to absorb more impact than existing foam materials used in making footwear. Oofos also thought it necessary to use a kind of technology that would make the footwear both stable and comfy. 

The Croslite may provide excellent support but the mid soles of Crocs are more rigid and firm compared to that of Oofos. Oofos tend to have a midsole that is bouncier than Crocs.

Oofos vs. Crocs – Customer Reviews

The performance of Oofos and Crocs can be best understood from customer reviews, especially from those customers who have used both the brands.

According to the reviews left by the customers on the official website, Oofos is mostly used by people with joint problems or nurses for the comfort they give. Healthcare experts have also given it all 5 star ratings as the perfect recovery footwear.

They have claimed these sandals to have beneficial properties for one’s health. Following the reviews, many have claimed to feel better in their feet, lower back, and hips after starting to wear Oofos footwear. 

Anyone who loves climbing and camping on their weekends will choose crocs over other footwear. They are easy to put on like slippers but covered on the top like shoes. Not only are they comfy but also lightweight.

According to different reviews, customers claim them to have good arch support but also poor heel support. This makes them a bit uncomfortable if worn for long periods. 

This might also result in calluses, tendonitis, ingrown nails, etc. But they are one of the best when it comes to versatility and style. They are available in different colors and being unisex looks good on everyone no matter the clothes they wear.

What do Podiatrists Say about Crocs and Oofos?

Crocs have the approval of the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) and are great for people with foot problems. They might not be the best option for athletes but is fine for casual use. But when it comes to podiatrist recommended footwear, Oofos is a better choice than Crocs.

Medical professionals recommend Oofos to people recovering from an injury, having foot ailments, or to be used in general. Both athletes and non-athletes can use this brand of footwear for its benefits. 

A research in the University of Virginia School of Medicine Speed Clinic back in 2018 found that the OOfoam technology makes the shoes absorb 37% more impact than other foam materials.

Not only does this technology help in recovery but also prevents any future injuries. They are available in various colors and styles and go well with any outfit. This is good news for people with foot injuries and ailments who get to be comfortable and stylish at the same time.

Crocs have soles that tend to be more rigid and stiff while Oofos has a more flexible and softer sole. But Crocs is also known for eliminating plantar fasciitis and other ailments. They also have an ankle strap at the back to keep the feet stable.


To decide the better footwear between Oofos and Crocs would be a subjective choice. They are both top footwear brands with differences and similarities of their own. 

The choice between these two brands would completely depend on the need and preferences of the customer. A person with plantar fasciitis should choose Crocs while someone with a foot injury should go for Oofos. 

An expert recommendation is necessary for those with foot injuries or ailments. On average, Crocs cost about $45 while Oofos are $59.95. If it is about faster recovery then Oofos is the better option despite the price. 

Crocs are cheaper in comparison and style is enough for regular use but one should get advice from a medical professional if the person has any foot issues.

The purpose of this article is not to choose between Oofos vs Crocs but to present the advantages and disadvantages of both and let the customer decide for themselves.

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