PF Flyers Vs Converse – Which is Better?

With so many brands of footwear, it can get confusing to choose the right one. In the footwear industry, the brands also have to compete against each other and even if they do have loyal customers, they need to cater to their demands to keep them. While Converse is currently a subsidiary of Nike, PF Flyers has been purchased by Converse, then New Balance, and finally by Kassia Designs LLC. Both the brands have faced ups and downs over the years but they never seem to go out of style. Both Converse and PF Flyers may look similar to each other but differ in their structure. They are known for their sneakers and people are often confused to choose one. This article provides a comparison of different aspects of these two brands and aims to guide those contemplating their choice between “PF Vs Converse”

PF Flyers Vs Converse

PF Flyers vs Converse Comfort

According to customer reviews, PF Flyers seem to provide more comfort than Converse. PF Flyers are constructed in a manner that keeps the feet comfortable even if the shoes are worn all day long. They provide excellent arch support and are unlike other shoes that tire out the feet if worn for long hours. Regular customers, as well as athletes, have claimed it to have a wider toe box along with thick soles that ensure a comfortable experience each time. Converse shoes are known to be mostly used for activities with lifting since they have flat soles. But there have been complaints that Converse shoes feel uncomfortable if they are worn for too long or as casual or running shoes. Customers are provided with an option of adding or removing insoles which makes them a favorite for feet, back, or leg problems. The bad reputation Converse has regarding making the feet cramped has caused many loyal customers to switch over to other brands such as PF Flyers. Converse feels comfortable when they are worn for short amounts of time and are favored by those who prefer a shoe with a thin interior and good fit.

PF Flyers vs Converse Sizing

The sizing charts for most athletic shoes are usually the same. Converse and PF Flyers are made in similar sizes for men, women, and kids. While buying a shoe people only keep in mind the size of their regular footwear but not for different types of shoes.  But the sizing differs that is a casual shoe’s sizing would differ from that of an athletic shoe. The main reason for this is the inside structure of the shoes. PF Flyers have a rubber sole and memory foam which not only make them durable but also comfy. This cause the size to be slightly different. PF Flyers are known to fit perfectly due to their wider toe box and flexibility. Since they stretch, customers should buy them in their actual shoe sizes.

On the other hand, Converse shoes do not stretch and their toe boxes are not that wide. They seem to run bigger than the actual foot size. People are advised to buy half a size smaller than their foot size since these shoes might be oversized if the actual size is purchased. On the official online websites, Converse provides more sizing options than PF Flyers. Converse has size ranges of 3 to 18 for men, 4.5 to 20 for women, and 1C to 13.5C and 1Y to 6Y for kids. In the case of PF Flyers, the size ranges for men are 13.5, women are 5.5 to 15, and kids are 1 to 13.5. 

PF Flyers vs Converse Durability

Customers who have used shoes from both the brands, PF Flyers, and Converse are the best to judge their durability. Besides the material of the shoe, its durability also depends upon its maintenance and how often they are used. In the FP Flyers, the binding tape is used to secure the outer part while memory foam is placed over the insoles making them comfortable. They last long unlike Converse shoes that have their insoles glued in. After the shoes are worn several times, the glue stops working resulting in the insoles coming off and making it an uncomfortable experience. Customers have reviewed that with daily use, Converse shoes only last for about 3 months but PF Flyers last longer for about half a year. This clearly proves that FP Flyers are more durable than Converse shoes. But this is only the case if they are used every day. With being used less frequently and with a bit more care these shoes will obviously last longer. But if Converse is used for running or walking they would wear down faster.

PF Flyers vs Converse Variety

Converse offers a vast selection of shoes in various styles and colors to choose from. Unfortunately, PF Flyers are not available in different colors but only in primary types like black and grey. The most famous shoe of the brand PF Flyers is ‘The 1993’ with a completely black look. There are also the Unisex Center shoes available in Hi and Low versions. The Hi or the basketball sneaker is designed for being used while playing basketball. They have a rigid wedge comfort insert along with ribbed toe bumpers that make them so popular.

The Low version is made similarly but designed as casual footwear. They make the perfect sneakers to be worn for casual use. But they are only available in white while the Hi version has a completely black option. When it comes to converse shoes, not only are there different options for men, women, and kids but also regular customers and athletes. There are innumerable options when it comes to Converse shoes. Unlike other brands, they provide the option for customization which is they can be designed by the customers based on preferences and personality. The styles that can be custom made are boot, high, low, and platform. This makes people who prefer style over comfort choose Converse over PF Flyers. Not only can they match the shoes to their clothes and accessories but also display their uniqueness.


  1. Which Came First Converse Or PF Flyers?

    Converse was founded in 1908 and PF Flyers was founded in 1937. This makes Converse older than PF Flyers.

  2. Are PF Flyers The Same As Converse?

    PF Flyers was owned by Converse in the 1970s and is currently owned by Kassia Designs LLC. Shoes from both brands might look similar but are different in many aspects.

  3. Are PF Flyers discontinued?

    Back when PF Flyers was owned by New Balance, they were discontinued in January 2021. But since July 2021, they belong to the Kassia Designs LLC.

  4. Are PF Flyers made by New Balance?

    After being bought by their rival brand Converse back in the 1970s, they were purchased by New Balance in 2001. New Balance did relaunch PF Flyers back in 2003 but they decided to discontinue them in 2021.


When it comes to choosing the better brand between Converse and PF Flyers the answer is always subjective. While PF Flyers may be more comfortable and durable, Converse is available in more sizes and variety. Both the models look very similar to each other and are popular everywhere for their quality and customer service. PF Flyers would be a good choice for those who want their shoes to be comfortable while Converse is better for a fashion statement. So the choice between “PF Flyers Vs Converse” should be entirely dependent on the customers’ tastes and preferences.

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