Real Vans vs Fake Vans : How To Tell if Vans Are Fake 2023

Vans shoe brands don’t come at a cheap price. They are extremely expensive. So there are high chances of getting fooled with the fake vans and several websites or brands do sell the fake vans at a cheaper price. Also, we don’t usually find the real vans as we don’t know the difference between the Real Vans vs Fake Vans. The main difference between real vans vs fake vans is the price. Real vans are expensive and fake vans will always be cheaper. You can also spot a difference in fake vans by the box itself. Real Vans has a label that shows the size, manufacturing country including a barcode. You can even scan the barcode to know the exact information. Also, the real Vans are always packed with paper inside the box and fake Vans don’t have this packaging.

It is extremely crucial to know the basic difference between real and fake vans. As you avoid the regret later with your purchases. Sometimes the fake vans are so well crafted to make the buyer believe that it is a real van. Thus, we have listed several points to distinguish between real or fake vans.

How To Spot Fake Vans Shoes

How To Spot Fake Vans Shoes

1. Check the Box Of Vans:

Always check the box, the real Vans will have a label that discloses the shoe size, manufacturing country plus a barcode. You can scan the barcode by using the app which has programs like ShopSavvy and ScanLife. Then scan the barcode and if it shows a label then it is real and if it is not then they are fake vans.

2. Check the price:

The fake vans always come at a very cheap price. Plus the real vans are priced around $40 per shoe at least. So if any website or seller is selling the vans below the $40 price then they are not selling the real vans instead they are selling fake vans. So don’t fall for the trap of vans coming in at cheaper rates.

3. Check box from inside:

The real vans have packing paper inside the box to aid the protection of Vans shoes. It is basically to make the Vans prevent scuffing. So check the paper in the box and if you don’t find the paper then it must be the fake pair of vans you have brought.

4. Check the packing of Vans:

You can spot the fake vans by the box itself. The real vans are packed in a box that is well crafted and they have an appropriate locking mechanism. The copy or fake version of the Vans shoes does not contain the well-made box along with a locking mechanism. The whole box is packed in a way that nothing looks outside and gives a clean look.

5. Check the tags:

Look for the paper tags in the Vans shoes. The fake vans always have longer paper tags than real Vans, plus they don’t have the original company logo. Whereas the real vans have paper tags tied on the shoe consisting of a shoe size along with brand or company logo. Check whether the fonts and size are proper for The Vans.

6. Chcek the pattern of Vans:

See the bottom patterns of the vans sole. The fake vans don’t have a country code written in the rhomboids of the bottom sole. However, the real Vans have a pattern of interlock consisting of two shapes of rhomboids plus diamonds. And they have a country code written in alternative rhomboids. Plus the code should be similar to the code on the sticker of vans.

7. Check the quality of Vans:

The fake vans have a poor quality of stitching with two lines or irregular patterns of the distance between the stitches. While the real vans will have proper tight stitching. Plus the fake vans have laces that are soft while the real vans will have a firm type of laces.

8. Check the trademarks:

The Real vans contain the standard three trademarks. Check them on the shoe and if you don’t find them then they are fake Vans. One trademark is on the sides, the other is on the back of the shoe on plastic and the last trademark is printed on the insoles of the Vans shoe. Lastly, there might be trademarks on fake vans but with errors. Spot them correctly.

9. Check the structure of Vans:

The Vans shoe has reinforced rubber toe guards for protection. And there is always a small gap between the toe cap and the fabric of the Vans. Plus the angle at the toe cap must always be in an upward direction. However, the fake vans don’t have a gap between the fabric and cap, there is a flat front toe cap at the front.

10. Check the weight of vans:

The easiest way to check whether it is a real van is to weigh them. The fake vans are usually lighter than the real ones. Always feel the weight of the shoes from Vans and you can decide accordingly. Although, the weight of the vans depends on the style you’re choosing. Vans Era is approx 0.75 pounds while Vans Classic is approx 2.87 pounds.

Real VS Fake Vans Conclusion:

I think the point above pretty much sums up the difference between real vans vs fake vans. You need to be very careful while you are about to buy a van. And if you want to buy a real pair of vans shoes then prefer looking at the things which are mentioned above to prevent the purchase of fake vans.

The kind of quality and stitching the real vans carry is unmatchable. And one can easily spot the difference with the outer appearance of the shoes that they are real or fake vans. We hope that you don’t get trapped in a fake website to buy a fake van. Choose the vans wisely and get the real vans shoe.

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