Shoes Like Doc Martens | Knock Offs & Look alikes

Doc Martens is a famous brand in the world of fashion. They have a unique style and design language that makes them desirable to many people. One big issue with Doc Martens is that they are expensive, which makes it hard for most people to buy them.

That’s why in this article, I’ll mention and review the top 9 shoes like Doc Martens shoes, so you can understand why buying these knock-off Doc Martens makes more sense. These shoes have the same styling and design, plus they provide similar comfort.

These knock-off shoes match all the aspects of Doc Martens, but they do that at a lower price than the originals. Doc Martens was founded in 1945, so at this point, it’s a legacy brand. It has gone through a lot of changes in the past decades.

All these things have made it an iconic brand, and that’s why they cost a lot more nowadays. This is pretty common with most of the brands as they receive prestigious status, and their prices go up. That’s why I am writing this article to let you know about the alternative shoes available.

Let’s get started with it and understand more about this subject.

Shoes similar to Doc Martens – Dupes

Dirty Laundry by Chinese Laundry Women's Mazzy Ankle BootDirty Laundry by Chinese Laundry Women's Mazzy Ankle Boot
  • Synthetic sole
  • Shaft measures approximately ankle-high from arch
  • Lug sole
  • Chunky Bottom
Vince Camuto Women's MECALE Combat BootVince Camuto Women's MECALE Combat Boot
  • Synthetic sole
  • Shaft measures approximately Ankle from arch
  • Boot opening measures approximately 11 around
  • Lug sole
  • Side zip
  • Metal rectangle studs
Blundstone Women's 1448 Chelsea BootBlundstone Women's 1448 Chelsea Boot
  • Anatomically shaped removable footbed
  • Steel shank
  • Poron xrd shock protection in heel-strike zone
  • Tpu outsole and pu midsole
  • Premium leather upper
DREAM PAIRS Women’s Black Chunky Heel Ankle BootiesDREAM PAIRS Women’s Black Chunky Heel Ankle Booties
  • Stylish block high heel ,round toe
  • Durable TPR out-sole, faux leather upper
  • Side zipper and adjustable lace up
Steve Madden Womens Tornado Black Crocodile BootieSteve Madden Womens Tornado Black Crocodile Bootie
  • Sole: Synthetic
  • Heel Height: 1.75 inches
  • Functional inside zipper
  • 10.5 inch shaft circumference
  • 8 inch shaft height
Dunes Women's Dalya chelsea bootDunes Women's Dalya chelsea boot
  • Soft Smooth Vegan Leather upper
  • Memory Foam Insoles
  • Soft Fabric Lining
  • Long lasting lug outsole
DADAWEN Women's Platform Lace-Up ComfortDADAWEN Women's Platform Lace-Up Comfort
  • Adjustable lace-up closure
  • Water resistant and leather upper 
  • Breathable and soft leather linings
  • Lightweight, flexible outsole
Red Wing Heritage 6Red Wing Heritage 6" Iron Ranger Lug Black Harness
  • 6" Iron Ranger Lug boot from Red Wing Heritage
  • Premium full-grain or burnished leather upper
  • Traditional lace-up closure with speed hook closure
  • Soft leather lining
Frye Women's Veronica Combat BootFrye Women's Veronica Combat Boot
  • Combat styled ankle bootie
  • Classic lace-up closure.
  • Cushioned shock-absorbing leather insoles.
  • Leather stacked heel

I’ll review the top 9 shoes that look like Doc Martens. I’ll explain the similarities & differences between them and the originals. This way you can know if they are better for you or not.

1. Dirty Laundry Women’s Mazzy Boots – Doc Martens Alternatives

These are incredibly stylish boots by the brand Dirty laundry, and they share many similarities with Doc Martens boots. Their styling, material, and design language match the boots from Docs. The only difference is the price. You can get Maazy boots at half the price of Doc Martens boots.

doc martens knock off brand

Dirty Laundry uses faux leather upper that provides decent support to your feet. They also don’t require much care compared to genuine leather. They also come with a soft midsole, not exactly like the Aircushion midsole from Doc Martens, but it’s soft enough to keep you comfortable for a long time.

shoes like doc martens

The outsole is synthetic and has rubber elements, plus it’s a chunky sole with a lug bottom. The design is similar to Doc Martens boots. Mazzy boots even have a chain on the side for easy removal. This Doc Marten look-alike will definitely get you your money’s worth.

2. Vince Camuto Women’s Mecale – Boots Like Doc Martens

Vince Camuto makes some of the best boots in the business. They have a wide variety of boots in their lineup. These boots are the perfect Dr Martens alternative as they provide everything Doc Martens boots do but at a lower price. These boots are versatile and look gorgeous at all times.

shoes that look like doc martens

They are made from genuine soft leather, so they provide a comfortable feel to your feet. The inner lining is soft and feels plush, just like Doc Martens would on your feet. These are ankle-high boots, and the shaft runs around 6-inch. They have that iconic hook on them, similar to Doc Martens.

boots like dr martens

The lacing system helps the boots nicely wrap around your feet. They have a rectangular metal stud around the edge as a style element. Overall, these boots offer everything Doc Martens does but at a much lower price.

3. Blundstone Women’s 1448 Chelsea – Off Brand Doc Martens

Blundstone is one of the competitors of Doc Martens. They are also famous for making stylish and comfortable boots. These boots are made from 100% genuine leather, and it’s also water-resistant, so no damage from water. It has an elastic back that allows easy wearing and removing.

shoes like dr martens

It has a soft lining inside that keeps your feet comfy-cosy. Blundstone has given these boots classic brogue detailing that makes them incredibly stylish. These boots also come with pull-on loops that help while wearing them. All these features are very similar to Doc Martens.

shoes similar to doc martens

These boots are perfect when you think about shoes similar to Doc Martens. They have a certain premium appeal associated with them. They are not as cheap as others on this list, but their quality is impeccable.

4. DREAM PAIRS Women’s Chunky Heel Ankle Boots – Doc Martens Lookalikes

DREAM PAIRS is a great brand that has a range of stylish boots. Shoes like Doc Martens are made by many brands but very few match in quality and style. One good thing about DREAM PAIRS boots is that they are incredibly cheaper than Doc Martens.

boots that look like doc martens

These boots are made from faux leather upper. It also has a pocket wallet that can hold your keys, cards, and cash. The side zipper and adjustable lace-up closure design help keep your feet nicely tucked in. It also comes with a stylish block heel and round toe design.

off brand doc martens

These boots also have a TPU outsole that provides precise traction on any surface. These boots are durable and will last you a long time, just like Doc Martens. All these features in these boots cost less than half of Doc Martens boots.

5. Steve Madden Women’s Tornado – Cheap Doc martens Lookalikes

Steve Madden is a famous luxury fashion brand. They have been making stylish boots for quite a while now. They are not as cheaper as other brands, but they are cheaper than Doc Martens boots. Both these brands have many things in common.

off brand doc martens

Tornado boots have leather upper that gives them a premium look. Leather also brings comfort to the wearer as it’s soft on the feet. It has a fabric lining inside that keeps moisture away from the feet. You can wear these boots for a prolonged period without any discomfort.

dr marten alternative

These boots come with a synthetic sole lug, just like Doc Martens. The outsole provides stability and support. The footbed is nicely padded to absorb any shocks. You can consider them knock-off Doc Martens as they have everything Doc Martens boots do.

6. Dunes Women’s Dalya Chelsea Boots – Similar To Doc Martens

Dunes Dalya Chelsea boots are vegan-friendly boots. They are stylish, comfortable, and durable. Compared to Doc Martens, they are cheap in price, and their quality is impeccable. Both the brands are from the UK and have been competitors for a while now.

doc martens similar boots

Dune has many boots similar to Doc Martens. These boots are made from vegan leather. It has a soft and smooth texture that keeps your feet comfortable. Boots also come with gore-tex on both sides that provides flexibility to the shoes. The [ull tab on the back makes it easier to wear them.

shoes similar to dr martens

Dune Dalya Chelsea boots come with a memory foam that adapts to your feet as time passes. This foam also helps keep your feet in place and absorb all the shocks. This technology is similar to Doc Martens Aircushion. The lug outsole on the outside is durable and provides grip on any surface.

7. DADAWEN Women’s Oxford Shoes Brogues

These can be considered the cheapest Doc Martens boots on this list. They have a shiny look, and they are not high-top boots. They are just ankle-length boots. These boots also come with a designer stitching pattern that makes them unique. Doc Martens does make boots like these.

These boots are made from patent leather upper that has a shiny gloss to it. This leather upper is water-resistant, which is why it’s highly durable. It has a leather inner lining that is soft and plush on your feet. These boots provide perfect all-day comfort.

These boots come with a high-quality rubber sole. This rubber sole provides traction on any surface, and it’s also very durable. These boots with the classic brogue design look great, and they can be worn with any look.

8. Red Wing Heritage Men’s Iron Ranger 6″ Vibram Boots

Red Wing is a very famous brand in the USA. They have been making sturdy, stylish, and durable boots since the 1930s. Red Wing is an iconic brand that has a dedicated fan following. These are ultra-premium boots and are incredibly expensive.

doc marten knock offs

The difference between these and Doc Martens is that the quality level is unmatched by most in the shoe industry. They used genuine premium-quality leather upper for these boots. It’s a full-grain and well-oiled leather, so it’s soft to touch and feels rich.

knock off doc martens

It uses a Goodyear welt construction method, so it’s durable and will last for a long time. The stitching job on these boots is exquisite and adds to the premium feeling it provides. These off-brand Doc Martens will bring you joy after wearing them.

9. Frye Women’s Veronica Combat Boots – Doc Martens Dupes

Frye Veronica Combat boots are the perfect amalgamation of style and comfort. They have a streamlined silhouette and provide a perfect fit. You won’t be wrong in calling them Doc Martens dupes as they both share some commonalities between them.

doc marten knock offs

Fyre has used high-quality soft vintage leather for the upper. It has a nice shine to it, which is not too overpowering but just enough to highlight its contours. These high-ankle boots can provide all-day comfort without any problem. The inner lining is also made from soft material so your feet can stay comfy-cosy inside.

doc martens knock off brand

These boots have leather and rubber sole that provides them with stability, grip, and ruggedness. The long lace closure and pull-on hook on the back make it easy to wear or remove these boots. These shoes fall a bit on the expensive side, but they do make it worth your money.

Why choose Doc Martens Offbrand Shoes?

There are some reasons to choose off-brand shoes over Doc Martens. These reasons will clear all your doubts about why to do this in the first place. I’ll explain these reasons in detail below.

1. Price

Price is the most important factor of all. Doc Martens was the brand of working-class people. There was a time when you could get them at $3 per pair. Even if you consider the inflation, the prices of these shoes are way higher than they should be.

Not to mention they have shifted their entire manufacturing out of England to reduce manufacturing costs. Currently, you have to spend somewhere around $170 for their cheaper products and around $250 for their high-end products. These prices are not affordable to most people, which is why going for off-brand shoes makes sense.

2. Quality

It has been pointed out by many people that quality has deteriorated. You are paying way more for the quality these shoes provide. Doc Martens were known for their durability and support.

Ever since moving the manufacturing and skimping on some materials, their shoe quality has dropped drastically. They don’t provide as much support or stability in their midsole as they used to. So it makes no sense to shell out so much money if the one thing shoe is good about is missing nowadays.

3. Environmental Concerns

We are now at a point in time where most brands have to think about sustainability. It’s paramount to do that for a better future. Doc Martens hasn’t evolved much in this area. Most footwear brands are changing their business model and trying to minimize their carbon footprint.

Doc Martens apparently has no proper guidelines for waste management or greenhouse gases. The leather they source is also not produced in an eco-friendly way. Sustainable leather sourcing is crucial nowadays. They have a long way to go to minimize their carbon footprint.

4. Cheap Labor

Doc Martens moved most of its manufacturing to China and Thailand like many other brands from the UK. There was a time when most of these shoe brands were going under, and they had to do something to reduce the cost and not go bankrupt. The problem is their supplier code of conduct is still not transparent.

The supplier code of conduct is crucial to bringing financial and social transparency. It helps in creating accountability. It also provides full disclosure around issues like human rights, environmental impact, health, and safety. That’s why these guidelines are important for any business these days.


There are many frequently asked questions about this subject. Let’s see what questions people are asking, and try to answer them effectively.

  1. Who are Dr Martens' competitors?

    Doc Martens is a big fashion brand, so it has many competitors. Some of its biggest competitors are Converse, Vans, Wolverine Worldwide, Crocs, and Timberland.

  2. What are the best fake Doc Martens?

    There are many fake Doc Martens available online. There is no single best answer for this. You can try some of the highly-rated boots online that look like Doc Martens. Most of them are good.

  3. What are some boots similar to Doc Martens?

    There are many brands making boots similar to Doc Martens. Some of these brands are Solovair, Grinders, Blundstone, Grenson, Altberg, Timberland, and Danner. All these brands have somewhat similar design language when it comes to boots.

  4. Is there knock-off Doc Martens?

    Yes. There are many knock-off brands of Doc Martens. They make shoes and boots similar to Doc Martens. Plus, they sometimes even put a similar logo to make it look like authentic Doc Martens.

  5. Are Dr Martens and Doc Martens the same?

    Yes, it's the same. The brand name actually is Dr Martens, but over the years it was abbreviated into Doc Martens. Now Doc Martens is the name more prominently used among their fans. People even call them Docs or DMs.

  6. What boots are better than docs?

    Solovair is the brand that is on the same level, if not higher than Doc Martens. The Airwair sole that is used in Doc Martens was actually invented by Solovair. Solovair has been around just as long as Doc Martens, and their shoes are good.


Doc Martens is an iconic brand, so people wanting to wear boots made by them is not a surprise. They have a long history backing them for their success. Their quality has definitely downgraded ever since moving the production to China and Thailand.

Not that these countries are bad at manufacturing, but the brand almost went bankrupt, so to survive, they cut corners to make manufacturing cheaper. That’s why I have come up with the top 9 shoes that look like Doc Martens. I have thoroughly researched them before coming up with this list.

I have also mentioned the reason why you should consider moving to Doc Martens’ knock-offs. The cost of Doc Martens is ever-increasing, and quality is deteriorating, so it doesn’t make sense to buy them anymore. All the shoes on the list above deliver what they are supposed to at a lower price.

I hope you find all this information helpful and allows you to make a better purchase decision. Hope this helps.

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