Shoes Made From Recycled Materials 2022

The issue of plastic pollution has now become a global disaster. The wisest choice we can make is to use recycled plastic as much as possible. Furthermore, purchasing things created from recycled plastic contributes to keeping at least some of that trash out of the seas and dumps.

Choosing to buy from companies that are actively working to tackle the plastic pollution problem contributes to the development of a market for recyclable plastic above virgin plastic. However, some brands prove that shoes made from plastic bottles are 100% the future of the footwear industry.

It used to be difficult to find recycled shoes. However, both developing and advanced businesses are increasingly releasing styles created from recycled materials. PET plastic, which is employed to create disposable plastic bottles, is one prominent material.

It may be melted and spun into fibres, which can then, in turn, be woven into flexible textiles that can be used in shoes, garments, and other things. Here are some creative companies who make interesting shoes out of recycled plastics.

Shoes Made From Recycled Ocean Plastic, Water Bottles, Tyres

1. Converse, Chuck Taylor, All-Star Crater – Recycled Cotton Shoes For Men and Women

The Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Crater is made up of approximately 40% recycled materials by mass. The midsole is entirely Nike’s Crater foam composed of 12 per cent recycled rubber. Nike Grind, which is manufactured from recycled excess manufacturing components, provides recycled rubber.

movmt shoes

Meanwhile, the upper is inspired by Converse’s Renew effort and consists of a unique material known as Morphlon. It blends recycled polyester with textile industries’ waste scraps to generate a material that has the look and feel of a classic canvas.

shoes made out of recycled materials

There are numerous colour combinations to pick from, including bespoke multi-colour fashions which include the Charcoal Chambray Blue. Then there’s the White or Chambray Blue, which looks fine, and finally, the most attractive Black Chambray Blue.

2. Adidas Ultra Boost Parley – Parley Ocean Plastic Adidas

Adidas has collaborated with environmental campaigners Parley for the Oceans since 2015 to create a collection of footwear. These Adidas shoes are made from ocean plastic to avoid plastic pollution. This shoe is ideal for anyone who does not require pronation or supination control.

shoes made from recycled products

The Adidas Ultra boost Parley Shoes are one of the coolest lightweight and versatile trainers on the market right now. Weighing a little under 11 ounces, they’re ideal for time trials and workouts, but with a soft enough landing, they can also be worn for extended runs.

shoes made of recycled materials

This shoe offers a very dynamic nature of the soft heel landing and the outer sole. The repurposed plastic is intertwined in such a manner that the materials hang together almost as well as any customarily made shoe.

3. Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit – Shoes Made With Recycled Materials

Nike’s Flyknit is one of the best running shoes made from recycled plastic. Nike concentrated on the effectiveness of cushioning in absorbing impact. The mix of ethylene vinyl acetate and Thermoplastic elastomer gives the shoe a pleasant and bouncy feel while running.

movmt shoes

Looking at the React Infinity Run, the shoe’s form is different. The midsole pops out from the heel and forefoot, resulting in a broader base at the bottom compared to the top. Because your foot is nearer to the surface, it offers a sturdier feel.

shoes made out of recycled materials

Nike concentrated on the fluidity of the transition from foot strike to heel strike and sculpted the midsole into a rocker form. This gently directs your foot in a straight, steady course when combined with the broader base.

4. Vivobarefoot Shoes – Recyclable Vegan Barefoot Shoes

VivoBarefoot shoes are one of the unique plastic shoe brands in that they are designed to have as few shoes as possible in order for your feet to touch the ground underneath them.

shoes made from recycled products

The footwear manufacturer makes its shoes with an eco-friendly, flexible, canvas composed of 40% recycled PET plastic. VivoBarefoot’s purpose is to inspire individuals to live by eco-friendly ideals and to inspire a shift in the approach and thought to live.

movmt shoes

VivoBarefoot was founded on three basic values: thinking on one’s feet, innovating sustainably, and moving as nature intended. VivoBarefoot designs shoes with the purpose of making the ideal shoe that allows your foot to perform what it does naturally.

5. Indosole Tyre Shoes

These fashionable shoes are composed of natural rubber obtained sustainably and have recycled tyre soles. Genuine rubber is a renewable resource, and workers are appropriately compensated and labour in safe conditions to collect it and manufacture the top shoe.

The natural rubber is sourced sustainably and coloured using natural colours with no chemical or hazardous run-off. Because they are made of tyre rubber, these shoes have a good grip and help keep tyres out of landfills and from being burned.

The shoe is light and flexible, but robust, and is handcrafted without the use of fuel-driven machinery.  These shoes are also washable and dryable, making them an excellent choice for sanitary footwear.

6. SAOLA Cannon Blue Night – Vegan Recycled Leather Shoes

The Saola Shoe is a wise choice in footwear. It has a pleasing appearance and offers comfort. Saola prioritises ethical sourcing. They address social and environmental concerns while controlling their supplier relationships and strive to reduce carbon emissions.

shoes made out of recycled materials

This shoe is highly eco-friendly because it is made from recovered and repurposed materials. The uppers of the shoes are constructed of recycled plastic bottles, while the insoles are composed of 100 per cent natural cork and algal foam.

shoes made from recycled products

This shoe allows for a customised and ideal fit, while the flexible outsoles substantially improve road traction. Furthermore, because it is made without the use of animal ingredients, this wonderful shoe is vegan. Saola shoes can be machine washed.

7. Sperry Men’s 7 Seas 3-Eye Waterlust – Shoes Made From Recovered Ocean Plastic

Sperry produces a SeaCyled collection of shoes made from recovered ocean plastic. Each pair made contributes to reducing the quantity of plastic garbage that is currently contaminating the ocean. In addition, each pair of SeaCycled shoes is equivalent to approximately five recycled bottles.

shoes made of recycled materials

Sperry’s SeaCycled ecological sneakers are basic in design and are available for both men and women. They are simplistic, casual shoes that are ideal for summer vacations or daily indoor use.

movmt shoes

Even the packaging for these sneakers is designed to be environmentally friendly. Shoe boxes are composed of post-consumer recycled substances, painted with water or soy-based inks, and contain no adhesives.

8. Etnies Men’s Jameson 2 Eco-Recycled Open Cell PU Foam Insole Shoes

Etnies offers shoes for men, women, and children. They have you covered if you want something colourful and bold, and they also have you served if you want anything a little more muted.

shoes made out of recycled materials

Etnies manufactures a wide range of skate shoes, including vegan options. The recycled materials for the insoles, recycled plastic for the canvas uppers and recycled rubber for the outsoles give these shoes an environmentally friendly twist.

shoes made from recycled products

You’ll also be surprised to learn that these shoes offer a plethora of protection features or padding despite their thin appearance. As you flip and practise skating tricks, the padding on the tongue and collar may absorb a lot of impacts.

9. Timberland Shoes

Timberland, best renowned for its leather boots, now offers a selection of canvas boots. The canvas is composed of repurposed plastic bottles. They hope to reduce the amount of plastic trash with their Reduce, Recycle and Rethink campaign

Non-biodegradable plastic material is collected, shredded, and weaved into yarn, resulting in the creation of a new substance. The fabric is utilised in a variety of different products, including boots and shoes, clothing, coats, and bags.

Timberland has collaborated with Thread (TM) to use their strong, recyclable Thread Ground to Fine canvas material. The uppers of several of their shoes and boots are made from this canvas. Since 2009, 345 million plastic bottles have found a fresh lease on life in their products.

10. MOVMT Women’s Le Fronck Vegan Casual – Recyclable Organic Cotton

Another socially conscious brand is The People’s Movement, which was founded by a surfer who was disturbed by the quantity of trash he saw in the water. The MOVMT shoes are made from recycled materials and are both comfortable and casual.

MOVMT creates fashionable and environmentally friendly footwear and accessories, with the primary goal of opposing the use of single-use plastic. They fund organisations such as 5 Gyres, which reduces plastic in our environment through research and ocean cleanups.

MOVMT shoes are manufactured from environmentally friendly materials such as organic cotton canvas, repurposed materials, and upcycled plastic bags. The bags are gathered from Bali’s beaches. Water-based glues, natural colours, treated shoelaces and nickel-free eyelets, and recycled plastic textiles are also employed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What are the shoes made out of plastic bottles?

    As plastic pollution has now become a global disaster, it is wise to use as many recycled plastics. Many brands have made correct use of these wastes to make shoes, clothing and other materials. In this article, you will get some of the best shoes made of recycled plastic water bottles.

  2. How many plastic bottles does it take to make a shoe?

    3-4 empty plastic bottles or containers can be used to make sustainable shoes or a lot of other products.

  3. How do you make a plastic water bottle into a shoe?

    Plastic bottles are first recycled into fibres and then these fibres are used to make fine shoes.

  4. Which company makes shoes from waste?

    There are many companies that use recycled plastic bottles to make shoes. Some of them are mentioned in this article.

  5. Are shoes made with plastic?

    Yes, some brands use recycled plastic bottles to make fine, comfortable and sustainable shoes.

  6. Does Adidas make shoes from ocean plastic?

    The Adidas Ultra boost Parley Shoes are one of the coolest lightweight and versatile trainers on the market made from ocean plastic.

  7. Are plastic shoes bad for your feet?

    Your feet may swell in a plastic shoe, but the plastic encasing them will not expand quite as much.

  8. Which material is used to make shoes?

    Shoes have traditionally been made of wood, leather or canvas, but are increasingly being constructed of plastics, rubber and other petrochemical-derived materials.

  9. How do you make plastic shoes more comfortable?

    Plastic shoes can be expanded for a more comfortable fit. Methods include heating the shoes with a hairdryer, inserting wet newspaper, and using a shoe expansion tool.


Ethical footwear companies are fighting plastic waste by making shoes out of recycled plastic. Plastic pollution is one of the most serious issues arising from climate catastrophe. It is estimated that around eight billion tons of plastic enter our seas each year, accounting for approximately 80% of all ocean garbage. Plastic in the ocean not only harms marine life but is also a massive waste of resources.

There is a wide range of high-quality clothes and equipment created from recycled plastic. It is now being used in the realm of high fashion. The reason behind this is that polyester and plastic bottles are made of the same material – polyethene terephthalate, simply referred to as PET.

However, manufacturers can continue to produce the same fabrics they have in the past by utilising recycled plastic. Shoes made from plastic bottles address two environmental issues at once. They clean up plastic garbage in the environment, giving virgin resources a new lease on life.

Recycled plastic shoes also help to make footwear more environmentally friendly since if the materials can be recycled once, they can be recycled again. These brands, in particular, consider the shoe’s post-production life.

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