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Crocs are a brand of shoes that is loved by several people because of its unique Italian structured design. Also, these crocs shoes are unisex plus they can be worn by all age groups. It has been manufactured with Croslite material which is technological and makes the crocs soft, comfortable and odour free.

However, due to its uniquely crafted construction. It comes with expensive pricing but everybody wants to have a pair of crocs as they are sturdy plus lightweight. So here we have finalized the five best shoes similar to crocs, an alternative or look to meet your needs to have the crocs dupes if not the authentic crocs.

Shoes Like Crocs – Knockoffs & Dupes

Hey Dude Men's Wally Sox Micro Total BlackHey Dude Men's Wally Sox Micro Total Black
  • Durable rubber sole and artificial leather upper
  • Heel measures approximately 1 inch
  • Platform measures approximately 0.5 inch
Allonsi Charles Genuine Leather Classic BootsAllonsi Charles Genuine Leather Classic Boots
  • Crafted Out Of Imported Cow Leather
  • Rubber Sole Provides Durability And Stability
  • Shaft measures approximately 2 from arch
  • Elastic Side Panels For A Comfortable
DADAWEN Women's Round Toe Lace up Work BootsDADAWEN Women's Round Toe Lace up Work Boots
  • Shaft measures approximately 4.7 from arch, heel high measures approximately 1.2
  • Synthetic Leather
  • Classic boot in waterproof leather featuring lace-up front with metal eyelet, Padded collar and tongue
Chaco Women's Z/1 Classic Sandal, BlackChaco Women's Z/1 Classic Sandal, Black
  • Polyester jacquard webbing upper wraps around the foot
  • Adjustable and durable high-tensile webbing heel risers
  • Women's specific luvseat dual density pu midsole
  • Non-marking ecotread 25%-recycled rubber compound with 3mm lug depth
Bruno Marc Men's Philly-5 Black Military Combat BootsBruno Marc Men's Philly-5 Black Military Combat Boots
  • Durable rubber sole and artificial leather upper
  • Heel measures approximately 1 inch
  • Platform measures approximately 0.5 inch
  • Combat motocycle boot featuring classic vintage design
  • Stylish, flexible and comfort ankle boots

1. Hey Dude Wally Sox Shoes

These Hey Dude Wally Sox Men’s Shoes are one of the best alternatives to the crocs. The shoes have man-made sole material plus the outer material is constructed with Bi- Component Fabric. It is also designed with soft cloth lining with a slow-top at the knit upper part.

shoes like crocs

Furthermore, The Hey Dude Wally Shoes is constructed in a chukka style including a wide forefoot space. It gives the appropriate breathability with a great circulation of the toe. It also has the memory foam insole including an outsole that is lightweight and supremely flexible and foldable too. Lastly, it offers two lacing options.

crocs dupes

In addition, These Hey Dude Wally Shoes are quite comfortable, lightweight and also run true to the size. You can consider this option for alternatives to crocs. While the cons of these shoes with regards to review is they are not made with great quality and doesn’t protect them from any injury or redness or rash.

2. Allonsi Chelsea Boots For Mens

You can wear these Allonsi Chelsea Boots to have the croc type shoes. As it also contains the rubber sole material just like crocs. Plus it has the outer material constructed with leather. The unique part about these leather is they are handcrafted cow leather in the upper part plus the lining of these shoes 

In addition, These boots from Allonsi shoes are durable and breathable with these natural materials. It is a sole which is made of rubber and makes the boots absorb shock while you walk with sturdy steps on the surface with heels. Also, the Allonsi allows an Ankle-high cut along with twin elastic side panels which allow you to put on the boots and off conveniently.

Next, these boots from Allonsi Chelsea have a unique Italian design that goes well with any outfit at a reasonable price. One can consider these boots as it has a great quality of leather along with a fashionable style with a snug fit to the feet. The only perk in respect to the reviews of customers is they don’t run true to the size.

3. Dadawen Women’s Round Toe Shoes

DADAWEN Round toe shoes for women are incredible dupes of crocs and works best with a fabric type of Synthetic Leather. Plus it has the rubber sole material along with faux leather in the outer material. Its closure type is lace up which is convenient to put on the shoes.

shoes like crocs

In addition, these DADAWEN shoes have waterproof leather along with a metal eyelet which makes them look cool. Along with it, these shoes feature a padded collar plus tongue. The stitching of the shoes is furnished with soft fabric including a cushioned foot with insole a padded one. 

crocs alternative

All these properties make the shoe put out an excellent grip. Also, you can buy these shoes as its outsole gives lug traction plus excellent grip.

DADAWEN shoes have the versatility to suit all kinds of clothing such as casuals, skirts or any dresses. It has that perfect fine stitching, comfort plus waterproof shoes. The cons added to the shoes is they are not much reliable plus the quality is not up to the mark.

4. Chaco Women’s Z1 Classic Sandal

These one Chaco Z1 Classic Sandals are as comfortable as crocs shoes. It has the pure polyester fabric type along with a rubber sole material. Also, the outer material is made up of polyester. It is just the perfect Chacos Sandals with a classy design and breathable with its appearance. 

croc dupes

In addition, Chaco Z1 Classic has adjustable straps which easily makes your feet size perfectly. It also has the podiatrist certified LUVSEAT PU footbed to lend comfort and support for long hours. Its rubber Chaco grip outsole makes the Sandal very dependable and makes it a perfect choice to wear with especially snug fit jeans or leggings.

crocs alternatives

The Chaco Z1 can be proved to be the best alternative to crocs as it is extremely lightweight, great for hiking purposes and also with a unique design. You can also make the most within a budget-friendly price.

crocs dupes

The cons which make them not to be purchased is their chacos sometimes do not make the perfect fit and which eventually makes the sandal comfortable in feet.

5. Bruno Marc Men’s Military Motorcycle Combat Boots

Another croc that looks like shoes can be these Bruno Marc Military Combat boots and can be considered when buying an alternative of crocs. It has the pure PU fabric type with Thermoplastic Elastomers. Also, these boots have the Polyurethane outer material designed with a lace-up closure type.

alternative to crocs

In addition, you consider these Bruno Marc Military Combat boots off-brand croc to replace your expensive croc. It has that reliable rubber sole with the upper made up of artificial leather. You can walk with these boots conveniently as they offer adequate heel size. On top of all that, they have a stylish vintage look to make you look perfect.

crocs dupes

You can buy it and it will not disappoint you. These Bruno Marc Military Combat boots are extremely flexible, comfortable in the ankle area. Comes in the perfect size and eases the support during the walk or performing some activity with these boots. The negative marking of the shoes is that they don’t last for a longer period and the quality is not much appreciable.

Why Are Crocs Expensive?

So Crocs is the shoe brand which is extremely popular and high in demand.

There is no other shoe that has these similar kinds of design and construction which are uniquely crafted. And it does make the crocs stand out among all other brand shoes.

Also, crocs are very reliable with their long-lasting features plus the top quality material which are used to manufacture these shoes. It has that inbuilt technological properties which make them so expensive as it is rare to find in any other shoes.

In addition, crocs are that pair of shoes which makes you feel very light while walking plus it is very convenient to maintain these shoes. Having this many qualities crocs are priced expensive. However, once you buy these shoes you will feel the worth of them.

How To Choose Cheaper Crocs Alternatives – Buyers Guide

Raw Materials:

These are the basic things when selecting shoes, like from which raw materials it is made. These raw materials offer the shoes new robustness, making them more reliable, waterproof plus making them out as elegant. Plus, shoes that are constructed with rubber or synthetic rubber soles are the best and we have selected some shoes based on these criteria.


The design of the shoes is the most attractive part of the shoes. And when the design comes with a sense of comfort, uniqueness and an amazing style then it is the must-have shoes. So, we have selected the crocs shoes which are stylish yet comfortable at the same time.


The best-considered crocs shoes is the one that will make you feel like you’re walking on the clouds. So you always prefer shoes which are lightweight and don’t feel heavy while you perform any activity or play sports.


So to protect the shoes from any kind of water damage in the rainy season or in general from muddy water. It is important to select the crocs which are specifically made water-resistant.


You always want to purchase shoes that you can keep for a longer period. So one should always prefer buying crocs which are very durable and we have tried to make the list of best durable 5 crocs shoes.


While walking or playing sport with your best crocs on you never want to slip with them. Having the crocs with Anti-slip properties prevent you from falling and slipping often. The below list has most of the crocs with Anti-slip properties.


It is an extremely relevant consideration for buying crocs. You always want to spend your money where it is worth the pennies you are paying. Plus to get the top quality in a reasonable amount is the goal. We tried to match the top quality features of crocs with budget-friendly priced shoes for you. Have a look!

Things To Avoid before choosing crocs similar shoes

Poorly Glued Outsole:

Outsole which is perfectly glued with top quality in the shoe makes you wear them for a longer period. And if it is not a perfectly glued sole then you might end up damaging your shoe very quickly. Plus this outsole also helps you to have that perfect grip or firmness on the ground surfaces. So it should be glued perfectly.

Synthetic Materials:

Going for crocs which are made from synthetic materials are going to make you look a little weird as they don’t usually have the best shoe texture plus over a while it starts to get stiff gradually.


Breathability of your feet is extremely relevant while you wear any crocs and if it doesn’t give this out then you shouldn’t be buying that pair. As the sweat and suffocation, your feet will feel not great to have while you are performing something important. Un-Breathability of feet can be caused when you don’t order the right size shoes for yourself.

How To Tell If Crocs Are Fake

The tag of your crocs comes with an authorized barcode from the company itself. Make sure you check for it and scan it for sure. If somehow the pattern matches some other crocs shoe design then the one you have is surely a fake one.

You should do one more thing to check if your crocs are real. Check for the color of the model if the color you have is not on the official website then you might have a fake crocs.

You should check if the sizes are true as its written on them since the fake crocs are one size smaller than the usual. You should always buy them from authorized stores or websites only.

Real crocs are made of croslite material which makes it extra durable, lightweight and it won’t slip on wet floor. The authentic crocs has duke logo embedded on the back of it so make sure to check for it and buy the real ones only.

What Are Fake Crocs Called

Fake crocs are often coined as Crocs knock offs and they are made of cheap quality materials. The fake version of crocs are often made of rubber and it just will not last as long as the authentic crocs because of the croslite material used in the making of original ones.

They don’t have the same duke logo as the real ones. The crocs dupes has not at all the same comfort and the same unparalleled detailing as the authentic crocs. The fake crocs use heavy rubber which is not as light as the authentic ones.

The fake crocs will get slippery on the wet surfaces and it will not get damaged easily. These are usually cheaper than the original crocs and are less reliable than the original ones.

Fake Crocs vs Real Croc

As of now, the number of authentic crocs that has been sold is 300 million and the number gets increased by each day and so increases the number of crocs dupes sold. So one should always know the difference between knock offs and the original ones.

The fake dupes are of lower value than the original ones because of the low production cost and non quality rubber used in the making of it. The real dupes do not itch or is not uncomfortable to the feet like the fake ones .

The knock offs show a black circle in the place of the duke logo which is in the authentic crocs. The fake crocs are available in many colors but only the shades available in the website are the real ones. So one should always check for the authentic crocs and buy them only for real quality and comfort.

Crocs vs Clogs: What is the difference between them?

Crocs nowadays is a very well established brand. The difference between crocs and clogs is that the crocs is a brand in itself and the clogs are just a variant or a type u may of shoes that are produced by crocs itself.

Crocs generates many types of comfort shoes and so many products per year. The shoes produced by crocs are quality croslite material and are very comfortable when compared to other normal shoes.

Clogs,on the other hand are a production of Crocs house is made up of croslite and it is easy for traveling purposes. Just so you know croslite is a quality material made of resin and it provides maximum cushioning to the material.

It is used to provide the cushioning which makes clogs attractive so the difference between Crocs and clogs is that crocs are available in so many colors and sizes and designs and clogs are available in a particular design and that design is easy to slip on and slip off which is easy for traveling purpose.

Clogs are very easy to clean. All you have to do it just wipe it off or wash it however you see fit. These are quality products available in many shades but one design. You can enjoy the comfort as much as you want in clogs.


  1. What is a good alternative to crocs?

    Amoji Unisex Garden Clogs can be a good alternative to Crocs. These clogs are super comfortable, durable and lightweight similar to what crocs have to offer. You can try them out to see the difference yourself.

  2. Which Is Better Crocs Or Skechers?

    So both have their best feature and it is totally up to you. Crocs are super comfortable compared to Skechers while sketches will give that sporty design vibe better than crocs.

  3. How Can You Tell If Crocs Clogs Are Fake?

    Fake Crocs are evident right from the quality of material plus the smell of Crocs. There is a smell of adhesive odour and the material might be made up of rubber or plastic in the fake crocs.

  4. Are Fake crocs as good as authentic crocs?

    No, fake or duplicate is always secondary in comparison to an authentic one. Authentic Crocs have their quality and style which fake crocs can't match. Fake crocs are just the cheaper version so there is nothing the same as the authentic ones.

  5. Why Do People Prefer Getting Crocs?

    Crocs have a unique Italian structure design which is unique plus it is durable with the most comfortable yet top material shoes. People like to have crocs because it's worth buying and it is in trend.

  6. Should you wear socks with Crocs?

    Well, crocs are designed in such a way that you don't need to wear socks. But having said that there is always a personal styling and you can go ahead with wearing socks with crocs.


I hope that you have found your “ shoes that look like crocs ” and they are as comfortable as crocs. Although the above-listed shoes are not crocs their brands are quite similar to the features of crocs.

Crocs are an expensive pair of shoes. Not everyone can afford to buy but you can try the alternative which are absolute dupes of crocs. You will surely enjoy wearing these while you want the stylish ones also.

Before buying see to it that it fills your requirement of features in a shoe or is it similar to crocs features. And if it does satisfy your need then go ahead. Plus we have the feature to look at when buying shoes like a cross and which feature should not be there. So you can have your choice accordingly.

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