Sustainable Eco Friendly Shoes for Kids 2022

Looking for sustainable eco friendly shoes for kids? It might be difficult to find for kids. A huge number of wonderful fair trade brands still didn’t manufacture kids sizes. Never compromise, you can get sustainable shoes that your kids will love. Over time, sustainability has entered into every aspect of our lives.

A perfect pair of sustainable eco-friendly shoes will soften kids jogging and also prevent kids feet from blisters and injuries. Not only offering comforts but usual traditional shoes also have a negative impact on the environment, producing emissions.

In this modern technical livelihood, fortunately, a huge number of brands have begun to create more environmentally friendly and ethical organic shoes for toddlers including sustainable raw materials.

Are you up in the market for upgrading your kids shoes as comfort is the most crucial and they must not be injured, take a look at the sustainable eco friendly kids shoes listed here in our article.

Inkkas, Zuzii, Fayvel, keep company shoes, Grow five, Azerbaijani Socks are a few brands that manufacture sustainable eco friendly shoes for toddlers. These great popular brands support their workers and also the planet. Buying organically made kids shoes is not just good for your family but also good for families all over the world.

Before you grab any sustainable eco-friendly shoes for kids in the market, keep going through various factors like information on products, features, reviews and things to remember to buy shoes which must be weighed before moving to the checkout counter.

We have healthy reviews of sustainable shoes for kids so you can put your best eco foot forward. To be frank, the traditional footwear stinks a lot but the sustainable eco-friendly shoes brands strive towards sustainability.

Let’s have a look at a dozen ethical shoes for kids and brands!

Ethical Kids Shoes and Brands

List of Best Sustainable kids shoes and shoe brands :

1. BLAKE SLIP ON – Inkkas


The Black slip on is like a piece of art. This style was created by designer or artist Kelsey Archila featuring geometric designs available in various colours. Inkkas brand plants one tree on each and every purchase known as “One shoe, one tree program”. They have 100% pure rubber outsole.

If you are looking for bright eccentric and a range of funky shoes for kids that are stylish to look at, go for Blake slip-on manufactured by Inkkas. Inkkas brand has a brightful and cluster of collections of kids sustainable shoes with a wide range of colours, designs and styles.

2. STARLING – Wildling Shoes

STARLING – Wildlings shoes

Wildling shoes crow and winter health has attracted a huge number of customers. They are ankle high models in rosewood colour. Wildlings shoes are with elastic laces for kids whereas regular laces for adults. They have a canvas upper made out of 100% cotton in the rosewood model while in the crow model, the upper is made of 100% virgin wool.

Crow is absolutely a new model from wildling shoes. The outsole of these shoes is very thin but all the wildling shoes have a special sole design. With this thin sole and soft upper, these wildling shoes become quite flexible. Wildling shoes feature toe-ox and are available in varieties of sizes.

3. Navy Flames – Rothy

Navy Flames – Rothy

Rothy’s shoes are stylish and as good as they are to your little ones. They bring casual comfort to the little kids in your family. Rothy’s shoes are machine washable where you just put them in the machine if you want to clean. These shoes have a bright, vibrant and funky design and style.

While popping in the washing machine, remove the insole. They are manufactured from recycled plastic bottles indirectly saving the environment. Rothy’s have a quite vast selection of designs from which you can select whatever you like. Never compromise, if you or your kid don’t like a design, there are a huge number of collections in the market.

4. Idre WP Black – Kavat

Idre WP Black – Kavat

Idre WP Black are the boots designed by the top footwear artisans that keeps your kids toes warm, dry and cozy in all situations in this season. They are incredibly 100% waterproof in all kinds of weather conditions. Idre WP Black boots are manufactured from recycled materials( sustainable raw materials).

Kids feel too soft and warm wearing these shoes. They have an upper made out of the combination of textile and leather. These shoes are waterproof due to the biodegradable membrane that is sealed. If you are looking for the perfect pair of shoes to wear in winter? then go for Idre WP Black boots.

5. Smallbirds Wool Runners – Allbirds

Smallbirds Wool Runners – Allbirds

Allbirds wool Runners are adorable matching shoes for kids. Allbirds would become your all time favourite once you use them. Small Birds are made out of itch free merino wool same as the adult shoes so that they are breathable and comfortable for the tiny feet.

Small Birds feature SweetFoam Brazilian sugarcane contoured midsole and flexible outsole. Enhance walking of infants.

They are easily washable, that is you can just put them in the washing machine for cleaning. You would jump from other brands to Allbirds, that comfortable they are for kids.



Veja kids shoes are stylish and classic with amusing designs. The V-12 VELCRO chrome free model is made out of ethical, ecological and sustainable materials. They have an upper manufactured from ChromeFree leather. Their Panels are made out of ChromeFree leather and vegan suede.

Velcro chrome free kids shoes are made from natural, sustainable organic raw materials including the fair trade materials and working conditions. Veja brand has a wide and good range of vegan shoes too and are perfectly suitable for kids or toddlers. They are unisex, available for both boys and girls and have a huge number of collections to choose.

7. PRIMUS SPORT KIDS – Vivobarefoot

PRIMUS SPORT KIDS – Vivobarefoot

Primus vivobare foot shoes are the best trainer running shoes for kids. They are available in all the sizes and ages of kids ranging from one to nine years of age. Primus trainers have a classic flexible sole that maximizes sensory feedback and is an extra rigid grippy for running.

The toggle lace fastening of these Primus trainer shoes makes it easy for kids to adjust by themselves. They use recycled sources as the raw materials, reducing the adverse impact on the environment. Trainer shoes are lightweight and flexible so that they do not restrict the movement of tiny feet. Vivobarefoot’s products are natural and durable with high quality.



Ethletic lo cut kids shoes are the sustainable alternative to typical traditional old shoes. This design is especially easy to slip into and ready to make you feel good. These Ethletic trainers are made out of organic cotton and natural rubber soles. All parts are manufactured with natural raw materials except for the eyelets.

These classic shoes are pure vegan and the cotton is sourced from fair trade producers. They are the best if you are looking for skater type kicks for your kids. Ethletic always go for sustainable raw materials in good working conditions. You can even see the face of the person who made the shoes on the product.

9. Jefferson 2.0 Liteknit – Native

Jefferson 2.0 Liteknit – Native

Jefferson keeping the original native shape became a global favourite brand. Jefferson colours can be observed and identified by parents from far away as they are so bright and fluorescent. They have EVA footbed that provides cushioning and firm support. These kids shoes meet both the updated fashion and sustainability.

 Jefferson Liteknit features 3D Elasticized Liteknit Upper which is sourced from recycled materials and also features Elastilite Recycled EVA and PU Insole Rubber Toe which is also sourced from recycled material. Native company sources its materials using pineapple leaf fiber, linen, kenaf, lactae hevea, and naturally sourced cotton.

10. Groms ESSNTLS Flip Flops – Indosole

Groms ESSNTLS Flip Flops – Indosole

Are you on a hunt searching for the perfect kids flip flop so stop looking , these are the ones for you. They are manufactured with natural rubber and vegan uppers, these forms essntls kids flip flops are practical, comfortable, and sustainable shoes that are perfect for each and every moment.

Their soles are made out of recycled tyre rubber. These recycled sole flip flops are environmentally friendly and good for the plant too. The most important point is that tyre rubber does not decompose naturally, hence this recycling protects nature. Indosole have flip flops for the entire family of all different sizes needed.

11. Rush Sports shoe with Boa– Superfit

Rush Sports shoe with Boa– Superfit

Rust sports shoes look stylish and the heel of the shoes can be adjusted to the millimetre and individually, very easily and quickly with just a single hand. These rush sports shoes are great for people hunting for shoes that suit any dressing style. This feature makes the shoes optimal fit and offer rigid grip.

They are ultimately lightweight and flexible offering comfort for kids without restricting the movement. Rush shoes are manufactured out of renewable, recycled raw materials that are vegetable tanned leather. Superfit has a huge collection of shoes among which these are the little baby shoes. Wide range of collection from infant sizes to shoes for teens.

12. Youth Grey Cordones Sneaker – Toms

Youth Grey Cordones Sneaker – Toms

Youth grey are available for kids ranging from five to twelve years of age. These sneakers are cool and perfect for the kids to wear at home or even outside according to various conditions. They are sustainable in everyday situations.

Youth grey cordoned sneakers are manufactured using sustainable raw materials. These shoes are manufactured from chambray and are 100% vegan. Toms company always updates its shoes for sustainability and are b-corp certified. Similarly like Superfit brand they too have shoes for all for kids to teens.



If you are looking for shoes for kids who live at the beach, these are the best ones for you. Vagabond boys shoes have canvas slip on design and have canvas lining. They are high rebound and include molded EVA footbed in its sole featuring an additive designed to reduce odor causing bacteria. This feature of course reduces the stinking smell from the feet.

They have an u shaped rubber sponge outsole and are quite comfortable with slip on and slip off design. Sanuk always strives to include more certified and sustainable materials in their products. Sanuk has eco shoes from toddlers to adults including kids and teens.



The Sporty Chelsea moulds to all seasons and enhances a cool look for any situation. The shoes are made out of leather or fur with a sustainable and chrome free insole and have a soft and flexible strong rubber sole. Their soles of the smaller size shoes are specially designed to be softer and more flexible than the larger size shoes.

They are manufactured from sustainable materials like vegetable tanned leather, suede and recycled TR rubber. Absolutely 100% hand made and ecological Petit Nord strives harder to use the sustainable materials in all their products and vegetable tan their shoes.

15. Fenton Mesh Multi – Emu Australia

Fenton Mesh Multi – Emu Australia

Fenton mesh multi are children’s high ankle boots. They are made with 100% wool for kids. Anyways, they are easily machine washable and are made for kids day to day usage. Emu Australia shoes are lightweight and breathable sneakers. They have an upper made out of 100% wool.

These shoes have a flexible and lightweight EVA outsole with wave design for traction and grip. It is obvious that kids feel comfortable wearing these boots. Emu Australia has a huge list of merino wool shoes perfect for the entire family and certainly tick the box for those people with sustainable values.


Wrapping it up! Footwear has a huge impact on the environment. Never underestimate the power that your simple purchase can do. If you become more aware of the benefits of sustainable and eco-friendly shoes, brands will have to definitely produce them.

 The hunt for the perfect pair of Sustainable eco-friendly shoes for kids gets more challenging each time a new product enters the marketplace. With a wide range of options out there, take a moment and consider what you value in the ethical slippers.

After going through this article, I hope you got detailed information on some of the best Sustainable shoes for kids in the marketplace.

Not only are there many huge numbers of brands and designs to be considered about, but there are also several features you need to consider such as material, size, padding, and outsole construction. By reading and following our article, you will be easily able to find the right running shoes for your needs from our array.

Kids must have comfort wearing shoes all the day or for outings which avoids them from having injuries, blisters, shoe bites and many more. So keeping all these in mind before grabbing shoes, choose the best ones for your kids. With these sustainable shoes you are also benefiting the environment and protecting nature.