Sustainable Flats : 10 Women Ethical and Eco Friendly Flats (2023)

Are you looking for sustainable women’s flats? Here in this article, we have listed the top 10 women’s ethical and eco-friendly flats that are comfortable, stylish and budget-proof. A pair of comfy, attractive flats is the simplest method to rest your feet, and if they’re created responsibly and environmentally friendly, you’ll have an extra spring in your step. The tide has swung back in favour of comfort these days, and the basic flat is a must-have companion for WFH and our new stay-at-home lifestyles. No one would like to have an uncomfortable pair of shoes.

We’ve compiled a list of stylish, eco-friendly, and sustainable flat shoes, and they’ve all passed our comfort test. On this list, you’ll find brands that have a low environmental impact, meaning they produce less pollution and waste and consume fewer resources. The vegan flats are a must-have for a capsule wardrobe. They’re also appropriate for any season — I pair mine with tights in the winter to keep my legs warm, but I pretty much wear vegan flats all year unless there’s a dusting of snow outside. Vegan materials for ballerina flats seem like a natural choice, given that they were initially made of satin. There are also a lot of options these days, with everything from cactus leather to fabric created from recycled bottles available.

Because of the use of more environmentally friendly materials in their making, they have managed to reduce their carbon footprints. They make use of recycled materials, are certified B-Corps, and are manufactured in a safe working environment. Many of these companies have also pledged to pay their employees a decent wage. Sustainability is at the heart of all of these companies mission statements. Our guide will teach you everything you need to know about buying comfortable, sustainable, eco-friendly, and ethical flats.

10 Women Ethical and Eco Friendly Sustainable Flats Review

Here are the top 10 best women sustainable flats. Please go through the list below and find the perfect pair for you.

1. Rothy’s : Flats Made From Water Bottles

Rothy’s Flats Made From Water Bottles

The characteristic style and comfort of Rothy’s shoes are well known. They are made from repurposed plastic bottles and are as beautiful as they are environmentally responsible. Their fabric is so soft and stretchy that the shoe will constantly bend and flex in response to your foot movement, and you will thus never be uncomfortable in them.

Rothy’s popularity can be attributed to the fact that it is so aware of the environmental damage caused by other non-biodegradable substances used in the making of shoes, as well as the combination of style and comfort in one place. The shoes are very attractive and come in a variety of colour options at an extremely affordable price range. They are sleek and simple in their design, which further makes them more flexible.

The company is also working towards a zero-waste business strategy and has so far made use of 75 million bottles in its shoes. Because of the 3D knitting technology used in these shoes, there is very little waste.  Megan Markle, a woman known for wearing her principles on her feet, fell in love with this shoe.

2. Vagabond Shoemakers : Eco Friendly Women’s Shoes

Vagabond Shoemakers : Eco Friendly Women's Shoes

This Swedish shoe company, which is known for its well-made, simple designs that are durable, places sustainability at the forefront of its operations.

On all levels, this brand believes that fashion brands must think and act sustainably. They think about materials, production, and transportation in all of their efforts. This all-encompassing strategy includes 100% sustainable fabrics, effective chemical controls and replacements, and recycling initiatives.

The best part about these Vagabond shoes is that they look very classy. These shoes come in three classic colors, which are appropriate for office wear. You can even wear these shoes for running errands or a casual outing.

The only downside is that they are not the most affordable. A lot of reviews claim that these shoes have lasted for years. Hence, the price is justified. We don’t think you’ll mind paying a little extra when it favours the environment.

3. Everlane: Ethical Women Flats

Everlane: Ethical Women Flats

Everlane is dedicated to creating a supply chain that is both honest and environmentally conscious. All of their vendors are vetted for fair salaries, suitable working hours, and environmental policies.

When you click on a product, a graph appears that shows the exact prices of each item, binding materials, labour, and transportation.

They’re designed to keep your feet warm and dry regardless of the weather. The soles on the sides make these shoes suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They might also be washed and air-dried overnight, according to critics.

This is a really simple design that elevates even the most casual outfits. These flats come in a neutral beige colour which looks chic and compliments your look. These flats, which are produced in Italy, are fashionable and timeless. They look great with a pair of trousers or even a flowing dress. They also reveal their markup as compared to a regular merchant.

If these aren’t your thing, there are lots of alternative vegan flats to pick from. You may even see the name of the factory and photographs of its facilities by clicking through.

4. BENDY by Ashbury Skies: Eco Friendly Women’s Shoes

BENDY by Ashbury Skies : Eco Friendly Women's Shoes

This shoe is simple, comfy, fashionable, and environmentally responsible. A typical leather sneaker comprises 25-30 components, however, the BENDY has less than 8. BENDY, on the other hand, utilises less labour and emits fewer pollutants in the production of their shoes.

Because the shoes are created in California, there is less transportation, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint than other leather shoes made in Asia.

Furthermore, unlike other shoes, BENDY is sewn together rather than glued, reducing the number of harmful glue vapours exposed to employees.

BENDY also boasts a double-thick, cushioned insole that makes you feel like you’re walking on a pillow. The footbed is comprised of breathable, slow-recovery eco-foam. It’s comparable to the kind seen in high-performance running shoes, and it’ll mould to your specific foot shape. BENDY was named a top fashionable travel shoe by Fodor’s Travel.

5. Nisolo: Recycled Organic Flats

Nisolo: Recycled Organic Flats

This eco-friendly company creates leather boots and shoes that are classic, adaptable, and comfy. All of the products are created in Peru, and the company offers livable wages to its employees.

This B Corp is likewise dedicated to providing healthcare and a healthy, safe work environment for its employees. These shoes are very comfortable and can be worn on any occasion. Your feet won’t hurt at all in these shoes. These shoes are breathable and made in such a way that they contour to the shape of your foot and provide support.

Shoemaking as an art form is alive and thriving, thanks to Nisolo, and will be passed down to future Peruvians. Give Nisolo a try if you care about getting better, higher-quality shoes at a reasonable price. These simple, well-designed sneakers will last a long time.

6. Allbirds: Sustainable Women’s Flats

Allbirds : Sustainable Women Flats

These comfortable flats are made of wool and are breathable, temperature-regulating, and moisture-wicking. Furthermore, the wool they utilize comes from growers who adhere to strict farming, land management, and animal welfare guidelines.

Sugar cane is used in a portion of the soles. Sugar cane is grown freely in Brazil, hence this sugar cane component comes from there.

The Allbirds’ sole is carbon neutral because it’s a fast-growing, fully renewable resource that eliminates carbon from the atmosphere.

Allbirds sneakers were named the most comfortable shoes in the world by Time magazine, and their popularity skyrocketed. They are made of breathable fabric and allow enough space for your feet. These shoes come in 17 different colors and designs, which makes them the most stylish footwear on this list.

It doesn’t end here. They are available in a variety of different sizes too. You can find a pair for yourself very easily. They now also make really nice flats. They are a B Corporation. This company is the real deal because the creators are genuinely concerned about sustainability.

7. Fortress of Inca: Sustainable Women’s Flats

Fortress of Inca : Sustainable Women Flats

The quality and craftsmanship of this family-oriented business are well known. They constantly try to make sure that the people working under them have safe working conditions and are paid fairly.

These are lovely cruelty-free flats with handcrafted Indian-style embroidery and beadwork for a delicate, artisanal touch. Of course, everyone involved in the creation of this ornately embroidered footwear is adequately compensated.

Fair wages, gender equity, and good working conditions are all part of the brand’s fair-trade practices. The silhouettes are basic and timeless, with simple, elegant, and adaptable designs. You’ll be able to wear these sneakers year after year.

8. Vivo Barefoot: Ethical Women’s Flats

Vivo Barefoot : Ethical Women Flats

This environmentally conscious company opts for the thinnest possible sole with no heel. This may seem strange, but it allows your feet to move the way they were designed to.

This shoe makes you feel as if you’re walking barefoot, which is exactly the idea.

They are very light and comfortable. These flats mould to the shape of your feet and don’t restrict your movements.

Vivo Barefoot focuses on supply chain efficiency and technology innovation to save energy during the manufacturing process. They make as much use of natural, renewable, and recyclable materials as feasible. Vivo Barefoot also provides a repair service, which means that if your shoes become worn out over time, they may be re-soled and brought back to life.

9. Camper : Eco Friendly Women’s Shoes

Camper : Eco Friendly Women's Shoes

This brand is known for developing modern, comfortable, and classic shoes. Their long history in the shoemaking industry attests to the fact that they have prioritised quality, honesty, and designs, as well as being in the pursuit of finding more ways to reduce carbon footprints.

This Spanish firm has been dedicated to increasing the use of recycled materials while maintaining a continuous mix of sturdy and long-lasting materials. They select manufacturers that adhere to their basic values in order to maintain high standards for human rights and environmental practices. Since 2010, they’ve been investing in green energy projects in Spain, with the goal of offsetting the energy they consume to run their business.

10. OESH : Flats Made From Water Bottles

OESH : Flats Made From Water Bottles

These shoes are made in the USA and designed by a Harvard physician to improve strength, movement, and function while also encouraging total body health and wellness. These flats have a 3D-printed sole and a zero-waste crocheted upper.

 They use a unique knitting process that eliminates the need for fabric trimming, resulting in zero waste. At the conclusion of the shoe’s lifecycle, the 3D-printed sole can be shredded and reused to create new soles.


Here you go. In this list, we compiled 10 women’s ethical and eco-friendly flats for women. Vegan flats are a must-have for any sustainable wardrobe, regardless of whatever design you favor. By now you must have realised how sustainability is going to go a long way in the near future. These shoes might be a little expensive, but they give you value for money. Fast fashion has kept shoes cheap at the expense of low wages and working conditions in underdeveloped countries. Switching to ethically created products ensures that the shoes you buy were not created at the expense of employees or with the use of child labour.

To compile this list of the best sustainable flats for women, we took into account a number of factors, including size, materials, price, features, and more. Simply remember to select a pair that fits your budget and meets your requirements.

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