The Ultimate Guide to Sinclair and Jadon Doc Martens

Doc Martens has been constantly popular and can instantly be recognized all over the world. Back when German Nazi Army doctor, Klaus Martens first made these shoes, he was more concerned about the shock absorption feature that would make them comfortable that the fashion.

Along with the British punk scene in the 70s, they entered the mainstream media. They have since survived grunge in the 90s and finally become a trendsetter favorite among Gen Z. 

They have stood the test of time and continue to be worth the hype to date. This article is for those who plan on getting a pair of Doc Martens and might be confused between the two “Doc Martens Sinclair vs Jadon”. 


Doc Martens Sinclair vs Jadon (Major Differences)

The major differences between Doc Martens Sinclair and Jadon can be explained through the comparison of their various features in detail. They are as follows:

Dr. Martens 1460 Originals 8-Eye, Unisex, Black, Soft Toe, Slip...
  • Original 1460 design, with heritage Docs DNA like yellow welt stitching, 8 eyes, grooved air-cushioned soles and a scripted heel-loop
  • DM's iconic air-cushioned sole, re-engineered with an enhanced grip for next-level slip resistance: PVC fused with the central rubber pods of GRIP-TRAX, our unique outsole lug formation
  • Serves up enhanced ergonomic comfort via breathable, moisture-wicking SoftWair sockliners, with strategically placed memory foam pods


Jadon boots are classic-looking boots made by Doc Martens. They might resemble classic Docs from the front but they have a zipper on the side. So after unboxing them, they only need to be laced, since they can be put on and off by using the zipper.

This makes the shoes ready to be slipped on easily. Customers are advised to wear low socks since the back of the boots might rub against the ankle during the first few times.

Doc Martens designed their Sinclair boots with a middle on the middle which can be removed if the customer wishes so. Hence if anyone wishes to wear Doc Martens with their laces tied up they can simply remove them. 

But if one desires to use the sipper then they are advised to use low socks. This is because there have been a few complaints regarding the zipper rubbing against the foot. 

Not only does it give a cool and trendy look but also provides a stable platform. For official or serious purposes one can simply use the laces.


Doc Marten Jaden boots are made up of leather. They have a shiny and smooth external appearance. They are made to be waterproof and hence suitable for all kinds of weather conditions.

Doc Marten uses soft leather for making their Sinclair boots. There are some textures available for them, unlike Jadon. The leather used for Sinclair is soft enough to be squeezed. 

This soft leather will help keep the feet completely sealed when the laces are tied properly. The leather used in making Jadon is a bit rigid in comparison and the toe region might feel stiff during the first few times they are worn. Sinclair shoes are also waterproof and can be worn during the monsoon season.


According to customer reviews, Doc Martens’s boots are true to size. They are also a good choice for those who have wide feet. People with very narrow to narrow feet should go for a size down.

As a result both the types of shoes, Sinclair and Jaden, manufactured by the footwear brand Doc Martens are true to size. They recommend that customers who use size 6 regularly, order size 5, that is go down a size. 

The reason is they can be larger in comparison to regular boots. But once the correct-sized boots are put on, they will fit perfectly. Unlike other high boots, one would not face any fitting issues with these two types.

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Doc Martens’s boots were first made for the sole purpose of comfort. They can be worn both with and without socks. Sinclair and Jaden, both types of boots are designed in a manner that they will not hurt one’s feet even if they are worn for hours.

Not only can they be worn during monsoon and winter seasons but also provide a good grip over ice and slippery surfaces. They provide stability to the wearer’s feet and also add to their height. 

The only issue would be that they are a bit heavier than other boots. Those who prefer lighter boots would initially find them a bit uncomfortable.


Doc Marten boots can be a bit expensive. But they are also known to last years. So those who are looking forward to investing in a pair can go ahead and do so. While other boots wear off after a couple of years, Doc Martens can last up to a decade or even more.

The way to extend the life of Sinclair and Jaden boots by Doc Martens would be to take care of them regularly. They need to be cleaned and polished for maintaining the initial freshness.

In case there is a scratch or cut on them, or they get damaged in any other way, they will be good as new. If they are worn daily they would need to be cleaned once every two to three months and if worn occasionally then once every six months.

Arch Support

Doc Martens manufactures the soles of all of their boots to have good arch support. Not only are they very comfortable but springy as well. They also provide their customers with the option of inserting an additional insole for those who need it.

They were after all designed by Klaus Martens who was at the time suffering an ankle sprain. They were solely created for the purpose of providing an extra cushion and a heel pad for people who spend hours on their feet. 

Both Jaden and Sinclair’s boots have soles with excellent grip and traction. The thick soles also prevent foot injury besides making walks on ice or wet surfaces stable. 

Dr. Martens Womens Sinclair 8 Eye Leather Platform Boot
  • Classic Doc's DNA is in full effect, with visible stitching, grooved sides and a scripted heel-loop
  • Two ways To fasten: removable Laces, or a front zip
  • A durable and hardwearing pebbled leather that's soft and supple from first wear

Doc Martens Sinclair vs Jadon – What to Prefer the most? 

Doc Martens might have initially been unfashionable but comfortable boots, but with time they started being popular due to their style. While Doc Marten makes boots that look more like the classics such as the Jadens, they also make boots following the current trend like the Sinclairs. 

The Jadens might look like the traditional Doc Martens, but they also have a zipper on the side. This not only makes the process of wearing and taking off the shoes easier but also adds a modern touch. 

Sinclairs, on the other hand, are designed to have both the classical and the new age look. Trendsetters would keep the zipper on, while those who prefer a classical look can remove the zipper completely.

The choice between Sinclair and Jaden is a subjective one. The final decision completely depends on personal preferences and taste. 

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The Sinclair and Jaden boots made by Doc Martens both are very much in demand among boot lovers. Despite being on the pricier side, they are worth it in the end. 

Not only do they give a good performance of lasting years but give the same amount of comfort throughout. Hence this article makes a comparison of the different features of “Doc Martens Sinclair vs Jadon” that would help customers to choose the one that fits their needs.

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