Vans Era vs Authentic Review and Guide 2023

Both the Vans Authentic and Vans Era are debatable due to the differences they possess in their colour, material or even sometimes in construction design too. Both the shoes from Vans are crafted primarily for skating purposes. The Vans Era is more towards the chunky style with sturdy type constructions. They also offer a padded collar. Plus Vans Era has options of two tones colour shoes. The main difference between vans era vs authentic shoes isin their design. The Vans Era have a sturdy construction while Authentic Vans have a very sleek design. Vans Authentic contains a thick padded collar for additional comfort.

So it is much more comfortable than the Vans Era. If you are looking for durability, then you must buy Vans Era. Vans Authentic are less durable than Vans Era. Whereas, Vans Authentic are more of a sleek construction type along with a very incredible fitting size. Furthermore, these Authentic shoes look great with beautiful shorts or ripped jeans. Back in the day, Vans produced the Vans authentic shoes featuring a low top with a lace-up closure type. It also has the waffle rubber outsole plus they were more notable features to it also. They have been in huge demand since their first releases. Then after the years of success Vans experienced they decided to put more additional features to modernize the design of Vans Authentic shoes into the shoes known as “Era”. Vans Era has a padded heel collar to lend your feet protection as a whole plus they are much more reliable than Vans Authentic. Let’s dig into more differences between the Vans Authentic Vs Vans Era in detail:

Difference between Vans Authentic and Vans Era

Vans Authentic and Vans Era are specifically constructed for skating purposes. Also, both the shoes aid the comfort, style plus the simple and elegant look in general. Although Vans Era and Vans Authentic are almost identical in their design they do vary in colours, comfort or materials. The stand out difference between the Era and Authentic Vans shoes is the padding of the heel collar in the Vans Era plus the sturdy design construction in comparison to the Vans Authentic. So basically, the Vans Authentic were famous since their launch but after some years Vans embedded some more features to renew the existing Authentic shoes and finally made the Vans Era shoes along with adding extra features. Now let’s see the difference between the style, size, materials and the pricing between the Vans Era and Vans Authentic.

Vans Era VS Authentic Sizing

Vans Era Sizing:

Vans Era has a padded collar which makes it thicker and people with wide feet are unable to get their true size in Vans Era. This Vans Era is designed particularly for skateboarding goals. It is the reason that these shoes fit perfectly in the area towards the ankle. A little tip for skateboarding shoes, choose the same size of Van Authentic in the Vans Era shoes.

Vans Authentic Sizing:

Vans authentic sizing is similar to the normal Vans sizing. They are skate shoes and are meant to be a snug fit. If you have wide feet you need to order the wide size options accurately. Most of the time Vans Authentic runs true to the size and makes your size appropriate. Also, the sleek design of this Vans Authentic makes it easy for wide feet people to get their accurate size.

Styles & Materials Used in Era, Authentic

Material & style in Vans era : 

Vans Era is manufactured using canvas to make the upper of shoes. Most of the Vans Era shoes use the canvas only but only the newly launched Vans Era has a suede material upper offering in one colour only. These shoes offer great comfort as it has a comfy cush technology to increase the softness and flexibility to make the cushioning better. Furthermore, the Vans Era contains a removable interior footbed so you make your inserts go inside conveniently. Suede upper Vans Era is offering these technologies and if you want to buy them then you can go ahead with your choice of colours.

Vans Era has the construction of sturdy type plus it has very fine stitching which makes them more reliable. Also, it has two-tone colour with excellent Stichting which sets Vans Era apart from the other brand shoes. People who have short legs are not usually impressed with the thick padding of the Vans Era. And they prefer Vans Authentic as it has a sleek construction type. Vans Era has brilliant colour choosing with Canvas upper plus the leather backing is the plus point of Vans Era.

Material & Style in Vans Authentic :

Most of the Vans Authentic shoes are constructed with materials using canvas suede, plus leather. The Vans Authentic which are constructed from suede leather offers three options of different colours. Recently, Vans Authentic has started creating their shoes from denim and this is considered as one of the strongest cotton fabrics. Although it is strong it has not been the most comfortable shoes out there. There are two styles from the Vans Authentic which are manufactured using the material black synthetic leather upper. And with one style it contains an outsole that is slip-resistant plus enhances the traction of the shoes.

Talking about the style of Vans Authentic, it gives out a simple and clean look along with sleek manufacturing that is stylish yet comfortable. Vans Authentic offers about 52 varieties of different styles plus colours. Some of the options they provide are solid colours, rainbow, skull, checkerboard, etc. One of the recent launches by Vans Authentic is the most expensive style in comparison to others. Vans Authentic are extremely reliable and you can count on them. However, for working for longer hours Vans Authentic is not recommended as it does not support collar padding.

Similarities Between Vans Authentic and Vans Era

  • Vans Era and Vans Authentic both are constructed with a low top design.
  • Next is they both offer the lace-up closure type including an eyelet made up of metal.
  • Both the Vans shoes have the waffle rubber outsole from the Vans standard style of the outsole.
  • Vans Era and Vans Authentic are both designed for skating purposes. 
  • Both the shoes have padding with a bit of difference.
  • Offers a variety of colours in both the Vans Era and Vans Authentic.

Vans Authentic Vs Era Pricing

Vans Era:

Vans Authentic:

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Conclusion :

Vans Era vs Vans Authentic can be summarized in a way that both are an excellent choice to purchase but there are some slight differences which you can prefer according to your choice. Also, you can see some of the similarities between the Vans Era and Vans Authentic which makes them both worth it. In addition, the Vans Authentic was the first designed for skating. But due to the popularity Vans relaunched the Vans Era with more features to make it more durable. Wide feet people should consider wearing the Vans Authentic shoes as it is more comfortable than the Vans Era as it contains a thick padded collar.

Next, for people wanting to use the shoes for long hours, they should prefer wearing the Vans Era as it is more durable than the Authentic shoes of Vans. Vans Authentic shoe fitting is pretty smooth just like wearing gloves. Whereas, the Vans Era shoes are not comfortable at the ankle for some people. Authentic shoes are not available in multi colors while the Vans Era is offering two-tone colored shoes. Both shoes are budget-friendly but Vans Era is a bit expensive due to the extra durability it offers. But it is worth it when you buy these shoes and try them.

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