Vans vs Converse Shoes: Sizing | Comfort | Styling – 2023

Fashion is a highly personal subject. Most people have favorite brands and things that help them feel more confident, but shoes are in a league of their own.

The fight of the classic sneakers: Vans vs Converse has been one of the most heated discussions in the shoe industry for many years.

The main difference between vans and converse shoes is the sizing. The Vans claim to be true to the size. Whereas Converse brand mentions on their website that they run a half size large.

Although, some styles of Vans may not be true to size. Converse shoes being half size larger makes your feet fit very well in them. The other difference between the Vans and Converse shoes is their durability. Vans being skate shoes are much more reliable than Converse shoes.

Vans and Converse make some of the greatest casual shoes on the market when it comes to sneakers. These well-known footwear companies produce a variety of high-quality low-top and high-top sneakers, and also comfortable slip-on shoes.

Converse and Vans sneakers are attractive wardrobe classics that can be worn with a variety of outfits to create an effortlessly smart and hip look. While both businesses offer a variety of styles and colors, there are certain factors to consider when deciding whether to buy Vans or Chuck Taylors.

Vans VS Converse Sizing

shoe sizing

Vans Sizing:

Vans sneakers are said to be “true to size.” What exactly does this mean? Vans are sized in accordance with the US standard, as assessed by a Brannock gadget.

This implies the shoes do not fit any smaller or larger than a regular shoe. So the easiest approach to choose your Vans shoe is to get your shoe size measured, or if you normally wear a size 9 in most shoe brands, a Vans 9 will fit the same.

Some Vans models may deviate slightly from true-to-size. Slip-ons, for example, fit snugly at first but loosen with time. It may also be useful to know that all Vans shoes are constructed in medium width, so if width has been a barrier in the past, ordering a half size bigger may be beneficial.

There is no such thing as a wide or narrow option. As a result, you may need to order a size larger to ensure that your feet fit. The style can also influence how wide the shoes are. Vans does not offer shoes specifically tailored to suit persons with broader feet.

All of their shoes are available in medium width sizing. This could make it more difficult for folks to find the right shoe for them. It does not, however, have to be an insurmountable task.

Converse Sizing:

Converse, in general, fit larger than your normal shoe. Converse specifies on their website that they fit a half size larger, but several consumers recommend going down a whole size, especially if you wear a larger size to begin with.

Manually measuring your foot is an excellent approach to determine your Converse size. Stand up straight against a wall on a piece of paper.

Get somebody to measure the distance between the top of your top and the back of your heel. This is significantly more trustworthy than relying on sizings which might not be consistent between brands.

They are roomy and comfortable in the toe area. They appear to be somewhat large, but they fit perfectly. Excellent converse for wide feet.

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Vans vs Converse For Lifting

vans and converse shoes for weight lifting

Are Vans Shoes Good For Lifting?

The foot is, without a doubt, the most significant system in sport and training. It’s literally where the rubber meets the road; as long as you’re wearing rubber-soled shoes and standing there.

Simply said, if you’re on a tight budget, vans are ideal for lifting. Vans have flat, firm soles that are ideal for leg day exercises such as squats and deadlifts. They perform significantly better than running shoes and are less expensive than standard lifting shoes, making them ideal for a budget lifter or a casual lifter.

Vans have firm soles, but not as firm as Converse or Chucks. Converse are our preferred lifting shoes, although Vans would do just as well if that’s what you like.

Vans feature pretty flat soles as well. When squatting, for instance, you need the flattest feasible surface beneath your feet so you get a stable, good platform to press up against.

Are Converse Good For Lifting?

Converse, unlike many other sneakers, contain very little cushioning. This may not sound appealing, yet it is advantageous to weightlifters. Many leg-intensive routines need you to push up off the ground. The use of a cushion limits your leg motions and makes the lift more difficult.

Curved soles are common in weightlifting and running shoes to aid with support. While this is beneficial for walking, running, and wearing shoes in general, weightlifters require a more flat surface for proper support. Flat shoes may sound unappealing, but they can be really beneficial in some situations, such as weightlifting.

Flat shoes allow you to push off the ground more efficiently during movements like squats and deadlifts. It’s been stated that the best weightlifting shoes are none at all, which isn’t particularly practical.

Converse, sometimes known as Chuck Taylors, are a prime example of this. Converse, in addition to providing exceptional ankle support, are remarkably flat when compared to other shoes.

Converse are also well-known for being made of canvas, which makes shoes lightweight.

Are Vans Better Than Converse?

Vans is a well-known American footwear company that produces comfortable and casual shoes for both men and women.

The company began by designing skateboarding gear and apparel and has since evolved into a popular clothing brand. While there are other popular models, the Vans Old Skool shoe and the Classic Slip-On are both must-haves.

Converse, on the other hand, is also a well-known American shoe manufacturer that creates fashionable sneakers and apparel for both men and women.

For almost a century, this traditional footwear company has been a fashion standard, and even emerging high-end designers like Golden Goose and Common Projects draw inspiration from their designs.

Some men favor the Vans Old Skool series for its classic styling and long-lasting suede material, while ladies choose the Converse One and All Star collections for their adaptability, textured canvas constructions, and trendy appeal. With so many distinct patterns and colors, deciding between Vans and Converse might be difficult.

Do Vans Last Longer Than Converse?

Vans’ variety in designs and hues extends beyond the skater look to provide a level of customisation and style alternatives.

When browsing Vans’ inventory, you’ll find both traditional skater footwear and more versatile designs. Vans is well-known for its excellent collaborations with lifestyle brands such as Supreme and North Face.

Vans shoes are durable and long-lasting, and they provide a practical and cheap approach to trendy footwear. In addition to low-tops and high-tops, their signature slip-ons provide a casual look for modern men and women.

With moderate wear and proper cleaning, most Vans last one to two years, making the brand both inexpensive and well-made. Vans would most certainly outlast Converse with adequate maintenance because the footwear was initially built to be tough enough for skaters.

Which is Cheaper Vans or Converse?

Because of their ease of slide on and off, Vans footwear was originally marketed as skateboarding trainers. They are still well-known in the skateboarding world today.

They are, nonetheless, popular outside of the skateboarding community. Vans are an excellent choice for both modern men and ladies. Individuals who do not skateboard can also wear these sneakers.

Converse sneakers, on the other hand, have a one-of-a-kind design with a fabric upper available in low-top or high-top styles and a white rubber sole.

Uppers are available in a variety of designs and colors, with the option of customizing your footwear for a truly unique look. Converse are ideal for everyday wear. They go well with rolled-up or slim jeans.

The price is determined by the model you choose. They are both reasonably priced. Converse sizes are smaller than the ones you’d normally wear on the street. They are also more expensive than Vans.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Are vans more durable than converse?

    Vans last longer since they are more robust than converse and were created with skating in mind.

  2. Are Vans wider than Converse?

    Several respondents responded to the survey by saying something like, they have wide feet, and Vans are wider than Converse.

  3. Why do weightlifters wear Converse?

    Because of their flat sole and good ankle support, Converse sneakers are ideal for weightlifting.


Both shoes have their own individual history. Vans was founded by Paul Van Doren as the first “skater” shoe, whereas Converse was founded by Marquis Mills Converse, who invented the sneaker as a new sort of sports shoe.

While each started on their own unique path, both of these shoes have subsequently become classics in many people’s casual, everyday wear.

Who will triumph in the Vans vs. Converse battle? Finally, choosing a pair of shoes can be a challenging decision because they are often a long-term investment and might be more expensive than a typical clothes buy. When it comes to Vans vs. Converse, it all boils down to personal preference and style.

Regardless of whether you buy Converse or Vans, you will be getting a high-quality pair of shoes. There may be instances where one outperforms the other, but they would both last a long period of time while keeping you looking stylish.

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