Vegan Barefoot Shoes : Best Vegan Minimalist Shoes

Here is an amazing article on Best Vegan Barefoot Shoes. The modern day shoppers are looking forward to wearing cruelty free footwear and society is in love with this change. The top vegan friendly shoe brands are here reviewed in this article.

We usually prefer our clothing styles depending on the season as per our comforts in which footwear also plays an efficient role.

Animal safety and welfare has become a significant task for both the producers and the users. McCartney became the first vegetarian luxury label due to her constant support towards animal welfare. You can get shoes on trendy lines avoiding fur, leathers and feathers without compromise in quality and design.

It’s time that we start considering pleather over leather. The industries now are looking to improve sustainability and eco-friendly footwear products which paves way for the success of industry.

This list of shoes reviewed in the article are all made with eco-friendly natural fabrics  like locally sourced wool, cruelty free alpaca fur, organic cotton, and hemp and ethical production practices.

Not only are the brands mentioned here providing fair employment for artisans but many of the shoes on this list are also helping to preserve golden old cultural traditions.

If you wanna go animal free, there are also eco friendly vegan barefoot and minimalist shoes for you. We strived hard to give you a genuine review after an intense research.

On that note, here are a few top eco friendly vegan footwear brands that you can buy right now from the market and stand out especially as an eco-conscious person with an awesome sense of style. 

You must ensure that your new slippers have non slip soles and are able to withstand minor outdoor errands. Choose the best vegan shoes according to your preferences but finally check on your budget and go with the best one.

15 Best Vegan Barefoot Shoes 2021

1. Lems shoes : Men’s Vegan Shoes

Men's Vegan Shoes

Lems shoes are incredibly sustainable and eco-friendly. Lems primal 2 shoe is vegan and follows a more sustainable manufacturing procedure than many other brands out there in the market. Lems boulder boot vegan are pure minimalist boots that are suitable for walking or simply for use as everyday footwear.

They are not 100% waterproof but anyways they do resist moderate rain (Water Repellent). They come with an extra set of laces. These lems shoes do not affect your posture, thanks to their flat design. The spine maintains its neutrality so as not to affect your natural curves. Ofcourse, they are vegans.

Wearing these shoes, your toes get realigned themselves without your notice itself. They have an upper made out of 100% pure nylon. You can use them almost everywhere in all situations like walking, going to work, shopping or a walk in the world.

These lems shoes have a removable 3.5 mm insole with reflection points that enhances the balance and the posture of your body, as well as giving the sensation of a relaxing massage.

The interior is lined and they can be worn without socks. Gives optimal protection without the loss of proprioception and great comfort. Sole improves grip and traction even on wet surfaces.

2. Vivobarefoot Shoes : Vivobarefoot Vegan

Vivobarefoot Vegan

Vivobarefoot vegan footwear makes your feet feel the ground with ease. You can free your feet with vegan barefoot shoes which are manufactured from algae and plastic water bottles.

Vivobarefoot sources materials in the production of vegan shoes ranging from recycled plastic water bottles that are lightweight and durable to the biodegradable plant dependent materials including the pioneering algae based foam of ultra boom.

They are manufactured sustainably sourcing recycled, local plant materials, with efficient and eco-friendly production techniques in ethical factories.They are high performance eco friendly barefoot shoes and multi-terrain hiking shoes. Vivobarefoot company makes a cluster of vegan shoes models.

They manufacture minimalist shoes with zero drop, anatomic width, total flexibility, ultra-thin, puncture resistant soles.

All these features are included with a basic thought that allows nerves on your feet to send accurate and quick impulses to the brain for better observance of surroundings. These Vivobarefoot minimalist vegan shoes are not only animal friendly but sustainable too.

Vivobarefoot prefers stitching and vulcanized production methods over glue. They use PET plastic bottles recycled into durable performance materials in creating a lightweight and breathable vegan movement shoe.

Socks are actually not needed for this shoe, and their mesh is made from a breathable, water resistant and quick-drying material.

3. Leguano shoes : Vegan Barefoot Winter Shoes

Vegan Barefoot Winter Shoes

Leguano company from Germany offers a huge amazing collection of vegan barefoot shoes for women and men. Leguano shoes that will exceed your expectations for sure. Not only are they comfortable to wear but also new models.

Their latest designed models also have an extremely new and really appealing design which looks pretty amazing on foot. Old models are not as wide as recent models.

The leguano shoes are quite comfortable and highly flexible using high quality and sustainable vegan materials. There are also a huge number of styles and colours available out there on the market.

The latest beat models from lems are available in three different colours: grey with black sole, gray with white sole and pink with grey sole.

They are made with Lifolit shoes sole designed to simulate the feeling of walking barefoot. Leguano top model designs are Aktiv, Style, Go Mixed, Denim Sand and the Leguanitos. These shoes are lightweight and breathable footwear.

They match all the outfits for everyday wear in all the occasions. Modern day shoes include lots of padding and heavy materials present to offer support. Leguano sustainable barefoot shoes are proven to keep your feet as happy and healthy as possible.

4. BeLenka


BeLenka is a Slovakian company. Best barefoot shoes you have ever tried so far, excellent quality, very comfortable.

BeLenka produces cruelty free and guilt free and uses high grade animal friendly materials for manufacturing vegan shoes. BeLenka offers extreme comfort that a barefoot shoe has and these products come in a huge number of colours, patterns and designs.

They are fashion and style conscious too resulting in smart looking shoes. Many models including unisex shoes too for both men and women.

It produces a wide range of amazing barefoot options for both adults and children. They make great wide proper fitting shoes with a cool super thin and flexible zero drop barefoot sole.

BeLenka easy, icon, BeLenka city, prime white, Nord caramel, champ and many more are the various models from BeLenka. The wide front part of these shoes provides additional comfort, enables unrestricted and natural movement of the foot guaranteeing comfort even during usage the whole day.

Be Lenka Barefoot minimalist shoes allow your bare feet to move freely, comfortably and naturally without any restrictions.

These vegan shoes are made from high quality materials, precisely cut to fit every foot perfectly. BeLenka guarantees a wide toe box, whole day comfort and zero drop design.

5. Whitin


Whitin barefoot minimalist shoes are the cheapest and affordable vegan shoes available on the market now. It is an Amazon brand that manufactures a collection of shoes. Only two models out of them are barefoot friendly so ensure you check the titles for the words barefoot or minimalist.

Costs about $39 for each pair and are available in the Amazon websites all around the world. They have removable insoles.

A model known as the Whitin Trail Runner is a fully barefoot approved sneaker that is amusingly soft and flexible once you remove the insole. They are not zero drop unless you remove the insole.

These whitin trainers have an upper made from neoprene, also adjustable elastic laces, and a velcro strap. The materials look and feel lightly cheap but you will definitely admit that the shoes are better than expected.

Whitin fits into the width spectrum of barefoot shoes. Another model, whitin casual sneakers are quite simple and flexible.

They are narrower than all the other major barefoot shoe brands and in tapered shape.They have a narrower toe box that is borderline not comfortable.

Whitin Barefoot vegan shoes are affordable, accessible, and meet natural footwear requirements. Your feet will feel ease and thank you for the shoes.

6. Groundies

Never compromise with a vegan lifestyle, here are the groundies for you. Groundies is a European based company. Their zero drop neutral footbeds offer flexibility to the footwear and they are gonna be your first choice for urban functional footwear.

Designed in Permasens and stitched in Portugal. Groundies come in two different barefoot vegan models named Tokyo and Sydney.

It absolutely dispenses with raw materials of animal origin manufacturing various trendy shoes that are in no way inferior to other conventional brandy vegan shoes. Super flexible and lightweight. These shoes follow your each and every move.

There are several models like universal vegan women, Tokio women, Sydney women, Odessa vegan women, Nagano women, Rio women and many more classic styles from Groundies.

This began barefoot footwear scores with breathable mesh and is so light that you would feel like you are walking on barefoot.

Groundies are the true redefinition of healthy feet, unconditional comfort, responsible production and sustainability. Groundies with their versatile models they even offer even more different for the barefoot feeling with our different barefoot soles.

These shoes are produced sustainably under economic, ecological and social aspects. They have a policy “one order, one tree” for every order, a tree is planted as part of its carbon neutral manufacturing.

7. Ahinsa


Ahinsa is a Czech Republic headquartered shoe company that produces award winning products. Not even one part of Ahinsa shoes contains raw materials killed from animals or any animal derived materials. The production is completely not connected with the suffering of humans or animals.

The entire models of Ahinsa shoes are produced in Central Europe in socially and economically dignified conditions for production workers.

They are designed in accordance with physiotherapists to ensure your body and its natural functions are not restricted. Vegan barefoot shoes by Ahinsa shoes are ethically produced sourcing organic materials which are  upcycled car tires.

They are 100% pure breathable sneakers and are entirely flexible in all directions adjusting to your feet after some time. Extra wide model is also available in the market. These are available in lightweight and durable designs. The Sundara Casual Shoe by Ahinsa shoes are handmade barefoot shoes.

They are made from a soft, high-quality synthetic leather and have a sustainably produced sole which is made out of recycled car tyres.

With rigid gripping outer soles, flexibility and special breathable mesh, they come with an attractive array of models including ballerinas, sporty styles and ankle bootlets, including winter models.

8. Xero


Xero shoes currently offer two 100% vegan lines: one is the Prio and the other one is theTerraflex, first one is designed for fitness, other is for rugged trail runs. They are used by avid hikers and sprinters. Xero Shoes’s main aim is to help you live life feet first.

Now, Xero produces a wide range of adult minimalist vegan shoes for running, fitness, hiking, boots and casual wear.

If you are looking for exclusive custom fit experience? go for Xero shoes. Xero even sells a barefoot do-it-yourself kit consisting of a FeelTrue rubber sole including twenty different coloured laces from which you can choose your colour.

Xero actually goes back to the initial part of their concept by honoring the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico, well known for their barefoot running feats.

These shoes have a wider than average toe box, a zero drop heel with no arch support while your Xero Shoes are made to properly fit the original foot shape and give you as close to a barefoot experience as possible, but provides protection to your feet.

They stay stable for a long run. You can run on all the surfaces from road, flat trails, and hilly technical trails and also can wear these barefoot shoes everyday.

9. Merrell : Vegan Climbing Shoes

vegan climbing shoes

Merrell is a United States based company best known for its high performing boots, clothing products and accessories. Merrell vegan barefoot running shoes are a variety of road and trail running shoes manufactured from recycled materials. They are Undyed to save water and toxic chemicals being used.

These are the recently released eco friendly running shoes designed for high performance with Merrell quantum grip rubber outsole. They have a recycled lining with mesh and top insoles.

These eco-friendly Merrell vegan shoes are an amusing shoe for trail and cross-country runners. They are unisex shoes available in both men and women varieties.

With the gain of popularity in barefoot shoes, Merrell’s twenty products are declared as minimalist and barefoot shoes, there are plenty of trail models to choose from, along with shoes for children, featuring lightweight, flexible, resistant and recycled characteristics. Vapor Glove is one of the flattest, lightweight vegan friendly barefoot runners for both men and women.

Vapor Glove has typical Merrell style and a Barefoot 2 construction designed to keep the foot in a proper natural alignment. Merrell strives hard to increase durability, reduce waste and preserve water in the entire procedure of manufacture. They are keeping up efforts to keep up sustainability.

10. Wildling : Vegan Shoes for Women

Vegan Shoes for Women

Wildling shoes crow and winter health has attracted a huge number of customers. They are ankle high models in rosewood colour. Wildlings shoes are with elastic laces for kids whereas regular laces for adults. They have a canvas upper made out of 100% cotton in the rosewood model while in the crow model, the upper is made of 100% virgin wool.

Crow is absolutely a new model from wildling shoes. The outsole of these shoes is very thin but all the wildling shoes have a special sole design. With this thin sole and soft upper, these wildling shoes become quite flexible.

Wildling shoes feature toe-ox and are available in varieties of sizes. They have strong, stable sustainability values. Raw materials are actually sourced in Germany and manufactured in Portugal under good working conditions.

Wildling always makes sustainable minimal shoes for the light steps and important matters which are always striving to reduce our ecological footprint and to inspire.

It is not necessary to consciously change how you walk when wearing minimalist shoes, in case if something does change with your gait, it moulds automatically. They are not completely waterproof but have eco-friendly wax. Wildling shoes are extremely tear proof and durable.

11. Vibram


Vibram is best known for its creative and innovative designs. Their soles are widely popular. History of the Vibram is deeply rooted in the founder of the company’s life: Vitale Bramani was a talented mountaineer of the Italian Alpine Club and the entrepreneur who invented the Vibram Carrarmato sole.

Their unique compound blends foam and rubber to create an outsole which has the best characters of both materials.

This unique Vibram outsole is known for the softness and springiness of foam, and the durability and traction of rubber. Vibram produces a high performance rubber for their product’s outsoles.

Vibram soles are known to be of the greatest quality compared to any other barefoot vegan brands. They are hailed for their durability unlike any other shoes.

Vibram FiveFingers are generally designed to be worn without socks, but there are several models that are very much intensively designed to work well with toe socks. You cannot wear socks with Vibram shoes.

There are a huge number of benefits associated with Vibram shoes that consists of reduced risk of injuries, enhanced performers of runners, a natural feel. They are all purpose shoes, slip resistant, electrical hazard resistant. They can be worn for cross-training, walking, and other activities too.

12. Magical Shoes : Vegan Waterproof Shoes

Vegan Waterproof Shoes

Barefoot minimalist magical shoes are a natural choice if you care for your feet. Magical shoes is one of those brands that produce stylish shoes and several types like indoor slippers, hiking boots, sports shoes, winter boots, casual low cut shoes, business attire shoes.

It is a manufacturer of incredibly light and flexible barefoot shoes for toddlers through adults. They manufacture both leather and vegan shoes, and their shoes are made locally with materials from ethical sources and suppliers. The leather is a little textured and the shape of the shoe is quite angled when compared to other shoes.

They have an upper that reminds of an 80s high top shoe and works great with various winter pants options, including leggings and jeans. The membrane lined in these shoes is hydrophobic in nature and not 100% waterproof. Has a great resistance to snow with zero moisture intrusion.

They are quite warm when you are moving but if you stand on the cold ground, especially with your feet inside snow, you will surely feel it come in at a faster pace. The rubber sole is amazing and the flexibility helps with your foot resistance even on uneven surfaces. You can find a proper and ideal fit according to your foot size.

13. Zaqq


Zaqq is a German based company that manufactures barefoot shoes. Every part of the production process for each new Zaqq Barefoot Shoe is carried out in their factory under good working conditions. They are quite expensive but not much more when compared to Vivobarefoot.

Zaqq Barefoot shoes are all zero drop, thin and flexible. They are very much similar in feel to that of Vivobarefoot shoes, except that Zaqq shoes seem to be more voluminous than them.

Ranging 70 vegan models to choose from, you are almost covered for the colorful casual occasions, running and winter to warm and waterproof models such as quest.

There is zero heel drop, and they use only vegan raw material for almost all their product shoes. Vegan barefoot dress shoes that also look good is a really huge task but that becomes with zaqq shoes as you will get all the features you are looking for in Zaqq vegan shoes.

They have a rubber outsole that is perfectly sewn to the shoe upper. Most of their models are leather inside and outside,  and they appear to be of sturdy quality. It does not stink smell with these Zaqq shoes and are biodegradable and recyclable.

14. Freet


Freet shoes shape your feet allowing the toes to spread and flex naturally. They have a sensor outsole that allows feet to come alive as they respond to impulse from the ground. They are one of the most comfortable shoes with no breaking in period and a great ground feel. If you remove the insole, they measure about 4mm thickness.

Freet products are waterproof. The interior of these shoes is heavily padded that is quite comfortable but too heavy. Lacing them up was awkward, and people feel the shoe could do with less cushion around the ankle. They are water resistant and are absolutely comfortable.

Freet is a UK based company that developed two styles of barefoot vegan shoes. They have high shock absorbance as it features shock absorbing material for those who are looking for shoes to walk on uneven and rough terrains. They have rigid, from and grip outsoles that are ideal for even water activities. Made out of recycled coffee grounds waste.

These shoes are great for all the surfaces. Freet barefoot shoes help you to move towards nature in leisure, work, sport or at home. They make your feet free from underlying pressures. Most sustainable and vegan shoes.

15. Matt and Nat

Matt and Nat Vegan Barefoot Shoes

Vegan shoe brand Matt and Nat was started in 1995. Matt and Nat use sustainable and recycled in its raw materials including recycled nylon, cork, rubber and also recycled bicycles. They are made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles. Vegan fashion was a creative and innovative concept and made up a small niche market when Matt and Nat first appeared on the market.

They focus on quality, innovation, sustainability, and durability. Matt & Nat is a fully vegan brand that uses no animal products, hence it scores great for animal welfare. But unfortunately, these shoes run for a small time.

All products of Matt and Nat are of great quality. They both hold a decent amount of things and they hold up pretty well. Good quality leather shoes can withstand wear and tear, whereas vegan materials are often thinner and can therefore easily wear out.

Matt and Nat is a popular vegan label company. Their collection of shoes are all made by a close knit team in Montreal, Quebec. A variety of high quality vegan materials are used in the creation of their shoes. Polyurethane is a biodegradable material used as raw materials in vegan shoes making them less harmful to our environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are vegan barefoot shoes made up of ?

    Vegan shoes are made out of sustainable materials without using animal byproducts such as leather, wool, silk or fur. They are made from a variety of synthetic fabrics and recycled materials.

  2. Where can you buy vegan barefoot shoes?

    You can buy them in Amazon store or the individual company website like Vivobarefoot, Xero, Lems shoes.

  3. Are barefoot shoes good for you ?

    They are absolutely safe and good for you. They support your back, and posture so try them for sure.

Reasons Choose Vegan

Did you know ? Shoes manufacturing industries release harmful pollutants into the environment. They release tons of carbon dioxide into the air every year. Here are the cool reasons to go for vegan shoes :

  • Cruelty Free

Cruelty free depicts vegan while it does not mean that cruelty free is always vegan. You can be assured that by purchasing vegan shoes where you are not allowing any animals to be harmed in the manufacturing procedure. We do not need to use animals in the production of our shoes.

Give a thought once, what is the point in the advancement of sciences if still, we use materials from animals like leather, fur, silk and animal glue as the manufacturing factors.

  • Vegan shoes are on Trend

Vegan shoes are not only ethical but also stylish to look at. There are plenty of trendy shoes and clothing styles in the market. Some of the most trendy brands and popular shoe brands are realizing that eco-friendly products sell. Now, we have fashionable vegan sneakers to casual sneakers.

  • Durability

Don’t think that vegan shoes have some special importance or something. Just similarly like all other shoes, you need to care for them but that doesn’t mean that they perform all the activities like non vegan shoes. Vegan shoes offer you comfort and a snuggy feel.

Vegan shoes always hold up in durability than any other shoes. There are vegan hiking shoes, vegan minimalist running shoes, basketball shoes and many more varieties that are more durable. Vegan shoes are even worn in sports by athletes.

  • They can be sustainable

Vegan does not always mean sustainable but mostly and they are often eco-friendly and sustainable. Vegan shoes are processed from recycled materials, reducing waste, and reducing the impact on the environment. Some of the shoes are even biodegradable.

Are you looking to reduce your carbon footprint? Go for vegan shoes and if you aren’t already vegan, you can reduce your carbon footprint one step at a time.

  • Wide range of options

Vegan shoes are one of the top recommended shoes, so you will have a huge number of options to choose from in the market. Fortunately, you can now get almost any shoe you can imagine made with vegan-friendly materials.

Choosing to eliminate animal leather allows producers the option to create more colours, shapes and styles. Vegan shoes are perfect for you.


To wrap it up! Vegan shoes have reliable benefits for humans as well as a positive impact on the environment. Barefoot shoes are taking off but until the latest studies, there weren’t many vegan options.

Vegan barefoot shoes have become more and more popular with the growth of footwear industries in the market. Barefoot shoes brands are now making our options much easier by manufacturing a lot of vegan shoes alongside leather versions.

The hunt for the perfect pair of Barefoot Vegan eco-friendly shoes gets more challenging each time a new product enters the marketplace. With a wide range of options out there, take a moment and consider what you value in the ethical shoes.

After going through this article, I hope you got detailed information on some of the best barefoot vegan shoes for kids in the marketplace.

If you become more aware of the benefits of sustainable and eco-friendly shoes, brands will have to definitely buy them. Before buying, have a look at the features mentioned above like insole, outsole, padding and many more. Choose the Best Barefoot Vegan shoe brand according to your needs.

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