Vessi vs Allbirds Shoes: Which Brand is Better? – 2023

Vessi and the Allbirds are the finest shoe brands available on the market. They have been in huge demand by the customers due to their unique features and materials which are top quality. So people are always in dilemma with the choice of selection between both the brands. Both the brands Vessi and Allbirds offer shoes that are extremely reliable, stylish and comfortable. On top, they are eco friendly too. The main difference between Vessi and Allbirds shoes is their materials. Vessi shoe materials are 100% vegan. They also use plastic or latex materials. While All Birds shoe materials are made up of Merino wool. These materials are renewable and durable too.

Furthermore, Vessi shoes claim to be fully waterproof. But Allbirds shoes do not have waterproofing properties. The brand is more focused on making its shoes more sustainable. Everyone wants to wear footwear that does not cause any harm to the environment while retaining the fashion and style which are in trend. Although to know the details regarding the Vessi vs Allbirds shoes you have to go through the below-listed information on almost everything you need to know about the brands.

differences between vessi and allbirds
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Vessi Vs Allbirds: Material Properties Comparison

What Materials does Vessi use?

Vessi brand constructs their footwear with materials that are vegan and avoid byproducts of animals. Also, the materials are either latex or plastic. The upper of the Vessi shoes are made up of Dyma-tex which is a patented polyurethane PU material. It makes their sneakers using water-based glue. Vessi shoes have EVA midsoles and rubber outsoles. The construction of Vessi shoes consumes 600% less energy with 30% less water plus 97% less waste in comparison with other shoes.


The materials used to construct Vessi footwear are purely vegan materials. The materials are weaved in the fabric making the Vessi shoes more lightweight, breathable, reliable and breezed. Plus it also adds a soft feel when you wear this Vessi footwear. The best part about these Vessi brands is they construct purely waterproofed footwear. The Dyma-tax upper of Vessi shoes keeps the feet warm and dry.


Vessi shoe brands use latex in their material for manufacturing purposes. And people with latex allergies won’t be able to use these shoes. Plus their material does not provide the up to the mark grip which is required for difficult terrain. Though it says breathable they are not quite breathable once you wear Vessi shoes.

What Materials do Allbirds use?

The Allbirds Brand shoes are constructed using the material from the prime quality ZQ Merino wool. The upper coating of the footwear is layered with ECO PASSPORT which is certified with OEKO-TEX. Its soles are made up of SweetFoam including a green EVA with natural rubber. Furthermore, the insoles are constructed with merino wool plus castor oil. Both these materials are petroleum-based and they aid brilliant cushioning on the feet.


The materials used in Allbirds footwear are renewable plus they are extremely durable. Also, all the materials used in it give rise to the softness plus itch-free feet inside the shoes. The soles of the shoe aid the footwear with the appropriate traction, flexibility plus the support required while addition, the materials used are purely eco friendly. Plus it reuses polyester or plastic bottles to make the loops and swoop shoelaces. In addition, the shoes also don’t smell as they have odor-free materials.


The insoles are however made up of Merino wools. It is known to fade the odor of sweat from the feet. But with these Allbirds footwear do smell after some weeks of wearing it. You can get the solutions by having an extra pair of insoles or washing them to avoid the odour.

Allbirds Vs Vessi: Comfort & Fitting

Are Vessi true to size and comfortable?

Vessi shoes are constructed in a way that it fits in the feet easily like gloves. These shoes come with a full-size option only and people with half sizes have to go up or down one size to make their snug fit shoes or comfortable pair of Vessi shoes. It has rubber patches to ensure water resistance at all places and protect the feet.


Glove design makes the feet feel comfortable without making them suffer to fit in the Vessi shoes perfectly. They are mostly true to their size. Vessi shoes contain a material that is flexible to aid the comfort and softness while you wear them to acquire the shape of feet immediately. An appropriate midsole of Vessi shoes as they help in support, flexibility plus great grip.


Vessi shoes don’t offer half size in their size chart. Often people with the half-size struggle to get the right pair of Vessi shoes. The sweat gets absorbed inside the Vessi everyday shoes and it is quite uncomfortable at times.

Are Allbirds true to size and comfortable?

The Allbirds shoes are very comfortable due to the materials it is created in. Plus all the styles of Allbirds shoes are comfortable irrespective of their design and shape. These come in whole sizes and usually, they are true to their size.


Allbirds shoes are constructed with materials plus the design it has with the shape provides top-quality comfort within the feet. Next, it comes in the whole size and it acquires the shape of the foot rapidly without the halt. Allbirds shoes are very much in demand for all kinds of weather and they will aid the feet with the same benefits such as breeze, warmness plus they are water repellent too. Plus it is featherlight also which makes them worn for any kind of activities.


Allbirds shoes can be purchased in the whole size only and it does not promote any half size shoes.

Allbirds & Vessi: Sustainability & Waterproof

Are Vessi Shoes Sustainable & Waterproof?

Vessi brand shoes are purely waterproof, sand proof, snowproof, etc. It has a layer called Dyma-tex which prevents water from getting inside. Also, it is highly contributing to making the Vessi shoes durable and sustainable for a longer time.

Pros: Vessi shoes are highly recommended due to the quality of materials it has which are 100% waterproof. It makes your feet get wet and feel uncomfortable.

It has made 600% less carbon wastage and made the Vessi shoes highly sustainable. These Vessi shoes don’t use harmful chemicals to make the shoes waterproof or sustainable. Highly breathable and lightweight shoes in comparison to other shoes.

Cons: Although Vessi shoes are highly waterproof once you wear them for long hours then you may end up with sweaty feet. And this might make you feel uncomfortable plus itchy. It is waterproof entirely but Vessi shoes can be proved to be overkilling many people.

Are Allbirds Shoes Sustainable & Waterproof?

Allbirds shoe brands are not purely waterproof. This is the highest perk of these shoes. Although, some of the footwear of Allbirds shoes are waterproof or water-resistant. Allbirds shoes strongly believe in making the shoes sustainable for a longer period.

Pros: You can try the Wool Dasher Mizzles sneaker from Allbirds shoes if you want to have water-resistant shoes. Allbirds shoes always try to reduce the usage of carbon and use the raw materials to manufacture their shoes to make them sustain more.

In addition, these Allbirds shoes are water-resistant only. These pairs of shoes are highly reliable and can be worn for several years without damaging them. It has a merino wool material which makes your feet dry and warm in some conditions.

Cons: Allbirds shoes are not offering all the styles with waterproof or water-resistant properties. Not suitable for any kind of activities which involve muddy or rainy water.

Style & Cleaning

Vessi Style & Cleaning

Vessi shoes have a style that is more towards the 90s retro styling. These shoes can be paired up with any casual outfit and they will look great. Vessi shoes can be washed with machines or by hand. However, they need to be completely air dried before using them for the next time.

Pros: You can wash your Vessi shoes in the washing machine as they have released new launches which are safe to wash in machines. Vessi shoes don’t have the little toe hump to irritate you while performing any activity or even walking.

Vessi shoes have extremely unique and distinct three style options which are quite interesting with any type of look. All the sneakers of the Vessi brand are unisex. They have interesting colour varieties and options to choose from in terms of style irrespective of gender.

Cons: Vessi shoe brand does not produce any shoes or sneakers that are wide. So people with wide feet might find difficulty in styling with Vessi shoes.

Allbirds Style & Cleaning

Allbirds shoes style is both classical plus the chic city vibe you want to add to your looks. It offers a variety of colours such as grey, blue, brown, green or burgundy etc. You can wash your Allbirds shoes with your hands and deep clean using the washing machine on a gentle cycle.

Pros: Allbirds shoes are entirely machine washable and they don’t get damaged either.

Plus you can wash them with your hands gently. Allbirds shoes have a very sophisticated and elegant style in terms of their appearance. It offers a variety of shades in terms of colours which are natural plus neutral.

Allbirds shoes are a bit of both classical and chic style. They have a style that is not overly designed and has a very minimal look. Also, the styling is just adding no weight to the shoes.

Cons: The little toe hump might irritate you sometimes when you wear these All Birds shoes otherwise you are good to go.

Arch Support

Vessi Arch Support

Vessi brands are proven the best in terms of offering arch support. It has the strongest arch support. People who live an active lifestyle or their profession demands them to be can have three Vessi shoes.

These shoes contain 4-way traction to lend the required slip resistance for performing an activity or running. Also, Vessi shoes have insoles that are removable so you can adjust any inserts or orthotics to have the preferred arch support.

Allbirds Arch Support

Even Allbirds shoes have insoles that can be removed and you can put your inserts for the perfect arch support. The insoles are constructed with castor bean oil mixed with the lining of wool. Also, it is padded and this padding aids the required arch support in the Allbirds shoes.

The perks with Arch support of Allbirds shoes might be on some muddy or watery surface as these shoes are not waterproof and you might slip there with less arch support.

Allbirds and Vessi Price

The Price range for the Allbirds sneakers is usually between $100 to $150 for men and women as they don’t have a collection for kids. Whereas Vessi shoes are mostly in the price range of $150 for women and men. While the kids section is usually below $100. Allbirds shoes are a bit cheaper than Vessi. However, the kind of quality Vessi is promoting is worth the price. If you still look for cheaper albirds then visit this page

Returns & Exchange policy

Vessi Returns & Exchange policy

Pros: The vessi brand offers free shipping of their footwear. Plus the people who especially live in North America have the advantage of returning their shoes within 90 days from the day of delivery. And they have a free exchange service too. In addition, the Vessi brand accepts the Quad pay plans without any interest. (4×weekly instalment)

Cons: If you damage your shoes and the box in which it was delivered then you won’t be able to rejoice in the return policy of 90 days. Quad pay plans are restricted to the people of the US only. Vessi shoes don’t have a retail store plus they have limited shipping service to specific countries only.

Allbirds Returns & Exchange policy

Pros: Allbirds shoes offer a 30 days return policy and a free trial period. Also, they provide refunds in case of any damage or fault in their footwear. They also pay the whole refund policy even if you have worn the shoes. Allbirds offers free shipping in the US on orders which are above $50. You can have the fastest delivery within one or two days. But for that, you have to pay extra bucks which are available on their websites.

Cons: Refunds can be taken only from the same country you have purchased your Allbirds shoes. Otherwise, you can’t take the refunds. Furthermore, you can’t return or exchange your masks or accessories from Allbirds. Shipping is not free.

Conclusion: Allbirds Vs. Vessi Footwear: Which one is Better?

The concept regarding the brands. “Vessi vs Allbirds” is all cleared now. And you can make a clear cut choice on which brand of shoe to purchase. Both the brand Vessi and Allbirds are excellent in their way. However, there are some features and attributes about each of them which are unique and better than one another. The basic agenda both brands preach is to make use of eco-friendly materials and contribute towards the society in a positive change with styles. Although, Allbirds are more of classic style shoes whereas Vessi is modern-looking shoes.

Talking about the sustainability of comfort, style or materials. Both Allbirds and Vessi are no less than one another and aid your requirements in their best ways. As far as the pricing is concerned there is only a slight difference. Allbirds are a bit cheaper than Vessi. You can have either of them and you will feel happy to try them out.

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